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Anonymous 246182

hey german nonas, i love the book wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo and i want to visit the places described there.
so far i tracked down the majority of them, however, i can't find "the sound" disco which i suppose has been closed down since, but i'm unsure.
anyways, do you have any idea as to where it is, or where is what replaced it now?
also if there is anything connected to the book that can be done in the area for fans i would love to know (not talking about drugs lol).
thank you!

Anonymous 246196


bump and i guess wir kinder hype thread c:

Anonymous 246227


glad to see another wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo enthusiast! Just finished the show, which honestly was so good. Loved the movie too. Sadly haven't been able to read the book yet.
Yes, sound is permanently shut down. It was in the Genthiner Stra├če in Berlin.

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