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Anonymous 24691

Would Fujoshi's be accepted in a Crystal Cafe society?

Anonymous 24693


Why wouldn't? Fujoshi are women.
We already had threads about this.

Anonymous 24695

if they're women, then yes

Anonymous 24700

>likes cats but is allergic so can't have one

this is a fucking tragedy

Anonymous 24704

Why fat thighs though?

Anonymous 24705

Fat thighs and flabby arms because she sits around all day and does nothing

Anonymous 24708

Yes, all sisters are welcome here. Except troons/hons/tranners/scroties.

Anonymous 24711


Could you define each of these? Please

Anonymous 24712

Anyone who is biologically male.

Anonymous 24717

I wanted to know these 4 variations, specifically troon

Anonymous 24718

nta but:
Trans woman/mtf
Same thing
New to me but I'm assuming trans channer, or just a mtf again
Scrotum. Males. Penis wielding fiends.

Anonymous 24719

Stop being mean to transwomen just because they stopped being twinks you can fetishise.

Anonymous 24720



Anonymous 24721


A hon is specifically a non-passing mtf.

Anonymous 24729


Anonymous 25238

You ll never stop …

NEVER! Those crazy people need to be stopped.

Anonymous 25239

back on topic, yeah ofc, I'm pretty sure a sizeable number of the people here are fujos

Anonymous 25251

I browse here because my oldest daughter will almost certainly be a poster here when she is older and I want to know what to expect.

T. Father of a femautist.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 25317

I am one, yet I somehow have to function in society. It's hell.

Anonymous 25439

cirno shrug.jpg

That was me in the past, I'm still a huge fujo but I can function easily I think it's just about not caring what people think since I go on about fujoshit all the time and no one seems to care or they think it's cute. Only creepy dudes on the internet care if a girl ships two guys.

Anonymous 29562

Do trans women get instabanned on here just like men do?

Anonymous 29564

Any "trans woman" who comes here is likely a brainwashed deluded incel. I've seen them get banned pretty swiftly. They reveal themselves most of the time anyway.

Anonymous 29610

Yes, biological males get instabanned regardless of what they call themselves.

Anonymous 29611

only if they announce to the world that they are male. if you can fit in, you can fit in.

Anonymous 29612

Anonymous 29613

this >>24691 character is me with the exception i don't like fujoshit and have a bf

Anonymous 29627


>trans women

Anonymous 29672

Wow this transmisogyny is pretty gross. Is there a particular reason you don't want to treat trans women with dignity?

Anonymous 29674

Because they're disgusting freaks.

Anonymous 29676

I am fine with FtMs but MtFs scare me, they act like men but want to be apart of intimate female spaces. Many have mental illnesses, my brother is a tranny and he has autism and a history of violence. He uses excessive makeup, wears a dress, and puts on some obnoxiously large breast pads and expects to be treated as a woman and for me to call him a sister. If I have friends over he invites himself and makes everyone uncomfortable. It's disgusting.
I don't have a problem when I can't tell that they are trans at a glance. Problem is very few are like that.

Anonymous 29677

I don't really understand the hate against transgender people on CC and certain other websites. Some of them are weird in the same way Tumblr users who identify as made-up genders are weird but I can't bring myself to care about their antics.

Anonymous 29678

i don't consider them to be women; transgenderism has been debunked multiple times through science and common sense yet they still claim to be the opposite gender

Anonymous 29680

>transgenderism has been debunked multiple times through science and common sense
[citation needed]

Anonymous 29685


mtf trannies are scum

Anonymous 29686


Look at this dude
They should just kill themselves

Anonymous 29687


> trans women
The ones MtF/FtM who deserve dignity, whould be insulted by calling "trans".

Anonymous 29688

Anonymous 29721


Don't hate them, hate the meme that is decieving these hurting and vulnerable people into thinking they can really change their gender. (Warning spoilered pic is a FTM phalloplasty medical image)

Anonymous 29726

Why shouldn't we hate them? It goes way beyond wanting to be the other gender. I have nothing against FTMs but MTFs are constantly trying to force their way into female spaces (bathrooms, changing rooms, prisons, feminist meetings, this fucking website…) and they're perpetuating female stereotypes by acting in insulting and fetishised ways. They're constantly pushing support for things that men love doing to women: they think cat-calling is cute and that things like sex work/being called "bitch" or "hoe" or "slut"/acting like a nympho are "empowering" without asking us what our opinion is. They've reduced the female body to a hole and a pair of fake tits and think female-unique experiences (periods, childbirth, PMS) are akin to having the shits or overeating every now and then. Sorry, but I've no respect and I'm never going to welcome them into my spaces.

Anonymous 29728

How is protecting your fellow women from men "misogyny"? It's the exact opposite. It would only be "misogyny" if you accepted these freaks as their preferred gender, which we don't and rightly so. Whatever way you look at it, it's still big men trying to push their way into female spaces and that's always going to be gross, no matter how hard they try to look like us on their exterior. That is the true misogyny here.

Also I'll treat them with dignity when they do the same back (i.e. never).

Anonymous 29729

You've probably never experienced them irl. You'll start caring once you have to look at someone's penis flopping around in the changing room or someone over six foot with broad shoulders and a deep voice asks you for a tampon or when you're trying to have a discussion with other women and one keeps talking over you. You'll hit peak-trans one day and you'll realise why we were so upset over it all along.

Anonymous 29742

Man tries to tell women how to live
>all women: Stop!
Man grows out hair, slathers on eye shadow, tells women how to live
>some women: obey or you’re a bad feminist!
I refuse to have men tell me how to live.
The end.
They’re wearing pearls while they mansplain?

Anonymous 29789

>tell me how to live

What you're referring to is called criticism.

Anonymous 29794


People here are just jealous because most of them are NEET and trans women are seen as competition by then.

Personally I'm cool with any type of female.

Anonymous 29795

> trans women are seen as competition by then.


What sort of retarded statement is this?

Competition in what, exactly?

Thanks for the laughs

> Personally I'm cool with any type of female.

There's only one type of female, and it's the biological one. Just as there's only one type of male.

Crossdressers, mentally ill, man in wigs and women that cut of their tits are the sex they were born as.

I guess it's easy to spot a tranner or a tranny chaser in the wild.
This site should seriously be renamed in tranny cafe, it's much more fitting.

Anonymous 29798

Even if a transgirl is the most kawaii magical princess on earth as soon as a straight guy finds out shes trans he will loee interest

Anonymous 29800

Blaire white claims his husband is straight but anyone who can hear/see knows thats a lie and knows hes a gay

Anonymous 29801

What? I'm not a NEET at all, and I think most radfems are just regular women with jobs and shit.
I'm also fine with trans people though.

Anonymous 29803

I don't get why people feel like they have to gate keep feminity. Why do I care how other people live or feel.

Being a terf is like being a regular feminist, but putting in extra effort to be a part of a hate group

Anonymous 29806

No one said you cant be fem but youll never be a woman

Anonymous 29808

no one is gatekeeping femininity, biology gatekeeps your femaleness.

Anonymous 29810

This is not about gatekeeping femininity, it's about not reducing female and male to gender stereotypes.

There's nothing to gatekeep though like >>29808 said, you don't become a female or male, you just are.

Anonymous 29811

they aren't though. Feminazis are usually the colored hair "gender-fluid" Tumblr types turning language into newspeak and promoting all sorts of insanity.

Anonymous 29814

They are the same brand. People who have a problem with reality and don't want words to mean things.

Anonymous 29815

>if you don’t let men into your locker room when you’re naked you’re bad
Is not ‘criticism’, it is bullying to coerce me.

Anonymous 29820

MtFs have the same patterns of aggression as males. Must have something to do with them being males, but who knows.
>rapey male sexuality

Anonymous 29822

>MtFs have the same patterns of aggression as males.
>Must have something to do with them being males, but who knows.
NTA but so true. Isn't it obvious

Anonymous 29824

anedoctes are not evidence.
"regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime."

Males will always be males. Females will always be females. End of story.

Anonymous 29827


Can we stop talking about disgusting trannies and start talking about cute shotas?

Anonymous 29839

He's kinda cute tbh. What a shame.

Anonymous 29851

Yeah, instead of talking about how trannies are disgusting perverts and why they should just kill themselves already, let's talk about how we find underage children in sexual situations cute!

Anonymous 29854

This is a great thread. Lots of new insights will be generated here with positive effects for the discussion and discourse regarding the depiction of male love and affection in printed material and even the world as a whole. Please continue the discussion.

Anonymous 29855

Oh! Well in that case, I'm sorry to have interrupted such a positive life-affirming thread. Please, continue as if I hadn't said anything.

Anonymous 29864

>gender identity isn't biological
>committing crime is tho

that is one spicy hot take
you terfs are fuckin WILD

Anonymous 29872

Spoken like someone who never had a straight bf leave them for a trans woman.

it's happened to me twice

Anonymous 29873

I don't disagree with anything you're saying and I also don't think they should be welcomed into female only spaces but what good is hating them going to do? You can disagree intellectually with their ideology without hate, hating them just emboldens them in thinking that those who disagree with their choices are just cruel people who want to oppress them.

Anonymous 29874

your exes weren't straight

Anonymous 29876


They were not straight

Anonymous 29877


Anonymous 29878

tbh what beef does cc have bisexies?
Genital indifference master race.

Anonymous 29882

>trans women are seen as competition
You’re right. I wish I had a girldick, I’ll never get any of those chasers’ attention. ):

This didn’t happen lol.

Anonymous 29884

sex is biologically determined
sex also determines certain patterns of behaviour
gender identiy doesn't change those patterns.
are you just pretending to misunderstand? is reality also fluid?

Anonymous 29885

how did this become the terf thread

Anonymous 29886

because a trans came here to attentionwhore, as usual.
"terf" is an empty word at this point, anyway

Anonymous 29887

Please show me where anyone in this thread said they were trans.

Anonymous 29890

A woman would have no reason to ask something like this ( >>29562 ). The admins need to make an explicit anti-troon policy. It’s too ambiguous right now.

Anonymous 29893

>sex is biologically determined
>sex also determines certain patterns of behaviour
You're treading into the nature vs nurture debate, and I'm not about to open that hotly contested can of worms on an anonymous imageboard. Needless to say though, citation fucking needed.

But I won't hold my breath, because if there's one thing I know about terfs it's that they throw around the word "biology" to try to win their arguments (as if biologists in general were on their side in the first place) when they don't have much more than a grade school understanding of how biological gender works and how muddy it can get.

The majority of the stuff they attribute to "biological sex" is actually the work of hormones, and everyone is born with the ability to produce both male and female hormones. But what would happen if you were born with a Y chromosome, but also with a condition where your body ignores male hormones? Oops, your body looks biologically female, just without a uterus. Have two X chromosomes, but one of them has an SRY gene snuck into it? Oops, all male!

>buh-buh-but muh chromosomes Q_Q those exceptions are just aberrations

No, these cases (although very uncommon) help us understand how biological sex actually works, and deliberately ignoring them so that you can pretend you're some kind of divine creature of nature is unscientific.

tl;dr human biology is way too weird for your essentialist bullshit

Anonymous 29894

>having a disorder that causes your body to produce or process hormones like the opposite sex makes you more like the opposite sex
It's almost like people with no health issues or birth defects produce hormones differently based on their biological sex. What a mystery. Those exceptions help scientific understanding and have done nothing wrong, sure, but those traits are rare and generally aren't good from both an evolutionary and a quality of life perspective so I'm not sure what you're on about with the "not aberrations" thing.

Also, the irony of you calling them "male hormones" after everything you said lmao.

Anonymous 29895

>Also, the irony of you calling them "male hormones" after everything you said lmao.
I don't see the irony, especially since I also mentioned that men and women produce both male and female hormones. It's almost as if we're all aberrations when you think about it. Speaking of…

Glad to see you're doubling down on the aberrations thing, because despite your insistence on calling them "health issues" and "birth defects", many of these cases don't really have detrimental effects on one's health in and of themselves. People with androgen insensitivity syndrome often go their whole lives not knowing about their condition, until someone tries to play hide the sausage with them and they find out the plumbing isn't quite finished.

>everyone who disagrees with me is a tranny
>mods pls ban

Anonymous 29896

There wasn’t any disagreement, but keep strawmanning. Why is it so evil for women to want an image board to themselves? Being uncomfortable with being a man doesn’t make you a woman. Having gender dysphoria doesn’t make you the opposite gender. Why would troons even feel welcome here? It’s not like they have any of the same experiences that women have and would be able to relate to anyone.

Anonymous 29897

poor me.gif

>There wasn't any disagreement, but keep strawmanning
Meanwhile in the post you made right before this one
>It's almost like people with no health issues or birth defects produce hormones differently based on their biological sex
You literally cited health issues and birth defects as the reason you're dismissing them. Were you trying to say you agreed with me, but then halfway through your ego couldn't take admitting fault, so you tried to frame it as me strawmanning? lol

>Poor poor me, why is it so evil to want an image board where we can talk openly about how we want those disgusting troons to kill themselves without being criticized by my fellow sisters ;;

By the way, I forgot to mention in my last post, but you mentioned that being trans isn't natural from an evolutionary perspective, and I just want to tell you right now that you don't want to go down that ideological rabbit hole unless you want to end up siding with the crowd who wants to make gay marriage illegal again.

Anonymous 29898

imagine no religio…

> that ideological rabbit hole unless you want to end up siding with the crowd who wants to make gay marriage illegal again.

Ohhh no the horror, those people are basically nazis. If you don't support sodomy you support gassing all the gays.

Different anon btw

Anonymous 29899

>Meanwhile in the post you made right before this one
I’m not even >>29894
I’m >>29890 and >>29896
It’s almost as if… multiple people are disagreeing with you. Mock me all you want for wanting a female space, you fail to negate my point.

Anonymous 29902

Thank you anon for the perfect demonstration of what strawmanning actually is.

Ah, I see now. My mistake. I forgot that I had replied to two posts.
Although I'm still waiting for you to answer >>29887 's question (and no, they're not me. There's other here disagreeing with you too, what a shock!)

Anonymous 29905


Well you left it so vague that I could hardly tell what awful horrors those people want that. I could only imagine it was gas chambers because clearly, it was something horrific. Imagine, supporting the definition of marriage that virtually everyone in the western world would have agreed upon until a little more than a decade ago.

Anonymous 29906

It was vague on purpose, because the crowd who wants to make gay marriage illegal again want to do it for a variety of different reasons. The assumptions you made are all from you.

But allow me to make my point clearly to everyone in this thread: I don't care to take away your 100% genuine xx gurlz only clubhouse. I wouldn't care if the people who run the site decided to require all users to send in a sample of their periods every month before being allowed to post. I couldn't care less.

The point I'd like to make here is that if you hate trans people so much that you can't respect them even as fellow human beings, and actively wish for them to commit suicide, you're a garbage person. I've met plenty of trans women, some who are wonderful people whom I love, and some that were gross perverts who I don't want anything to do with, but I've never ever met a single terf whether online or irl that wasn't some stuck up bitch who thinks she knows everything about biology, and believes having a uterus makes someone a divine creature of nature who might wilt at the very presence of a "male" in her sacred little sanctuaries.

Anonymous 29907

There aren't "male" and "female" hormones, this is an incredibly reductive understanding of them.

Anonymous 29908

So just call them estrogen and androgen. The fact of the matter is that a higher ratio of one or the other will result in female or male secondary sexual characteristics. Obviously everyone should do their own research on endocrinology and understand the nuances of what they do, but it's enough of a correlation that calling them "male" and "female" hormones is shorthand at worst, but definitely not reductive.

Anonymous 29921


I never wished that people afflicted with gender dysphoria kill themselves. I actually feel very bad for them but, playing into their delusions does not help them.

And I am not a terf because I am not a feminist of any kind.

Anonymous 30021


Shotas are cute sonfus for hugs. Trannies are gross freak shows.

Anonymous 30023


I identify as a gay boy

Anonymous 30024


for real I dont give a paddywhack about trannies, where are the real fujos at? its been 2 months I wanna see your boys, this thread is a shame

Anonymous 30037


i guess i'm a bit of a fujo since i do actively seek out bl – nothing where the seme/uke dynamic is hyper present, though.
tododeku's one of my biggest ships right now.

Anonymous 30038


not a fan of todo honestly, I prefer bakugo with deku, do you keep a boy folder?

Anonymous 30045


bakudeku is nice too.
& no, i'm more of a fanfiction person when it comes to this stuff…though if i checked my old blog, i'd probably find a tag or something dedicated to it.
what about this pairing attracts you?

Anonymous 30047


I like bakugo, he is my type of boy if you know what I mean, and I won't lie, I could self-insert as deku easily, but also he is kind of a cute foil to bakugo. I have quite a lot of stuff reblogged of them on tumblr, but not so much saved in my boys folder

Anonymous 30048


baku is one of my favorites in the series so i definitely get what you mean! love how unapologetically awful he is, lmfao.
do you have any interest in kiribaku? also what about todo do you hate.

Anonymous 30049


not a big fan of kiri at all, he is just like a extremely generic and boring "best friend" to me. as for todo, I just don't like the silent "cool guy" shtick it is just so lame imo. bakugoxdeku is honestly my one and only for my hero stuff

Anonymous 30120

are most people on this site radfems?

Anonymous 30121


In my experience it is the same mix you get on much of 4chan. People here tend to be on both the far-left and the far-right. The main common thread is people feel unrepresented by modern society.

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