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Anonymous 248177

>Work to make myself as attractive as humanly possible
>Hear little girls and women comment to each other about how pretty I am
>Men never approach me
I'm literally so happy, I love being eye candy for the girls.
How do I continue maximizing myself for the female-gaze?

Anonymous 248180

teach me your ways nona

Anonymous 248327

well, walk us through your glow up process

Anonymous 248340

please share your secrets

Anonymous 248469

male logic
>only men decide what is attractive.

Anonymous 248481

are you a retarded scrote, she said attractive for the female gaze obviously. since when were males females? OP said eye candy for girls.

Anonymous 248486

so even if she is unattractive to men or whatever you believe (we wouldn't really know anyway, and it doesn't matter because only provided context should matter) you're claiming she said her goal is to attract men when in OP this is explicitly contradicted so why are you trying to move it to this topic and center it around male attention? you're adamant on refocusing the topic for no reason

Anonymous 248489

doesn't change the fact that it's suspicious you're trying to move the discussion to center around male attention and ego.

Anonymous 248490

kek no it sounds like youre coping by making up some story entirely irrelevant to the op

Anonymous 248516

I think just looking healthy tends to cater to the female-gaze. Men tend to like what's marketed as femininity to them (so the result of buying a series of products - makeup, certain types of clothing, hair removal stuff etc. in conjunction with a reduction of actual female secondary sex characteristics via intense dieting), which often tends to be either irrelevant for your health or actively undermines it.

Whenever women compliment my appearance the compliments are always so much more meaningful (e.g. complimenting my eyes, my complexion etc.)

Anonymous 249379


There are a lot of micro-trends that men hate, some recent ones that come to mind being lots of leather or denim in outfits, and boyish or outlandish makeup. Women have much better attention to detail in fashion and men get turned off when you're not being normative, so I imagine being in tune with little avant-garde details would take you far. Maybe check out fashion articles that talk about men's thoughts on certain trends and then incorporate the ones they don't like.

Anonymous 249385


I forgot about this thread so I'll respond to this questions.
Basically what I currently do is
>Wolfcut, short shaggy hair with layers
>Smudged eyeliner
>Dark lips that are still believable as natural
>No jewlery
>Masc/Andro clothes, pretty but they don't highlight any sort of curves I have
>Straight pants to make my legs look longer
I should also note my friends describe me as intimidating and assertive, I think that could also explain why women seem to like me so much while scrotes avoid me like the plague.

What do nonas here find attractive on women? What are the differences between the male and the female gaze?

Anonymous 249386

This actually kind of explains a lot, thanks n0nny for the advice!

Anonymous 249431

is it plausible to do this hairstyle every day

Anonymous 249455

How old are you, if I may ask? This is inspiring.

Anonymous 249478

Dress androgynous and be more masculine. Girls eat that shit up, the only people who compliment me and talk to me are women and it's always about me having sharp or masculine features like my face or my eyebrows or something or how strong my eyes look. Women like women who have masculine and strong aura while men like women who imbue softer and demure traits and are babyfaced. I also wear blouses that aren't girly and leather jackets often, and make sure to never show any skin. Girls always like to say I look cool. Also don't wear any makeup, if you do then make it very outlandish or avant garde like the previous poster said. Don't smile often and when you talk make your voice deeper and cooler. Make sure you have masculine and more confident posture in public, think like how runway models stand and pose be more confident in your gestures. I also like to wear hats and girls like to compliment them and say they are stylish or chic. Wear clothes that give a good silhouette but aren't tight in a way they accentuate your curves and breasts or butt, like a little looser or baggier.
women hate fatties though we all think fat people are gross deep down. But glasses do help I agree.

Anonymous 249480

what part that girls hate fatties?

Anonymous 249482

smells like a very sad jealous scrote invaded this thread once again, cope everyone hates you.

Anonymous 249781


My ego liked the idea of courting that much female attention but I can't dress or act "masc" like OP does. The only women who like my floral pattern and parasol using ass are similar femme4femme lesbians or cute wholesome old/er ladies who'd compliment me. I used to do the androgynous thing in child and teenhood but on reaching adulthood I realized I had the misconception of femininity = weakness, hence, and was only dressing the way I was because I had been convinced that I was too unattractive for the stuff I wear right now (surreal when I reintegrated back into society and men and also women hit on me!). But this is all unrelated. Sorry, just wanted to ramble. Good for you, OP and good luck to the nonas planning to follow in your footsteps

Anonymous 249807

hmm. I will share my experience.
I started wearing makeup on a regular basis, mostly just for fun. I do bright colors, lots of glitter, etc etc, what some might consider "over thr top" but it makes me happy.
Anyways ever since then I notice people are much nicer, men and women. However women are the nicest. I do get men sometimes being weird, but never really hit on me that much, just calling me things like "sweetheart" or old guys trying to be sweet saying I am pretty.
Women tell me I am pretty more, I think because the makeup I do is more "artistic" than it does bolster my appearance, they can appreciate the art in it more and the effort than men who dont do makeup or think it is frivolous.
Also, women are just nicer and more social in general than men.

So I guess focus on looking fun and artistic rather than more attractive

Anonymous 250220


I wear lolita fashion, most moids hate it, sadly it occasionally attracts creeps

Anonymous 250223


>What do nonas here find attractive on women? What are the differences between the male and the female gaze?
Women who have that classic Hollywood look, think Bette Davis in her prime or Mary Pickford. Short hair, slight curls, usually modestly dressed but still feminine.
Besides that as 9th3r have said slightly androgynous women, short hair jeans, no make-up, clean.

Is this a joke?
Men definitely don't hate it, otherwise there wouldn't be so many anine/J-drama characters who wear it.

Granted it looks awesome usually. I love the frills and victorian inspired fashion, but I would never wear it myself because it would take too long to put on and is undoubtedly uncomfortable.
This is the kind of stuff you like looking at a photoshoot of, but would do a double-take if you saw it in public.

Anonymous 250224

I think girls appreciate fashion sense and style more than men while men focus more on the girl rather than the fashion and style, so maybe dress in a way that elevates a fashion or style rather than have the fashion dress you. Like allow your body to be the hanger or model for your style sense and outfit instead of the other way around if that makes sense.

Anonymous 250242

What about this threads attracts so many scrotes?

Anonymous 250245


males freak out when women don't bend over backwards for them in every way

Anonymous 250277

How to be like this, even though I have to cover half my face?
PCOS made my forehead big so I have to wear bangs, and my eyes are so small and hooded, that any sort of makeup won't be very visible from behind my glasses.
It doesn't help that I'm a 5'0 hobbit so iwn be intimidating and graceful.

Anonymous 250509

nta but most normie men hate lolita. even most japanese men hate it, during interviews with famous lolita models in japan they admitted men they dated asked them to stop wearing lolita - this is why misako aoki is still single at 40 since japanese scrotes wont date a woman who frequently wears the fashion and of course she is not going to stop wearing it.
there are definitely a small amount of men (usually troons/sissies) who fetishize the fashion and guys into alt fashion might like when women wear it but most men are put off by lolita.

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