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Anonymous 24875

Would you ever fight on the front lines?

Anonymous 24877


t. regular suicidal ideation and brainwashed into a romantic violent fantasy world in my head from watching too much seinen and reading too much.

Anonymous 24878

no, i would feel guilty for the rest of my life for killing someone else.

Anonymous 24879

I dont know much about war/military stuff; but artillery stuff always seemed fascinating to me.

Anonymous 24881

Marksmanship is fun, I like shooting guns at inanimate objects but I could never kill a person and am probably too pussy to even shoot a squirrel-kun.

Anonymous 24883

what if the person you're shooting a gun at is about to behead a squirrel?

Anonymous 24885

Only if I got to look like pic op posted

Anonymous 24887


>squirrel life same value as human life

my mom grew up on a farm and they used to eat squirrels when they couldn't afford to kill a chicken or butcher a cow.

Anonymous 24888

Ok but would you shoot a terrorist who for no reason shoots people who hunt squirrels to survive?

Anonymous 24891

Probably not me personally because I can't think of a context where I would realistically be the only person who could take this terrorist down.

Anonymous 24983

I did, its honestly just shit, even if it doesn't scar you or whatever its just tedious or anxiety all the time, the only good times are short moments goofing off with your people

Anonymous 24989

Don't even need to think about it because my country is neutral.

Anonymous 25099

Hell no. I'd die in combat I'm not dying for this stupid country. I rather just be a weeb in my room.

Anonymous 25105


Anonymous 25237


Well I hate war and hope I never have to go. War just destroys and it always hits bystander. I really hate that some act like it is the best ever.

But if i had to really be there I would like to be a medic. I don't want to hurt people but maybe I can help them. So they can get shot again….

Anonymous 25240

Only if they started drafting women and I had no choice

Anonymous 25259

no way

Anonymous 25260


Blood for the blood god tbh

Anonymous 25261

No, I'd be a spy or member of the resistance like my grandmother was at 16.

Anonymous 25307


Anonymous 25318

I think you have to be pretty retarded to go to the military for whatever reason and end up as front line fighter. There are so many other positions in the military to qualify for other than literal cannon fodder.

Anonymous 25359

You can't just say that and then not tell stories lol

Anonymous 25374

More like pretty badass.

Anonymous 25526

1. 99% of the jobs in the military are not infantry
2. As military personnel you have an extremely low chance of dying. Even if you're front-line combat, the chance is relatively small
3. Warfare has changed enormously in the last 70 years, militaries aren't gearing to fight like that.

Artillery is perhaps the lowest of the low in terms of reputation, intelligence etc. They train for under a month in my country and the position is considered highly undesirable.

Resistance groups in Nazi occupied nations were perhaps some of the most destructive and atrocious aspects of the occupation. They led to the deaths of thousands of innocents from retaliatory attacks, achieved nothing, routinely bickered and fought amongst each other over arms/ intelligence, and almost plunged France into a civil war post WWII.

Anonymous 25535


Partisan efforts in Eastern Europe delayed operation Barbarossa for weeks at a time
They may have decided the war on the Easter Front

Anonymous 25551

Did you just blame resistance groups for Nazi atrocities? Bitch, please.

Anonymous 25555

It's true tho and it's not victim blaming. When you're fighting partisans/guerillas you have no other choice than to take measures that will likely kill a bunch of innocent people too.

Anonymous 25557

It's no one's fault but the Germans' that they were in such a dilemma to begin with. The krauts should have stayed home instead of attemping to colonize an alien land. Instead they had their back broken at Stalingrad and lived dismembered under occupation for many decades. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, as they say.

Anonymous 25901

Obviously, but the point here is:
Resistance fighters didn't achieve anything and caused further fighting – which wouldn't have otherwise happened – that resulted in lots of deaths. In most occupied countries, it was empty romanticism rather than actual oppression that caused actions of resistance. But said actions lead to real oppression. Saying resistance fighters were scummy LARPers that caused death and destruction to their own, is not the same as absolving the occupiers of all responsibility. Don't equate them for no reason other than narrative convenience.

Anonymous 25972

I'd make a fine meat shield I think.

Anonymous 26273

Not her, but where I live, partisans were only useful for intelligence gathering and sabotage during crucials moments of D-Day, most civilians killed by germans, were killed because some partisans thought it was a good idea to shoot randomly german soldiers in the back, which is both counter-productive and disastrous for the local population.

Anonymous 27381

Also a war crime and pretty horrendous.

In France the Maquis were able to organise around D-day with the help of British Officers, but a number of things went wrong.

For example, they were often caught stealing from the local population and disrupting regular troops, but perhaps the most horrific, the killed 30 thousand of their countrymen on suspicion of collaboration with the enemy, which is likely more than the Germans killed.

Stop buying into romantic ideas of la resistance.

Anonymous 27397

>t. chetniks
But let's not forget to mention Tito's Partisans who tied up many divisions in Yugoslavia and the Polish Home Army, who effectively discovered the Holocaust, annoyed the Germans, and fought them openly in 1944 in events like the Warsaw Uprising, which allowed the Red Army to literally walk in (for the worse). Nonetheless, they were an effective fighting force.

Anonymous 27402

>Polish Home Army
don't even get me started.
t. Polish history nerd

Anonymous 27404

cmon sis would you care to enlighten us tho

Anonymous 27405


Band of rogues who raped and pillaged the same if not worse than the Germans and Soviets did.
Anything else is post-war, pro-Western propaganda.
The West deserves nothing from us.
Ask directed questions for further information.

Anonymous 27434

Interesting. In the wect from what I've read I've never come across such a general depiction of the Polish Home Army. While I wouldn't surprised that as resistance forces they'd skirt rules during the war such as the Yugoslav Partisans. But to be "same if not worse than the Germans and the Soviets" is new to me. I'd be interested in specific cases of their atrocities and/or further reading on this subject.

Anonymous 28255

Realistically speaking, you'd be killed first before you even saw your enemy.

Anonymous 28258

Basically agree with >>25260

& If my country needed defending I’d defend it. Honour is important.

Lok’tar Ogar.

Anonymous 28261


>tfw played pretend you were a legion/soldier as a kid because too many videogames and other girls found that super weird and boys refused to play with you because grill
>tfw you want to buy historical rifles but too afraid what your christian family would think of you
>tfw you want to dress up in military uniforms but same fears as above plus don't want people thinking you're a closeted tranny
>tfw airsoft community is filled with toxic children and manchildren plus don't want that unwanted attention you would get from being the only female there
>tfw you don't wanna join the army because you're aware that women are shit in combat
Suffering. I will just keep playing RO2.

Anonymous 28264

>>tfw airsoft community is filled with toxic children and manchildren plus don't want that unwanted attention you would get from being the only female there

I would start a women only airsoft community with you anon. We could larp in uniforms too. As a tween I had an electric m16 and spring-loading famas my grandpa got for me but I never had any friends to play with so I just shot them in the woods by myself.

Anonymous 28265


Yes please. Where are you from? I'm moving to Texas from the third world in a few months for college.

Anonymous 28266

You know, depending on where in Texas you're moving there might be enough of a population for that to exist already. Where are you moving from?

I'm quite a ways away unfortunately. Hope your stay here is nice.

Anonymous 28267


I'm moving to a small city (300k pop) so I don't think I will find anything, but even if there was something I just don't want to deal with dudes who act like they are playing CoD IRL.

>Where are you moving from?

It's not even worth mentioning. Just a random shithole.

>I'm quite a ways away unfortunately. Hope your stay here is nice.

That's too bad. I would kill to have a nice female friend who shares interests with me. It's been a lonely existence.

Anonymous 28531


>tfw you want to buy historical rifles but too afraid what your christian family would think of you
if you're moving out and are an independent woman, you should follow your desire to collect a bunch of century old bang sticks. plus, i'm sure the bible has something in it about self defense (wouldn't know myself, not christian)

Anonymous 29211

No, because the military would have to drastically adapt its logistics to accommodate me in the trenches. Things women need are just sort of shoved into crevices and free spots on transport planes: having to send a shitload more means entire planes of tampons, and that means both more flights and potentially more planes, which directly translates to even MORE money being spent on the military's budget, when they aren't even remotely hurting for people to throw at whatever conflict's happening that year.

If we enter an all-out conventional war, yeah, the extra womanpower will be necessary and necessitate the cost, but I don't really see the point before then except to make politicians look like they're being progressive, when all they're actually doing is trying to get easy votes.


Anonymous 29488

I'm 99% sure there will be female only groups for real guns with a population that size, if its not a border city. Sport shooting is very common and accepted here.

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