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Anonymous 248914

To be honest I usually skim most threads unless they're of particular interests but I always go out of my way to read the posts that have images with them I've even realised recently that I feel inclined to agree more with posts that have an image attached to them because the poster feels more human to me

Anonymous 248919

And now i am replying to your post, because you posted a pic of two guys kissing, and guys being gay is hot and makes me horny. Thread approved.

Anonymous 248920


cool story

Anonymous 248921



Anonymous 248924


Guys being gay and kissing is very got, a merry early yaoimas to all my sisters in homo!

Anonymous 248955


she is literally me

Anonymous 250767

I always felt like Kim was too boring to serve as an adequate Uke for Harry

Anonymous 250800

I disagree, Kim starts off boring and no nonsense but I think the game does a good job of drip feeding you his personality. Stuff like his love of Speedfreaks, Tiptop Tourney, and fun optional scenes like the board game.

I started the game bullying him and being a general dick when given the option, but around the third day I found him charming and endearing.

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