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not a dress.jpg

Is this really the only good Terf website? Anonymous 250388

It feels no matter where you go, it's just "fuck terfs", and the only real movement that doesn't support trannies is convervatards or 4chan, but they don't accept feminism or terfs either. I want to cry because I feel hopeless. Being a terf should be common sense

Anonymous 250392


There is some British parenting site that is terf focused but I can't remember the name.

Besides that there are feminist news sites which are heavily focused on women's issues regarding trangenderism.

Here are two I know of


Anonymous 250396

Anonymous 250413

There's also lolcow

Anonymous 250508

there is spinster (a mastodon instance for terfs but it allows men to post sadly) and ovarit. twitter and tumblr have a sizable terf population but there is a lot of infighting amongst them and of course occasional angry troons brigading. you can also start a terf webring on neocities too if you're into the old web personal site stuff

Anonymous 250583

my ordinary life.j…

We need to build a new website for us.
This place and Ovarit isn't enough.

Anonymous 250598

Sadly most of the english speaking spaces is filled with woketards.

Anonymous 250609

I'm sick of discussions about trannies and hating trannies. I wish they didn't exist so everyone would shut up about this mental illness.

Anonymous 250611

Kinda tired of seeing so many people equate terfs to the alt right.

Anonymous 250632

Come post in /media/ board is so slow compared to this one. We all hate them, but let's get more discussions going that don't involve 3DPD guys

Anonymous 251119

I wish there were more active spaces that were gender critical without the whole site revolving around it. Like, you can expect to find communities for any random thing where racism is frowned upon without joining a group that's explicitly about racial justice, you know? I want more hobby groups where I can just be silly and have fun without troons being relevant at all.
Besides this site the closest for me would be cgl, but there you have to share the board with coomer men.

Anonymous 252288

In my own observation normie conservatives outside of 4chan like terfs and they're confused why terfs don't like them back to unite on shared issues.

Anonymous 252337

A lot of them have a 2-team mindset these days, even outside of the US sometimes. If you dislike one of the things they also dislike, then you must agree with them on every other issue. When it turns out you don't, their "I've found an ally against my enemy team!" circuitry shorts out and they don't know how to react anymore.

Anonymous 252351

I don’t know if any other terfy image boards besides lolcow. As for female-centric terf websites, there’s ovarit isn’t there? Or has it changed recently to allow trannies?

Anonymous 253527


Anonymous 253765

i think 99.9% of people are "terfs" but they put up with trans people to not be targeted by them. very few people interact with them in real life anyway

Anonymous 253770

thanks doc

Anonymous 253774

yeah for sure, and I think women especially are less likely to be open about being terfs or gender critical. I’ve seen women lose jobs for expressing their gender critical views. I’m also a terf and most of my friends are unfortunately very liberal and are trans right activists so I’m not open about being a terf because I’d rather not lose friends over this lol. I’ve noticed it with my other terf friends though, most of them are only comfortable being terfs online to prevent receiving hate.

Anonymous 253924

Tumblr has many radfems.

Anonymous 253925

Most people don't hold radfem views, they just think a male in a dress is freaky.

Anonymous 253998

Yeah it's definitely isolating

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