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Anonymous 250525

Do you notice if other women are nicer to you when you wear makeup vs when you're not wearing makeup? It seems to me like makeup wearers are nicer to other makeup wearers but women who wear no makeup are more chill.

Anonymous 250526

I never wore makeup except once as a kid so I don't know the difference but I think I get equal treatment from both makeup wearers and non makeup wearers but maybe it's because they think I'm a highschooler or young because I get told I look young or it's just customer service.

Anonymous 250527


I've never worn make-up and I never will. I don't notice a difference it attitude towards how I'm treated at all but I do notice that the style of make-up seems to be tied to people's personality.

The most obnoxious customers are young 20-somethings with garish neon eyeshadow and lipstick. Been seeing more and more non-trans young men wear it too and they act the same way as the women. They aren't mean, but they have no indoor voice and talk way too loud for the inclosed space I work.

Older ladies with light business casual make-up are chill though, very polite and professional, don't expect a lot of small talk.

Anonymous 250546

>It seems to me like makeup wearers are nicer to other makeup wearers but women who wear no makeup are more chill.
I've noticed this too.

Anonymous 250548

I wear makeup occasionally and have not seen a difference. Some women who don't wear makeup are surprisingly cattier/nlog to women who do wear makeup. The best girlfriend is someone who isn't insecure/doesn't care whether or not you choose to wear it and thankfully, that's a lot of women

Anonymous 250574

For me makeup vs no makeup is "attractive cool alt girl" vs "creepy butch that is probably a sex offender"
It's a small minority straight women that will go from kinda nice to polite but with undertones of disgust, most don't seem to care at all.

Anonymous 250576

I've gone off and on with makeup and I think all it is is makeup wearers like talking about makeup. It's an easy thing to connect over so if a woman doesn't wear it that option is out.

Makeup is fun and I like it, it's just expensive even for cheap stuff and I don't have much reason to wear it. I don't think women should be expected to wear it either.

Anonymous 250578

I've noticed this difference too. Especially when I was younger. I've noticed makeup wearers are really friendly when you wear the same style of makeup as them, neutral when you wear any makeup at all, and sometimes rude or patronizing when you wear no makeup. When I have important meetings and the members are women, I try to look them up online beforehand and copy their makeup style to make the most of this bias.
Semi-related but when people used to ask why I don't wear makeup I used to simply say "I don't need it" as in it is not a physical need or requirement for me to use it. But they usually interpreted it as "Youre so ugly that you NEED to wear makeup to look as good as me without it". I think wearing makeup for prolonged periods can create insecurities if they weren't there before, so being a non-makeup-wearer and being confident or neutral about your appearance can sometimes inflame some anger in makeup wearers? Sort of like "If I had to wear makeup to get to where I am, who do you think you are to achieve the same thing without putting in the same effort?". Maybe they see it as a kind of entitlement or arrogance? of course not everybody that wears makeup is like this. Ive noticed the same thing as this nona >>250527 that the people with bolder, more intricate styles are the most patronizing. Maybe it's a sunk cost fallacy-like situation where they already put in so many hours of their life into doing makeup that they wouldn't want to come to terms with the fact it's not necessary or even harmful.

Anonymous 250584

>"If I had to wear makeup to get to where I am, who do you think you are to achieve the same thing without putting in the same effort?"
I never thought about it that way, if that's what they're thinking then I understand why I got picked on by the other office ladies for not wearing makeup at an old job. Used to get so many passive aggressive comments like "you would prpbably look pretty if you wore makeup!" that I just handled by saying "you think I'm pretty? Thank you!" and they never had a response to that other than giving me a blank look.

Anonymous 250590

People in general treat attractive and socially conforming people more nicely. Period.

Anonymous 250592

>I just handled by saying "you think I'm pretty? Thank you!" and they never had a response to that other than giving me a blank look.
Rofl, you totally neutralized their harpyness by still being likeable. Awesome, nona

Anonymous 250612

I don't wear make-up, so I wouldn't know.

Anonymous 250638

I've found I just don't run into makeup wearers anymore - you never really see any of them in moderately successful positions (grad school, law school, med school etc.)

Anonymous 250689

Here in Commiefornia successful female professionals not only wear a full face of makeup but they also gets lip filler and botox. Everyone at my doctor's office has terrible looking overfilled lips but they probably have to do it due to peer pressure, I can't say I wouldn't do the same if I was in their position and experiencing workplace bullying for not getting plastic surgery like everyone else.

Anonymous 250755


Anonymous 250756

I started wearing makeup almost daily. I used to never wear makeup, and kinda had hygene problems bc I was depressed for a long time.
Compared to when I didnt wear makeup, I am treated much nicer. I get complimented regularly and just treated nicer overall.
>The most obnoxious customers are young 20-somethings with garish neon eyeshadow and lipstick.
In my personal experience, the most obnoxious customers where I work are black women. I work at a store kinda in the ghetto as a cashier. Not all of them, not even most of them, but when there is a nasty customer its almost always a black lady. They literally look for reasons to yell at people. I remembering walking around the self checkout area looking for bags to refill, and one lady just starts yelling at me, for walking around, doing my job? Just one of many stories of outbursts.
2nd most annoying are older customers. Men and women, extremely ignorant, especially at self checkout. They complain at me about registers not being open when its not my fault, I try and help them and teach them, and they outright refuse, or they make a mistake and I try and help them and they double down on their ignorance or insist it isnt their fault.

"garish neon makeup" is actually pretty low on the list of obnoxious customers and all i do all day is deal with customers.

Anonymous 250801

When I worked customer service the worst customers I dealt with with were middle aged women who wore smokey eye makeup in the morning/middle of the day

Anonymous 251088

There is this video of a girl saying she hates makeup and doesn't think is good for women because it gets absorbed in the skin etc and she got absolutely dogpiled by the comments calling her a pick me of course and saying she was hypocritical for wearing makeup too while the other girls in the room were side eyeing her.
While I use makeup, I can't help but think on the fact that it often feels like a necessity rather than a choice. Isn't it disheartening that we've come to depend on it so heavily?

Anonymous 251092

I think this must be dictated by workplace culture more than anything else. Nobody I work with wears makeup only the customers, personally I think it's a waste of money imo, but there is no reason frown upon someones choice to put it on. If you think it's fun go ahead, but don't feel pressured by others to dress in a way you don't want to.

Can confirm, I work two jobs: teaching during the year and cashiering during summer. I only run into make-up wearers during summemr, none of the other teachers or therapists wear it. None of the other cashiers wear it during summer either, but there is a wide variety from customers.

Anonymous 251106


In my experience it's not a choice. I only started to get taken seriously by HR and hiring managers when I put on makeup. Business-y and administrative type people see makeup as a necessity on a woman regardless of how skilled or qualified. But in tech interviews and other highly technical spaces (the actual job) makeup is not a necessity and sometimes makes people take me less seriously. This is just my experience and it's probably variable based on your job or workplace culture.
Honestly I really hate makeup. I hate that I need to paint a mask on my face when males don't need to. It feels dehumanizing. Not to mention the harm it does to the environment, the animal testing, the consumerism, the fact makeup CEOs are all male and profiting off of women's insecurities and double standards (This alone is enough to make me swear off makeup). But I can't talk about how much I hate it irl because of insecure libfems who call me a pickme. How is not wearing makeup pickme behavior? It seems like the opposite to me. I don't get how criticizing makeup as a concept gets translated in some people's heads as hating people who wear makeup.

Anonymous 251283

I wear make up daily, and everyone seems to treat me better
I assume its because of it boosting my own confidence, but I digress
girls who do make up and arent wanna be toxic popular girls or whatever
are exceedingly nice and make for lifelong friends, girls who dont wear
makeup also are super kind and sweet, its just that in my experience they
are more into their craft or what not and dont see makeup as a hobby/talent
like girls who do so as well.

It just depends on whether or not she is a good person

Anonymous 251892

>didn't wear makeup to work today cuz tired
>Nice older lady said I'm really cute
Was really nice. Helps to live in a smaller area, not many women wear makeup all the time. It feels wholesome.

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