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black/poc-centered communities? Anonymous 251379

this might be a shot in the dark, but does anybody know of any girl only forums/imageboard/groups that are centered around being black? i do really like this community, but there are certain topics i would really like to talk about here that isn't possible to talk about here because of the rules, general lack of understanding from people, and afaik last time being black was discussed here, it all derailed into a massive argument. so if anyone knows of a place please post it! otherwise i'll just have to see if i can create my own with some other people. i'm lowkey kind of expecting a ban for making this thread (no threads about race/ethnicity/nationality) and im so so hoping this doesnt derail into what i mentioned previously.

Anonymous 251380

the only thing i can recommend is lipstickalley.com but they dont always ban males

Anonymous 251382

dont know any, sorry.
maybe you should try talking to the mods here? Maybe making some sort of POCGen or something, like the terf threads

Anonymous 251384

tysm for this recommendation! not the biggest fan on how its not completely anonymous but a really good site! so glad theres a topic focused on hair and being black-british!

Anonymous 251385

ur welcome! :)

Anonymous 251428

these dolls are super cute

Anonymous 251439

it's okay! POCGen would be a nice thing but i don't think it'll be the best idea, see >>251431 (it's not the best idea but you get my point?)

ikr!! to my knowledge they are sculpts from meadowdolls? they're so adorable!

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