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Anonymous 25313

Hello, until recently I know this place.
I found it looking for an image board exclusively for girls. I thought there was nothing like it.

The point is, I'm creating something similar but in Spanish.

Could you give me some recommendations and advice?

What is elementary to include in my image board?

My intenión is not disturbing or advertise about it.

Thanks, I read you.

Anonymous 25324

Well it depends really, are you comfortable with HTML/CSS/PHP? Would you want it to be anonymous or one where users can create accounts? What size community are you thinking of?

Anonymous 25326

I like your idea but we've been here for an entire year and we're still pretty smol. I think your imageboard will be smol for a while too, if not for longer. I wish you the best of luck though.

Anonymous 25371

You could always just start a Spanish language thread here and direct girls from hispachan or wherever else to it.

Anonymous 25527

Everything is covered, almost all is done. We are opening doors this week.

I would like to encourage pride of being "anonymous", so I decided that at the moment it will have no option to create accounts.

At the moment I am designing it with the idea of a small community.

>>25326 Yes, I have in mind that it will be difficult, but I will not give up. Thank you for your good wishes.

>>25371 Yes I could, but here aren't girls involved on the "cultura chanera" at all, so I would like to encourage it. Also, definetly are not girls between the hispakids.

Sorry for my bad English.

Anonymous 25538

There are a few girls on here and on lolcow who are from spanish speaking countries. Check out the spanish thread on lolcow for reference.

Also, nta but why wouldn't you want to advertise on hispachan? (or more accurately, its 8chan network, because hispachan itself is still down). I mean the general themed boards are cancer but the local boards are pretty good. As long as you can defend from raids you'll be fine, and there are many girls there.

Anonymous 25575

Can chicanas join too?

Anonymous 25619

Are you going to post its name here when you're done?

Anonymous 25620

That's against the rules and would get her banned

Anonymous 25648

So then how are we supposed to know the name of the place?

Anonymous 25663

That's pretty ludicrous considering i saw crystal cafe being promoted on lolcow and lainchan. That's how i got here.

How can i find that site then?

Anonymous 25664

why are you arguing? if mods and admin let this thread stay then they're probably ok with it. OP just needs to respond.

Anonymous Admin 25674

I'm fine with OP sharing a link. Good luck OP!

We started out as a thread on lolcow, but I did not advertise on lainchan. Just wanted to clear that up.

Anonymous 25687


Thanks, anons and admin. I did not expect this support. I will share the link in some point of today or tomorrow.


Anonymous 25735

I'm 100% supporting this.

Anonymous 25747

We used to have hispachan :'( but that is gone

Anonymous 25749

what happened to hispa?

Anonymous 25751

About almost a year ago Zeta(admin/owner) just locked it all up, you can still go there but there are no new posts so its the same posts from like march.
He claims to be working on a new one a new update but its been forever :'(
The rumors are he got in trouble
Theres a 'hisparefugio' on 8ch

Anonymous 26178


Daily reminder: Zeta is a female.

HAHA the first big imageboard on Latin America and the mod is a girl.

Anonymous 26314

Where did you get that from? He's always been known as male.
It'd be really cool if zeta was indeed a girl but iirc he has been doxxed and all.

Anonymous 26324

>big imageboard
crystal cafe is bigger than it and we barely have 10 active posters

Anonymous 26334

Those 10 people? 1 schizophrenic girl behind 10 VPNs arguing with herself.

Anonymous 26361


Anonymous 30888

Hello, im back.

With some months of delay …
Today we open doors :)


Still testing and polishing details, please share your opinion.


Anonymous 30891

God that's a cute image board, wish I could speak Spanish. Maybe I can just use my limited French as a way to understand what is being said lmao

Anonymous 30900


The interface is adorable! I don't speak Spanish so I won't be using it, but I hope your site is successful!

Anonymous 30909

Would there be interest in an international board here?
Or would that fracture the user base too much?

Anonymous 30910

Probably, a niche board on a niche chan is probably a bit much. A general wouldn't be a bad idea.

I seem to remember a /brit/ general some time ago, but I think it got polluted with 4chan types pretty quick. Or maybe it never even happened, I don't remember so good these days.

Anonymous 31234

did your site get raided or something? i bookmarked a thread a while ago but the link doesn't work anymore

Anonymous 31238

It's so cute! The raiding and scrotposting still shows up on the catalog and the frontpage after being deleted though, it must be exausting to moderate but don't give up!

Anonymous 98117


has come back to life!
please visit the site and give your opinion uwu

Anonymous 98132

Hi! I get to know your imageboard now. It looks promissing, I haven't started lurking yet but I believe there are two accents missing from the texts below the Anonina. Club sign. First would be ''estás'' and the second ''asegúrate''. Now, I'll lurk!

Anonymous 98133

>Anónima.club es un tablón de imágenes/chan en español enfocado a la libre expresión del público femenino y personas alineadas con este.
Damn, do you accept trannies?

Anonymous 98155

Kek, what if the OP was a troon all along,

Anonymous 98157

Btw, I disagree that you should advertise on soychan. Just looking for spanish speakers on lolcow should be safer.

Anonymous 98660

wow. impressive!

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