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Why haven't you eaten a banana today? Anonymous 253208

They are rich in potassium.

Anonymous 253211

I ran out of bananas

Anonymous 253213

i enjoy coconut water and potatoes for my potassium needs.
bananas are kind of gross

Anonymous 253214

ate a banana because of this post thank u nona

Anonymous 253217


I already have you jabroni

Anonymous 253218

I have also run out of bananas

Anonymous 253221

Too many carbs.

I like them occasionally.

Anonymous 253229

I did. Ate 2 actually

Anonymous 253230

I've actually eaten two.

Anonymous 253393

a singular banana is not actually particularly rich in potassium
one contains about 8 to 10 percent of the recommended daily value depending on its size
so you might have to eat ten of them just to get as much as the US government recommends

Anonymous 253399

because i dont have any

Anonymous 253416

cuz the tropical fruit trade industry is fucked up.

Anonymous 253973

I don't have acess at the moment

Anonymous 253974

allergic :(

Anonymous 253977

1 banana = 24 hours of unstoppable farting

Anonymous 253981


I eat a banana and a fruit muffin almost every day for breakfast

Anonymous 254075

'round these parts thems get turned into bread

Anonymous 254078

for me bananas are less filling than other fruits so i never buy them. it's like i ate nothing

Anonymous 254085

they make my throat itch and i dont like the taste or texture all that much anyway

Anonymous 254094

The texture is weird and I’m pretty sure that eating too much potassium is a great way to get poisoned.

Anonymous 254108

This used to happen to me with bananas and certain vegetables until I got older and my body calmed down. Oral allergies are awful.

Anonymous 255070


Anonymous 255073


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