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Steal anything lately? Anonymous 253429

Anonymous 253435


Shoplifted Pokemon cards and candy when I was a kid. Haven't stolen anything in many, many, years.

I just think in most cases it's unambiguously wrong and shrink always hurts the little guy and consumer in the end not the pigs on top. Would feel guilty.

Anonymous 253474

I stole a Pepsi once

Anonymous 253479

I'll sometimes eat almost an entire bag of grapes while shopping but never pay for it. Does that count?

Anonymous 253485


Anonymous 253487

Anonymous 253513

I tend to steal small thigs like pins, hairbands or bouncy balls

Anonymous 253524

I sometimes "forget" to scan stuff at self-checkout.

Anonymous 253530


stealing us bad

Anonymous 253564

this is the way

Anonymous 253570

I don't steal, as I now have a moid to do that for me. While he does come home with things like massively overpriced ingredients to cook with, he mostly sneaks me into hotels so I can use the spa, pool, tennis courts, buffet and stuff.

Anonymous 253573

Trailer trash behavior

Anonymous 253586


I thought they had cameras above those and AI facial recognition and they were waiting to have enough files and $ on you to call the cops?

Anonymous 253601


I used to work in a big retail store and those style of camera actually have pretty good vision. You log the customers physical features and complie footage, once they've stolen enough to call the police and send it over.

There were also "problem" customers who we would send asset protection to trail when they weren't stealing enough to bother calling police yet but the asset protection would be out of uniform and basically pretend to be shopping next to the shoplifter. To my knowledge it was an effective counter measure.

Anonymous 253610


Stole a selection box from Tesco yesterday. Biggest thing I've stolen so far. I just do it for the challenge/rush. I never steal anything expensive and only from big companies that can eat it. Also fuck them for putting up Christmas stuff this early, there was no Halloween decorations at all.

Anonymous 253611

>sneaks me into hotels so I can use the spa, pool, tennis courts, buffet and stuff
This seems like fun. I could never do anything like this because I don't believe myself lucky enough to get away with it.

Anonymous 253614

I used a lot of extremly oversized clothes like hoodies so pickpocketing small things in farmacies is extremely easy, I also look innocent enough to never questioned.

Anonymous 253626

I don't care about the feelings of shills for international corporations.

It's all about confidence and knowing how the hotel works. What lets us get into the spa and whatnot is that he can duplicate RFID cards. As long as nothing is going missing, no one is any the wiser.

Anonymous 253638

I wish! I am a teacher so cant risk a criminal record. Bf does it though and he gets me Jo Malone & white company candles, perfumes and smoked salmon so cant complain

Anonymous 253645

I bought a cabbage from the market, but put my green onions in the same bag and only paid for the cabbage.

Anonymous 253646

And by market I mean supermarket. I would never steal from a local business!

Anonymous 253651

i stole $12 face soap from target right in front of security. exhilarating

Anonymous 253657

based and redpilled

Anonymous 253751

Validated my bus ticket right when they came and refused to give my info, he allegedly called the soft police and I might get arrested or something like a fucking idiot. He's not around now, waiting for my train

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