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Crystal Cafe debate of the century Anonymous 25377

Choose your team: Tea vs Coffee

Which of these dear products of colonialism do you side with?

If you come in here to say something like "neither", "both" or "milk" please get hit by a car. This is a black and white struggle of good versus evil, there is no room for nuance here.

Anonymous 25379

Off it's hard, I was a literal caffeine junkie until I stopped.

Coffee has some inherent coziness, but tea does too.

I think tea is healthier and the world would be a better place if every coffee would be replaced by tea (… after the first week or so)

Especially since your pic features black coffee. I don't know how pretentious one has to be to be able to enjoy that devil's piss. Black tea however can be really enjoyable if done right.

Anonymous 25381

>I don't know how pretentious one has to be to be able to enjoy that devil's piss.

I used to think so too but at some point in adulthood my tongue started liking the taste of beers and black coffee.

But I'm with you, tea all the way. Coffee is just too much caffeine and I'm glad to have mostly escaped that addiction with the help of low caffeine green tea.

Anonymous 25385

I mean I understand, I also like beer and some whiskeys, but coffee is just consistently awful.

I've switched to "Malt coffee"/Orzo, which is genius, it has all the coziness of coffee without the shit taste and without caffeine.

Anonymous 25389

If I have to choose forever, it would be tea. Although coffee has a special bitterness and makes me feel legit happy after one cup, tea has more variety and I can easily down it without cream/milk.
But I do love the taste of coffee with one cream, it's the perfect taste for me. I just get too reliant on it and it makes me nauseous after 2 cups (although I pushed on and used to drink 5+ a day in the past lol). With most tea the caffeine is either tolerable enough to have many cups or there's no caffeine at all. Quantity>quality I guess.

Anonymous 25392

What is best one to eat bread and other baked goods with?

What is the best one to make smoothies out of?

What is the best one in terms of costing less?

What is the best one in terms of it’s desired effect on the human body?

Anonymous 25394

>What is best one to eat bread and other baked goods with?

>What is the best one to make smoothies out of?

tea(coffee if you asked milkshake)

>What is the best one in terms of costing less?

probably varies depending where you're from, tea for me

>What is the best one in terms of it’s desired effect on the human body?


Anonymous 25413

Generally speaking, I'd choose tea. Iced or hot, I like most teas. My bf makes great coffee though.

Anonymous 25446

idk, i started drinking coffee just for the caffeine kick and i never added milk or sugar because i didn't want the extra calories. now whenever i do drink coffee that has sweeteners in it, it tastes like a dessert instead of a beverage to me.
tea is pretty cool because there are different kinds of tea that you can make with different benefits, like tea that helps you to sleep or tea that soothes your stomach or tea that helps you lose weight. so i'd have to say tea > coffee because coffee is pretty much just for energy.

Anonymous 28204

Between an African roomie and a soldier hubby, super-strong coffee with a splash of half & half = heaven

Anonymous 28223

I vote for tea

Anonymous 28241

You have to add a bunch of shit to coffee to make it not taste like shit. Tea is fine on its own. Clear winner right here.

Anonymous 28242


Coffee. If you make it correctly you don't need to add anything to it.

Anonymous 32690


Coffee. There’s something about the nuanced flavors and richness that tea can’t compete with. I’ve also never been able to brew a decent cup of tea due to my own incompetence but make great coffee. Pic related is my HG of coffee beans

Anonymous 32692


Tea. I've also been dabbling into coffee, but hands down tea is the winner. There's a lot more variety to tea with all the growing regions, tea tree varietals, processing methods, etc. There's probably more tea in the world than I'll ever be able to try out.

Pic very much related.

Anonymous 32698

i used to hate tea when i was younger but i used it as a coffee replacement when i quit smoking (triggered me to smoke). i drank no coffee (or VERY rarely) for like 3 years and now i have trouble quitting it for good again. i feel way better when i dont drink it (less anxiety and better sleep) but for the short term it feels and tastes good

Anonymous 32699


Tea is better because you can buy hundreds of different flavors, and drink them in cute tea sets with frens.
but I drink coffee most mornings because I'm lazy

Anonymous 32719

While I like both, I must say the existence of coffee beans is something I would save over tea leaves. I can't get the same amount of energy as black tea versus a regular coffee.

Anonymous 32722

You also won't crash as hard.

Anonymous 32728

I drink so much coffee already to even notice. Checkmate.

Anonymous 32775

I like tea way more than coffee. For some reason coffee has to opposite effect on me and it makes me sleepy and nauseous.

Anonymous 32790

I drink instant coffee just for the caffeine. Tea is the superior drink, something I drink because I enjoy it on every level. It smells enchanting. It stains the water beautifully, like ink. It tastes lovely. You feel refreshed and human after drinking it. It feels a little bit magical when you harvest, dry, grind, and make your own tea.

I was one of those girls who spent all day in the woods gathering plants for "witch potions", lol. I had a botany guide to consult, so it wasn't dangerous, but damn was it fun.

Anonymous 32794


i can drink tea everyday, but i like to have coffee when it’s cold, with pastries, or with vietnamese food. i really like energy drinks with caffiene from green tea too, it feels less “heavy” than coffee

Anonymous 110113

Any coffee fangirl itt who doesn’t acknowledge the tea supremacy legally obliges me to take a shit in her mouth.

Anonymous 110114


but tea is good whereas coffee is bad for your health (mostly)
however, I like the taste of coffee with sugar and milk better than most kinds of tea.

Anonymous 110119

Hooo boy

Anonymous 110120

Tea is supremely. Don't get me started. Coffee is great but tea is cozy and light and comforting. It crystallizes every moment. It's actually better to drink tons of tea in place of water because while itea hydrates..you get all those antioxidants. It's so much easier for me to go through a pot of tea than a jug of water anyway. Two pots of tea a day and your set.

Anonymous 110208

But black tea has no relationship to black coffee!

They're completely separate concepts! Black coffee is flatly the opposite of milk coffee. But black tea is not the opposite of milk tea, it's white tea that's solidly opposed versus milk tea!

Anonymous 110265


coffee. straight aeropress black bean water down my gullet.

Anonymous 110673

Coffee is best for mornings because I like to actually feel the caffeine hit.

Tea is best for afternoons for gentle caffeine hit and health benefits.

Anonymous 110674

caffeine makes my head hurt, I don't like either. Also drinking coffee to fulfill some kind of social expectation strikes me as a really shallow normalfaggot thing to do

Anonymous 110705

Coffee? Not my cup of tea.

Anonymous 110866

Tea is better. Caffeine belongs in energy drinks

Anonymous 110870

Tea has caffeine in case you are unaware

Anonymous 110912

Absolutely black or green tea. Black with a slice of lemon green just as it comes.
Tea actually makes me feel good besides the caffeine in it. It brings my bowels in equilibrium when I have cramps or when I'm sick. Its also way less stressfull and smooth caffeine distribution since the other substances contained in it will greatly stretch out the possible intake per time.

Anonymous 110919

Coffee is one thing, tea is every single plant and wildflower in existence, any that is even remotely edible to humans, if we can see it then we can tea it. If you think coffee is better than every individual preciously-scented flower and leaf on this Earth, then you're a full uncut idiot. Seethe, beantards.

Anonymous 110959

Black coffee is superior.

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