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Anonymous 25411

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Happy Halloween btw

Anonymous 25415

Going to the dentist in the afternoon. Getting 5 teeth drilled and filled and repaired, getting 2 wisdom teeth removed.

I'm excited.

Anonymous 25417

>get tire pressure looked at
>lament that no time to make costumes this year
>eat some non-seasonally packaged candy

Anonymous 25419

>go to uni
>play video games and shitpost on /a/ instead of working on a project I should do
>socialize a bit at roommate's party
>go hide in my room when I get tired of it
>look for discount candy at supermarket the next day

Anonymous 25420

>therapy appointment
>watch horror movies alone

Anonymous 25442

I'm going trick or treating with my little sister. I'm going to wear a mask, pitch up my voice, and hopefully I'll pass as like a kid who's just a little too old to go trick or treating. I hope I don't get scolded or anything, ahhh, I just want candy.

Anonymous 25443

that sounds like fun, don't cry

Anonymous 25445

>put on sweet witch costume, prance around in it all day
>hug my cute black cat
>ghost hunting in the evening

Anonymous 25450


Finishing up classwork and studying sub-netting all day. I just want to watch spooki movies end me.

Anonymous 25451

oh no anon, I'm with you !! you can do it ! i'll be working too but while listening to a halloweeny lyricless soundtrack. my favorite track's called witch's brew.

Anonymous 25452

Solidarity, anons, I'm writing a paper about microcredit in bangladesh.

Anonymous 25459

I have to go home by train at 21 o' clock so I'll get home at 23 and I won't be able to celebrate halloween, usually my brother would carve a really cool carving into a pumpkin and my friend and I would make spooky cookies but we will have to postpone that for later…
But I am going to wear my most witchy outfit today.

Anonymous 25463

I'm going to stay in and watch films. I've been invited to multiple things but I don't feel like going out. Kids don't come to the door anymore, unfortunately. I used to love when someone would ring the bell while I was watching a horror film and it would frighten me. Talking to the kids used to give me a break from heavy films and then before I sat back down, I'd steal some sweets from the bowl lol. But that was a long time ago.

Anonymous 25465

prepare my spooky mask and throw candy at anyone who dares ring the bell

Anonymous 25472

I'm gonna find a safe place for my car, stay on the sofa and read a book while diversity chimps out in the streets.

Anonymous 25473


I remember you posted that in another thread, that you were going to the dentist on Halloween (at least I think it was you). GOOD LUCK!!!

I'm going to stay in and watch movies with my bf when he gets home.

Anonymous 25481

I’m pretty young tbh and I lowkey want to go trick treating but i feel old and might just stay home and pass candy

Anonymous 25483

ya gotta be 18 to post here and if you're 18 you're 100% too old 2 trick or treat. I had to give candy to someone who looked fucking 20 last year. It's embarrassing.

Anonymous 25492

sad cat.jpg

I've never tricked or treated in my life because it was not common in my home country. I moved, but I'm too old to do it now. Maybe when I have kids in a few years.

Anonymous 25494

that one anon is a bitch. go trick or treating if you want, life is short and youth is even shorter.

Anonymous 25497

trick or treating is for children

Anonymous 25505

>What are your plans for tomorrow?
gonna meet up with some of my friends, and wander around scaring children. we dress up ''really'' scary play spooky musics, and say absolutely nothing the whole time. turns out kids are really afraid of weird looking people in masks and elaborate costumes playing spoopy violin and following them.

its nice too, because if we werent girls we would probably get arrested or beaten up considering how things are these days.
too bad for the boyz lol

Anonymous 25506

dead bladee 2.jpg

I went to the doctors and now im home listening to kids ringing my doorbell

Anonymous 25507

I’m going to a nearby city with my boyfriend and having a nice day out. We might do some shopping, get some lunch, see a gallery.

Anonymous 25509

Going to my mom's house to kick my family's butt at Mario Party and help them hand out candy because their neighborhood is popular for trick or treating.

Anonymous 25515

who's that and why did you go to the doctor?

yes i ask lots of questions

Anonymous 25536

wtf what happened to reviewbrah?

Anonymous 25541

Last weekend I had a small Halloween party for friends, so just lurking on the internet.

Anonymous 25559

model bladee 3.jpg

it is bladee & i went for happy pills

Anonymous 25573


just slept a lot


Anonymous 25576

holy bladee.jpg

get you a man that can do both

Anonymous 67842


going out and drinking with some friends :)

Anonymous 67843

stay safe

Anonymous 67852


Except go to Starbucks on the way home and get a pumpkin spice latte to celebrate.

Anonymous 67855

I have to do homework, go to work, then come home and feel bitter that I'm no longer a teen with friends to fuck around with on Halloween. Just have friends who live too far away or are too normie to invite me to hang out (since their plans are to party and get high).

Anonymous 67857

Cry listening to music at home.

Anonymous 67859

Anonymous 67860

ive never had one
are they as good as they say?

Anonymous 67863


Oh shit, just realized that it's been 10 years the last time I went trick or treating with a friend. I was 13 and Halloween isn't a thing here so it was mostly as a joke, but it was fun. I remember one of the neighbors asking us to stop because "Halloween is from the devil" lmao

Anonymous 67864

Are you Mexican or from some place in Europe or Asia?
I heard that "it's for the devil" bs before too.

Anonymous 67865

I'm from South America.
It's always the protestants saying shit like this and being "no fun allowed", as far as I'm concerned most Catholics aren't like that.

Anonymous 67873

Well binge watch horror movies is a normal occurrence for me. I might make cookies and watch more horror movies. So far I'm watching super size vs superskinny. Obesity/Ed is the real horror.

Anonymous 67874

just watched jennifer's body, 99% if you're on this site you've already seen it, but if you haven'tttt ;)

Anonymous 67875

i have seen parts of it. what's so great about it? the parts i saw sucked.

Anonymous 67876

Already seen it ;)
I would recommend Wretched, Gretel and The Ritual.

Anonymous 67877

i'm sorry but it's a classic i won't stand for this disrespect

Anonymous 67878

ngl i have a feeling nostalgia is doing this to you guys. i'm going to watch the full thing but other than a few based offhanded comments, idgi. i also think the 00s megan fox idolatry is a factor here

Anonymous 67882


Watching Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Anonymous 67953

Not really. They're too sweet. I only get like 2 a year because of that reason.

Anonymous 68002

I worked, had some pumpkin croquettes, and watched What We Do in the Shadows. It was an OK Halloween.

Anonymous 68004

Did anyone see people trick or treating today? I didn't see anyone outside at all

Anonymous 68007

I made popcorn balls. They were tasty. I also went for a walk under that nice full moon we got right now.

I saw some young adults in costume who were probably headed to parties or such and a couple families with small children. Not completely dead, but way down from usual.

Anonymous 68008

I know the families around my neighborhood are throwing little parties and are dressed up.
I've seen a few kids trick-or-treating

Anonymous 68017

Same as everyday

spreading communism

Anonymous 68018

I need to spread the Mosuo womanly kingdom. So we can have racoon bf harems.

Anonymous 68186

We (bf and I) watched the original Halloween movie and made rice crispie treats with cream cheese frosting.
It was nice!

Anonymous 68214


I played the Halloween event on Animal Crossing with some friends and we watched a show together online. It was nice, I don't usually get to do stuff for Halloween, so the only difference was everyone else actually being available to hang out online for once. Kinda nice tbh.

Anonymous 68220

That sounds comfy and nice.

Anonymous 68222

I dont like how this is becoming popular here, Halloween was just a silly thing you saw on in American tv shows until recently. Fuck this commercialization hell

Anonymous 68224


It's a fun holiday and an excuse to drink and eat candy with people you love.

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