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Neocities Anonymous 254286

Do any of you code? I personally don't know how it works but I love looking through the decentralised internet, there is just something really cozy and charming about looking at personalised websites. It's so nice to see how it reflects the person behind it. Corporate internet isn't quite the same.

Anonymous 254287


>I love looking through the decentralised internet
Let me guess, you browse neocities.org, your "minimalistic" website has a shit ton of ugly gifs and 88x31 buttons to look retro, you probably have an account at spacehey and you weren't even born when the Internet was "decentralised".

Anonymous 254289

No not really, as I said I don't know how to code. I don't create any websites or actively participate, I just like looking through them, reading the blog posts, appreciating the design and general atmosphere and looking at the art many people like to share that way. It's a very nice creative outlet.
But if you have anything of the sort that isn't "minimalistic with a shit ton of ugly gifs" feel free to share :)

Anonymous 254291

based response

Anonymous 254292

I hate web development

Anonymous 254293

I have a neocities webpage but I'm not apart of any webrings. It's about a specific interest/catalogue and I haven't updated it in awhile because I haven't had the time to engage with that interest.

Anonymous 254324

Learning html and css is really easy since they're both not scripting languages, everything can be looked up as you go.
It sucks that Neocities is mostly full of zoomers that are just bandwagon hopping, but the webring in your picture has a lot of lovely sites.

Anonymous 254326

i always thought "neocities" was some type of online kid game

Anonymous 254483

youre probably thinking of neopets
i can code a little. i love designing my cute website but i get frustrated alot. its extremely rewarding and satisfying once you problem solve while coding though

Anonymous 254541

I don't think it's fair to accuse a CC user of this, but it definitely applies to a vast subsection of Neocities users. I always cringe when I see a website on Neocities hosting their half-assed oldweb manifesto right next to some twitteroid "transphobes DNI" page. These people would hate the actual old web if it was still around today. Communities on the decentralised web were largely uncensored, many users were toxic as fuck and if someone called you a bad word in some forum with five users you were expected to just get over it and stop being a pussy. The average Neocities zoomer wouldn't last a day in that environment.

Anonymous 254566


Hey i'm a part of this webring!! It's honestly refreshing to see a real webring that isn't some gay fetish centered circlejerk. I just pray it doesn't devolve into a TIM sanctuary.

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