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Anonymous 254365

Whatever happened to the raccoon meme?

Anonymous 254375

forced meme

Anonymous 254379

All memes are forced.

Anonymous 254380


Not funny.

Anonymous 254476

Oh yeah, I remember raccoon moids. Good times.

Anonymous 254750

What's the raccoon meme?

Anonymous 254770

All the men of this accursed world are trash.
But - what if they were trash, and also cute?

Anonymous 254773

Where do the raccoons come in?

Anonymous 254779

Not sure, is there a hole in your fence, an overhanging tree, an unsealed vent to your basement or attic?
They're quite nimble and clever, and can fit through tight openings. It depends a lot on your property layout.

Anonymous 254877

Raccoon moid nona got b& IIRC.

Anonymous 254973


Blessing us with her wisdom, nona.
Actually, you should go and enjoy all pearls of CC on the Funny CC Screencaps thread on /img/, we have some of God's favorite visionaries posting on this board <3

Anonymous 255069

I love raccoons. I used to work at a restaurant where the back alley actually faced a large, heavily wooded area. When I took my breaks, I would bring out a bunch of leftovers and feed them to the raccoons. Eventually there were so many raccoons and they would follow me. One would take food right from my hands and let me pet him, so I named him Barry Fuzzy.

Anonymous 255075


racoons are cute

Anonymous 255077


Anonymous 255081


Anonymous 255132

I very vaguely remember this meme. Wasn't it in relation to force cross dressing a man? Or am I schizophrenic?

Anonymous 255145

Force crossdressing was a male interjection which I believe was removed. The meme started in a thread where a nona bared her deep psychological anxiety about male physical strength and was treated with typical lc farmhand indifference. A small tangent about disliking the possibility of the reverse case of physically weak men was introduced. A poster or two started running with that and eventually laughs were had at the absurdity of a future in which men have been reduced to the size, lifestyle, threat level and cuteness of raccoons. Maleposters immediately set about sexualizing the joke and refusing to understand that it might superficially resemble femdom but wasn't naturally used by any woman with a sincere femdom fetish. The entire interest of heterosexual femdom for women is a physically unremarkable woman who tames and breaks a conventionally handsome and youthful muscle beast or a wildly successful wealthy professional.
>t. ancient millennial witness

Anonymous 255152

>The entire interest of heterosexual femdom for women is a physically unremarkable woman who tames and breaks a conventionally handsome and youthful muscle beast
Speak for yourself. I don't want some roid monkey who looks like the michelin man, I want a slender bishounen.

Anonymous 255153


Huge same. The prettier he is the better.

Anonymous 255161

You'd still have discrimination and taste amongst these anime bishounen types in your fantasies, nonas, so as K-Pop stars, precocious chief surgeons, legendary swordsmen or whatever they'd fall under "wildly successful professional." Not "trash panda."

Anonymous 255164


>implying I can't fantasize about a househusband

Anonymous 255193

At that point it's past a sexual fantasy and into the realm of economic daydream.
I too wish to be a multimillionaire homeowner.

Anonymous 255326


Why can't it be a sexual fantasy?
>come home from long day of work to warm homecooked dinner
>while i eat the dinner i make him eat me out under the dining table
>i gave him a handjob and he cums on his steak and i make him eat the steak covered with his own semen
Plus a pretty boy wearing only an apron is pretty hot

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