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Anonymous 255113

favorite cheese?

Anonymous 255114

share what your favorite cheese is, where you got it from, and what it tastes like.

Anonymous 255115


Anonymous 255116


Anonymous 255118

This is like the third cheese thread. Why are you so obsessed?

Anonymous 255119

maybe cc is simply a cheese safe haven.

Anonymous 255120


I love sheep cheese! (tommette de brebis)
I buy some every week at the market!

Anonymous 255131


Never been that fond of cheese, but pimento is fucking delicious

Anonymous 255149

It's my favourite at the moment!
I love cantal and morbier as well

Anonymous 255171

Anonymous 255185

that looks like soap

Anonymous 255655

go to grocer see cheese 80% off
i mean why not. turns out its sheep cheese. looks exactly like yours. but it's 4 times as expensive as regular cheese so i am not gonna buy it regularly

Anonymous 255658


Cheese that looks like soap is the best

My cousin is a cheesemonger and sells all kinds of fancy cheeses that come in aesthetic colours and patterns… looks like the shit you got to keep sometimes if you won a Cheeseroller game in Neopets

My favourite is a gouda that is jet black, flavoured with liquorice and lemon zest

Anonymous 255661


Anonymous 255727

>My cousin is a cheesemonger
This is probably one of my top favorite sentence openers I have ever read on this site.

Anonymous 255735

why does mozzarella taste so much better when it is like wet & in ball formation

Anonymous 255736

because wet mozzarella is completely different from dry mozzarella, idk why they even have the same name

Anonymous 255845

Muenster or swiss

Anonymous 258921


Any soft-ripened cheese really

Anonymous 259037


>any of the blue cheeses
I'm cheesed to meet anyone who likes edible mold btw!

Anonymous 259040

OP obviously works for the dairy lobby

Anonymous 259119

smoked gouda baybeeee

Anonymous 259149


Mozzarella goes good with anything, truly the best cheese

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