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Why haven't you eaten a coconut today? Anonymous 257214

Anonymous 257215

because I generally consider coconut an ingredient, not really something to consume on its own.

Anonymous 257216

They are insanely calorie-dense, so I only treat myself with raw coconut once every few weeks or months.

Anonymous 257227

Ive never seen a coconut irl

Anonymous 257232


Maybe the real coconut was the friends we made along the way

Anonymous 257234


I love the tender ones but it's been months since I last had some.

Anonymous 257247

Dont like them

Anonymous 257280

Thanks for reminding me. I'll eat one tomorrow.

Anonymous 257395

I had this yesterday.
Sadly, there was only water and no coconut in it because it was too tender. It was sweet!

Anonymous 257419


Anonymous 257421

I just realized I've never had a coconut before. What do they taste like? lol

Anonymous 257443


They make my mouth itchy

Anonymous 257444

Sweet and kind of nutty, with a light sorta-creaminess that lingers after you swallow. The texture is a bit like saurkraut or chewing lettuce in that it has that auditory "plant cell chew-feel" to it. Sometimes bits stick in my throat but it's nice in desserts. I use coconut oil in cooking and a bit for hair and skincare.

Anonymous 257505

Do you peel off that brown skin under the shell before eating? In my experience, this is the hardest and most unpleasant part, and if you remove it, the pulp feels much softer.

Can you share your coconut recipes please? I've never made anything in my life other than coconut milk jelly lol

Anonymous 257515

Depends on the age of the coconut. A young coconut has sweet water but hard plain tasting meat. An old coconut has a more oily less sweet water but softer sweeter meat. A sprouting coconut has a spongy cake-like meat, no water and some oily residue.

Anonymous 257517

>A young coconut has sweet water
>but hard plain tasting meat
I don't know about you, but all the young green ones I've had have either no meat, or a creamy custard texture that is soft enough to scrap off with just a finger. Usually only the more mature ones harden.
The sprouted ones taste divine, it's sacred to the Polynesians, who called it "queen's bread"
I'm in zone 6B, and I'd really love to have a greenhouse with a dwarf coco palm some day.

Anonymous 257533


>green ones

I think it was about young but ripe coconuts, not really green ones.

By the way, is it possible to sprout coconuts at home? I live in the cold wasteland and think that's the only way to taste them for the next few years, lol.

Anonymous 257568

Yes! I found this tutorial to be a good gist, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBxgPkJ3nHI

They split the husk in a few spots, then soak it in bucket with a few spoonfuls of salt/sugar for around 10 days, then plant it in sand with the three eyes pointed up at 45 degree angle. With regular watering and temps no less than 15C/60F, it should be fully sprouted in 3-4 months.

Anonymous 257584

Ooh, thank you so much! I'll try it closer to spring when we have more sunny weather, haha. Unfortunately, almost all coconuts sold here are already husked, but the internet says that they can also sprout if I'm lucky enough. In worst case, I'll be left with a nice coconut shell.

Anonymous 257604


If I'm just eating it out of the shell then I'll just eat whatever comes out. Sometimes the brown layer is soft enough to chew and be okay. I wish I had any actual recipe to share, but I mostly just chop it up and add it to things. Brownies, to the top of cupcakes, whatever. My favorite is still just mixing a bunch of shredded coconut mixed with melted chocolate and leaving it to solidify that way.

Anonymous 257730

i don't like coconuts

Anonymous 257766

coconuts taste funny

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