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argentinian anonettes Anonymous 257366

we need one for the girls

Anonymous 257370

hola nonita. Cómo andas? Fuiste a votar?

Anonymous 257420


I love Villaruel

Anonymous 257424

So what do Argentinian nonas think of Milei? Over here the cringe ass right wing is hyping him up like he was the second coming of Jesus or something.

Anonymous 257445

I was looking for this image, thank you.

Anonymous 257506

Isn't he anti abortion and probably a turbo misogynist? There was an Argentinian woman in my server excited about him being elected and I wanted to ask her this. But I also didn't want to start a retarded argument.

Anonymous 257512

hi nonitas. hope you had a nice day.

Anonymous 257739


Idk, when Milei started to be sympathetic of conservative shit I was in doubt to vote him, but now I only voted him to see angry kircho moids

Anonymous 257785

Who /cumbia villera/ here?

Anonymous 257850

He's dumb as fuck but I also hate Massa so I didn't vote. Tho between Milei and Massa fans Milei's are on a whole new level of retardedness

Anonymous 257852


Sadly I'm not, just a cringe nona who exclusively listens to indie rock in english

Anonymous 257969

Half a battery nona, half a battery…

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