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Anonymous 258516

Describe what your perfect day would be like, plans, hobbies or even your favorite weather. What hobbies or plans would you like to have?

Anonymous 258517

Rainy day
Cream cheese bagel
Black tea
Binge watching cartoons

Anonymous 258519


Picnic in a grass field. It's a cloudy and overall dark day, but it doesn't affect on it's beauty. All flowers have bloomed. They're white and small. I read a book I usually can't focus while I drink some warm tea or coffee. Everything is mellow and sweet. It feels comfortable and I feel the feeling of belonging and righteousness.

Anonymous 258537

>Cold spring morning
>Forest walk with no one around
>Movie soundtracks
>Come home
>Tea, bread and chocolate
>Mid day nap
>Re-read or rewatch something
I miss the sleep I would get as a teen, somehow I could sleep for 10 hours straight and fall asleep right away no problem

Anonymous 258554

Love this thread!
Waking up early fully rested. Morning shower, putting on a cool outfit. Getting iced coffee and visiting a bookstore. Just sitting watching people by. Travelling by bus to a different city, going out for dinner and concert + afterparty, of course!

Anonymous 258555

The day is sunny but the weather is cool. My mom, sister, and I go out somewhere, anywhere is fine. We are able to go without arguments or my sister getting cranky for several hours. We spend the whole day out together walking around. When we head home we pick up something tasty for supper. When we get home I have enough time to rake a nap before dinner. My cat sleeps on her chair or in my bed.

Anonymous 258703


It's mid-spring; the weather is warm but not hot, the wind has died down and the birds are migrating.
I have a tasty fresh black coffee and a smiley-face pancake for breakfast.
I cook some pasta with cheese sauce and vegetables for supper.
I take a walk, take care of chores, do some crochet, do my yoga and relax with tea in the afternoon while listening to my favorite podcast. Play some Vidya and read a book in bed. I don't have work again until the day after tomorrow so I can keep taking care of stuff at home without being exhausted.

Anonymous 258787

Nice weather– sunny but temperate so I can wear whatever I'd like. Make mayo egg toast and an iced coffee. Put on a cute outfit. Bike to the library or take a train into the city. Draw, read, window shop.. bonus if I have a friend with me! Get dinner somewhere. Go home, have time to work on my diary/hobbies/play vidya. Lounge around until I fall asleep.

Anonymous 258842


>Rainy or snowy Day
>Inside, warm and cozy under my blanket
>Drinking tea, peppermint, sencha, or oolong
>My room smells nice. The candle scent wafts around the air, a warm vanilla.
>I'm reading a good book at my desk, either classic fiction or manga or I'm watching an old anime from 10+ years ago.
>While doing this, I am writing scripts in Python to automate some tasks on my desktop or I am playing a video game that is also from 10+ years ago.
Feels good s.

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