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What's the worst crime that a person can do that you are willing to forgive? Anonymous 258744

I feel so imbalanced when I think murder is a forgivable crime but rape isn't.


Anonymous 258746

Probably like, robbery or assault, or maybe drug dealing if they've moved on from it and stopped doing it, and they were only a low level dealer to begin with. Even then, I personally wouldn't condemn the person, but the consequences they face for those crimes are their cross to bare.
It would very heavily depend on why they did it. Obviously if the victim was a pedo or some sort of abusive monster you do what you gotta do, but if it was a hate crime or gang retardation you don't deserve rights ever again.
I could personally kill a rapist 30 years of them living a normal life after the fact and sleep at night.

Anonymous 258751

I would never forgive rape, it's just common sense to hate rapists.
I can forgive murder depending on the circumstances. Self-defense, accident, if that person was a POS but authorities didn't do anything, things like that.

Anonymous 258753

>Self-defense, accident,
these are not murder.

Anonymous 258772

if they are genuinely sorry for their action(s), legal punishment is useless and bullshit being nothing more than a revenge

Anonymous 258778

Nothing is forgivable.

Anonymous 258788


Anonymous 258789

Nobody who does evil things ever feels sorry they are deceiving you

Anonymous 258790

Anonymous 258792

Why do you boring avatarfags keep flocking to this board go fish for attention somewhere else, at least begerev, anorectal violence schizo and others are entertaining

Anonymous 258793

I think I know who you are referring me to but I'm not the one who is posting Silent Hill images in /feels/, nona.

Anonymous 258794

No, clearly all silent hill maria fans must be the same person, silly nona.

I think sometimes murder can even be justified, like some people are bad and need to be put down. I could see myself forgiving robbery cause it's a poverty needs based crime. But idk i feel like those answers are easy and that's why they keep popping up so i'm going to say something really just selfish like stalking or serious harassment. I think it'd eat me up though like I'd still be sick over it.

Anonymous 258795

They wanna be the next chan girl so bad it's embarrassing.

Anonymous 258825

I thought OP was being just retarded for a second but this actually makes sense. It's remarkable that rape carries a lighter sentence when there's basically 0 mitigating factors for it.
Most of the time the only "oohhhh you have to forgive people anger is always bad squash that shit down and feel ashamed for it!!" tards I've met are women who make excuses for troons in bathrooms, pedophiles etc. Disregarding victims and flexing how empathetic you can be for the dregs of society isn't the flex you think is.

Also, regardless of whether you're a moral enough person to feel righteous indignation, on pragmatic grounds it just makes sense to avoid letting unstable people put others in danger, regardless of how much you think you should be able to force other people into pretending to empathize with them.

Anonymous 259308

Terrorist acts against people I don't like.

Anonymous 259330

Horrors don't horrify me anymore, I think I could find forgiveness in my heart for everyone, but forgiveness doesn't mean they dont get off scott free and get out of prison.

Anonymous 259482

incarceration protects the rest of society from idiots with low impulse control and smart people with no moral compass alike. don't think of legal punishments as revenge.

wrong. idiots with low impulse control really do feel sorry for all the horrible shit they do, but since they're idiots with low impulse control they just keep doing it. hence why they need to be locked up forever just like any psychopath who does evil on purpose.

Anonymous 259483

I forgive no one, not even the supposedly innocent. Everyone is my enemy.

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