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Anonymous 25966

Has anyone ever been famous or become known poster on 4chan? Do you regret it?

Anonymous 25969

god i hope not, tripfags are insufferable

Anonymous 25970

I don’t mean a tripfag necessarily. It could just be that you become recognizable somehow like the people that post on a general threads often.

Anonymous 25971

ahh i see. thats a lot better.

Anonymous 25973

I was a well known tripcode user and reached renown and presitigious position on the board. It became stressful having to place strategic replies and keep tabs on the popularity of other tripcode users.

Anonymous 25978

> "reached renown and presitigious position on the board"
lmao shut the fuck up please.

Anonymous 25979

Jealous much?_?

Anonymous 25984

Did they know you were a chick?

Anonymous 25986

Well it was often disputed or given the usual "shes probably ugly/fat/trans" treatment, but yeah it was generally known that I was.

Anonymous 25987

>Well it was often disputed or given the usual "shes probably ugly/fat/trans" treatment
Kek they always assume there’s something wrong with you just because you happen to be a chick on 4ch

Anonymous 26015

Yeah people know me there and have even identified me here from time to time. Not something I'm proud of

Anonymous 26018

Well do they know you for a bad reason?

Anonymous 26021

Yeah, on KC


Anonymous 26142

Anonymous 26232

got told a few times that some safe for work pics of me got posted on 4chan.

a lot of people were commenting that they had fucked me, but at the time i had only had sex with like two people ever, one of them who alerted me to the thread.

also i was known on another *chan but it was smaller and the people were cool so it was whatever.

Anonymous 26313

Never tripfagged, but I used to post on r9k a lot and people started to recognize me in threads so I had to tone it down a bit.

Anonymous 26337

How would they recognize you?

Anonymous 26338

idk, but people were calling me fag every. single. time. I posted so it was pretty obvious

Anonymous 26350

And what exactly were you posting about?

Anonymous 26351

That's just a troll, and I'd rather not say why I was recognized.

Anonymous 26353


So it's true…

Anonymous 26354

I don't know how many times I've expressed an opinion about something on another imageboard and have been called a "faggot" or "sissy".

Anonymous 26359

without any identifiers how would someone know who you are? this doesn't make any sense you would have had to been shilling your blog or selfies or namefagging to say the least.

you could prove this by posting and screencapping otherwise i see another girl lying for big girl points.

how though? if your posting anon then nothing will ID you unless your a blatant fangirl of something and a vocal one of a silent minority.

this is ridiculous thats jsut the culture of r9k/internet calling everything gay and faggy. if you think they were identifying you out of anyone else then you are being hypersensitive to what you posted. had anyone else said the same or similar they too would and have been called faggots just as much as you have.

Anonymous 26360

>without any identifiers how would someone know who you are?
In my case it’s because I’ve stated that I’m a chick and posted a vocaroo to prove it. But I stopped posting because some posters started getting aggressive.

Anonymous 26368

Anonymous 26401


I was a well known poster on /a/ and /vp/ known as Poyo. Faked an abortion and weird shit because I was a troubled, histrionic teen. People still talk about me and copy me, it’s weird.

Anonymous 26402

how many years back was this

Anonymous 26403

Started in like 2016 and I only stopped like early this year bc I knew it was unhealthy

Anonymous 26407

cool I guess I can now really say
"I know who you are and I can't believe you post here!"
and actually mean it; as opposed to just being a meme

Anonymous 26408

I read through some of your posts as poyo and they’re pure cancer. Glad you’re doing better now tho.

Anonymous 26409

You are 1 of 2 possible people right?

New Zealand lesbian or Austria mom who was bullied lots?

Either way, good times. I admired both of you in different ways.

Anonymous 26421

World is a crazy place.
I tried my best to be as utterly obnoxious as possible. I’m actually taking action now and treating my hpd and ptsd specifically in far, far more healthier ways.

Anonymous 26424

Yeah mostly because i was trans, people still post me and with posts like "how do i become this" "how to get this body" and whatever else praising me. I always want to post but contain myself due to remembering how stressful it was and just not worth the trouble. I dont think i would have the time or energy now that im older with responsibilities and s.o. It was also extremely fun while it lasted being the popular one as i never had been liked as a child or teenager so theres that. It became too addictive to a point where i would wake up and first thing i did was check my phone. Anyway its over and done with.

Anonymous 26428

>>was trans
Are you not anymore

Anonymous 26468

Yes, sort of, on this general on 4ch before I got permabanned they recognized me because I'd go on the same rants about fictional characters. I did it a few times and had some copycats and there was some projecting faggot who would call me autistic and try to run me off b/c they would recognize my writing style. Dumb shit. I tried to tell him I was just fucking around most of the time and I didn't care about it but it was like something didn't click in there with him. There was another retard doing the same thing with me. I find it funny how it was always the lunatics…

Anonymous 26473

For clarification; the rants where farrr more of "this character so and so should be better and its written bad" then the "THIS CHARACTER IS SHIT AND SUUUCKS" variety. Also I caught a perma-banned for repeated off topic violations which were just janitors being petty cunts.

Anonymous 26487

generals are filled with lunatics pretty much

Anonymous 26515

Pretty much this. The regulars start to have a sense of entitlement too like they own the place.

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