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Christmas gifts ? Anonymous 26161

Is it to early for a gift thread? I don't know what to get my family and normally I'm really good at gifts.This is the first year I've lived away from them so I don't know what they need. its making me more sad than it should :(

Anonymous 26162

give them a big wet kiss on the cheek and declare their platonic love and appreciation for them!

Anonymous 27115

I'm trying to come up with ideas for my boyfriend. He just got a new job so I'd like to get him things that make him feel more comfy at work/at home. Suggestions very much welcome!!! So far I've been thinking of a succulent for his desk so he has a little friend, matching stationery, a nice mouse/mousepad, a picture frame with us in it or a folding one with places he likes going to, a water bottle (I wish he liked hot drinks so I could get him a nice flask), an aromatherapy bracelet with essential oils and maybe some things to help him feel cosy at home/meditate (fake candles, meditation pillow, yoga mat, soft PJs and slippers, a cooling eye mask…).

I have no idea what to get my family this year, it's always so difficult. My dad and brother will be happy with whatever I get but my mom always hates everything we buy. Anyone else have someone in their life like that?

Anonymous 27120

After many years in this planet I have finally found an answer for the " what can i get them" question: AMAZON GIFT CARDS, Y'ALL. (or if she's a woman , a Sephora card would work too). Seriously tho, you should just ask the person directly. I'm sure they will like itmore if you get them what they want rather than some 20 dollar pair of ugly socks.

Anonymous 27121

sephora is too risky. amazon is where it's at. or ebay if they like vintage clothing.

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