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Anonymous 26479

So what's your beef with lolcow farm?

Anonymous 26482


Nothing but respect for MY autistic auntie.

Anonymous 26483


It's primarily an eceleb gossip site which is a topic I don't care for and there are better general discussion threads here.

Anonymous 26484

I don't have a cow with lolcow.farm. I was banned there like a year and a half ago so I migrated over here once I learned this was a community. I still go there for the gossip, and I like how its /g/ and /ot/ are active and have more variety in conversation than here (however, that could be because we don't have as many users).

Anonymous 26485

I like both sites, but I don't understand why most farmers hate CC.
Is it because we have migrants from /r9k/ and other imageboards here?

Anonymous 26486

Went there once and noped the heck out after seeing a series of miserable topics and the general atmosphere.

Anonymous 26488

It's too unorganized

Anonymous 26490

>they think we're men larping (or at least the majority of us)
>they think we think we're better because we don't go on gossip boards therefore uwu i'm better!~~~ (not true i am sure)
>i've said ppl say we're prudes because the nsfw board here is slow
and the list goes on and on.
honestly i'm sure that many ppl here still go on lc. i avoid it because i think the place is really messy now compared to how it used to be in 2016

Anonymous 26491

>they think we're men larping (or at least the majority of us)

I've seen this said in a few different places, it's ridiculous to think someone would be that bored. I've only seen a few posts that have caught my eye as being a man playing pretend.

Anonymous 26492


CC users accusing other CC users as larpers.

Anonymous 26493

I like that the onomatopoeia of stabbing is thot

Anonymous 26495


Whenever I visit lc it feels like picking a booger, gross, but somehow satisfying. There's so much nitpicking, immaturity, and insecurity going on, I can't be bothered to engage, so I just lurk.

Anonymous 26496

I used to be a farmer, but ultimately grew out of it. The place bothers me now, it's so depressing to visit. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I found crystal cafe because of it and I like it here.

Anonymous 26501

Tbh I don't think most people here have a beef with lc. There are some users that are very vocal against it but I'm sure it's because they were blocked or kicked out ( ex-farmhands, ex-mods etc) for fucking up . So they talk shit out of resentment.

Anonymous 26503

bitches in that dumpster nitpick at the stoopidest shit (at-least for art youtubers which is the only community I am interested in)

check this thread

bitches whining about the color of a sprite or some shit

Anonymous 26504

it gives my inner cyber detective something to do. i dig up a lot of content that would be otherwise hard to find because i get intrigued. i don't care a lot about the people posted though.

Anonymous 26507

people can be needlessly rude/stupid over there
other than that it's fine

Anonymous 26509

Same, I just don't really give a shit about any of the cows. Sometimes I visit /ot/ but they are so needlessly aggressive, just look at some of the posts in the unpopular opinion threads. I prefer CC's more welcoming atmosphere, lolcow would probably call here a hugbox but I think users are still called out when they are completely in the wrong.

Anonymous 26510

Sometimes I feel like someone who here is so nice and kind and friendly here would crosspost over to lc and say very mean things. As it’s made apparent many people here post there.

The very same person driven to do different things. Sad! But this gives me inspiration. I WILL be the nicest lc poster ever in the off topic boards and I will shower other posts with kindness!

Anonymous 26513

It’s getting easier to spot cowposters here than men. Rude try hard pops up for no reason? Cow.

Anonymous 26514

There's an unnecessary amount of vitriol and anger coming from the posters, otherwise I don't really have any opinions on it

Anonymous 26516


I still go on there regularly but the atmosphere kind of puts me in a defensive and depressed mood. A lot of the posters there seem perpetually irate and don’t actually feel like having intelligent discussion, but it’s a gossip site so what should I expect?

Does anyone remember 2016 lolcow? Around the time where Ember Whann and Kadeecow were still popular? Before lc became “”radfem”” and boards like /cream/ and /manure/ still existed? I feel like the userbase has completely shifted since then.

Anonymous 26517

Screenshot (115).p…

Mods are so ban-happy, sometimes I genuinely have no idea what exactly I did wrong, when others write similar things without any consequences. They seem extremely biased. This week a pic of a beheaded woman stayed up for nearly 2(!) days - but in the meantime anons were banned for other, minor offences. The mods were called out in meta multiple times, but didn't do anything. Today I check again and this is how they respond: see pic

I have to admit that I post on lc daily and it's very easy to get sucked into trying to appear "tough".

I'm ESL and before finding lc I had no idea what things like "nasolabial folds" even are, they defintely shaped my view on how I see myself very negatively. But it's also kind of addictive. If you don't have anybody irl it's easy to just go there.
Being on cc does make me feel better (minus the obvious male larpers posting overly cutesy shit, this is creepy af. I always fear that I'm responding or opening up to some creep), but it's just sooo slow.
Also, there are way too many anas on both boards, which honestly really does "trigger" me… Talking about EDs is fine of course, but being overly nitpicky and advise or even try to push others to also follow your >1000cal diet is a no-go.

Let's see how it changes once there's a new admin. I started visiting because of Kota and all the other gaijin in Japan, but it's no longer what it once was.

Anonymous 26519

Samefag, but since I noticed just now that people adressed the larping thing above, I wanted to add something:
Firstly, unrelated but
/b/ and /feels/ are also unorganized. Everybody is just making their own little thread for every tiny unimportant thing and then they die after less than 10 posts. That's so annoying. Is there a way to change that?

And secondly
>I like that the onomatopoeia of stabbing is thot
>Sad! But this gives me inspiration. I WILL be the nicest lc poster ever in the off topic boards and I will shower other posts with kindness!
>Before lc became “”radfem””
These are just some of the things that simply sound suspicious. Stabbing is thot (hot?), typing uwu style, being overly affectionate and accusing lc of being radfem just comes across as either weird, creepy or downright male. It's what men imagine their perfect idea of a nerdy, anime-loving girl to be: Perverted, but also cute and always overly sweet to others (e.g. those anime internet hug gifs/pics) and of course being against evil feminists.
Just look at the "How to be more feminine"-thread: instead of giving real, good and useful advice, people wrote ponytails are bad, wearing pigtails will make you look more girly. Normal adult women can't wear pigtails! That just sounds super fetishy…

Anonymous 26525

Thot is slang that means "that ho over there," it has nothing to do with hotness… I didn't get any male vibes from that post but if you think someone is a man just report their posts and mods can check post history to see if they're consistently posting stuff that looks like a man wrote it (trolling, only posting politics, being tone deaf and dickish to people who are venting) and their posts will get deleted if they look sufficiently manish.

Anonymous 26527

>Why don't you spend your free time making yourself feel miserable?

Anonymous 26539

Why so paranoid? I've known girls irl who would act overly affectionate at times, or type uwu style in some silly fashion.

>(e.g. those anime internet hug gifs/pics)

What about the banners? Is the whole site a larp fest then down from the very top?

But that "how to be more feminine" thread was one of the few times I've felt there were larpers.

Anonymous 26540

I must also add that the girls who did that irl were weebs or had anime/manga as a hobby at least. Which is probable people like that are here since this is an imageboard.

Anonymous 26541


It's hard for me to tell the difference between men larping as cute anime girls and real girls who are awkward and possibly on the autism spectrum that emulate cute anime girl behavior. But I didn't really get man vibes from that thread, I got more of the sense it was well intentioned but not very good advice from awkward girls who are still trying to figure those things out themselves. (And I love all the cute anime banners and aesthetics here myself lol.)

Anonymous 26542

The one thing I wish CC wouldn't do is adopt /r9k/ memes like tendies and pretty princesses. I get that it can be funny but this isn't /r9k/ and people really shouldn't be trying to emulate such a misogynistic place anyways. It attracts attention from robots too.

Anonymous 26543


I can tell you right now that the only reason I'm not diagnosed as autistic is because I'm too old (exact words).
Used to be really concerned that I'd get kicked out in -5 seconds, but it really is fine. The mods know their own.
I could understand if people here thought I give off weird vibes, though.

Anonymous 26547

>Ember Whann
I remeber those days. I started using lolcow that year and stopped when the original admin left. Then I came back and thought "hey this new girl isn't that bad". Now I don't know who's in charge but everything's different, there are people complaining about using slurs and the ana-chan threads are obvious self-posting. Not even the Aly threads are good anymore…

Anonymous 26548


Still go on it regularly but it's honestly such a shitshow that I hardly post now. I'm a bit sad to hear they're looking for a new admin already and they always looking for farmhands but I guess very few people want to actually bother with the site anymore.

I check snow and will look at /ot/ but the atmosphere in it just gets worse and worse. /g/ is slow and not very fun to read anymore either. /pt/ isn't interesting anymore. Who knows, maybe whoever the new admin will be will be able to pick the site back off the ground but the userbase is so shit now and the atmoshpere has changed so much that current admin probably has really slim pickings so I don't have much hope.

Anonymous 26550

>>Before lc became 'radfem'
Yessss. Lc used to be good now its getting overrun by them. I made a similar comment on the unpopular thread I think and someone was like "Are you trying to say having men here made it better!!!1111" I didn't specifically say that but around the time where men was 'accepted' it wasn't garbage LOL so I guess that question pretty much answers itself. People always complain about girls not having their own websites but when we do they all turn out the same (hopefully cc doesn't end up like that though.. I like you girls.)

Anonymous 26557


I started using lolcow that year too. There's also constant racebaiting now. So much annoying behavior that would've probably been condemned on the old lc.

>Not even the Aly threads are good anymore…

Wow, I almost forgot about her. She used to be on the front page of /snow/ like every day a couple years ago. None of the cows there now interest me much anymore besides a select few.

The "unpopular opinion" thread should just be changed to the "infighting" thread lmao. And agreed, the man-hate thread is a cringy radfem circlejerk as well. When the first one popped up, I actually thought it was just an inside joke/troll thread to deter the wave of robots that had been "raiding" lc at that time.

And if you offer any dissenting opinion, you will get called a "male poster" or be accused of being a robot.

Anonymous 26571

I still regularly go on lolcow but I've never been interested in the gossip there (except for like 2 youtubers). I enjoy a lot of the discussions and threads but yeah there's also a lot of hostility and an overall bad vibe surrounding a lot of the site. You can just tell so many users on there are angry and depressed for no reason, they get in the most stupidest fights imaginable. The unpopular opinions thread is a key example of this, someone always has to derail the convo with talks about race that's been brought up a million times before. The man heating thread is so fucking cringe too lol, I can barely even glance at a few posts from that thread. So like any discussion site you'll get a ton of stupidity but there's some nice stuff every once in a while.

Anonymous 26574

This. Why do we have to copy so many things that /r9k/ does? We can do better then that.
I wish I was better at drawing so I could make something new. Even if it's bad, at least it's not the same stuff we see in other places all the time.

Anonymous 26850

Start wanting it badly enough to get practicing

Anonymous 26867

you say radfem as if wanting rights is a bad thing

Anonymous 26956

an imageboard isn't exactly the place to go if you actually want rights anon.

Anonymous 26957

>people really shouldn't be trying to emulate such a misogynistic place
This. Thank you anon.

Anonymous 26958

So it should be off-limits to discuss then? Why shouldn't we talk about our frustrations on a website that has a mostly female userbase? It's the only imageboard with a majority female userbase, we should be able to vent. The only people I can imagine who would have a problem with that are men and "traditional women" or whatever they call doormats these days.

Anonymous 26962

They can discuss what they want but they should contain it in one thread instead of seeping through the other ones. You literally can't say shit without someone somehow making it about their hatred of men. For people who supposedly hate men they sure do seem to obsessively talk about them all the time.

Anonymous 26964

I’m not a tradthot or anything like that, but isn’t making sweeping generalizations about men tantamount to men making sweeping generalizations about women? Aren’t they both equally as annoying and unproductive? I see some of the same tactics in those man-hate threads as I do in, say, MGTOW circles.

Anonymous 26965

They act the exact same way as the men they complain about which makes it that much funnier/sadder

Anonymous 26967

You all fail to mention that the backlash from women who can't bear to see their precious men slighted is far greater than the lone, few posts that make generalizations about men (by anonettes that are going to be perfectly civil to men irl, even when talking about them with their friends).

Anonymous 26969

>>backlash from women who can't bear to see their precious men slighted
See this is exactly other girls can't say shit about this. You guys scream that men are taking away your voices etc but you do the samething to other girls who don't agree with you. Who are you real fighting for

Anonymous 26993


The radical feminists are fighting to destroy the white race and are working for (((soros))) my fellow girls!

Anonymous 26995

Women are the master race and are superior to every other race

Anonymous 27012

Most male post I have ever seen in my life

Anonymous 27017

I just feel bad making fun of other girls and nitpicking everything about them. No real beef here just like a comfier place to chitchat anonymously with other girls/women that are nerds.

Anonymous 27018

The man-hate threads are a guilty pleasure of mine, there aren't that many places where you can criticize men in a female space. The threads are very echo-chambery though, I wouldn't recommend staying there for too long for the same reason I wouldn't recommend becoming a regular at /pol/.

Anonymous 27031

If your from lolcow please dont come here go back to lolcow please

Anonymous 27032

Come on anon, the site was advertised on lolcow in the past, most anons from there aren't that bad. Not to mention both of the non-drama boards are gross dumpster fires.

Anonymous 27033


you're just doing what you're being criticized about. i've also seen this argument a few times and it's always the sweet innocent manhating minority against the big bad evil handmaidens/tradthots/whatever insult.

Anonymous 27036

What I don't like about the site is the cult mentality they have – and it has been mentioned by other anons – more specifically this double standard for users and cows. They seem to be very supportive and defend each other, but if it's about cows aka women they don't like they treat them as if they aren't human. Not to mention that part of the userbase is full of lolcows themselves, /ot/ is proof for that.

I would sage but it doesn't post otherwise

Anonymous 27037

What have the women who've complained about men done to them? What have they done to the women who defend men?

Anonymous 27039


>implying tradthots and handmaidens and doormats don't exist

you're stupid af if you think doormats aren't completely evangelical about being doormats

Anonymous 27851

the layout of the site is ugly and the girls over there can be needlessly bitter and rude. i've gotten the feeling that it's fully of pseudo stacies trying to live out their high-school bully phase by obsessing over other people's business.

that being said i've also gotten some decent advice over there and the ratio of good posts to bad vs…other chans is high
also i really only browse /ot/ and /g/

Anonymous 27864

nah, they’re not the same. men have multiple subreddits, boards and websites dedicated to whining about women, and these sites will continue to exist independent of whether or not the man-hating thread exists.

Anonymous 27876

Y'all complain about man hating anons all over there but I've never seen any outside the thread for it. Is it really that bad, I dont think so ? With this said I only go there once it twice a month to lurk

Anonymous 27877

There's too much a-logging going on and a lot of posts reek of "ugh at least I'm better than this cow".

Internet drama used to be much more amusing when people just laughed about stupid people doing stupid things instead of comparing themselves to them and using trainwrecks who broadcast their crazy lives to the internet to feel better about themselves.

Anonymous 27890

Arent 80% of the beautiful people who post here cross-posters from there?

Don’t attack my posters from laugh.chicken plz

Anonymous 27891


Please abscond yourself from sapphire.snack-bar, friend.

Anonymous 27892

I was banned from giggle.bovine years ago and only lurk there now, checkmate.

Anonymous 27894

>years ago

How old is that website though? wasn't it barely made in 2016 or something?

Anonymous 27896

may i ask why you were banned?

Anonymous 27904


If you want me to leave, then why do you refer to me as "friend"? In emerald.eatery we are all friends

Anonymous 27906

CC has a different culture from LC, this takes two threads to tistinguish.
Please retain your snicker.serpent behavior outside the aventurine.automat space.
t. not a mod, just an autist

Anonymous 27908

I just found a "robot containment" thread on lc and women there seem to act nicer to incels than to other women. Not surprising, but somehow sad.

Anonymous 27909

People here are even more sympathetic to men than on lc. Even sadder to imagine how'd that'd be on here

Anonymous 27910

The website is dedicated to being a shitty person.

Anonymous 28197

the layout is ugly

Anonymous 28198

What? Are you talking about the man-hate thread? The actual containment one hasn't been active in years. Men are completely banned on both places now, anon.
I'd also argue their man-hate thread is more passionate than ours.
…but so is their woman-hate, and it's site wide.

Anonymous 28207


why is Amanda Seyfried part of the theme and why so many references to her? I dont go on lc that often so I dont get it.

Anonymous 28208

Someone in the celebrity cow thread in /ot/ kept sperging about her being a diva without much evidence, complaining about her wrinkly hands (lol), and claiming to be her mua iirc. She got banned several times but just kept coming back to talk about her, so mods made a joke out of it.

Anonymous 28213

ahh thanks!

Anonymous 28222

No, the containment threads. I was skimming through the catalog and found it, it's true the newest one was 3 years ago.

Anonymous 29333


What the fuck is going on over there? Admin is AWOL, there seems to be almost no mods left and gore and porn is left up for almost 12 hours. No one's heard back from the mod/admin applications either.

Anonymous 29349

why not just start a new website at this point? Does anyone remember SR? kek

Anonymous 29464

Skärmavbild 2018-1…

anons have been trying to create a new chan actually. The fucked up thing is, even though admin and farmhands have been completely absent from the complaints threads on /meta/, posts about creating a new website are being deleted.

Like it's genuinely fucked how admin and the mods can't run a website but also don't allow the users to migrate to another.

Anonymous 29479

I think I saw an active mod yesterday, they were responding to a thread in /snow/ if i remember correctly.

why you guys don't talk about it here so you can email each other to create the new website?

Anonymous 29541

Is it true they ban people for no reason?

Anonymous 29570

theyre racist, fuck em

Anonymous 29590


mods are ban crazy

Anonymous 29591


Anonymous 29593

It's nice that they paid for a better server out of pocket tbh. I hope the new admin is more hands-on than the last one. It sounds like good news to me so far.

Anonymous 29600

good luck to their new admin, she will need it. the comm is never happy!

Anonymous 29601

with respect the user demographic on chucklepig to put it bluntly is quite dumb (not saging simple "lol" posts, lots of in-fighting and posts accusing others of "blogposting", paranoia that anons are a cow), so I can understand the mods being more ban crazy. I don't post there much and in a span of 2 weeks I've been accused of being a cow (be it sarcastically or not) for mundane posts.

Anonymous 29605

It's true. It's not a contribution, threads are overrun with posts like this one or "underrated comment", and farmers are generally incapable of reading simple instructions as evident by the rules being plastered everywhere while still going ignored.

I've started to appreciate PULL more, to be honest. I've been lurking for years and posting rarely but I like that their voting system eliminates posts like pic related. PULLtards are mostly weebs and teens but accounts force them to be less spergy and samefaggy. There's a ton of issues with the immaturity and willingness to excuse snowflakey shit because a lot of them share flake traits, but it's a fresh breath of air compared to the constant infighting and derailing on lolcow.

Anonymous 29615


I have my fair share of posts there, but 90% are in /ot/ or /g/. Haven't really posted there except for meta in several months tbqf.
Most of the active threads are for people who aren't even "cows" at this point.

>they don't see the "cows" as human to the point they become a hivemind and nitpick over the PETTIEST shit
>the most active threads atm are super cringe to read because all the subjects are FAT, HAVE INGROWN HAIRS, TOO SKINNY, DOING IT BECAUSE IT'S IN (as if people cant change their style or tastes as they age)… you name it (aka. heavy nitpick) which makes it look like anons are jelly asf
>mods are ban happy (that is not their fault because the community makes them paranoid and demands some sort of action for absolutely no reason otherwise "staff is gone", i feel sorry for them)
>obvious newfags trying to act like oldfags (happens in every chan ever, but it's painful obvious there)
>90% of them are rude and obnoxious for no reason because that's board culture I guess. If you don't cuss and treat people like crap when calling them out, you're an exception. people here tend to be nicer in comparision which makes them think we're all uwu cute fake
>most of them are paranoid to the point of thinking even the staff has a vendetta of if someone disagrees with the majority = they're a cow. "hi _________". You can't disagree with anyone. If you do, you're a ~~whiteknight~ uwu !!!!
>boards are messy as fuck. due to paranoia ("it's just to keep an archive", "to have evidence", etc) nothing ever gets deleted, even clear vendettas that should not be there. the catalg are super hard to navigate if they're about an infamous person because you have 789837247237978 threads to read and 80% of the content is BS. if you ask someone for the tldr they will eat you alive, so better waste 50 hours skimming through that shit than asking a question in a thread
>most of them think they're better people than 99% of the rest of the internet (everyone else is a pullfag, handmaiden, miner = tranny, etc)
>most of the userbase reeks of underage nowadays. that was NOT the case when the chan was brought to life. most users seemed 18+
>everyone claims to have some sort of mental ilness, just go to /ot/ and you will see that. and they have the guts to criticize PULLtards~ they think their shit doesn't stink.
>can't remember exacly what was the reason but about 2 years ago the website was going to shit (I think people were spreading the rumour that Joshua M was running the site and would out people? If anyone remembers this, please enlighten me) which cases TONS OF PEOPLE to start apologizing in threads saying they really didn't mean to say what they did because of X, Y, Z reason and that they were sorry uwu~~ so you shit on people for ages and when you're afraid of being dox'd, you realize you were a piece of shit? ok.

I still lurk every now and then and I don't ever remember being banned by a staff member except for maybe 1 or 2 times for just a day for infighting. I think the staff/admins are usually good and they try their best, but the userbase is wayyy too demanding and they're NEVER okay or happy. Admins never last long there because they're shitty and treat them like crap if they take a while to respond. The fact that several of them are paranoid doesn't help either, they always think the admins have some type of agenda. I enjoy freedom of speech in general and I do like reading about Onion and some of the other most famous "cows", but that chan in such a bad state that it should be nuked for good and never brought back for their own sake.

The userbase has become the biggest cow EVER.

Anonymous 29616

That summary pretty much sums it up perfectly. But I’m starting to think the “Hi _____ (cow)” is usually more of a inside-joke/meme than actual paranoia. I say that because of how often its posted even for inane stuff (I find it funny though).

Anonymous 29617

thanks anon, I was there since pretty much the start so it's easy to see what's changed. Maybe you're right that some see it as in inside joke, but users were doing it soooooo fucking often that the staff decided to make a rule against it, so I guess they do take it seriously

Anonymous 29618

>nothing ever gets deleted
In the /ot/ and maybe /g/ boards, they should delete the older "editions" of threads like vents, confessions, celebricows once they start a new one because no one goes to read locked threads from months, years ago.

Anonymous 29634

Just like PULL is full of aspiring snowflakes, lolcow is full of angry, bitter vendetta-chans.
The staff paranoia is ridiculous. They're trannies! They're men! They're cows! They're camgirls! At least anonymous staff is better than on PULL where that koreaboo mod gets extremely offended all the time and their personal bias shows through, I can't take her seriously for that reason and would feel the urge to bait her if she ever told me off. They should have mod accounts separate from user accounts.

I disagree. Outings like Mystery.jpg's would've been way less funny without the intense whining in "personal" threads directly contradicting what she posted on the drama boards. I cannot even imagine what Spoony's history would've looked like.

I think threads with extreme samefagging and vendetta issues and constant sperging should get post IDs. Examples would be Joy Sparkles who is a massive cow but her thread is ruined by the same idiots ban evading to spew facebook-tier memes and walls of text, or the Anisa thread which probably has around 4 posters overall, Lola Tyrell who I expected to be locked a long time ago, and so on.

I don't understand the "mods aren't active" complaints at all, /meta/ has been left in shambles but I constantly see Farmhand posts and redtext on pt and snow. /meta/ is just swamped with complaints that should just be reports instead and every time a Farmhand replies they're met with more reeeing.

Another thing that could be taken from PULL is the subforum for new threads so that the mods have to approve a new subject before it goes public.

Anonymous 29635

Haven’t been here long and have been lurking lolcow for even less time, but it got me thinking. I don’t have active beef, but seeing the culture and overall tone of a gossip site has made me aware of what I could become if I don’t actively choose to brush things off and try to see the humanity in even the milkiest people. I went to some threads where I was relieved to see other people taking issue with things I have issue with as well, only to be put off by how hard they were going and unfair they were being. Good criticism doesn’t derive from obsessive fault-finding and an exaggerated negative bias, you get closer to the ‘truth’ with due diligence.
I’m sure I’ll go back from time to time just to see what the people willing to do the legwork have brought in, but I’m going to limit my exposure to keep my head above water, since that kind of negativity can be addicting. I’m very careful not to use contempt as fuel where my self-esteem should be.

Anonymous 29651

>I don't understand the "mods aren't active" complaints at all
Well duh, most of us notice that the mods are active on lolcow, it's just that some of their priorities are fucked (which is why farmers were trying to abandon lolcow and create a new chan).

Basically, while there was gore up for 8 hours on /ot/ farmhands were banning people on /pt/ and /snow/ for nitpicking. Several anons reported the issue but farmhands didn't care. And guess what, farmhands apologized but then the same thing happened 3 times again in the same month.

Anonymous 29654

I don't know how it works on lolcow but as far as I know on other chans, many times staff members only have moderation rights to certain boards. Maybe the people being active in the gossip boards don't take care of /ot/ or /g/, they're not global mods… hence why you guys saw farmhands being active but gore shit in other threads. Just my 2 cents since leaving gore up for hours and banning people for other reasons doesn't make sense.

Anonymous 29715

I was permabanned for "ban evading" even though it was the first and only time I'd ever been banned.

Anonymous 29716

Do you have a dynamic IP or VPN?

Anonymous 29717

No VPN. Even if I change my IP on my phone I can't ban evade. I'm not smart enough with these things to know what I could do to trick a new IP into not knowing I'm banned.

Anonymous 29718

Moderation is EXTREMELY bad on cc.

Anonymous 29719

Email them, it means you were assigned an IP that was previously used by someone who got a permaban. They fix it if you send a screenshot of the ban.

Source: Happened to me, got it fixed

Anonymous 29745

do you mean here or there?

Anonymous 29746

I did, they ignored it.

Anonymous 29748


Mobile browsing?

Anonymous 29749

No, I think they decided I was a person they'd banned before who was evading. I do understand how my post could have been misunderstood looking back on it. There's no point in going "nuh-uh it's not me" so I gave up after my one e-mail got ignored.

Anonymous 29751

>tfw have ban evaded on lolcow by phone posting without getting caught
Tell me I'm cool.

Anonymous 29790


maybee you can try a mac scrambler as well with a vpn…idk

Anonymous 29852

holly brown is the only cool cow I was directed to say this here by someone

Anonymous 29853

Holly Brown and [insert random instagram ho with too much PS] deserve to win best cow of the year

Anonymous 30881

these planters on giggle.bovine are attacking my friends on crystal.cafe


but I couldn't help but laugh at the post saying
>how can all this shit happen on a site that has like 5 posts per day

in response to a summary of the discord stuff.

Anonymous 30882

kek i saw this thread
i think it would be best not to give them attention, they just want a petty fight

Anonymous 30915

I've read the thread as well. I don't know how a site dedicated to gossip can feel superior to anyone. I would rather take the autism and anime of here to the angry atmosphere of lolcow.

Anonymous 30929



Anonymous 30937

I think it's meant to imply the poster of that reply is one of the nobf anons herself

Anonymous 30942

If 365451 is reading this;


Anonymous 31899

Can't remember if i've said this here before but the days when i used to be a farmer made me so damn sad all the time and i started to hate my own appearance more too because of how harsh everyone is

Anonymous 31902

I actually feel bad for the guys. Asian men unironically are given a lot more shit for being "feminine" than other races, and every asian girl I've met wants a white bf. There's a lot of entitlement on r/asianmasculinity in regards to women, but they actually have reason to complain unlike 90% of the manosphere.

Anonymous 32437

>most of them are hypocrite
>try to make a valid point but rebuffed with "hi cow"
>not cow in questions
>Has 20 possibly going on 30 board about hating men
>95% of the the boards about cows are just relegated to nitpicking and not about cows behavior or current drama
>The Confession board has people confession to serious crimes (i.e one confess to killing a neighbors cat)
I think lolcow is full of bitter bitches tbh

Anonymous 32438

They're given so much crap because large majority of them are like this. There's VERY small number of asian "chads" when compared to caucasoid or negroid guys.
If for example white guys would display typically feminine traits many white girls would probably look elsewhere for relationships. I feel like it's fault of their culture but i admit i've never saw how exactly are asian guys raised on average and what differs in their upbringing when compared to black or white men

Anonymous 32487

overbearing mothers 99% of the time

Anonymous 33201


That board is so obnoxious.

Anonymous 33210

Just checked back this same thread and missed the entite infighting and drama posted about a month ago. They even took the (gemstone).(foodplace) meme and spun it with the standard “hi cow” trope.

So tiresome, lolcow needs more “uwuposters” as I fear all the anger will lead to stress and resulting health problems for all the farmhands

Anonymous 33226

Boomers have it coming.

Anonymous 33230

That's not the point but ok.

Anonymous 33262

I know that this is a somewhat unpopular opinion on image boards but the transphobia is uncomfortable to see. I am a biological woman but throughout my adolescence I have made plenty of friends who are trans, mostly trans guys and one trans girl and some I would consider best friends that I would never want to loose. And when I stumbled on lc because I love drama and onto /g/ and /ot/ I was happy to see an alternative outlet to let out my opinions, get advise and etc. but from other women that relate more to things I dont usually talk with my friends, makeup, skincare, fitness and etc. But seeing how gender critical is ingrained within the whole site, it left a bad taste in my mouth more than the drama. And I dont see any point to voice my opinions for transgender people since I will get only sperging on how I need to go back to Tumblr and whatever. With that attitude Ben Shapiro shouldn't be on the guy's your ashamed to fuck thread cause at least he can be a spokesperson for Terfs, kek. Am I alone on this?

Anonymous 33266

I too don't mind trans as much as the average farmer, I have a few friends who are really good people who just want to live their lives unbothered while presenting as the opposite sex. I think it's annoying when a thread is derailed because someone uses the preferred pronouns of a cow, but I also understand the frustration with trans women being creepy as fuck and trans men who seem to just look for excuses to be offended. And just like you don't see the point of defending trans people on that site, so do most other supporters. It's not something I personally want to argue there just because I know a few people who don't fit the awful current trend. It's whatever. It's a drama site. Imo everyone who goes there for the offtopic boards is misguided. They're a nice addition but nothing to call home about.

Anonymous 33268

The exact opposite happened to me, to be honest. I used to argue with TERFs all the time there, but then I decided to take a look at one of their designated threads and try to actually understand what they were saying (with the aim of dismantling it). Unfortunately, certain things they were saying started to get too accurate. They posted so much proof and real life examples to back up even their wildest claims that I felt retarded and blind trying to shut them down. I was lucky enough to encounter some cool people who happened to be trans in my life, but it just feels wrong to deny the things the people in GC threads were saying on a collective level. Even on an individual level, a quick visit to the trans threads on /lgbt/ or literally any trans subreddit where they air out their personal thoughts freely reminds me exactly what this group I'm supposed to cape for are thinking.

I used to think TERFs were some evil, violent, ignorant bunch who wanted to roll back women's rights, open the floodgates to Nazism and revoke LGBT rights. In truth, a lot of them literally are just feminists and LGBT women who actually hate Ben Shapiro and his ilk. The difference is, they'd continue to hate him instead of embracing him with open arms if he suddenly claimed that he actually suffered from gender dysphoria all this time and was totally only being a shitbag to cope (while still keeping most of his other disgusting political views and misogynistic leanings). The whole "Kill/Punch TERFs" thing really was just the misogyny jumping out all along, and we all fell for it, thinking it was just the logical progression of "Kill/punch Nazis". It's not. TERFs have never been as violent a threat as Nazis, or even comparable on any scale. They're literally just any woman who has the audacity to say "No" to anything a man says after he claims that he's really a woman on the inside.

I still respect people enough to use their preferred names and/or pronouns, and I'm not against people living however they please, but there's a point where someone's emotional well-being must not be allowed to water down the rights and safeties of everybody else. It's backward to sacrifice women's well-being and the spaces/recognition they worked hard for, both in heterosexual and lesbian respects, for the sake of a group of people struggling with a brain/body match-up problem. After all I've witnessed and read, I can never, on good conscience, be an ally to the trans movement.

Anonymous 33272

I agree with almost all of this. My only exception is that I do support trans people but I think the current trans movement is way over the top and harming women for the sake of a very tiny minority who's trying to bully their way to the top. A lot of my really woke, really trans-allied friends have recently been waking up to that current trend and have started to voice their concerns when it comes to trans women steamrolling everyone else, so I'm holding out hope that a few years from now there'll be another new wave of trans discourse formed by the ex-sjws who are still sympathetic of trans but draw lines at shit like renaming women's biology to cater to troons and the corrective rape of "transphobic" lesbians.

Anonymous 33275


Does the term “troons” make anybody else think of some sorta alien from a sci fi series?
Like imagine the following :

A young man is dashing through a hallway on board a space station toward his trusty assistant. They both speak energetically in a accent which somewhere in between the UK and the USA in style.

>Man #1 : The Troons have noticed us! Quickly, we must get to the auxiliary air locks.

> Lieutenant : Get down!
Two Troons open fire with loud zapping sounds but miss our brave heroes and accidentally hit each other with the stray laser beams, exploding in a shower of sparks.
> Man #1 : That was a close one. We may not be so lucky next time…

Anonymous 33276

>It's backward to sacrifice women's well-being and the spaces/recognition they worked hard for, both in heterosexual and lesbian respects, for the sake of a group of people struggling with a brain/body match-up problem. After all I've witnessed and read, I can never, on good conscience, be an ally to the trans movement.
Don't you think it's somewhat odd to make the claim that it's backwards to sacrifice (a group's) well-being and the spaces/recognition they worked hard for, for the sake of (another group's) well-being and the spaces/recognition they worked hard for, when the 'sacrifice' that is being made is including (other group) with (the first group)?
Mostly I don't understand why your claim that "there's a point where someone's emotional well-being must not be allowed to water down the rights and safeties of everybody else" doesn't apply in the opposite direction, ie why would a biological females feelings be allowed to water down the rights and safeties of a transexual females?

Anonymous 33277

>Don't you think it's somewhat odd to make the claim that it's backwards to sacrifice (a group's) well-being and the spaces/recognition they worked hard for, for the sake of (another group's) well-being and the spaces/recognition they worked hard for, when the 'sacrifice' that is being made is including (other group) with (the first group)?
Because it's not about mere inclusion, it's an issue of dominating language, stripping of safety, lesbophobia and sexual coercion under the guise of being progressive. Women are already being told to refer to themselves as "uterus-havers", "bleeders", "people with vaginas", etc. This is dehumanizing. On top of that, I've already seen TRAs derailing discussion of FGM to yell at people for calling it "female genital mutilation". Additionally, we're all familiar with the "cotton ceiling" debate, and there are far too many horror stories of lesbians being told they are transphobic for not wanting to have sex with penises, that their sexual orientation is a result of trauma or a mental illness, and other lesbophobic/conversion therapy-derived nonsense. All of this is being done specifically because such conflations of girlhood/womanhood to the female body is triggering to MtFs.
There are also multiple stories of self-proclaimed MtFs using their access to spaces like bathrooms to assault little girls and women. That's not okay. The argument for this is that MtFs will be assaulted if they use the men's bathroom, but I have never found a single news article of an MtF person being beaten up in a men's bathroom (but I have found one article where two women assault an MtF person in a women's bathroom. Funny how that hasn't been a deterrence). More likely, the actual goal is to make MtFs more comfortable and feel assured in their gender identity. No matter how far I stretch empathy, I can't support sacrificing women and children's safety from sexual violence for the sake of someone else's comfort. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.
>Mostly I don't understand why your claim that "there's a point where someone's emotional well-being must not be allowed to water down the rights and safeties of everybody else" doesn't apply in the opposite direction, ie why would a biological females feelings be allowed to water down the rights and safeties of a transexual females?
Because women daring to exist as we were born, discuss our bodies, freely choose our own sexual partners and have our own female-only spaces is not any sort of attack or encroachment on anyone. How are MtF people harmed by that, except that it reminds them of their dysphoria? Why is our mere existence and freedom to blame for their mental/physical issues that the healthcare industry is lagging behind on adequately treating?
We are 50% of the population, and we deserve to be who we are, openly and unabashedly. If that unintentionally hurts someone else, the answer is never to take away or reduce our rights, but for the hypothetical group being attacked to have their own space for freedom, rights and safety away from us.

Anonymous 33278


I forgot about the sports debate, too. Simply put, this is not it.

Anonymous 33280

>We are 50% of the population, and we deserve to be who we are, openly and unabashedly. If that unintentionally hurts someone else, the answer is never to take away or reduce our rights, but for the hypothetical group being attacked to have their own space for freedom, rights and safety away from us.
I guess the problem I have is this sounds like ethno-state rhetoric.
My worry mostly is that people may conflate bad incidents upon the entirety of a population, so your mention of the bathroom assaults, the lesbian horror stories about being transphobic, and even the sports issue (although I would side with you there) are likely rare occurrences. I think it's concerning to grab a few headlines to show your confirmation bias and then adopt a political stance around these headlines.

Anonymous 33282

>ethnostate rhetoric
Anon…I'm sorry, but what the hell? Do you think I'm suggesting women only country or something? I just want us to be able to have our own bathrooms and not have to avoid calling ourselves women because it hurts people with gender dysphoria, ffs.
>likely rare occurrences.
What's pressing to me is that TRAs do not openly stand against it as much as they do transmisogyny. In fact, they're the ones pushing it. They want us to defend them and their honor, but turn their backs, ignore us or go out of their way to villify and shit on us even more when we're the ones being attacked.
I'd rather not wait until these things become common, every day occurrences to stand up against them. Either these issues are to be resolved by TRAs, or I will be forced to understand them as a package deal with inclusion and not accept it.
>I think it's concerning to grab a few headlines to show your confirmation bias and then adopt a political stance around these headlines.
I didn't have a confirmation bias against the movement before at all. If anything, I had one in favor of them. I didn't know about any of these things because all I was getting were the feel-good stories. I believe that was on purpose, too. The veil is lifting, and there are many, many problems that need to be addressed. With this track record of harassing and abusing women for not taking it all lying down, or being willfully blind, I'm pretty sure they won't be, and that's why I'm no longer an ally.


Fuck off.

Anonymous 33284

To clarify the ethno-state rhetoric claim, the stance that 'a hypothetical transfemale group being attacked should have their own freedom/rights/safety away from the female group' parallels an argument that an ethno-stater would make (in context of America) that black people would ultimately be better off in Africa as that way they wouldn't have to be subject to police violence or worry about racism from the majority, or whatever nice-sounding argument that leads to a logical conclusion that we need to segregate.
Admittedly this is a bit disingenuous to your point because I don't believe that you would advocate something as extreme as this – but where it makes me uncomfortable is I feel like you have a very 'us vs them' mindset that revolves around what makes you uncomfortable; an example of some dissonance that maybe I'm not understanding from your perspective: transwomen in bathrooms is an issue as it infringes on the safety of natural women and puts them at risk of sexual harassment, however would lesbians not also be potential sexual harassers in this space? To push it to a logical extreme: all transwomen should be banned from women-only environments (bathrooms) because they may present a risk, and if we're trying to eliminate all risk from women-only environments, we should also exclude lesbians from this, as well as normal men. On the opposite end, if we apply this risk to other areas of legislation, we can make arguments that women should be excluded from male-dominant work spaces because they may incite lascivious behavior from men, make men uncomfortable, and make the work environment undesirable; we should segregate other races from the majority race because they may make some members of the majority uncomfortable and hey, some of those brown people might attack them.
I'm somewhat using a slippery slope, but this is also what you're doing when you say things like
>I'd rather not wait until these things become common, every day occurrences to stand up against them.

It's just for me I don't like the idea of someone claiming that they're okay transexuals, as long as they never have to see them or acknowledge them, or consider them to be on the same level as 'me,' it sounds a little messed up.

but also I do agree that the tip-toeing around calling women 'women' as to not offend transexuals is pretty dumb.

Anonymous 33286

In a case like the US, black people are actually being oppressed and treated poorly via discrimination, police violence, etc. This is an effect of the system being racist to begin with, and benefiting from black people's oppression for decades, starting from slavery to Jim Crow laws, to the destruction of "Black Wall Street", etc etc. MtFs are simply people with gender dysphoria, and women existing does not oppress them. We have no vested interest in keeping them down, and we never have. Our reproductive health, existence as female and desire to not be forced into sex has never been an institutional weapon against anybody (except misogynists and incels, I guess), and it certainly isn't built on the basis of holding anyone down. On top of that, there is no history of women oppressing MtFs, but there is a history of men oppressing women. When some men born into such a society based on women's oppression start claiming that they, too, are definitely women, it makes sense that women would say "Nope".

Comparing the two is honestly pretty fucked up, and also minimizes the effects of racism - Unlike dysphoria, racism and a racist society is not caused by a mental issue in black people's heads, or a result of anything that all black people consciously choose to do that they can simply remove at the end of the day. There is no way for a black person to "stealth as white" to escape racism, while a trans person can just put on clothing for their assigned gender when they go out to escape transphobia. A lot of people within black communities already don't support the trans movement, and these misguided comparisons honestly just serve as a point of even higher irritation. Black people, as a collective, don't fight to be seen as the gender identity they want based on their brain telling them certain things. The fight is to be seen as human beings by a society built on their dehumanization, and the continued use of such people as cogs in a flawed, fucked up machine. Unless you plan to boil down anti-black racism to "Black people are actually just white people, AKA human beings, on the inside. It's not their fault they were born black just because nature didn't match their bodies to their brains. They must be accepted by society as white people in different bodies" or something (I don't think you would stretch this far, but I've seen enough nonsense in my life to expect nothing from no one), the two will never be the same.

In fact, "Trans women are women the same way black women are women" being proudly parroted over and over, primarily by people who are born male and white, is one of the smaller things that pushed me over the edge and made me think "Hmm, there is something not quite right going on here".

I want to add, violence and discrimination from other males with anti-trans tendencies has always been more of a threat to the trans community than women simply excluding MtFs from female spaces, but the focus from TRAs is often not on male violence, but on how TERFs are evil. I can only attribute this to misogyny (again).

>I feel like you have a very 'us vs them' mindset that revolves around what makes you uncomfortable

Females being trod on by males is not a matter of personal discomfort, but of pointing out the elephant in the room that's existed for millenia. I see no reason to pretend not to see it happening in action just because the tactics have changed, or just because some men have simply decided their personal issues are now women's to solve without even checking on their own behaviors and predatory actions so we can have peace.
>however would lesbians not also be potential sexual harassers in this space? To push it to a logical extreme: all transwomen should be banned from women-only environments (bathrooms) because they may present a risk, and if we're trying to eliminate all risk from women-only environments, we should also exclude lesbians from this, as well as normal men
Lesbians are not the same as men, especially not just because of their attraction. Arguing as such sounds like a soft attempt to downplay the nefarity of sexual violence and abuse to "They couldn't help it, they were just so attracted!". Lesbians even have lower rates of partner abuse/violence as a whole than men, but are far more likely to report that abuse when it does happen than women partnered with men. Many homophobes try to argue otherwise, but:
https://imgur.com/a/bT6Gkn (Note on the pie chart: It shows that women currently cohabiting with women report higher victimisation rates over their lifetimes than women currently cohabiting with men, but that's because 75% of that victimization occurred at the hands of male partners)
In fact, a popular talking point by lesbian feminists in response to the "Men can't help acting on their attraction" is "I'm attracted to women, and I can exist without raping or sexually harassing them, and also don't have problems focusing at work or school because of how they dress. What is your excuse?". This is something MtFs attracted to women don't say to cis men, and I'm convinced it's because 1) they don't, and have never actually had a vested attachment to women's rights, they just want in on women's spaces and 2) even they know it's not true.

>On the opposite end, if we apply this risk to other areas of legislation, we can make arguments that women should be excluded from male-dominant work spaces because they may incite lascivious behavior from men, make men uncomfortable, and make the work environment undesirable;

This is actually what TRAs would unironically end up suggesting in a bid to minimize triggering MtF dysphoria, though. The idea that we "incite" certain feelings (in this case, of dysphoria) and need our existence and expression reduced. It's more of the same sexism.

>we should segregate other races from the majority race because they may make some members of the majority uncomfortable and hey, some of those brown people might attack them.

This is just a broken comparison for the same reasons I stated at beginning of my post. I will say, though, if a group of black or brown people want to make an organization to discuss black or brown rights and advancement, white people who decide they "feel" black or brown are not going to be welcomed just because they feel some sort of racial dysphoria. I think anyone can understand why. I believe the same applies to women's groups as a whole when it comes to men who "feel" like they're women on the inside. Sex-based oppression has always been a problem, and the basis of feminism, just like racial oppression (and for black and brown women, the two intersect - someone who does not fit either group can never actually equate their experiences in a white-centric, male-centric society to theirs. A white woman knows what it's like to be a woman, but not non-white, so while connection within a feminist group could form a strong bond, she'd have no place at a black or brown empowerment group. A non-white man knows what it's like to be non-white, but not a woman, so while connection within a black or brown empowerment group could form a strong bond, he'd have no place at a feminist group. If we're on the subject of someone who doesn't have the experience of being non-white or a woman, I'm sure you know where this is going…).

>It's just for me I don't like the idea of someone claiming that they're okay transexuals, as long as they never have to see them or acknowledge them, or consider them to be on the same level as 'me,' it sounds a little messed up.

I didn't say this, though. I've never had an issue with seeing or acknowledging people in whatever they want to be called or seen as, but when it's at the point that rape, lesbophobia, censorship of women discussing our bodies, and women no longer having any language or space to focus on what we face as natural born women, is to be considered as a fair price to pay to make them comfortable, I'm not with it. If we're so triggering to them just for being born as women and acknowledging it, and they don't even care about our safety or wellbeing, they should make their own space. We don't deserve to be trampled on for someone else's emotional comfort. Feminism has come too far for that.

Anonymous 33311


>In a case like the US, black people are actually being oppressed and treated poorly via discrimination
Yawn. Shan't be reading anymore of that. If I wanted read some naive idiot rambling about "MUH UHPRESSION" I would head over to tumblr.

Anonymous 33316

You're ranting at me about how I need to whiteknight men in women's dresses and consider them my sisters or else I'm speaking "ethnostate rhetoric", but I'm the one from Tumblr?
Lmao, bye. Hope you find some brain cells on Everyday Feminism.

Anonymous 33317

I forgot to add: Thank you for admitting you use non-white people as weapons in your shitty TRA arguments, and that you don't actually give a fuck about anyone but white guys crying about their untreated mental illnesses and how the world must accept their cross-dressing fetishes.
You're worse than a naive idiot, you're a disingenuous, virtue-signalling retard, and either a pick-me or a narcissistic MtF yourself.

Anonymous 33318


I don't give a solitary fuck about those freaks. I just saw somebody who needed reminding that shutting up is an option when you don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous 33319

>W-W-Wasn't me!!
Oh, so you're just some tard who no one was talking to. Thanks for your worthless contribution. No one cares.

Anonymous 33327


>still getting triggered by any mention of racial inequality whatsoever
This isn't 4chan anon

Anonymous 33330

One of the farmhands permabanned me for "vendetta/selfposting" when I was calling out another anon for vendetta posting. It was clearly a misfire so I appealed and got unbanned, but as soon as I tried posting again I was automatically permabanned again for "unspecified reason". Tried posting once from a computer at my community college's library and was automatically permabanned for unspecified reason there as well.

Anyone know what that's about? Did they hate me so much they banned my entire city lol

Anonymous 33331

What thread did that happen in? I've always suspected that of janitors to be honest

Anonymous 33334


I was the "lol sure you are fatty" poster, replying to the anon who was obviously the OP. Farmhand was convinced that the OP was samefagging from multiple IPs or something and assumed I was one of them for some reason. In short, she's an idiot, as evidenced by her replies to us.

Anonymous 33345


>tumblr conspiracy theories
yawning @ u

Anonymous 33353


Pic related, you rn calling common knowledge tumblr conspiracies and anti-huwite propaganda

Anonymous 33425

No beef with it but don't go on it these days. I had enough people on the internet who larp as mean girls in my teens

They have beef with us, not the other way around

Anonymous 36013

No real beef, lolcow is just that bitch in the group who talks shit about everything but we keep her 'cause at least she's funny and occasionally has a point

Anonymous 36449


This. It's like an entire culture centered around cringe, people pretending to be retarded for likes/upvotes, gangstalking and schadenfreude. Kind of horrifying that it's one of the more popular boards on the site. I really have a distaste for people whose sense of humor revolves entirely around being socially superior to others. It says a lot about them as a person.

Anonymous 36450

>Internet drama used to be much more amusing when people just laughed about stupid people doing stupid things instead of comparing themselves to them and using trainwrecks who broadcast their crazy lives to the internet to feel better about themselves.
This too.

Anonymous 36454

This site has devolved into just venting negative emotions and talking about sex, there's pretty much no reason for it to exist anymore because it now has the exact same board culture as the off topic boards on lolcow.

Anonymous 36456

The off topic boards on lolcow are still associated with the cow boards, it looks bad and this site exists because enough people wanted a separate place.

Anonymous 36476

There’s too much fixation on boys; specifically r9k tier basketcases in this site to my liking. Like I don’t think the average wizardchan counterpart thinks that much about a “uwu shy neet grill”

To be fair I am suspect that 90% of those threads are made by “fellow femails”

Anonymous 36480

>Kind of horrifying that it's one of the more popular boards on the site.

That's the whole reason the site was made though. There's a reason ot/g/m are called "the off topic boards". For the first couple of years lolcow was just /pt/, not even /snow/.

Anonymous 39069

They're spreading a lot of misinformation in /ot/. God, I'm trying so hard not to respond to some recent posts and basically join someone else's conversation. I don't want to get banned because the bs they posted is pretty much the "board consensus".

Anonymous 41618


Necroing this thread because I'm mad af right now. Why do they do this, I really didn't do anything? I appealed the ban asking why, seeing as they didn't even state a reason but only got this instead…
I feel like some shitposters are allowed to go on for days meanwhile I constantly get banned for the most miniscule reasons. I also always got oddly long bans.
Has that happened to anybody else as well?

Anonymous 41619

>I really have a distaste for people whose sense of humor revolves entirely around being socially superior to others. It says a lot about them as a person.
God, I agree so much. This is what ruins people.

Anonymous 41647

I'm not permabanned, but I've been banned for 3 days at a time, often, with no real explanation. It depends on where you post, I'm sure it's because I vent on gender critical/pinkpill that no longer exists. I'm also pretty sure lc mods were raided by trannies and I just stopped using a while back. None of my posts get the redtext that indicates I was banned either.

Anonymous 41654

No example of the specific post?
Were you using a VPN or something?
I got permabanned for an inflammatory post because they thought it was 'maleposting', but I mailed the admin directly and got it repealed. Try that, the address is on the faq page.

I really do hate how they are cracking down on the political/gc talk. There really are not a lot of anonymous female spaces to talk about politics. It is possible to talk about this stuff calmly.
I really hate the red text ban stuff they do instead of just directly deleting bad posts.

Anonymous 41659

If you post about a woman or a woman's traits/features which you find attractive, even in threads for general discussion of attractive women or bisexual/lesbian woman, you get accused of having a penis. God forbid women admit that they find other female bodies attractive.

Anonymous 41817

People there seem to have trouble with reading comprehension and 90% of my fights have been because anons on there aren't reading my post right and having their own warped view. It's pretty retarded but I think that's a problem the internet has in general

Anonymous 41826

you probably bashed their favorite cow. the new mod team are cows. they are bipolar and ocd. the way they bump threads is criminal. Its got to the point where i dont share milk with them.

Anonymous 42076

I like the ban text more than deletion because I'm a curious motherfucker but I understand it might not always be the best solution

Anonymous 44161

I have been banned on LC but not given a reason for it. What the fuck?

Anonymous 44166

They told me I'm a "scrote", I don't know why

Anonymous 44180

If you don't know what a scrote is, you probably are one

Anonymous 44804

she said she didn't know why, not that she doesn't know what a scrote is, learn to read

Anonymous 48733

i go there sometimes to check on certain lolcows but thats really it unless i wanna see the sad incels on there fight desu.

Anonymous 48781

The whole premise of lolcows is stupid and cruel. I'm not really interested in following the antics of mentally unstable people and probably don't share many common values with people who do. From seeing some of the discussion there it seems like at least 90% of the users are teenagers, at least we've got a few boomers in here who I can relate to.

Anonymous 49071

Only problem I have is that all the threads are just generals that can be years old and have tons of posts, just isn't fun or interesting to browse. If it had /b/ where you could post and make threads like in other imageboards it'd probably be my main site. I love Crystal Cafe too but it's way too slow.

Anonymous 49135

/ot/ is basically that, as long as the topic is interesting enough for a whole thread.

Anonymous 49143

It's not the same as people being allowed to make threads for whatever they want.

Anonymous 49807

You should be able to unless it's not a duplicate thread that already exists, and you can't make racebaity threads.

Anonymous 89475

I really don't like how they don't delete threads/posts from moids because whenever you go through a thread you're forced to see the filth they left behind.

Anonymous 89477

Idk I lurk on the mtf cringe thread on /snow/ but mostly lurk on /g/ and /ot/ but that’s about it. Everything else just makes me sad.

Anonymous 89483

I'm actually quite active on lolcow since I found it 2 months ago. However, there are things I dislike.

One is that it has a deadly combination of being understaffed and constantly raided. Those of you who who have seen the kinds of thing that gets posted know why this is very uncomfortable. extremely uncomfortable.

Another is that it is currently infested with retards. Creepshow Art got exposed for posting there so a wave of curious Twitterfags have entered and refuse to integrate. They are for real kpop posting in random threads and starting fights with people for not being PC on a fucking anon image board. Thank christ they haven't got the ability to navigate imageboard properly so they haven't discovered the trans threads yet

Anonymous 89491

>They are for real kpop posting in random threads and starting fights with people for not being PC on a fucking anon image board
This sounds like a nightmare. Probably the worst that can happen to an imageboard. Honestly, if it reaches that point they should just nuke it.

Anonymous 89493

I'm surprised Twitterfags even post there. Figured it'd be too "problematic" for them.

Anonymous 89497


- hypocritical because almost every community gets judged by the worst of their peers à la reddit and 4chan but somehow this does not apply to the endless avalanches of cow-tippers, insane nitpickers and vendetta-nons who are straight-up unhinged stalkers. the effects of cyber-stalking and -bullying get collectively downplayed to the point it becomes gaslighting. no, I'm not referring to the occasional humorous Tyler the Creator tweet as a reply to subjects that are completely overreacting. every bad collective behaviour gets explained away with "summerfagging" or "non-integration" when it pertains to a rather large part of the userbase with a longstanding pattern of horrible behaviour. has it never occurred to you why you attract these types? these arguments would never hold for any other community for farmers themselves.

- the way "sage" operates as a feature is very niche and obscure in reality and does not work smoothly at all yet it's still a nonsensical thing. every thread is bombarded with fights over it and super "witty" calls to "sage, newfag". this is way more annoying and pretentious than people not saging and clogs everything up.

- drama can be very toxic. farmers are negativistic, holier than thou and take themselves too seriously. I mean if you thrive on people's shitty behaviour and need a daily drama fix for your entertainment and happiness as a cope, you're obviously invested in someone behaving shittily. and then you publicly make personal and deep, lasting character-judgements about people who have never harmed you personally and who have no impact on your life whatsoever. what does that say about you? it's no wonder a big percentage of farmers has ocd if not ocpd which they neurotically and unawarely project onto the rest of the flawed world with total self-assurance that they're in the right (yes, I'm allowing myself some judgement here as I'm referring to patterns that get brushed off all the time). any contrary opinion even in off topic and saged threads gets shut down with accusations of "moralfagging", so users can stay in their oblivious little mutually-enabling bubble. not all users are self-unaware but many are.

Anonymous 89500

That's exactly what I was thinking at the time I started seeing Twitterfags. Some of them actually think its 4chan. Some if them are going into threads like "hey this is mean" yeah you're on lolcow. Lolcow is nobodies safespace. It's the fightclub of imageboards

Anonymous 89506

I just wish they would get it through their thick fucking head that the culture on CC is different from LC. Not every imageboard needs to be cesspool of nitpicking and and unnecessary vitriol. God forbid some woman like to relax and not fling shit at each other.

Anonymous 89507

Worst moderation ever. The barefaced dishonesty, as if no one sees it, is appalling.

Anonymous 89509

stupid gossipy drama forum. I am very sensitive to those sort of things and would rather not surround myself with something so negative, and I just prefer more calm places like here or the more slower chill boards on 4channel.

Anonymous 89510


Saw a post asking, "I know it's a lolcow thing but who's Chris-chan?" And there's plenty of them actually putting their e-mails in the slots. It's getting out of control.

Anonymous 89516

They used to delete them. I feel that leaving it up still gives them the attention that they want. I also wish they would delete those random shitpost threads instead of locking them up and letting them clog up the catalog.

AFAIK it started back with the Onision threads and then with the kpop threads. I find this new wave unbearable though, they refuse to integrate.

Anonymous 89518

Anon, we seen the same post, and lemme tell you I nearly spat out my drink.

Chris chan is like tier 1 of the lolcow iceberg. He is the most normie recognised lolcow to exist, and these fuckers don't know him?

I honestly tinfoiled that they knew he troons out and was baiting for someone to point it out so they could perform the Twitterfag ritual of calling people out. If they're retarded enough to actually put their email in the email slot then they're retarded enough to try this

Anonymous 89519


Same here. CC is so cosy and friendly without being too safespacey. It has actual friend vibes where you're comfortable enough to call eachother gay without it starting a fight

Anonymous 89522


>there's plenty of them actually putting their e-mails in the slots
Fucking hell my sides

Anonymous 89524

Anon they're giving themselves usernames and putting their Instagram names up n shit

Anonymous 89527

You complain about gorespamming and other garbage, but that's how you spook off twitterfags.

Anonymous 89529

Kind of want a

moid to do that now, but I wouldn't want the mods and s to have to go through that again. There was a troon raid not too long ago.

Anonymous 89531


Anonymous 89532

as an lc oldfag I don't think I've ever seen namefagging this obvious in such droves. that's what happens when people mention the site on yt but I can't believe how dumb some of these bitches are

Anonymous 89533

Cows for the most part are boring, and I don't like the current mod/admin staff. The biggest cows on the site are the staff and the users slapfighting on /meta/ honestly.

Anonymous 89534

Facts, /meta/ is the milkiest shitshow ever. Gotta love them trying to make "TELF" happen as if they don't have a burning hatred for radfems. The mindgames are out of this world.

Anonymous 89535

What kills me the most, other than admins milky race issues, is how admin held on to the belief for the longest time that lolcow was being raided by radfems. Instead of the much more likely answer, that lolcows userbase have started looking into radfem/gender critical ideology due to trannies being so insufferable.

Anonymous 89536

What makes it even funnier is anons calling them out with a screenshot of their e-mails attached.

Anonymous 89590

Please say sike. No one is that dumb to actually enter their own email. Please say sike.

Anonymous 89591

I've seen like four or five now. One post is on /ot/ and there's one in /m/.

Anonymous 89599

I think there were more in cow threads as well

Anonymous 89626

She never believed that, she just irrationally hates them because she assumes anyone who agrees with them is "rich and white". There are and were so many false flaggers that she allegedly "believed" were radfems. We all know she's not stupid enough to not know what a false flagger looks like. She's not an idiot. She knows full well the userbase was naturally exploring radical feminist thought as they grew up, and she also knows that prior to her even becoming admin there were always anti-troon, male critical sympathies, especially on /b/ (before it was ot).

Anonymous 89631

new generations aren't completely internet-literate. news at 11

Anonymous 89632

She claimed the GCfags were from reddit, less so the radfems. The radfems she just hates. It doesn't matter anyways, they can and do check post history and will lie to maintain a veneer of plausible deniability. They made up lies and excuses about the 2X survey that made 0 sense and they know it, just to discredit the results. They know what they're doing.

Anonymous 89637

How does an anti-GC racism-triggered woman end up being the admin of an imageboard like lolcow? I can't wrap my head around why someone with such sensitivities would adminsitrate a community known for being hateful.

Anonymous 89645

That's obvious, but imageboard culture and especially hate sites are not known exactly for their race-friendly PC discourses. It's weird to me how someone like that ended up in these circles even.

Anonymous 89659

I never had a problem with lolcow until the current admin and her cow-worthy mod team.

Anonymous 89675

People theorize that the admin is a tranny who applied because they wanted to ruin lolcow. If that's true, then its fucking working

Anonymous 89686


I'm not invested in GC or pink-pill. To me it looked like admin just didn't wanna get told what to do and to cater to one ideology. It's a Hydra dilemma. The more you fight it, the more heads pop up. You have to leave it alone and manage it in a different way because fighting will have an adverse effect.

Anonymous 89811

I don't think admin herself is a tranny, just a fucked up zoomer with race issues. I do think theres a tranny on the staff though, and aren't most of the staff her friends or some shit?

Anonymous 89813

One of the biggest problems people have with lc is that they dont have a pink pill or man hate thread anymore. If they just came here to our threads, they might calm tf down on that front

Anonymous 89822


My fucking sides.

Anonymous 89825

banned for mentioning twitter </3

Anonymous 89829

I remember reading a post that said she was some 18 y/o? She might be 19 now, but I could be wrong about the whole thing.

Anonymous 89830

I heard of TELF somewhere else on lolcow (only use it for the drama threads) and I assumed it stood from Trans Exclusionary Lolcow Feminist. I’m actually retarded lmao

Anonymous 89831

It's mean

Anonymous 89845

It's funny because there was an actual radfem thread and she shut it down because she complained that radfems were annoying gatekeepers for insisting radical feminism isn't technically compatible with individualism and capitalism. Now the radfems on lolcow are TELFS, they're not radical enough, and are just liberal feminists, lol. It's a new story every day.

Anonymous 89846

I thought the same

Anonymous 89849

Yeah I think she was 19 like a year ago or something. She's 21, at most, by this point.
I lurk and post on both, and asherahs garden when it was around, but for some reason, a lot of people have a habit of staying put instead of migrating. Migrating would be the simplest answer, because admin isn't going to change being a moron any time soon.

Anonymous 89860

They all seem to have a jealousy problem. If you post anything about being slim or short or looking young for your age on a thread in /g/ or /ot/, they'll come down on you hard.

Anonymous 89870

It was pointed out to me by another anon on lolcow that an overwhelming amount of LC users are anachans and this has caused any mention of weight to not be mentioned (as a sort of unspoken rule) because it explodes into "wow thanks for coming to an anon board to validate yourself you fucking pickme" almost immediately. Anons label it "bone rattling"

Anonymous 89873

I liked it when there was hidden containment board created called /2X/. And you wouldn't get the libfems and scrotes commenting because it wasn't on /ot/ or /g/. It was inaccessible to them. They'd have to go out of their way to find it, enter a thread, try to change people's minds for some 'civil' discussion, only to get triggered and leave.

Anonymous 89891

They assume you're humblebragging, like
~ uwu i'm the male fantasy, a pedobaiting legal loli who is smol ~
it's fucking obvious they are insecure, their entire site is based on calling traditionally attractive girls hideous.

Anonymous 89894

It's full of some of the most insecure and judgmental women I've ever seen, which isn't a shock considering its a site dedicated to tearing women apart. No wonder so many users have started looking into radical feminism and gender critical thought. All that bitching just makes you miserable.

Anonymous 89905


Kek this attitude was even more prevalent when I first started posting there back in 2017. Some poor anon could be venting about how she hates being so short because everyone treats her like a child and doesn't take her seriously, and all of the insecure clowns will crawl out of the woodwork to say
>we get it you're such an ~uwu smol bean~ that everyone thinks you look like a child, stop humblebragging loli-chan!!1! No I'm not just projecting my insecurities, stop telling me to examine why I think being pedobait is desirable.

Anonymous 89912

>No wonder so many users have started looking into radical feminism and gender critical thought
It certainly contributed in my case. Seeing how bad women have it and with how much vitriol they're torn apart for making a mistake, while men can groom and abuse minors and then get mocked for a few days before everyone forgets about it. How the worst crime a woman can commit is being fat (or grow old, or be shitty at makeup). It showed me being a woman really fucking sucks.

Anonymous 90658

I like lolcow overall but one thing that bugs me is that they're extremely inconsistent with who they ban and what for. I've seen people get banned for virtually nothing, and I've been banned a few times and I honestly didn't know why, I never intentionally post something that would go against any rules or annoy anybody. And I've seen many posts that would typically result in the poster getting banned but nothing happens. Also I think the whole sage if you don't have milk thing is stupid, like why can't we just talk about a cow without limiting the many ways we can discuss them? That doesn't make sense to me. Like who cares if they haven't done anything stupid or cringy in the last half an hour, we can still discuss them

Anonymous 90731

/snow/ is overly dramatic over cows, which yeah it's expected but it is annoying when threads don't have milk and it's just nitpicking mundane posts and over-exaggerations of cows flaws
/ot/ and /g/ is annoying in the aspect of everyone and anything gets called bait, male, troon, or a liar. There are legitimate humblebraggers there which is annoying but actual vents seemed to be dismissed or peoples issues are marked as lies. Like why even waste your time if you think everyone is lying?

Anonymous 90859

I noticed that for a while in /snow/ there were a lot of threads that seemed like they were totally unmoderated. Now suddenly a lot of posts are getting redtexted, often for things that don't even deserve it. I guess it's the new farmhands? I also wish the sage rule wasn't so strict, sometimes I want to discuss cows whose threads haven't been updated for a while, if I just sage my post then nobody will see it bumped in the catalog and start a discussion with me.

Anonymous 90864

I hate the sage thing too. I'm always paranoid I'm going to get banned because my milk isn't milky enough or it's too long since the last post so I sage everything and then no one notices.

It's kind of stupid as I doubt most people browse through the pages much for the cow threads and probably just go straight to the threads they want via the catalog. Sometimes the discussion points can be more interesting than the milk anyway.

I'd say some of the /w/ threads are unmoderated too. The site seems to be a mess these days.

Anonymous 90885

sage wasn't even enforced until the newest admin came in. no one gave a shit. now it's cataclysmic and you're on some mad max shit if you forget to sage your comment. they also like to pretend like it was always a thing and that you're really violated board culture when no one did it on lc until recently, much like 4chan. they're also ridiculous about the fact that you can't have normal discussion, like, in what way is this trash site serious? LOL get 12 grips bitch

Anonymous 91007

bad take. at least lolcow users are interesting to interact with, you just have a holier than thou attitude :/

Anonymous 91008

anon, no need to slander. almost all women are insecure, they arent really special.

Anonymous 91036

Pretty much. I haven't used it for ages, went to check it out recently and found these ridiculous rules. You were expected to sage if you were going to post something ot or if the thread was shit and that's it.

Anonymous 94447


Finally back at the cafe, no more nagging farm

Anonymous 94457

The problem with the fucking sage shit is that it pushes the idea that threads are at all fun without wiggle room for discussion. They try to make it like an archive and that's fair but it's a gossip forum where they try to minimize all the fun parts of gossip. You can expect every single post to be a direct contribution all the damn time because then it's not fucking fun anymore. Idk why they cant just enforce the derailing rule and let people fucking speak God dammit

Anonymous 94460

My beef is that they take mentally ill people and then point and laugh at them going "HA LOOK AT THE PERSON WHO IS NOT LIKE US, ISN'T THAT FUNNY, MAN I SURE AM GLAD I AM SUPERIOR TO THEM". It's pathetic and paramount to a modern day freakshow.

Anonymous 94476

In some cases I agree with you but I also think that a lot of the mentally ill people targeted by lolcow are the type who completely ignore the golden rule: "mental illness is not my fault but my actions are my responsibility".

For example, Luna Slater definitely has BPD on top of other issues (PTSD, drug addiction) but she uses them as an excuse to beg for money online because pity points = easy material gain from well intentioned enablers.

Lolcow isn't just hopping on random mentally ill people for no reason. Being mentally ill isn't gossip worthy. Their actions are

Anonymous 94556

lc being like "we hate bpdfags" when half the userbase is bpdfags

in general I hate the stigma that's built up around bpd, but they're especially hypocritical there. also the attitude towards self harm is so calloused. the fact that so many farmers hate self harm or are willing to call it attention seeking to the point where they mocked admin's hand pic because she had sh scars and continue to bring it up.

Anonymous 100413


I just got a ban for the most dumb reason. Why must they either over moderate or under moderate?

Anonymous 100430

i think they're even more ban-happy at the moment because of the sudden uptick in scrote posters following isabelle janke's thread. sorry you got caught in the crossfire, anon

Anonymous 102134

apparently lolcow is closing

Anonymous 102151

came directly here to discuss this.
>do we think it'll happen?
>how do we feel about it?
>what does this mean for cc?

Anonymous 102152


I like Lolcow. I hope we/they get through this and find a new admin. And from there, I hope the moderation gets better. I am optimistic about the future!

Anonymous 102153

i'm not really sure what to think. i don't know if someone would be willing to take on the responsibility of managing a somewhat popular imageboard. (the only person i can think of is null, the guy who runs kiwifarms, but he said that he doesn't want to do it.) hopefully the current admin finds someone. i hope people move to cc since most people like imageboard culture (not stuff like reddit or forums where you have an actual profile), but it sounds like a lot of lolcow users are averse to cc since there are too many moids/trannies on here

Anonymous 102155

I mainly browse KF and only recently discovered LC (and CC less recently), it's pretty bizarre to read the meta thread on it closing. I don't suck Josh's cock or even think he's a particularly good guy, but the animosity that the average farmer holds towards him and the prospect of him taking ownership of the site is fascinating, especially since jersh himself is on record saying he's not interested in fucking around with any kind of imageboard after the one he tried to make ended in a shitshow.

If Lolcow does close, I kinda hope some of the people who post in /g/ join CC, since I do like the vibe that board has, plus I like how it's more aggressively anti-scrote depending on the thread you're in. At least it forces the LARPers to be more convincing there than how they are here

Anonymous 102158

i think a lot of the animosity against null is mainly because on its most popular threads, KF is pretty much a pit of vitriolic male autism, and he panders to a userbase of shut-in male losers who are only a little bit better than redditors. with that said, most people on KF hate trannies so i don't think having bans on certain topics would be the case like it is/was on lolcow when any gender critical discussion got banned. i'm not sure how many lolcow users would be willing to make KF accounts, even if the KF beauty parlor section is basically a combination of /g and /m.

Anonymous 102164

I feel bad for saying this but I'll be partially happy if it closes because I waste so much time on there and since I have no self control the only likely way I can stop spending so much time online is if it goes away forever. On the other hand I love the userbase and will never forget all the good times I had there.

Anonymous 102170

Null himself says a lot of incel shit but he's self aware enough to not act on incel impulses, and he allows his userbase to call him out for it within reason. It takes wisdom to know you're stupid and Null manages that most of the time.

I think he can be trusted to follow through on things he cares about (like his free speech spergery) and that actually means a lot in this world.

I've never actually bothered with LC, I've lurked KF for years though. In its heydey the Tumblr subforum was the best way to keep tabs on various otherkin pedophiles. I never made an account because the urge to 'actually' at the incels is so strong. I wouldn't make it.

Anonymous 102173


What's with the anons on LC saying CC is uggo and ghetto looking? LC is/was way too messy in my opinion. Plus at least on here posts made by scrotes get deleted.

Anonymous 102174

They don't like the theme I guess. They should switch to Yotsuba B.

Anonymous 102183


Null wants a tradwife but he is also aware that women need their own spaces to talk with out troons invading. There are some right wing threads on KF but the female dominated ones aren't all that different than what you'd find on LC or here. The news section tends to lean more pol but that's easy to avoid and it's a known site issue and not encouraged.

I can understand why people might be put off at first glance but once a thread gets about 50 pages deep there are usually only a handful of regulars posting in it, unless they are a big name cow like Chris Chan. Even the new Bella board is being well moderated with any users requesting nudes or thristposting being banned.

Anonymous 102232

KF has always been surprisingly well-moderated. I fully believe that is why it's managed to survive and grow. Beyond Null's autistic dedication, beyond all his supporters who send him crypto, the fact that the board is tightly managed with reasonable rules is why it's so good.

Anonymous 102269

I don't mind lc users not liking it here, I think some of them can be quite callous and I don't really want that energy here

Anonymous 102299

Just post this in the meta thread you're so obviously referring to lol. I'm one of the posters complaining and guess what, I've never used lolcow in my life.

Anonymous 102327

If it closes, we'll have to deal with a huge migration of anons trying to make this site into a lolcow 2.0

Anonymous 102369

>Being mentally ill isn't gossip worthy. Their actions are
don't you think mental illness influences behavior?

Anonymous 102370

Null, like a lot of KF users, was apparently was a bit of a cow himself in the past too but got over it. KF also has an encyclopedia of cows and so he has seen enough horror stories to know what not to do. I've noticed that he's good at not getting sucked into petty arguments, is always open to constructive criticism, and he never intentionally does anything that could cause law enforcement to become involved. The guy could probably make a ton of money marketing himself to big companies as a consultant on how not to have the internet turn on you, though I suppose that would go against the point of KF.

Anonymous 102391

I'd like to see him try consulting work for big companies. I wonder how long he'd last before they pissed him off too much.

Anonymous 102392

True, all cows are their own worst enemies.

Anonymous 102397

Too disorganized.

Anonymous 102410


Anonymous 102413

I mean they’re not wrong hah.

Anonymous 102416


Anonymous 102417

bs, tbh. just one look at lc userbase proves that all the things they say about cc in that thread are pure projection:
1) dull? watch farmers nitpick shayna or another female lolcow for a bazillion amount of time.
2) imageboard for chronically online teens? watch farmers gossiping about internet celebrities adult working people know nothing about
3) tranny userbase? watch farmers being denied gc threads and having "y'all" posters who are upset about ppl misgendering blaire white/some other troon and at ppl being too mean to trannies because they ave a friend who considers transitioning and "tranny lolcows do not represent all trans community"
4) constant incel raids? watch yet another scat/cp kun spaming lc and farmhands not banning him because they are too busy with baning ppl for nitpicking/moid infiltrating discussion and everyone catching the bait
5) baning ppl pver nothing? watch bpd farmhands with vendettas permabaning everyone they dislike
6) lacking reading comprehension? watch farmers misinterpreting other poster or the lolcow for no fucking reason besides lack of reading skills (happened to me today - i wont go into details but i said that i hate ppl who belive in /insert something here/, the poster who replied me said that she "also agrees that /insert something here/ is true", ie she decided that i was advocating for what those ppl preach)
7) immature? watch komaeda and other shitposters; also consider circlejerks, users with bad grammar who dont contribute anything to the thread, endless infighting and nitpicking.
well there is also a special complain that cc is ugly and "ghetto looking". and this is not even an objective complain in the first place, because its up to an observer to decide what is appealing and what is not. if they dont like how it looks like its their personal opinion and they shouldnt pretend that this is enough to discredit the site entirely.
btw, i know that cc has its minuses and some of the farmers' issues with this site are actually rational (like tranny userbase, moid raids and to an extent the problem with bans - i heard some complains in meta about it), but they shouldnt act holier-than-thou and pretend that they dont have those issues too.

Anonymous 102418

Lolcow women are old and fat. They're very sensitive about it too.

Anonymous 102422

LC's (allowed) userbase is largely twenties or so women. If you're significantly younger than that you're probably not even allowed to post here.

Anonymous 102427

The post about Null being the Philippines is referencing what happened when he was employed by 8chan.

Anonymous 102428

Board-Tan is so much cuter than the dumb lizard I hate the dumb lizard

Anonymous 102429

Komaeda anon is the pinnacle of maturity. You just wouldn't get it.

Anonymous 102430

Yeah and I'm sure Crystal Cafe is Stacy central

Anonymous 102438

I can't tell if the anon was turned on or not at that thought of null sweating in his tighty whities

Anonymous 102442

>Getting this mad over some random farmer

Anonymous 102496

>It actually surprises me that that a female centered board would be worse than moid boards like 4chan
Opinion discarded.

Anonymous 102533

see, even this was dull and boring. Lolcow posters would have been far meaner and far funnier. just proved their point tbh

Anonymous 102537

You will never be a man.

Anonymous 102548

they act like a bunch of huge narcissists. what can you expect from hobby internet detectives on anon that have to spell out everyday that they have lives? best to leave it alone to fester on it's own

Anonymous 102550

everyone on the outside is in on the joke that is a farmer

Anonymous 102554


I hope they enjoy a plate of salt with a side of tears and a "nice" glass of CP and that if they don't spontaneously combust they make true on their whining and self-immolate

Anonymous 102569

If this site is so boring, why are you here?

Anonymous 102575

Well its unable to stand on two feet now!~ Other than that nothing really

Anonymous 102581

Is anyone really surprised that lolcow could be gone by the end of the year? The site has been going down the tubes since late 2019, and it only got worse in 2020. All the OG posters who understand board culture pretty much left entirely by late 2020, and now nutty Lipstick Alley refugees plus annoying teens are taking over. It's not the same as it used to be. Lolcow pretty much peaked by 2018 when some of the original StaminaRose crew was still hanging out there sporadically, and there was still a focus on cows and decent milk kept coming in. After that it just weirdly tanked hard.

I mean, most of the famous top tier lolcows who pretty much held up the site have either aged out, matured and disappeared, or just don't produce good milk anymore. Examples: Venus threads all inevitably turn into sperg fests about how her mother did or did not mentally fuck her up, the Ostrengas are just boring poor white trash girls now, and all the other cosplayers and weeabos are either married with kids or just got over the epic weeb stages of their 20's. I know a few cows are dead from suicide or illness, and others just simply faded into obscurity. /ot/ and /g/ do better than the cow boards because all the good heifers are gone, and it's just the schizo posters obsessing over Shayna's vag or trying to bully Dakota into producing milk.

Anonymous 102585

who is that?

Anonymous 102589

I think it's just a random dude toasting

Anonymous 102610

idk, I found it way more pleasant to waste time browsing lolcow any of the 4chan boards I also visited while I waited for the gore here to be removed. I don't get what metric you're using to judge the quality of a board if you really believe 4chan > non-cow LC threads. I won't completely discard your opinion like the other anon, but I do find it pretty sus lol

Anonymous 102664

I really think it's an over exaggeration to say they're worse than 4chan.

Anonymous 102665

NTA but
>I haven't regularly visited 4chan in over 6 or 7 years
So you admit you have no idea what the site is like now and have no idea what you're talking about? At least you're not crazy enough to justify how 4chan is now. Since the 2016 elections and Moot leaving it got much worse in multiple ways. I struggle to believe why any woman would prefer 4chan over any female centred image board, except that 4chan is of course more active.

Everything else I disagree with, but can respect. I like that anons on lolcow can disagree with each other without their being over-sensitive responses, if that makes sense. I dislike hugboxes.
I prefer lolcow over CC because it's more active, but I also really do think more moids/trannies browse here. Screenshots from here get posted on R9k a lot and although I know it's impossible to stop all moids from lurking, it still makes me uncomfortable. Many people think lolcow is just a site for cows, so I think that filters moids out from finding the non-cow boards. I've also heard that the admin here isn't so great but I don't know much about that.

Anonymous 102692

I can't stand LC either but
>Hating moids is not an issue, but talking about them all the time is really annoying and it borders on obsession. I don't want to be reminded of them all the time and I just want to have a chat with other women. Female imageboards should opt to be better than /r9gay/ not just a female version of it
is slightly ironic considering that moids are essentially the main topic of conversation on here. Just scroll through /b/ or /feels/ and you'll find countless threads about 4chan, problems anons are having with their boyfriend and general man-hating threads that seem to be written by scrotes in disguise.

Despite this, I believe that crystal.cafe is the far superior imageboard. All the cows on LC there are extremely boring so all the threads devolve into autistic nitpicking of their appearance and anons fighting each other over the most inane bullshit. Also, the mods on there seem to be on some sort of power-trip over banning people for no fucking reason most of the time.

Anonymous 102700

It's better anon doesn't even go there to see what 4chins is like. I sadly missed the chimp outs they were having apparently after election certification riots.

But >>102634, the place has literally turned into:
>it's jews and blacks fault for everything! sieg heil from my sofa!
>we should bring back apartheid
>here's a drawing I made of my 13 year old blond blue eyed freyja cottagecore waifu
>Q wuz right!
>Trump 2022
>the vaccine made my penis fall off reeeeeee

Anonymous 102705

What boards have you even seen lately. Believe it or not that stuff is fairly confined to /pol/ and the random boards. /an/ /ck/ /jp/ /cm/ ect. are focused on their specific topics.

Anonymous 102707

It's still annoying, especially because anything interesting like on /x/ gets buried or derailed by these nutty people who can't stop talking about their racist conspiracies.

I got frustrated because a couple of somewhat decent threads eventually got hijacked either by the vaccine spergs or Biden hate.

Anonymous 102740

Well of course the conspiracy theorist weirdos are going to gravitate towards /x/ too.

Anonymous 103022

>lolcow here
>immediately gets butthurt and tries to provoke infighting
I swear farmers are NPCs - no matter where they go they always behave the same

Anonymous 120969


I now only go for the consoomerism thread and /m/. Too many males are getting away with starting shit and anons keep falling for it in other threads. It sucks.

Anonymous 120970

i like it, but i'm also a bit of a bitch and like shit-talking online figures since it's the only other place besides kiwifarms i know of. sometimes it gets really toxic so i usually step down from it if it starts to get to me

Anonymous 121079


t-tell me you enjoyed my pinniped thread on /m/ anon

Anonymous 121175

its the lazy admins/mods fault.
in the past people like that would be banned but now the mods allow infighting.

Anonymous 121177

the celebricows thread is also destroyed, there used to be genuine milk there and now its just derailing.

Anonymous 121182

Not her but I did, based pinniped anon

Moids aren't the only ones who are able to start infighting, you know? But yeah it sucks nonetheless

Anonymous 121195

It is quite wonderful.
It was all (semi)fine until edtwt and all the other twt ppls discovered it.

Anonymous 121294

Its better than cc though. CC has virtually no content and no sense of humor.

Anonymous 121338


It really isn't. I'd take a thousand LC's over this place. How is 0 content better than bad posts I can just ignore? There are a lot more troons hanging out on this garbage site as well.

Anonymous 121340

The only garbage in here is your fucking post. Go somewhere else with that attitude if you don't like it here.

Anonymous 121342

Wah wah wah. Get over it.

Anonymous 121343

I don't wanna!

Anonymous 121344

this. cc has max 15 regular posters; 5 are femcels, 5 are schizos, and 5 are larping troons

Anonymous 121676

lolcow farm is a gossip imageboard so of course it has it has more visitors. /Pt/, /snow/ /w/ are all dedicated to gossip, heck even in /ot/ there are some gossip threads like art salt one and the celebricows one.

Anonymous 122102

It doesn't matter I'll take laughing till I'm dead over a place as stiff as this. Plus the mods here are fucking scum. I had all my posts deleted and got banned for "being a moid" because I wasn't "behaved enough" for you twats. I browse sometime but only if I'm really bored. It is impossible to riff w/ the users ere, and jokes go over their heads. Women here are no better, the site is rife with internalized misogyny.

Anonymous 122103

In fact the misogyny here burns into my mind more, because the userbase sounds so controlling and suffocated.

Anonymous 122105

Im not schizophrenic

Anonymous 122851

I thought lolcow was sex positive but apparently it's full of mentally ill dipshits that get upset if you call them prudes and scream about the STD menace. Holy shit.

I never thought CC and certain parts of 4ch would be cool with sex before lolcow. When did LC get so biblethumping?

Anonymous 122858

Aren't sites like that meant to be a reaction to the dominant culture/what doesn't seem to be torn down a peg as much as they want it to?

Anonymous 122865

Over at LC there only seem to be two kinds of users regarding sex: coomers and prudes. Very few sane people use lolcow because if you dare have a rational opinion that doesn't align with any of those two sides (or two sides when it comes to any other discussion), both sides will go apeshit.
Just my opinion, though.

Anonymous 122868

Uh, excuse me: I am a shizo femcel larping as a troon, so please

Anonymous 122984

It turned into Twitter/FDS/Lipstick Alley. I can't read there anymore it's not the imageboard I remember.

Anonymous 122990

Twitter users destroy everything they touch. I knew lc was becoming a shithole when anons started unironically using “ya’ll” and “sis.”

Anonymous 123025

Twitter users or kids?

Anonymous 123130

hi what's going on with LolCow? it won't load for me and it's been hours. Is the site down?

Anonymous 123131

same i keep getting 522 connection timed out errors all day but others are able to load the site no problem apparently?

Anonymous 123132

what?? how do u others have access? is it regional?

Anonymous 123133

idk ppl on kf said it was up for them and one of those "is it down" site checkers says its up so it might be regional? im sad

Anonymous 123135

yeah i was just catching up on a thread too lol

Anonymous 123136

goddamn it. i guess its just you and me in this barren desert now anon

Anonymous 123141

it says it's down on isitdownrightnow.com. is it being attacked by trannies too? also kf refugees reading this should kill themsleves

Anonymous 123142

seems like a ddos but kf is back up now. i've checked a few sites to see if its reachable and its 50/50 online and offline results. im so fucking angry that some kf moids can apparently reach the site but not me. im gonna go ballistic

Anonymous 123146

Ahhhhhhhh, I just want to check a couple threads

Anonymous 123149

I feel you anons, only came here to see if anyone had said anything about it.

I'm sure no one's really said much since I last checked if it's been down for a while, though. I just like to scroll through while I have a bubble bath, RIP

Anonymous 123150

Man, I was writing a big ass post in some thread then it's gone. I can't believe I'm here.. it's been hours

Anonymous 123152

Anonymous 123153

Am I not allowed to say no/nn/ies here kek

Anonymous 123154

this is real fucking oppression noonies RISE UP

Anonymous 123155

I guess lc finally kicked the bucket? Im a newfag but I took a look around and it seems like there’s no cow milking on this site. Are there any plans to start a board for that here or do the users here/admin not want that? I am not going to kiwifarms again, it’s too Reddit-y.

Anonymous 123156

ok are there any anons in the lc discord that can share any updates from there? bcus i would assume its just a ddos and will eventually stop like they did on kf today

Anonymous 123157

I doubt it's down for good.

Anonymous 123159

i hope lolcow isn't down for good. i love this place but it isn't gossipy or bitchy enough for me.

Anonymous 123160

What if admin literally stopped paying the server bill and didn't bother telling anyone. Remember that recent tinfoil that she took the donation money and ran? Afaik she's been mia for a while and the alleged new admin hasn't made an appearance. I wonder.

That's hilarious

Anonymous 123161

I'm in it. There's no updates about the situation and everyone is just talking about pornography.

Anonymous 123162

By new admin you mean the shaynafag admin, she hasn't posted. But there is going to be another new admin that is taking over from shaynafag admin, she posted recently in the townhall thread (iirc).

Anonymous 123163

How recent is recent?
You'd think the farmhands would know something or say something if they hadn't heard from her

Anonymous 123164

I saw the new admin posting a couple of days ago (on /ot/ I think).

Anonymous 123165

Damn already? It's been what, 2 months? I never check meta anymore because it's been super dead lately.

Anonymous 123166

the new admin made a post in the complaints thread in meta introducing herself like a week ago or something. she's around. anyways fuck trannies i hope they all die
makes sense

Anonymous 123168

Damn nonas I thought it was just me. First time I leave my house in a while to meet with a friend and when I come back it's down. I just want to sperg with my fellow husbandofags on Valentine's Day.

so it was true that s is censored here lmao

Anonymous 123169

It was maybe a week ago shortly after a raid.

Anonymous 123170

Ugh, my sister. I was specifically looking forward to eating my Valentine's day treat tonight and hanging out in the husbandofag thread. Hopefully, it'll be back by tomorrow but I'll probably be too wiped out from work to be active which is why I was planning on sperging out today…

Anonymous 123171

> I just want to sperg with my fellow husbandofags
Exactly why I came here to check. There's a husbando thread here, but with images disabled, it just isn't the same.

Anonymous 123172

N/on/nies, I feel the withdrawal kicking in.

Anonymous 123173

My heart breaks for my husbando nonas

Anonymous 123177

The way I see it, we have two options right now. Either we hope the admin will make a Valentine's Day thread on here, or we go to /yu/ on Fujochan and make a thread there.

Anonymous 123180

I'd be down to make one on FC. Who should I use for the OP?

Anonymous 123183

Your husbando, obviously
Or a Valentine's themed otome game pic, I think that'd be cool

Anonymous 123184

I read the cow threads on /snow/ like the daily paper. In particular I’m gonna really miss the MTF one. Where else can we go? Why are images disabled here?

Anonymous 123185

Made the thread with a Tokimeki photo since nonas had been posting about it recently!

Anonymous 123188

Images are disabled because last week we had a pretty bad case of CP spam for several days. It's a very dedicated and obsessed motherfucker who's doing it, so the best way to stop him was to disable image posting for now. Currently you can request threads to be made on /meta/.

Anonymous 123189

In that case wait a sec, I have plenty of relevant screenshots from TMGS lol (unless some other anon beats me to it)

Anonymous 123191

Ah, I see. Gotta love moids being moids. They love to make sure women can’t have anything, and will fling excrement around to achieve that like the apes they are.

Anonymous 123195

Nvm someone else already made the thread

Anonymous 123198

Whoa, suddenly a bunch of new posts popped up in the lolcow thread I had open since yesterday.
I guess it's back online.

Anonymous 123209

There’s a bug happening on posting now though. Lots of anons are accidentally double posting cuz the error message makes them think the post didn’t go through.

Anonymous 123214

oh my god are posts going through and we cant see? there's one post from an hour ago on /ot/ that i can see and nothing else, everything else is from 6+ hours ago except for on snow and g those are normal. front page isn't updating though

Anonymous 123215

Saw some new posts on g

Anonymous 123217

ffs I just wanna make a post on /m/

Anonymous 123218

is the husbando thread the only one that works? it looks like every other thread has the latest post as being from at least an hour ago (if not more), but the husbando thread is working fine.

Anonymous 123219

No, I think the other threads on /g/ work too, it's just that there isn't much activity at this hour and the ones who are posting right now are all in the husbando thread.

Anonymous 123251

i really think the jannies must have ragequit because it’s just silent. people have been posting in meta for a couple of hours and no response at all. it’s like someone deliberately jacked up the site’s code and it’s just farmers talking into a void.

Anonymous 123252

Hm? There was a response today. It was rare for there to be an immediate response to everything said in meta before (some every few days) and at the moment a contingency measure to the CP issue is apparently being thought up behind the scenes. Not really surprised it's being ignored because someone was trying to start drama about the anorexia stuff and politics which imo is less relevant than fixing the CP issue.

Anonymous 123253

that’s good. thank you for the update, i was getting worried.

Anonymous 123254

Are we talking about LC or CC?

Anonymous 123256

oops, brainlet moment, I was thinking of CC and had no idea lc was having a mod crisis.

Anonymous 123257

there have been some redtexts in /snow/ so mods are active. no idea about the admin though.

Anonymous 123259

trash place, they want cows on the street or literally dead what is up w that? and not onispn level cows some are just mentally unstable dumb thots that really haven't done anything other than being stupid and compulsive photoshop, plus all of the untegulated content so you stumble aceoss nasty stuff all the time

Anonymous 123287

Anonymous 123293

they're psychopaths n hypocrites, a bunch of them could be their own cows

Anonymous 123307

At least it has funny content. CC and LC are both pretty bad though. There are next to zero board topics. All anyone posts here are feels.

Anonymous 123313

And frankly I don't know how people don't get tired of feels. So fucking tedious to talk about feels all the time. I'm bored to tears of the 5 brain cells that keep this place going. Just like I'm bored as fuck of LC. If there were more topics and it wasn't just a shit emotional dumping ground for girl problems I'd like it.

But its not, and I AM female, and its all patronizing and insulting. Acting like this place is so great, when its not. THIS is all we get? This is how misogynistic we are?? Compare it to lainchan at least there are more than 6 board topics. Both CC and LC suck beyond comprehension.

Anonymous 123324

Good take

Anonymous 123335

This is why I use female-centered img boards to discuss female-specific things, and to get female perspective on issues like relationships. General topics, like science news or similar, can be discussed with the moids just as well as women. And many of the anon posters on general chans ARE female anyway. But if you bring up any female-specific things on general chans you all probably know what happens… so maybe that is why these boards are always feel/vent centers

Anonymous 123342

Lol, are you that entitled schizo LC poster that keeps spamming internalized misogyny yet refuses to leave or use any of the other discussion or hobby threads? If you want a circus sideshow, go find one.

Also barely anyone thinks this place is great. Me–I barely think any IB is great, just par the course.

Anonymous 123346

It's sad how many of them are crying about their venting thread being locked. Posting their problems on that board was the only thing keeping their lives together.

Anonymous 123376

I fully agree, at least 30% of all 4chan users are women, it's just not apparent because we're forced to lie in order for moids not to derail the topic. Having a space where it's normalized to be a woman on the internet is pretty rare unless it's something like cosplay or the animal crossing fandom

Anonymous 123385

The containment thread has gone to shit. Jannies and admin refuse to communicate with the board. With /ot/ and /m/ gone, most of the site is useless.

Anonymous 123393

I hate how the new admin does fuck all and all the clitsuckers are excusing it
"She is learning the ropes still!" "Maybe she can't post as admin and has to post anon, so it would be dumb for her to make a post explaining on site, so her discord post makes more sense!" And also, "You guys were so mean to old anon NO WONDER she doesn't feel comfy explaining what's going on ITT!"
These asskissers should blow it out their asses. God forbid I hold new admin accountable. If she can squirt out a fart of an explanation on discord she can do it on main site. Farmhands are still banning. Makes 0 since. Additionally, we should not have to dig through /m/ and /g/ threads to find info on wtf is going on after multiple days.

Anyone else feel psyopped? 123394

4chan is an obvious psyop.
Lolcow is probably a psyop since the site was exposed as being male owned and actively encourages toxic behaviour towards women.
Pretty much every imageboard I've come across is pozzed or being subverted in some way.
Even this site, while not as bad as others, generally feels like it encourages loneliness and isolation over engagement. And now we can't even have a friend finder thread.
Don't get me started on social media in general. They are all carefully designed to get normies hooked and turn them into lever pushing rats.
It feels like the internet should have been a revolution for connecting people more and making them more sensitive to each other, but it has done the opposite.

Is it just a natural occurance, or is it deliberate? Yes I had a /pol/ phase and now I can't undo this kind of thinking. Am I just a crazy person who should take my meds?

(I can't make a thread right now, so I'm posting in here. Sorry.)

Anonymous 123395

Well. Maybe you are correct, maybe you aren't. But the fact is living in the paranoid state you are in is very destructive to your mental health. It might be difficult, but do try to put those things to the back of your mind. You do not totally have to bury them, and you can (and should!) look at things with a critical lens. Even discussing the fears you have when relevant would be good, and maybe get other people to think about the points too, but do be careful of spiraling. No human can live in a constant state of stress, like a predator is chasing them. Get some hobbies away from the internet, like art, reading, etc. Try to connect to people irl (says me who is too nervous to do so lol).

I am sending a virtual hug to you anon. Please be mindful of your mental health!

Oh damn the image ban, I was attaching a picture of a very friendly looking cat

Anonymous 123396

>Lolcow is probably a psyop since the site was exposed as being male owned
source? I've never heard this before

Anonymous 123398

4chan was created by a 15 year old moot as a copy of japanese imageboards like futaba. And then he sold it to some japanese imageboard guy.
And lolcow started after they banned drama posting on /cgl/ yeah it was a guy, but it wasn't a female focused image board when it started either and all the rest of the admins are/were female.

You're just the dumb paranoid type.

Anonymous 123399

iirc there used to be a male admin quite some time ago.

Anonymous 123402

I'm not from either. Ok get on both boards less and less. If you think I'm entitled you can suck on it I guess. The thread asked how I was feeling so I responded.

Anonymous 123408

I agree with you. Since intelligence runs 4chan it's no question that they are crawling around on other imageboards too.

With this one don't forget the anti-men posting. It's like a reverse of the anti-woman posting on other imageboards. Probably a bunch of spooks trying to seperate men and women. Maybe in the future we will have a femcel mass shooter who posted on cc kek.

Anonymous 123417

If there is a mass shooter who was confirmed to have browsed and posted here and lolcow I don't think it'll be a biological female, it will be some delusional MtF tranny

Anonymous 123439

But mens delusional hate is based on retards not having everything they want and chimping out as a threat to get it. Women don't chimp out the same and have a more solid and justifiable reason for their hate (men commit 90% of violent crime, ree about men being better by virtue of biology for non-biological things, don't allow resources to be allocated for womens specific health concerns, don't allow body autonomy to ensure moids pass on genes so they don't chimp out at control moids) and therefore have a more clear desire for solution. Like anon said, the only shooter these boards could get is an MTF tranny pretend "woman".

Anonymous 123653

or a butthurt incel troll, who would complain in his manifesto about "lc and cc femcels" lmao

Anonymous 123868

The recent ot bunker threads have been pretty shit. They were cute and fun at first, but they've gotten so awful with the infighting and shitposting that drowns out every other post. Is it just me who feels like the vibe has changed so drastically?

Anonymous 123873

It's because all the boards have been merged into one essentially.

Anonymous 123953

It's an e-celeb gossip site with schizoid users.

Anonymous 123977


Anonymous 123987

>having a place where it's normalized to be a woman
Exactly, this is what scrotes will never get. They can normalize being European or Russian Latin American or whatever as opposed to American, but they can't think of openly female posters as normal? Because suddenly it's "begging for attention"? Maybe the real reason is that they project their obsession with getting attention from the other sex onto us? This got off-topic sorry, it's just that this subject in particular infuriates me. Places where being male or female are both seen as normal do exist on the internet, and if it weren't for their disgusting braindead "culture" or their pathetic sociopathic male users who can't control themselves when they see a woman online, other imageboards would be acceptable and maybe sites like CC wouldn't be needed.

Anonymous 124036

I think part of the reason that the "tits or GTFO" culture has persisted on 4chan is that a lot of pointless spam, trolling, and attention/camwhoring revolves around gender. It may not be why it started but I definitely can appreciate wanting to discuss a topic irrelevant to gender with the expectation that the thread won't be derailed by it. I agree it's much easier to say you're a man and not derail a thread, and that sucks, but I don't think I'm alone in feeling that gender just shouldn't be mentioned there unless it's germane to the discussion at hand.

Anonymous 124040

If your concern is the attention whores who use their sex to get male attention, I think it's precisely that culture, men's inability to see women as equals, and the "rare" status they give female posters what attracts that kind of person.

Anonymous 124041

That makes a lot of sense actually. Maybe that change will actually take place eventually. Too bad 4chan will probably still be garbage lol.

Anonymous 124056

I only use /g/ and the refugees from the other boards are too catty. They don't understand the fun /g/ culture and judge and shame people's tastes too much.

Anonymous 124057

Yeah, there are some more serious things I'd like to discuss but they get drowned out by shitposts. I'd like to post them here instead but I don't want to start a new thread for all my different thoughts.

Anonymous 124923

They bully people. I do not like bullies.

Anonymous 125481

Kek, never thought I would be back here since I'm sure that this site is overrun by troons and moids but here goes.

Lolcow's problem is the shitty moderating team that keeps banning you for every little thing you do while pretending it's entirely justified and not just chasing out their user base like a bunch of retards. Ive been there since 2015 and I can surely say a lot of it is slipping back into the boring toxicness and pettiness with shitty questionable management the site originally had until it imo changed for the better in 2019. Oh well

Anonymous 125486

2019 is when it started going downhill lmao. Insufferable racist admin

Anonymous 125487

I liked the pp/manhate era but yeah the moderation team was def taking a nose dive.

Anonymous 126853

This, while they at the same time let obvious scrotes post. I'm starting to believe it's infiltrated

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