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Anonymous 27350

/b/ what're some things you do that make you feel stupid? reveal your bad habits.
personally i, whenever i read over arguments, have this awful inclination of agreeing with what i've read ( if it's convincingly stated ) automatically without bothering to go out for sources.

Anonymous 27351

When I see a post, I reply to it without first considering whenever it's full of bees.

Anonymous 27352

I assume every poster only posts the truth and does so with good intentions

Anonymous 27353

[bee sounds]

Anonymous 27372

I love picking my nose and eating the nummy nuggets, it feels so satisfying but sometimes I unconsciously do it in public

Anonymous 27376

you WHAT

Anonymous 27377

god i wish that were me

Anonymous 27378


I'm a miner for salty lil noseberries and sometimes I will even do it on the bus

Anonymous 27379


That's so disgusting. I understand picking, but eating…

Anonymous 27380


Monkey brain says salty snack taest good, monkey brain says nose is infinite feast of organic potato chips to eat on public transport

Anonymous 27382

i wish i could smack you. but that's impossible with our current level of tech

Anonymous 27383


Come to my house at 1450 University Ave S in Fairbanks, AK and I will dab on you and provide dinner (my boogers)

Anonymous 27386

mods plz ban booger shillers

Anonymous 27387

No1 lives at a taco bell, miner

Anonymous 27388

i noe hoe u are and i cant believe you post here

Anonymous 27392

Don't ban my hometown sister.

Anonymous 27429


Anonymous 27738

I have to use a calculator for everything

Anonymous 27741

Me too. Can't do mental maths to save my life. When I imagine numbers in my head, they all just blur together.

Anonymous 27757

I cant dribble a basketball. I blame clumsiness

Anonymous 27854

Sometimes I literally can't accurately count objects in front of me. My mental math is abysmal. On the GRE I scored in the 35th percentile for math L O L

Anonymous 27914


I live in Fairbanks Alaska to! Do you want to meet up and eat boogers. its comfy atm. We can meet at that taco bell by fred meyer west I go there often Ill buy you a burrito!

Anonymous 27915

80% of the CC userbase lives in or is from this town.

Anonymous 27916

Anonymous 27917

I am starting to think that. I see Fairbanks mentioned a lot on here.

Anonymous 27922

don't worry I do this too, and have done so since I was a wee lass

Anonymous 27935

just found out ariana grande is white today

Anonymous 27953

I've been learning English since 3rd grade and I'm still not past the "hi how are u" level.

Anonymous 27975


I am scared of electricity

>In my room am too scared to interact with the wall sockets so leave the same items plugged in and on standby constantly, afraid to take anything out

>can't buy any electronics because all my plugs are taken
>before bed i sit with my mouth open for 5 minutes above each plug because if I feel a tingling in m throat I worry that electricity is escaping the plugs and might start a fire so I stay awake for 20 minutes then test again (have lost many nights to this)
>often feel too nervous to turn the lights on so I sit in darkness
>cry whenever there is a lightning storm
>had a blackout a few years ago and got giddy with excitement that there would be no more electricity, had a breakdown when the TV flickered back on
>have to keep myself a few feet away from plugs at all times

I know this is unreasonable but I can't help but feel scared by it. its so dangerous. i don't want to get shocked, I think i was shocked when i was a baby but can't remember.

Anonymous 27977

Ok this one was really weird

Anonymous 27979

You need to see a psychiatrist, I'm not even kidding, you have an irrational fear and it gets in the way of a normal life

Anonymous 27980

I thought Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and a few other American celebs were half-black until I found out they weren't.

Anonymous 27983

don't see a psychiatrist, they will just feed you pills. see a therapist.

Anonymous 28016

Very rarely is a shock lethal or even damaging
>t.Someone who's been zapped a lot

You really just need to plug and unplug things for an hour or so to realize electricity isn't an uncertain science that'll burn/zap you to death the second you leave a rice cooker plugged in on keep warm

Anonymous 28149

Screen Shot 2018-1…

whenever there's a new spree shooting/stabbing or otherwise rampage, i collect every photo i can find, archive everything about the perpetrator, and add them to my spreadsheet of rampage killers. i keep all kinds of useless, pointless stupid information because i don't like the idea of someone having more information about any given rampage killer than me. is this the adult version of memorizing hundreds of pokemon?

Anonymous 28176

Have you noticed how many of the supposedly white spree shooters are actually Jewish or Jewish-Asian mutts?

Anonymous 28180

More often than not, they're pumped full of mind altering drugs.

You're a ticking time bomv if you're on any kind of pill.

Anonymous 28183

I don't think that's because of a Jewish conspiracy but because American Jews tend to be liberal atheists and a lot of these guys are self-professed anti-theists or even claim to be Satanists and unstable with these worldviews often tend towards nihilism. Off the top of my head I can think of the Columbine killers' basement tapes, the UCC shooter, and the parkland shooter as examples but a true crime otaku would probably know more

Anonymous 28205

For every person that has spiraled out of control and done something terrible because of their medication their are an uncountable number of people on a pill that are leading normal lives and not harming anyone.

Anonymous 28206

Also, naysaying medication always has that meaningless phrase "pumped full of" with no regard for dosage or what constitutes to being pumped full. How many milligrams is being pumped moderately or pumped sparingly is never mentioned. "pumped full of" are the words of an imageboard parrot.

Anonymous 28211

I would if that number were significant, but it isn’t. I have already stored most of the data in statistical programs and can tell you how many in my sample are (known) Jews and if there’s an impact on the people they tend to target and the number they kill etc., but as a white Jew, your race-bait conspiracy approach aggravates me. And if by “Jewish-Asian mutt” you’re referring to Elliot Rodger, he wasn’t Jewish. That misconception came about for 2 reasons: his father made a documentary on faith, and his grandfather was recognized by a Jewish organization for his work as a photographer capturing WWII scenes. His father’s family were Christians. I am willing to answer serious questions about race or anything else that I have data on as long as the discussion remains respectful.

Anonymous 28225


Is it stupid that I go out of my way to buy physical copies of books even though sometimes it’s easier/cheaper to get them digitally, or I can even find some of them for free online? Having a physical copy motivates me to read more because displaying it on the shelf when I’m finished is so… gratifying.

Anonymous 28226

Nah that's okay and not stupid, don't worry about it.

Anonymous 28228

Not at all, I think it's cool to have a book collection in your house.

Anonymous 28231

I have once read that information obtained from physical books is better retained in the memory. Having a physical object you can see can also add to motivation to actually finish it as opposed to leaving it to dust.

Anonymous 28239

Tell that to my neglected library.
But yeah, I agree that having the physical book is more helpful for retaining the information, especially when you annotate or bookmark things for yourself.
It's not stupid, unless you have a digital reader, it also forces you to be engaged in something without the potential for distraction inherent to it. And even so, many tablets or ereaders have WiFi capabilities now, which can help for looking up words, but also can be a distraction like a phone.

Anonymous 28394

I noticed I have a stupid discrimination against some benign things which I have absolutely no reason to dislike, for example in the Cartesian coordinate system I dislike the y coordinate for absolutely no reason. I know it sounds like I'm joking but I'm really not, I just like the x coordinate better

Anonymous 28395

Funny because I always preferred the y coordinate, it's like a breath of fresh air instead of an intimidating cross

Anonymous 28396

I'm glad there is someone to love the y coordinate, I don't feel bad about neglecting it anymore.

Anonymous 28400

What is your favorite trig function? I don't really like cosine or cotangent, but cosecant and tangent are nice. Secant is also nice, sine I am more or less neutral towards.

Anonymous 28424

I like tangens and I feel like I should like cosine better than sine because it's symmetrical but I like sine better because its graph passes through (0,0) and it's easier to draw.

Anonymous 28426

Whenever I play scrabble I can't help but spell as many dirty words as possible even at the expense of losing the game. I'm old but giggle like a child at writing out fag or poop on the board. I got very close to writing "cuck" today but my opponent took the 'U'. Next match I magically had in my starting letters NGGER and got the stupidest grin on my face.

Anonymous 28432

>Amazon goes bankrupt in 2043
>whole $12000 digital library vanishes

Physical copies are better, trust me.

Anonymous 28433

You can download ebooks you purchased.

Anonymous 28481


I have to be a smartass here:

>house where books are stored catches fire, gets flooded, hit by tornado or devastating earth quake

>12,000$ mega library is destroyed

What if the library of Alexandria had a digital backup?

Anonymous 28494

>What if the library of Alexandria had a digital backup?

You would be available to access and cite all the wisdom of BC philosophers at a rate of $50 per manuscript/scrolls + membership fees thanks to and courtesy of Elsevier and John Wiley unless Alexandra Elbakyan invents a time machine and digitizes said pieces + makes em free. That is assuming they would let a woman like her inside; they were elitist and only open to select few scholars (much like access to modern-day academic journals). Then again at that time only a select few could actually read.

Anonymous 116204

Bump. I've grown out of doing this >>27350 thankfully.

Anonymous 116276

I have different voices that I use to get away with innapropriate behaviours, to make them cute or funny :
- the mischievous voice : I use a cartoonish, slightly high pitched voice to describe messing with people for fun, or doing stupid plans for funsies
- the clueless voice : I use a high pitched, stoned sounding voice when I talk about forgetting stuff, or failing at mundane chores
- the monkey voice : this is the voice I use when saying sarcastic or nonsensical things, to be sure people understand that it's sarcasm, otherwise they can't tell. I called this way because I copied it from my little brother that I used to draw as a monkey as a child, and it's high pitched, similar to monkey noises.
- the bitchy voice : it's another voice i use for sarcasm, mimicking stereotypical "mean girl" behaviour, in a theatrical way.

This way, people like me, but I come off as some kind of retard.

Anonymous 116293

im too scared to put in my own arguments in a situation that requires an opinion so i just stay silent and wait for the focus to be off of me

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