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Anonymous 27673

alright ladies,

what's the worst thing you've seen on the internet?

Anonymous 27675

The H3H3 Podcast

Anonymous 27682


Anonymous 27684

+ n as n approaches infinity

Anonymous 27696

chris chan masturbating

Anonymous 27699


Anonymous 27701


consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

Anonymous 27703

I hate that europeans love to post poop.

The one thats supposedly him playing wian infected sack has stayed with me.

Anonymous 27715

He made a new one. He sings All Star in it.

Anonymous 27717

This is the one I was talking about. 2018 and it's the worst. It doesn't have the same level of disgust as the infected taint piercing wound video(which was only allegedly chris iirc, despite him having that wound), but this all star video just has this unsettling and uncomfortable feeling to it.

Anonymous 27720


two gay guys with their anuses falling off (i don't know how to explain that but you don't want to know) and a 3rd gay guy fingering them, holding them and rubbing them together.

Anonymous 27733

A video where some muslims burned a small dog alive. Could've been puppy or a small breed.

I was 11 years old and even before that video I had already seen some shit on internet, like the meme shit like 3guys1hammer, 1lunatic 1 icepick and tons of other liveleak shit throughout my internet career so far. However I have always had a huge soft spot for animals so this shit upset me greatly. I legit couldn't sleep for days after seeing it because every time I closed my eyes the dog's whines and wails of pain as it was burning would ring in my ears and the images of the video haunting the fuck out of me.

Anonymous 27744

Gorey/scary CGs of various visual novels because I'm a pussy.

Anonymous 27751

a child getting their face ripped off by a car
i sort of blocked out most of the details


Anonymous 27758

Are you on about a prolapse?

Anonymous 27759

gag. yes.

Anonymous 27761

Oddly enough gore doesn't squick me (unless it involves animals, but I just avoid those and haven't been forced to watch any), but pics of dead bodies really gross me out. I remember seeing a dead infant somewhere and that stuck with me.

Anonymous 27801

Kid being put into a dryer for sexual torture purposes

Man holding up another man's head in front of a camera, and like a fancy HD shot of it too. I've seen arguably worse gore but idk that one just really stuck with me

Anonymous 27803

Seeing gore is like therapy for me, especially with suicide pics because it's like I can die vicariously through them (as cringey as it sounds, but it does work). I don't mind animal gore, but it's not as common on the surface web because of how animal abuse is more closely controlled in the US.

One photoset that really has stuck with me was seeing a man progress through cancer until the very end. By the end, his entire facial structure looked like it had collapsed upon itself and in mere weeks appearance-wise, he had changed into a different person. I guess that made me see cancer in a different light because most of the people who I've known to have cancer irl, I haven't seen them in the later stages, so you still have this image of them in your head as "fine" and just dying in their sleep.

Another video that stuck with me, though not particularly gore-y, was a video produced by ISIS of the beheading of three men. What struck me (well, aside from the ages of the beheaders and the expressions of the beheadees, though that's stuff you can find anywhere else) was how polished and well-produced it was; effort was put into every little detail in a way that felt unreal to me and made me feel scared of them in a way I hadn't before.

Cartel killings are interesting to watch because they never fail to use the dullest knife available. They're always on some shitty phone camera, though.

But the one video that made me feel so terrible that I couldn't even press play was this one where a woman believed in this ritual where putting a frog inside her vagina was supposed to grant you a husband. Pretty sure her shaman just wanted to see pussy, but I could not bring myself to see it.

Anonymous 27824

Someone's account of their life with tulpa babies.

Anonymous 30202


i have 200 progress pics of the abomination saved if anyone wants them. the creator definitely fucked it.

Anonymous 30243

is that,, paper/cardboard?

Anonymous 30244

This is a fun thread, but the OP asked so child porn being spammed on /sp/.


Anonymous 30256


It seems to be some type of paper. By popular demand: The Asuka doll isn't the only one. The guy who makes them is on twitter and youtube under the name "sansogyorai00", or at least he was last time I checked. I'm not even sure if the dude's still alive anymore. He had health problems and started going blind.

Anonymous 30257


More weeby paper sexdoll pics incoming

Anonymous 30258


The construction is impressive. Actually it's kind of clever that he uses glue that looks like skeez to cover his tracks

Anonymous 30259


Imagine finding out your creepy neighbor spends all his time making stuff like this

Anonymous 30260


>Meet guy on Tinder
>Decide to go out for drinks
>He's attractive and funny
>Go home with him
>"Anon, there's someone I want you to meet…"
>Opens closet
What would you do?

Anonymous 30262


>check his twitter
>nothing but photos of the doll and retweets of Asuka's voice actress
How horrifying. Great find, anon.

Anonymous 30263

>started going blind

Justice served. He strayed too far from god's light, and now he lives in the dark.

Anonymous 30264

I'm impressed by his craftsmanship but the doll's body proportions look creepy…

Anonymous 30282

I agree, I think it's quite impressive, but that waist… and the breasts… eugh

Anonymous 30301

That's enough internet for me today

Anonymous 30303

I'd ask him to make me a shinji and misato

Anonymous 30322

I was visiting my aunt, who is single.
Was using her computer and the address bar autofilled to something about 'hucow'….
I don't spend the night at her place any more

Anonymous 30334

Would you be more concerned if it was lolcow?

Anonymous 30342

Stories like this always make me laugh (given the fetish is pretty harmless). Of course it's unfortunate for you, but it's funny that adult figures in our lives are really just…human.

Anonymous 30347

One time I used my mom's laptop and she had a porn bookmark. My mother is single and a total Stacy so I wasn't surprised, but god, there's some things you don't wanna know about your parents. I still shiver at the memory.

Anonymous 30357

Well, harmless, yeah, but the three vids i watched (morbid fascination) were flat chested women 'training' busty women in bondage.
Aunt = flat chested
Me = need to go to certain stores for bras and tops
THAT was the ick

Anonymous 30369


Oof yeah, nvm that's a bit weird. That's like a guy with a daughter having a ddlg fetish.

Anonymous 30423

lol you seen that one where the dog picks up the firework and it blows his jaw off? my friends used to just shove this stuff in front of me in middle school all the time. Not gonna lie though i do have a morbid curiosity.

Anonymous 30930

Anonymous 30938

Probably snuff films from Latin America.

Anonymous 30939


a little girl with her brains splattered on the pavement next to her dead mother after a car accident

Anonymous 30946

This. I can't comprehend someone capable of playing piano having such fetish and publicly sharing it with the world. Do women even enjoy this? I had a male friend once bragging about fighting with his gf about taking her socks off. Now I'm even more scared how close this degeneracy is to me.

Anonymous 30948

why doesn't the government do something useful and monitor people like this

Anonymous 30957


Anonymous 31019

Anonymous 31024


im not a fan of the whole absurdist meme humor, but I like the grainy effect

Anonymous 31027

I've seen many death videos but nothing really shocked me, oddly enough a fake snuff filmed called Mordum by August Underground and the film Salo 120 disturbed me.

Anonymous 31028

Thankfully I never saw anything too horrible, I hate that kind of stuff so I never go too deep into the internet. The worst thing I read was someone also saying the worst thing they saw on the internet and it was a video of I think a Japanese woman who agreed to have herself put into a big plastic bag and have the air sucked out and suffocate. I didn't even need to see the video to feel sick, and now I feel bad again

Anonymous 31032

that one clip from execution in southern mexico l think where he cuts off a guys heart with a rusty machette and crushes it WHEN THE GUY IS STILL ALIVE

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