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Anonymous 27889

do you guys think it's possible for a girl to fetishize femininity?
i've been wanting a gf lately and finding women attractive but i don't know if it's because i live in a society where the female form is heavily sexualized all the time or what
is there a bisexual / lesbian bingo i can consult? or does anyone have any tips for figuring out sexuality

Anonymous 27895

I bet you want to put on cute dresses and bake cakes you sick perv

Anonymous 27897

I'm in the same boat, I was always ugly and unfeminine and now I don't know if I truly want to be with girls or if I just idolize and fetishize them.

Anonymous 27903

Anonymous 27934

i do
i want to wear skirts in stereotypically girly colors and help people become better people, also do some gardening, and i want a cute girl to do this with..but i just don't know
if i actually had a qt gf put before me would i actually be able to see her as anything but a close friend??

thought i was the only one

Anonymous 27941

Would you want to fuck/make out her? That's the real evidence that you have a case of the bis.

Anonymous 27949


Anonymous 27950


I never felt attracted or interested in girls until I reached the age of 20. Around that time I met a girl and she was magical and I fell really hard for her, but things didn't work out. After that I had sex with a girl, didn't like it that much but I don't think it had anything to do with her gender since making out was great, I just didn't really like the sex I guess.

A few years have passed and I can't imagine myself with a girl again not only because I'm in a long and happy relationship with a guy but also cause I guess that, if I were single, the girl would have to be like the first girl who made me fall in love with her.

My question is: am I really bisexual? I used to believe I was, but I think bisexuals would disagree with me and say I had a "experimental" phase or whatever. ): Visuals don't attract me much (either m or f) so I don't get horny just seeing girls.

Anonymous 27958

I guess it could go either way. In the end it's only a label. I wouldn't bother calling yourself one though if you can only see yourself dating guys for the most part.
Bisexuals have the reputation of being hypersexual cheaters or straight people that want to call themselves LGBT because it's fashionable anyways, I wouldn't call myself one if I could avoid it.

Anonymous 27961

Me personally I stopped worrying about my sexuality as much. I put it this way: There's people I'm attracted to, and there's people I'm not. I realized a while ago that any sort of title I used for myself didn't do much for me either way beyond not wanting to seem straight, as that's the only thing I can say for certain I'm not. Granted, I don't do anything to not seem straight and everyone just assumes soooooooo, yeah idk fam.

Anonymous 27963

I think it doesn't matter what you say your sexuality is if you are already in a relationship.

Anonymous 27987


I think if at some point you felt desire for another girl you're at least a little bi. Having one bad sexual encounter doesn't mean it's not for you. There was a sexual act that a bf kind of pressured me into doing and I hated it and it took forever until I was willing to let later bfs do it. But with a guy I liked more it was somehow different. Maybe girls are the same way for you?

Anonymous 28620


Anonymous 28666


honestly, does it really matter? date whoever you want. you can date a girl. you can date a boy. you can date anyone. and nobody is going to judge you or say "oh but you're not a lesbian, so you cannot date other girls because it's wrong", it is NOT wrong.
i think you should find a girlfriend and see if you're actually attracted to her. do different things together. does she make you happy? do you find her attractive? do you like having sex with her? if yes, then you're probably (?) insterested in girls, and you can define yourself as a lesbian. but, we don't really need "tags", just do whatever you want. it's not a big deal. definitely not the end of the world.

Anonymous 28850

Who gives a shit, modern society certainly doesn't
Just invent a special label for yourslef and start a tumblr and patreon

Anonymous 28859


I mean if you want a girlfriend, that's probably a pretty decent tell that you might not be entirely straight right?
Maybe it is just a 'fetish' of sorts, or maybe you're just mostly-straight and this never came up before.
Or maybe you're mostly gay but it had just never come up before and this will be the earth shattering event that suddenly has you wearing plaid shirts.

As a big ole' gay, I recommend trying something like Her or whatever your local equivalent and trying to find someone you're into and might want to try things out with.
That said, if you do, make sure you're up front about being in a slightly confused/questioning place.
If it turns out you're not into it, after all, that could be pretty sad for someone who thought you were already confirmed gay and got their hopes up, you know?

Anonymous 28860

I wish I had a girlfriend so bad, especially one also into weeb shit but I no longer live in an area with a very high population and I doubt I could find someone here, much less someone remotely similar to me.

Anonymous 28861


Hi anon
Would you like to trade emails?

Anonymous 28864

Anonymous 60605

it's been a year. i think i might be bi or something

Anonymous 60607

good for you anon

Anonymous 62320


Quick Zoomer question: is this struggle with sexuality something that has changed recently or am I just socially retarded?

Like, I realized I liked girls when I was 13 back in 2013 and I never worried about it. I was worried a little bit about homophobic violence and the reaction of my family (which faded fairly quickly) but I never had any of the internal struggle that I hear about from people just half a decade older than me. My 26 year old friend said she struggled so much with finding her sexuality when she was my age.
I just kinda always felt I'd date who I want to date and that's the end of that. There was no reason to find anything, to explore and ensure I was right before "committing" to an orientation.

Where does that come from?

Anonymous 62390

Theorhetically, being homosexual comes with it's downsides socially and familially. Family may cut you off, friends leave you, possibly even employment and housing issues even though technically illegal. Thus, if you are going to be gay, you are going to "pay a price", individuals will want to to make sure that before they pay that price, they are absolutely sure of their choice beforehand. Since the downsides to being a queer have theoretically lessened with time, there's less "danger" associated with being any kind of -sexual, and people are free to dance around "well maybe I am gay, well maybe I'm not" without fearing that, should their family judge them to be gay, they're fucked.

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