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Anonymous 28177

Who 30 year old Boomerette here?

Anonymous 28184

Are you really 30?
What’s it like? Femcel? Living at home? Formery-cool-girl-who-is-now-lonely?

Anonymous 28188


Almost but not yet, I'm getting close though. Married and have a dog and a baby on the way, I became an out of touch normie but I still love talking to people on imageboards lol. Just wondering if anyone else is an old lady here.

Anonymous 28190

O shid there's already a 25+ thread on page two, sorry I'm stupid

Anonymous 28191

That comes with your age, Stacy

Anonymous 28195


Pls no bully young lass, I have smoll shriveled boomer brain from doing too much neopets in my youth

Anonymous 28214

>tfw 29yo NEET

Anonymous 110331

mfw started colleg…

19 year old mummy reporting in

Anonymous 110332

>Married and have a dog and a baby on the way

Is it from the doggo?

Anonymous 110342


Boomers are over 60 now.
I’m genX and over thirty

Anonymous 110348

anyone over 25 is a boomer

Anonymous 110349

Don't be stupid. If you're thirty, you're a millennial. Boomer isn't another word for old.

Anonymous 110350

>Boomer isn't another word for old.

Yes it is, most words lose their original meaning when they're being used a lot on the internet

Anonymous 110355

No it isn't. Just because you personally don't know what a dictionary is, doesn't mean the rest of us are illiterate.

Anonymous 110362

She’s right. Just because a dictionary hasn’t listed the pragmatic expansion yet doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

Anonymous 110365

Next you'll tell me "cool" only refers to temperature. Here's a dictionary word to look up, "colloquial".

Anonymous 110406


> most words lose their original meaning
Not this word, sister!

Anonymous 110445

Dumb prescriptivoomer.

Based descriptivoomer.

Anonymous 110546


You wanna escalate the generational divide. Go right ahead, glyphosater

Anonymous 110576

30 year old boomer here.
Certainly not a young millennial.
Something I learned in my advanced age and wisdom: AARP has no minimum age so you 16 year old millennials can become members and enjoy all the savings. Thank me later. At my funeral.

Anonymous 110582

>You wanna escalate the generational divide.
I was joking until this point, but actually caring about shit like this is actually true literal boomershit.

Anonymous 110585

Boomers are realizing they traded pensions for 401ks in the name of the all holy job creators and they won't be able to afford assisted living after the coming crash. They hope their appeal to authority and baseless claims that their seniority makes them everyone's superiors will convince the world to put up with their necessant bull shit rather than pull the plug and end a 75 year waste of oxygen.

Anonymous 110588

Boomers: the first generation in 250,000 years of human history to leave the world in a worse spot than they found it

Anonymous 110591

Remember that time Europe warred with itself so hard 20% of the population died?

Good times.

Anonymous 110592

And they still built a better world for the next generation despite all the cities being rubble. Little did they know that generation would grow up to be the boomers. If they had collectively committed mass infantcide we would have interstellar colonies by now.

Anonymous 110593


I'm not talking about WWII, I'm talking about the 30 Years War. WWII was peanuts compared to that.

Anonymous 110594

>Thinks that the 30 years war happened
Boomer propaganda

Anonymous 110605

I was taking it lightly too. Fun posting with Han Solo, see?
I don’t like being called a boomer. My parents were boomers (yes, they’re dead now) I didn’t see Woodstock, burn my draft card ….or bra. Women didn’t get drafted. I didn’t see the first man on the moon.
Wrong generation

my generation (X) didn’t do any of that shit. They protested Clinton, Bush era bullshit.

You forget every empire ever founded.

Anonymous 110612

I work as a night audit and save money, and spend way too much money when i get paid and write. I'm saving up money for a carpet cleaning business too though. I love my job because there's nothing to do here annnd I read and write constantly at my dead job. I want to spend my days traveling so I'm scheming to do so. I refuse to get married or have kids. t('>'t)

Anonymous 110613

Lol you can call me a boomer. Idgaf, being 20 is shit. Absolute shit. I wouldn't go back to my 20s for anything.

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