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Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general

Anonymous 2868

I'm currently getting out of a career in academia. I went in loving it and came out hating it. Maybe a couple of years out will make me like it again but right now I can't step foot into a University without shuddering.

I'm scoping out careers in research and regular white-collar jobs, my main goal is finding something with normal work hours that pays well, I'm not too fussed either way.

Because I specialize in humanities/careers for people in degrees like English, History, Nationalism, etc. I have to say your biggest leg up is network. Keep in good standing with your professors (especially ones who are active in their fields), go to every single job fair, take volunteer and internship opportunities when offered. I know this is redundant and can qualify for most degrees, but because the humanities are much more theoretical, our job choices aren't as concrete, so we have to find what we like and what we can see ourselves doing (be that teaching, working in an NGO, doing government work, etc.)

From what I've seen and had my friends tell me (purely on a humanities front) the jobs that are most interesting but don't pay well are
>Intro level NGO
>Archival jobs (research, managment, etc)
>Teaching at a school level
>Tour guide

The jobs that pay more but are either in high demand or stressful are
>Researcher at a thinktank/major NGO
>Professor (full-time)
>Museum curator or manager (usually grandfathered in position or is someone related to BoT)
>Foreign agent for Government (embassy work)

There's probably more but I can't really think of much right now.

Anonymous 2869

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards?
I work in publishing and editing, though I do a lot of different things, such as working in CSS, proofreading, data mapping, and content management. I suppose you could call it technical writing, too. I don't hate it, but I don't love it.
>Tips for other anons/Ask for advice.
Don't think you're too good for a job. As a teenager and young adult, I always felt like I was too good for certain jobs, but in the end, money is money and work experience is just that. I feel like people put a lot of emphasis on office jobs, or being "established" in a certain field, but doing things like being a nanny, PA, or contract work are fine, too.

Sometimes I dream about going back and getting a different degree in something more lucrative, but it seems like a waste of time and expenses.

I can't agree more with the networking point. I've had people balk at me when I say I got a job (livable wage, too) almost immediately out of college as an English major, but it was purely because of an internship/connections.

Anonymous 2870

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards
Gorporate finance
>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
I went for a general business degree and later specialised in finance, and holy shit marketing is a cesspit of self-important dickbags. Also everyone and their dog is suddenly a 'social media expert'. Finance is an old and rather conservative industry but the people working there aren't actually as bad as they're portrayed in movies. I think the 'unscrupulous corporate goon' trope is more of an older generation thing and mostly reserved for the C-suite. From what I've experienced there's actually lots of women in finance and any kind of immature behaviour is strongly discouraged. In my degree programme we did get a lot of 'I wanna be a loan shark/day trader/CEO and get rich quick lolll xDD' folk and there are some memesters who genuinely believe that finance is a man's field because 'girls r bad at maths lmao' but they usually get put in their place pretty quickly and you don't hear a peep from them after that.
>Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
Not in my field, that's for damn sure. Money's okay and bigger banks are enforcing these work-life balance programmes but you should expect a lot of stress. If you're well organised though you can probably handle it.

That said, I'm loathe to apply for a job in Switzerland because I've heard some pretty bad horror stories about their blatant mistreatment of women in general. Stuff like straight up asking you if you're gonna have kids (whilst men don't get asked anything of the sorts) or whether you're married or not, and forcing you to 'try out' as a clerk then telling you you're doing too good of a job for them to consider moving you up the ladder. Gay shit like that. London's much better in that regard but eh, Brexit.

>(let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)

Lol okay
>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in
'Higher IQ' is a meme. I've seen people who consider themselves too smart for studying x y and z flunk because they didn't put in the necessary work. If you work really hard and aren't a bumbling idiot, you can get anywhere provided you have the right connections. The most important thing about getting a good job is connections, followed by constant improvement, followed by grades. The latter might not matter as much for other fields, but in finance and accounting they REALLY give a shit about your GPA.

Anonymous 2871

So! Maybe some miners can help a very lost girl out (sorry if wrong thread).

I'm considering pursuing journalism, but i am not so sure it's a good path.
Most people I've told this to told me that journalism is dying and it's a very low-paying tired job, and that i'd be better off considering another career.
Is this true? Do you really make barely any money while working your ass off? How were the studies/what did you have to do?

My second option in humanities would be psychology, but i don't think i like it as much, tho if it is a more secure job i'd take it.

I've also considered being a make up artist, but i am not sure which fields i need to study (since courses are like 6k a year, i don't really see it as worthy as i can attend uni for free where i am from) for it or if it's just connections + being good in social media.
Also considered opening up a bakery (which if i had money would be my first option), but that seems impossible as i barely have money of my own to open up business and where i am from it's almost impossible to find places where you can do free practice for your CV (some people even ask for 2+ years experience for non paying "practice" here lol)

So i'm stuck trying to find a career which i enjoy but also pays well, since i prefer things that pay like shit. (i am very good with computers, tried programming for a year, but i don't really enjoy it much, so i'd never think of pursuing it as a career, eventhough i know it pays very well, i'd rather not be miserable, but who knows).

Most youth where i'm from is completely stuck with no job, and even the shitty paying jobs (i.e retail/service) normally goes to uni students since they cannot find jobs even with a degree. So building experience seems basically impossible without a shit ton of connections in industries, which i don't have.
What is my best bet here? Do i lie in my CV? Move out ASAP? Take courses while doing uni?
I do have a LinkedIn, but i don't really know how to use it to form connections, since i have 0 job experience, do i just add people at random and lick some boots?

Sorry for wall of text, i am just very lost for my future right now.

Anonymous 2872

Can't say much about journalism except that it's become a watered-down shitshow where they don't even fact check their sources before they publish a shoddily written article with a lazy, clickbait title, but I don't think it's wise to invest time and energy into makeup artistry since everyone and their mum wants to be one nowadays and that bubble is close to bursting, if it hasn't already.
For CV tips, do a search on Pinterest for some basics, likewise for LinkedIn. Don't add people you don't know, look for events on Facebook (hackathons, seminars, anything) and join those, then meet people there and add them. Add classmates, professors, former bosses if you're on good terms/have them, etc.

Some generic career advice from me: don't go looking for a career you'll love, because that love will be short-lived. Go for a career you don't hate that pays well and keep your hobbies for weekends and holidays. Find something you're good at, do that. Few people get to truly do what they love, and many stop loving it when it becomes a full-time job instead of a hobby. Nobody was born wanting to be a lawyer/barrister, many people get into it because it's a 'good' career path, likewise for medicine, programming, finance etc.

Anonymous 2874

Journalism is a pretty tough field right now. A lot of the more prominent magazines tend to have unspoken agreements with Ivy Leagues/top unis and kind of just take the top writers from Journalism programs there (look at Vice and Village Voice, every other writer there is from Columbia), so you'll have to either network extremely hard or be extremely lucky. The more reputable or smaller places are usually easier to get jobs but the pay is either abysmal or it's freelance so you're competing with a few other people for the piece. It's pretty hard to get a comfortable career in journalism right now, tbh.

I'm not sure what country you're in/your financial situation but I would say if you can afford it, take a year or two doing different courses at Uni and see what strikes your fancy. Then when you've found the thing that you connect with, lock down your major and study that. Try and get a degree in something you enjoy. Nowadays hardly anyone actually works in what they study, so just do it for the degree and have fun. While you study, take up any internship that is offered or do a part-time job. That way you can pad out your CV while you study.

Once you graduate hopefully you'll have found some inspiration from someone you know or gotten a general idea of what you want to do (even if it's as vague as "I want to work in an office and not deal with people" or something) and then go from there.

Anonymous 2875

Damn, thank you for the cold hard slap of reality there!
It really seems to be the widespread consensus that journalism is a shit career (worse is, is that i wanted to opt for videogames journalism, which seems to be even worse lol).
I will try to do what you said on LinedIn, hopefully it will be fruitful!

Then i am even more screwed, because i'm from west Europe and planned to go to university here, so mostly i would just be able to do shit jobs like you said, since most "big" media in my country is absolute shit and shady as hell. Hmmm, i will have to reconsider my career choice.
Maybe as soon as i start uni the inspiration will come through me and i'll find something.
Money is a problem, unfortunately, but maybe i'll find some free courses if i move to a big city, hopefully, at least.

What would you guys say are the highest paying careers (or at least enough to live a okay to comfortable life) that are not too extreme stress? Is it possible to find one in humanities or have i fucked by choosing this path?
Also, what would you guys say it's a good (free) thing to spend my time improving to achieve more goals? (for example, become a pro at excel or something like that)

Anonymous 2876

>>What would you guys say are the highest paying careers (or at least enough to live a okay to comfortable life) that are not too extreme stress?

I already have an undergraduate degree and was accepted into a master's program already, but I'd still like to know this. What do you guys think of Marketing (International Marketing and Analytics specifically)?

>>Also, what would you guys say it's a good (free) thing to spend my time improving to achieve more goals? (for example, become a pro at excel or something like that)

It depends on which field you want to enter, and what your specific goals are. Only you can decide this, although if you want to work in journalism, then perhaps publishing a book, online blog or submitting to newspapers and online columns could help you get connections/hired.

Anonymous 2877

Ah ok you're in Western Europe? That changes things a little. Dirstly yeah, if money is an issue try finding some sort of part-time where you can make money. One pro that I've seen though, especially in Western Europe, is that Universities have a lot of campus or student jobs that are flexible for anyone interested. As soon as you start studying ask around in different departments for jobs that are hiring. In the humanities especially they always need students for archival work or menial paperwork. It isn't glamorous but it's something! It'll also help you build a relationship with the department for more connections!!

>What would you guys say are the highest paying careers (or at least enough to live a okay to comfortable life) that are not too extreme stress? Is it possible to find one in humanities or have i fucked by choosing this path?

It really depends on what kind of career you choose. A lot of people say Academia isn't very stressful but you have to love reading/writing/research. Or just doing an office position for a University not as a professor (like academic advisor or secretary). The pay isn't huge but it's comfortable to live off of.

And extra classes wise? I would say learn computer languages maybe? Also just try to volunteer and get stuff to put on your CV as often as possible.

You have a lot of options tbh. Analytics is always really high in demand, off the top of my head you can easily get a job with media companies (CNN/Time Warner, BBC, DW always have analytics positions open), you can go into Management for international companies (Airline industries, hotels, etc.). What I would tell you is find internship programs at top companies around the world. While a lot are competitive they take a lot more people than you'd think. The only crux is is that they usually make you commit a couple of years to them, so you train/they teach you their management style for 2 years while you travel and get paid and when you're done you have to work with that company for a minimum of X years (this is seen as the fair exchange since they took the time and money to train you, so they don't want you to run off to a competitor right when you're done). So if I were in your shoes I'd think of an industry you'd like to get perks from and go from there (want to possibly have media opportunities and go to film screenings? Go to news agencies! Want to travel the world? Work for an airline! Want to make tons of money? Work for an insurance company! (this one is tons of work/hours though))
The one thing I would say to steer clear from is Money based companies like stock/bank/law/etc. They pay the most but are the most work and are really competitive.

Anonymous 2878


>Some generic career advice from me: don't go looking for a career you'll love, because that love will be short-lived. Go for a career you don't hate that pays well and keep your hobbies for weekends and holidays. Find something you're good at, do that

This is sound advice. Thank you Anon <3

Anonymous 2879


OP here. I just did good enough at my first interview for a "big-girl" job today that I'm scheduled for a grill session with them in a few days. For one hour, they will ask me questions and vice versa for the remaining 30 minutes. What tips can you give me that I won't get from anyone else?

Pic related: Feels like the situation I'm in.

Anonymous 2880

I think jus treating it like a final oral exam or something is the best!

Read up everything on the job/company, compile a list of questions you have and bring it in so you don't forget anything, stay calm and confident and don't forget to laugh off any mistakes you may make!

Also bring a notebook and a pen. You can jot down any ideas/questions and it'll help you keep on topic and answer longer questions they may ask!

Anonymous 2881

Is it a wise idea to work for free just to boost your cv if you don't have enough experience for what you wanna do?

I'm tempted to contact a few companies asking if I can work for free/intern. I work in the evenings so I can juggle both definitely.

I just guess I need you guys to yay or nay it for me ^/////^

Anonymous 2882

> 3 Do not use emojis, all caps or any obnoxious typing style.

My suggestion is that you lurk more and read the rules.

Anonymous 2883

yeah, any experience is better than an empty resume or a lot of gaps between school/work.
and crabby anon is right, you can just post an image to describe your feelings theres no need for emoji on here

Anonymous 2884

>>2882 emojis are in relation to the keyboard, not symbol based emoticons

Anonymous 2885

What field? In some fields it seems necessary to do unpaid internships, in others not so much. If you are going to try for unpaid internships though, still treat it like you are applying for a job and send a cover letter and resume, don't just ask about availability.

In general I'm against unpaid work, but I know not everyone has the option to avoid it. I've seen friends settle for the first thing that came up and it happened to be unpaid, but they could have easily gotten a paid gig had they looked a little more and they would have gotten more from a paid internships (not just money wise, I mean mentoring and experience wise). Ultimately you gotta do what you gotta do, so if that's all that's available in your area go for it.

Anonymous 2886

Even if that is the case, that emoji is still 2007 as fuck and at least falls under the "obnoxious typing style" bit.

Anonymous 2887


>>2886 ok fine. Point noted.

Anonymous 2888

Is it normal/expected to apply for multiple positions at a big company?

I'm trying to get into a programming job and I meet he qualifications for a handful of jobs at some of the major tech companies I'm applying to.

Should I apply to all of the ones I'm qualified for, or pick one and trust that if they think I'm a better fit for another job they'll point me in that direction?

Should I skip the online applications all together and try and reach out to their recruiters to ask which job I sound like the best fit for?

Anonymous 2889


I'm >>2879
I read your comment the other day and it helped me out, just didn't have time to reply with all the preparation I was doing. So I wanted to say thanks so much! (I was hoping the board is active enough that someone would see my post!) I got the job! They called me 1 hour after I left the interview to let me know. I can't believe it. Miners, I'm going to explain what worked for me in finding a job and hope that it will help someone out. By the way, I am an anon without a formal degree but a decent amount of on-the-job experience from a variety of different jobs (customer service/computer-related for the most part.)

My biggest tip, and this depends on the field you're going into and the area you live in, is to stop in at the business, introduce yourself and let them know you submitted a resume/application. Just ask about I admittedly live in a pretty laid-back area culturally and I look nice (well-done makeup, dressed nicely compared to everyone else, and naturally decent looking), but this was the difference between me getting the job and someone else getting it, especially because I was underqualified. My former boss and my current boss both told me that this was the difference and they were impressed.

I'm an anxiety anon, so I had to do some breathing techniques to help with the stress. I also woke up early to jog/walk for about 30 minutes at the gym and do some refreshing stretches. Overall this worked a lot better than in the first interview that I also passed but was shaking during and forgetting words, I hadn't exercised for a week because I was so busy and stressed with securing a job. Looking back, I would have made keeping up with exercise a bigger priority to reduce the stress of all of it.

I also spent hours writing answers to all job interview questions related to the fields under which the job falls, behavioral (that's what they ended up focusing on), general common questions, and lastly personal questions. Then I rehearsed as many as I could with another person and the remainder I practiced alone. I reviewed them all quite a few times. This made it so much easier to answer the questions because I had already thought about suitable situations to discuss or answers before-hand. I speak in casual, slang-like terms often and I practiced over the days beforehand in every interaction I had to speak with more poise, focus on using a wider range of vocabulary words and not saying as much as I usually too (I add on quite a bit of rambling sometimes so I got that under control.)

Hold an open, inviting posture, gesture with your hands, don't fidget like I do, and smile at the times in which it's appropriate (especially if you have a great smile). If you have a good attitude and do all this, people will have a higher chance of liking you just from this observable information about you and how you deal with situations in the moment.

Good luck career-seeking gems, if I can do it, you can do it! :)

Anonymous 2890

I already deleted my post like 3 times because I'm [6] so I'm not going to delete it again, but correct where I wrote
>Just ask about
I meant to say that you go in and say something like, "Hey, I submitted an application the other day and I wanted to see if I could check the place out a bit." Sometimes this is well-received, sometimes it won't be, but it depends on the type of business, I think.

Anonymous 2891

I'm about to send out some job applications and I'm really nervous. Are there any good resume/cover letter critique services that are worth using? Specifically for people going into the tech industry as developers. I'm a pretty good writer but I'm still so new to cover letter and resume writing that I'm kind of worried I'm taking the wrong approach.

Anonymous 2892

Got an interview tomorrow for my first real office job. Technically it's just an entry position at a call centre but I've interviewed for another call centre before, which did offer me the position, however I felt like their hiring process was rushed and sketchy, despite the fact that they represented major companies. So I let that job offer go to waste which I regret a lot now since I've been sitting on my ass for the last two months.

Anyways, I've only ever worked retail before and even if some of the shops I worked at were technically high end or "luxury" I still don't feel those experiences translate over to an office environment at all. I have high anxiety and I think that's why I convince myself to stick to retail jobs that I'm familiar with. It gives me a sense of comfort.

Anyways, I'm trying to keep my stress levels and panicky feelings to a minimum, although I have less than 24 hours to prepare for the interview. I need all the help and advice in the world to help me prepare and get the job (they're much more rigorous and professional than the last company I applied to).

Anonymous 2893

Well I got the job but training doesn't start until August 21st and I won't even be filling out my hiring paperwork until a week or two beforehand. Originally we were supposed to start our three-week training period on July 31st but it was postponed.

Kind of a bummer but only because I get very nervous waiting to start a job and anything could happen within a month. I'm scared our training session gets cancelled altogether. Also that means I won't be getting a paycheque until early/mid September so my poor boyfriend has to pay the rent alone this month and the next since I've now run out of savings. Fml.

Anonymous 2894

I've been on a networking bender the past few days. Went to two industry events and reached out to a stale contact, now I have two lunches and a phone call, and am emailing with another person who's going to pass along my resume, plus a bunch of new contacts. It's kind of exciting but exhausting at the same time. But boy oh boy am I ready to have expendable cash again.

That does sound stressful, but you got this. Congrats on the new job!

Anonymous 2895


After only about a week of networking I'm already halfway to a job offer! Granted, the position is only tangentially related to the industry I really want to get into, and it's only part time work, but it's also the kind of thing that puts me in a good place to keep working on my personal projects and continue networking, and it's nice to be making any progress in my job search so instantly! Feels good, man.

Anonymous 2896

Literally how do you network? At all? I don't even know the basics or where to start.

Anonymous 2897

I went on meetup.com and looked for industry relevant events. I was able to find a bunch of free lectures and workshops in my area. I've gone to all of them that I could and brought my resume with me. After the event I just throw my resume at the presenter or organizer and anyone else there who seems like a good contact. If you live in a good city for your area it's actually pretty easy! It helps that my field is notoriously bad at people skills so just showing up to these things shows initiative that 90% of my field doesn't possess lol

Anonymous 2898

I really like a job where i can work from home. any ideas?
atm I work as language teacher but sometimes i don't earn a lot :/
was thinking about starting ebay business

Anonymous 2899

So I'm going to a big interview next week and I'm trying to decide whether to bring up my depression/mental health problems in the interview.

Most of my past several months have been spent working really hard on improving my mental health problems through therapy and positive lifestyle changes. I haven't cured myself, but I've made measurable improvements (steady sleep schedule, going out and being around people, having better control over/less frequent anxiety attacks, no longer allowing negative thoughts to create inertia etc) and have my next steps planned. These are things that I'm really proud of, and I feel like it even shows some good qualities; organization, time management, critical thinking, tenacity,etc.

I also think that a workplace where I can be honest if I need to step out for a minute to calm myself down, or if I end up needing to use my sick time on mental health would be amazing.

I would never consider bringing it up because I'm really afraid of them making the wrong judgement over it, but at one of their networking events a man there was extremely honest that he has been unemployed due to depression, and their response was to offer him an interview. Do you think this is a sign that I might be able to mention depression and how I'm learning to manage it in my interview too? Have any of you done this before?

Anonymous 2900

Just to clarify, I don't mean bringing it up randomly or in a way that asks for special treatment. What I mean is bringing it up if it's relevant to something they asked.

For example, if they ask my biggest failure, responding with the time I internalized blame for something that no one actually blamed me for, and letting my anxiety over it develop into an avoidance pattern. Then, explain how I learned in therapy through this experience how to interrupt those thoughts and face difficult or uncomfortable situations head on.

Like, I could tell most of the story while skirting the issue of anxiety and depression, but mentioning it would give better context as to why I struggled with it to such an extent, and I feel gives more depth to the extent I had to go to to overcome it.

This is probably still a bad idea though, isn't it?

Anonymous 2901

I'm still a student and this year I'll have to be in an internship for 5/6 months. Since I'm studying foreign languages I want to go to Japan the most so I can practice and progress much faster. I heard there's no such things as interships in Japan, so I will apply to French companies in Japan to have more chances to be hired (since I'm French), but I'm sure it's still going to be difficult to obtain an internship there.

Does anybody have advice about internships or jobs in general in Japan for foreigners?

Anonymous 2902

Don't really have advice but yeah, I'm French studying nip as well, and it's commonly said you can't really find internships in Japan. Finding a French company is the way to go, I know an alumni from the same Licence degree who went to his friends' startup company that sold clothes from there.

If you're doing it in a French company they probably won't ask too much for Japanese speaking skills but it's commonly said you need around N2 to get by professionally in Japan, so if you have it it's a good asset. If not you could try to pass it in December.
Try finding out if former students in your degree have been in Japan for internships, usually you can check their Internship reports (how the fuck do you say Rapport de stage in English lol) somewhere so if you find one try contacting them for info or directly try to contact the society.

Anonymous 2903

>it's commonly said you need around N2 to get by professionally in Japan
That's what worries me the most. I haven't tried to check my level because I got the date for the last session of JLPT last year mixed up so I'm not sure I'm good enough. I know my biggest problem is the kanji, I don't remember that many of them and forgot a lot of kanji. I think it's safer to go for the N3 test for my first time I think.

Also I'm in LEA, and while I'm trying not to powerlevel too much, but in my university some teachers aren't that good and waste everyone's time teaching things that aren't all that interesting regarding the language or the culture. That and all the classes for English and other things makes me feel like I should have wait for another degree to learn faster but LLCE doesn't sound all that interesting either… I'll check the reports written by other students and ask advice to some of my Japanese teacher as soon as I go back to college.


I managed to get N2 despite being real bad at kanji, thanks to being pretty good at oral comprehension, but yeah a N3 is better than nothing in any case.
Surprised you have a 6-months internship in LEA, mine was only 2 months lol. If you want to discuss more hmu by email (I've got Skype and Discord), I admit I'm curious what uni you're at. I finished my LEA this year myself (well, I will have finished if I submit my report on time) so mite b fun

Anonymous 2905

It isn't typically paid so it'll be expensive but consulates/embassies usually accept nationals from their countries to do internships at various stations across the globe. You could try to contact the French embassy in Tokyo to see if they have some sort of internship program.

Anonymous 2906

Kinda vent, but the feels thread won't get what I mean. Hopefully someone here does.
>tfw have to do Frontend development for a project, because the pajeet you are working with is utterly useless
>tfw you've built the Backend and Frontend all by yourself because you know you can't trust this dumbass
>tfw pajeet couldn't even build a database or the diagrams
>tfw pajeet didn't know how to run a logic layer either
>tfw now you have to implement encryption, salting, the database, the scripts, the Frontend, the repositories up to date, all the documentation, all the business logic and hosting
>tfw everytime you suggest pajeet does his shit, he asks you how to do it

Do I look like a fucking trainer? Good fucking thing all the work is credited here, so when it is checked by the manager, he will immediately be prompted with that shit. He is done with pajeets shit too, because pajeet is fucking useless and tries to recruit him to do his work.

For fucks sake, indian coders are the worst thing ever to exist. Ban me for racism, but the broken comments, the code that is copy pasted systemically, code that is 50% security hazards, use of outdated frameworks, documentation that leads you nowhere and the fact they can not fucking into English, makes working with them a living hell. This idiot had a CSV file of 65gb full of zeroes that he tried to run through the shit, because he was too dumb to check the content integrity before running it through.
Your analytics are feel good analytics. Unless your system uses Statisticians/Data Science in combination with Python, R and Haskell or another datalanguage set, it is feel good Analytics for feel good marketing. You'll have work for 10-15 years and deep learning will take over that.

Anonymous 2907

Shit that sounds super annoying. Hopefully this will be enough to get him fired. People who get jobs but don't know shit absolutely baffle me and I hate when they are allowed to stay on for some unknown reason.

Anonymous 2908


I have applied to work at LUSH and have managed to get through to the second stage (group interview). I am legit bricking myself because I'm 26, I haven't had a job in 7 years but I REALLY want this job guys. I REALLY WANT IT.

Anonymous 2909


Good luck anon! You can do it!

Anonymous 2910

Good luck anon!

Anonymous 2911

Jelly AF, i LOOOOVE Lush! Good luck anon!

Anonymous 2912


screaming intensifies
Last stage is the trial shift where I have to demonstrate how I interact with customers, and if I can pass that I'm in!
Obviously it's only a 12 hour contract and since it's temp work it means I'll only be there until the end of January, but I'm hoping that if I perform well enough they'll keep me on afterwards. I've always wanted to work for a company that promotes a similar ethos as my own.

Anonymous 2913

Good luck on the last stage!

pls tell your manager they should make a daddyo perfume lol

Anonymous 2914

Uh, so I had my recruitment evening today, starting from 18:30 and finishing at 20:30, but I'm feeling pretty disillusioned about the whole experience to say it nicely.

I spent the last three days memorising facts about the company, where it was founded, who by, what the company's core ethos encompasses, all their major campaigns, the properties of kaolinite, menthol, aduki beans, moringa oil, ylang ylang, avocado etc. I also memorised a bunch of different interview questions such as "how would you describe a great customer service experience", "how have you dealt with irate customers in the past", "what do you feel you can bring to the company", and in the end it was all worthless. I didn't get asked a single question relative to the company, its ethics or my performance as a potential employee, the manager and supervisors all just wanted somebody who could shill their products the hardest in the most peppy, boisterous manner possible. I don't have any experience in salesmanship so I kind of bumbled over my product demo and the roleplay section where I had to try and sell a gift box to one of the team members evaluating us. I'll be amazed if I get a call back, but I did indicate that I am available all hours and the position seems more time based so who knows. I don't feel good about the experience though.

At least I got a free bubble bath bar out of it. Only problem is, I don't own a bath.


Anonymous 2915

I just did an all day interview and I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up about it and failing miserably. The people there are so nice, and it seems like such a great community, and I feel like I'd learn so much, not to mention how badly I need a job.

I hear back tomorrow and I can just see them saying I won't be moving on to the next interview stage and being crushed by it.

Anonymous 2916


I became a security guard after I decided I couldn't handle the office drama and bullying that comes with being a pink collar office worker. I decided to do it after I lurked the wageslave general on wizardchan and observed what the jobs were that wizards had where they seemed somewhat happy and not overly suicidal. I would really recommend it as an option to other girls who have aspergers, social anxiety, or another condition that would impede you from working a more "normal" job. The pay is hardly better than minimum wage but it's zero stress and I spend about 10 minutes a day total out of an 8 hour workday actually interacting with other people at work. For the rest of the time at work I play on my phone, draw, and read books. It's almost like getting paid to be a NEET.

Anonymous 2917

Damn anon, I'm jelly. Mind if I ask what you're like and what the hiring process was like? I always assumed those sort of jobs were biased towards larger men, so I never bothered.

Anonymous 2918


The position I applied for specifically said they were not biased towards hiring women and people with disabilities and that the position was for an unarmed guard. If you are looking for security jobs and you see something like that, it likely means the position is a fixed post where you don't have to patrol or even stand up. A position that specifies you'd be monitoring a CCTV would also be a good pick. Private security guards are regular civilians and do not have the authority to actually place anyone under arrest or detain anyone, so if you're working private security your employer will not expect or want you to place someone under citizens arrest. It would be a huge liability for them. If you are working a government security job though (like for a university campus or public library) you may have to do stuff like tackle drugged out hobos sometimes. I personally would not recommend that.

For the hiring process, after passing a drugtest my employer paid for me to go to an 8 hour class that was basically just "never ever try to place anyone under citizen's arrest!!" because my state requires that for private guards. I knew a tiny 16 year old Asian girl who was a mallcop as a summer job once so I don't think you need prior experience. They just want you to show up in uniform on time and not be on drugs.

But I think if you have any career goals you are working towards, you should try your best at that first. Being a private security guard is a great plan Z if everything goes wrong, though.

Anonymous 2919

Damn anon that sounds sooo comfy! Congrats on the great job. I'd be really interested if I didn't have to have "specialized" work for immigration. Once I get citizenship or permanent residency, I'd love to be a housewife since I wouldn't have to worry on losing my status if my husband died or leaves. Housewife sounds pretty similarly cozy to security guard. Lots of alone time and you get to practice cooking and watch tv all day lol…I also lurk wizchan btw.

Anonymous 2920

I'm moving on to the next step! Have any of my tech miners done a "team embed" day as part of the interview process? Any tips or advice? I'm so nervous!

Anonymous 2921

Same, being a housewife is also my long-term goal! I hope we can achieve our dreams some day lol.

Anonymous 2922

Whelp I guess I'm full of shit because I ended up receiving an email back inviting me to participate in a trial shift on the 23rd.

After I got back I ended up reconciling that at the end of the day, even if it does seem like a bit of a hard sell position, LUSH is still a company, and I'd rather be shilling legitimately environmentally friendly, wholly organic, preservative and pesticide free products that actually fund worthwhile ethical, social and economic campaigns than I would, say, mobile phones.

Fingies crossed.

Anonymous 2923

Hey anons, any tips for dressing business casual?

I'm going to be starting an internship soon and 90% of people in the building dress like the typical office worker (really boring, black pants and dress shirt). I'm kinda irritated that jeans are a no-no, since there are so many styles and colors of jeans out there and not all of them are strictly casual.

I don't want to look like a boring office lady at 21, but I don't want to stick out too much either. Are there any major no-no's for business casual?

Anonymous 2924

Désolée j'avais pas vu ta réponse (je pense qu'on peut se parler français juste vite fait), je voulais savoir où tu as fais ton stage et comment ça s'est passé. Je vais poster une adresse mail faite à l'arrache plus tard pour qu'on puisse mieux en parler si ça te dis.

Anonymous 2925

I swear there used to be a business casual thread in /beauty/ but I don't see it anymore. Did it get pruned for some reason?

Anonymous 2926

This one? >>>/beauty/565

Anonymous 2927

There it is! For some reason I couldn't find it in the catalog. I think I'm just blind.

Anonymous 2928

I have my trial shift at LUSH tomorrow, lasting from 11:00 until 13:00. During that time I'll be evaluated on my interactions with costumers, providing testers, conducting demos and making sales. I'm about as socially introverted as you get and I'm screaming inside. I don't want to be judged in realtime AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SCARED

Anonymous 2929

How did it go, anon?

Anonymous 2930

I didn't get the job because I wasn't willing to lie to a girl with pretty bad acne about how a product she was looking at (Ocean Salt) wouldn't completely destroy her skin when I knew it would, and instead recommended her a milder alternative (Angels on Bare Skin). Seeing the managers reaction to me being honest about how sea salt, vodka and lime probably isn't a good combination to put near skin with open lesions/wounds (tbh none of that shit should be going anywhere near anybody's skin ever, I'm relieved I didn't get it.

Gonna try and see if I can arrange to volunteer at a nearby animal sanctuary instead and see if anything comes out of that. I don't think I'm cut out for predatory nature of retail environments.

Anonymous 2931

>none of that shit should be going anywhere near anybody's skin ever

If you have such an issue with their ingredients, why did you write this?
>I applied to work for the company because I'm pretty knowledgeable on a range of their products, their composition, usage and application.
>I legitimately loved LUSH

I'm not trying to stir up drama but your expectations of a retail job are plain unrealistic.

It sucks that they gave you shit for not pushing a product on a customer that was wrong for their skin, but you seem very worked up and tbh a bit sour grapes. I don't think you didn't get the job explicitly because of that one product you failed to sell, you even said it yourself that they had other complaints about you.

>Next step: Volunteering at animal shelter

Good luck in the professional world.

Anonymous 2932

not that anon but

>Good luck in the professional world.

For what it's worth, I think volunteering can be a great way to build out your network and get your name out there if you approach it like a networking opportunity.

Anonymous 2933

Volunteering is fine. I just think Anon has another disappointment coming.

Anonymous 2934

It is possible, but at the same time I think the best thing anon can do for herself is to stay positive. I had to turn down a job when I was desperate for work too because the company was such a mess, and it felt awful but I landed my literal dream job only a few months later. I didn't let that interview experience get me down, but I also didn't lower my expectations for it, and I think anon should try and do the same as much as possible.

Anonymous 2935

>if you have such an issue with their ingredients, why did you write this?
Why am I not allowed to enjoy the majority of a company's products and criticise a minority of them? Ocean Salt IS a shitty product. It's garbage. LUSH shouldn't be selling it. Period.
I do (did? idk their seles setup is a sloppy mess) love LUSH but if I ran the company that'd be the first thing I removed from the shelves because it's not helping people, only harming.

>good luck in the professional world

Thanks for the encouragement but I'm afraid I'm actually NEET trash. My entire existence is funded by my partner, I never actually needed to get a job in the first place, I just thought a part-time at my favourite overpriced soap repositry might be fun and something to get me out of the house.
It's sad that you disparage volunteers without appreciating just how much they contribute to society though. You should try it sometime and maybe you can gain an appreciation for what a difference these people make without needing to.

If you're in a professional position that you enjoy then really good for you, I'm legitimately happy for you, but the snotty attitude towards those that aren't or perhaps don't want to be is pretty unwarranted.

I was actually thinking of it as a networking oppprtunity as well, but honestly more than anything I just want to be able to be getting out everyday and contributing to something good. Even if it's just shovelling up horseshit all day or walking dogs for 8 hours unpaid, I'd adore it. I used to volunteer at my local animal welfare charity store and that was incredibly rewarding on its own.

Oh wow I bet you're relieved you waited. Congratulations on being able to find a your dream position, that's actually great.

Anonymous 2936

>My entire existence is funded by my partner, I never actually needed to get a job in the first place, I just thought a part-time at my favourite overpriced soap repositry might be fun and something to get me out of the house.

Everything you post oozes self-importance and entitlement. You're not subtle, especially on a small site like this, Spoony.

Anonymous 2937

No one is disparaging volunteers anon, just you.

Anonymous 2938

Lush is a company, they do not care about people, just what people care about buying. Most of lush's products are garbage, they're just cute and spunky and ~all natural cruelty free~ wrapped up in a nice little package. Most of the stuff is shit and full of expensive ingredients that do nothing for skincare, but make the average customer oooh and aaah and buy. They're just a huge corporation riding a trend. If you really cared about all natural cruelty free skincare, you'd go to a local natural foods store and buy from them, because they have small business products.

Anonymous 2939

>Thanks for the encouragement but I'm afraid I'm actually NEET trash. My entire existence is funded by my partner, I never actually needed to get a job in the first place, I just thought a part-time at my favourite overpriced soap repositry might be fun and something to get me out of the house.

tbh its incredible to me how someone can be this smug to brag about their privileged situation while shitting all over le greedy retail jews. some people need to work their way up from the bottom and if you seriously think LUSH employees of all people are "fucking evil" and you "dgaf how hard up they are" >>>/beauty/1151 because you got disillusioned when you performed poorly at a job interview then you deserve for your bf to dump you out of the blue and put your entitled ass back in a council house. otoh you don't even deserve state assistance considering you applied for an emergency grant bc muh poverty and then changed your mind and used it for elf ear modification.

you'd think after almost a decade of being exiled from every single board you go to you'd learn to at least attempt to stay under the radar but what do you know. your godawful putrid personality ruins every imageboard you go to, no wonder you don't have any friends and have to post on anon boards to complain about muh swedish imageboard friends who inexplicably stop talking to you (i wonder why)

>inb4 why are you so obsessed with meeeeeeeee

5 second google search. all your shit is archived, as you know.

i'm out, saged for sperg

Anonymous 2940


>this is the last you'll ever hear or see of me

God I wish.

Anonymous 2941

omg this was spoony??? really??? wtf?

Anonymous 2942

>If you really cared about all natural cruelty free skincare, you'd go to a local natural foods store and buy from them, because they have small business products.
I was just thinking this. Lush smells like dogshit and chemicals to anyone who's actually into pure essential oils and natural herbal soaps/perfumes/lotions/what have you. Corporations will claim their product is anything just to get people to come in, their stuff is NOT all natural and I have doubts that Lush's products are cruelty free.

Of course it's just spoony being a retard as usual.
>muh elven ear surgeriezz
>~i totez care about the plants and animals look how ethereal i am~
>doesn't care about natural products at all and likes the smell of the harmful synthetics in lush's products

Anonymous 2943


Are you fucking kidding me? This bitch used an emergency grant to MAKE HER EARS POINTY?

Yesterday I was in a public bathroom listening to a mother cry on the phone about how she didn't know how she was going to feed her children after her husband left her. "My birthday is ruined but I don't care, all I'm thinking about is putting food on the table," seriously.

It's not like you have any semblance of thought for anyone but yourself but these are the kind of people you're taking money away from Spoony. Maybe next you should get your frontal lobe reshaped to be pointy too because you clearly don't fucking use it.

Anonymous 4315

Has anyone ever used Angel List? I thought interning at a startup would be nifty, and I could stay with my relatives in the Bay Area or Chicago if necessary.

Anonymous 4322

So this is the infamous Spoony eh? Is she British?

Anonymous 4323

I never heard of Angel List even though I'm from the Bay Area, but it seems legit. Do they have internship positions there? I also need an internship, so pretty interested myself. Thanks for posting anon!

Anonymous 4440

i'm 26 years old and a full time barista.

i get paid $25 an hour and get 35-45 hours a week. so it's enough for me to survive and not stress about money. but it's also not a lot of money and there's no opportunity for advancement or to make more money.

i'd like a career. i had a full scholarship to college but fucked it up because my mental health was really bad at the time. i'm healthy now and have been stable for a few years but it sucks that i messed up such a good opportunity.

now i just live in a small town in a different country making coffees all day. it's pleasant enough, i like my job for the most part, it's busy and goes by fast and the people are nice.

i just can't help but feel like a failure and wonder what i am going to do. am i still going to be making coffee at 40 years old??

i need to go back to school but i don't really have any interest in anything. i don't know what to do. it's okay to cruise along with it for now but i know sooner or later it's going to hit me that i'm not doing anything.

Anonymous 4448

$25/hr for a small town barista is really good fucking money and you're not likely to get a decent wage like that anywhere else without some kind of certification or degree. I don't even know many college grads making that much, or will be within the next 10 years.
You can definitely put aside a small retirement fund with that wage if you're not frivolously spending.

Anonymous 4481

Is Spoony really that bad?

I mean yeah she's an imageboard addict and stuff and an attention whore but I don't think she's particularly awful in terms of her behavior.

Anonymous 4482

Yeah this bitch be bad mane

Anonymous 4484

I wonder if spoony wrote this…

Anonymous 4485

Nah, I'm not spoony. I also come from the UK though.

Perhaps I just got too used to lurking /pt/, and although Spoony is crazy, people like VenusAngelic make her look marginally more sane than she actually is, lel.

Anonymous 4499

she's the reason we're being raided. she was also the one a-logging in the LC thread about wildchild, she's been doing the same stuff on LC as well.

Anonymous 4500

wtf are you even on about? spoony is a pathological liar sis.

Anonymous 4522


If you girls want internships there's no online substitute for going to relevant meetups where you want to work. Move in with your relatives first and start attending tech talks, mixers, hack nights, etc etc. I just landed my first job this way and there were definitely internship opportunities there as well. There's always free food, too. Just make yourself presentable, bring your resume, and practice looking really enthusiastic about tech.

Fair warning though, you won't probably get paid shit for your internship, but if you take on a major part of the project it'll be really good on your resume for when you want a full time position.

Anonymous 4691

I'm an idiot who decided to get a dual degree in ~muh passion~ which was English and Creative Writing. Now I work in retail and my life sucks. I don't even have time to write anymore. Any ideas for a dumbass like me?

Anonymous 4693

Publishing jobs? Teaching? Tutoring?


Anonymous 4697


I should have gotten a teaching certification, but I didn't. Publishing is what I would love to do, but I didn't do any internships and there's no jobs where I live for something like that. I'm also paying ~$1k per month in student loans, so I can't afford a low paying (if I get paid at all) internship. I was thinking of freelancing, but again I work full time so I have little time to start doing it. I feel like an idiot.

Anonymous 4719

I'm kinda in the same boat as you anon.
I got a double major in English and Poli Sci for free; went and got a Master's in English and completely fucked myself into 40k debt lel.
Now I'm saddled with a shitty lease, a bf who doesn't exactly raise me up, and a call center job where the benefits aren't bad but the work is awful, awful.

I've tried going the publishing route myself, but it's a real challenge unless you have a connection and lots of internships/projects in your resume.
You can do overseas teaching w/o any certification. If you don't have anything tying you down here like I do. I'd recommend a gig like that. Seems real sweet, especially if you're a dual major, white, and come from an English-speaking country.

Anonymous 4727

Is anybody else a college grad that couldn't find a job in their field and is working retail?

I was insistent on applying for jobs in my field but after 6 months of nothing, I started applying to everything I could possibly find and landed a retail job semi-related to my field. In addition to not making very much money, I'm starting to get very depressed because I mostly work with people who just graduated high school or are in their freshman year of college. I just feel like such a failure compared to them. It's not that I think I'm too good for retail, but I just feel like it's a stage of my life that should be past by now.

It makes me feel like what was the point of going to college at all if I'm right back where I started when I was working retail jobs in high school? I know it's my fault because I have social anxiety and did not network at all when I was in school. My refusal to get help for my issues was a big part of my downfall and my lack of success…but I can't go back now unfortunately. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation and feels the same way…I would love someone to commiserate with.

Anonymous 4728

Library maybe? In my country, that's a very good field with plenty of work.

Anonymous 4729

I work as a language teacher on weekends and I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm fucking dying. I love my job and I am glad I don't teach kids, but god is it tough? I get so salty when people comment what they wanna do on weekends because I know I have to go work and then finally sleep at night.

Anonymous 4730

>>What was your degree in anon? Maybe we can offer some advice?

Would you be willing to relocate to a new city/state/country etc for a job in your field? Did you tailor every application to the specific employer?

I'm sure there is a job out there in your field for you!

Anonymous 4731

Law school!

Anonymous 4744

Don't listen to this anon. Law school is balls to the wall if you haven't dealt with work intensity of that kind before.

Try getting that teaching qualification.

Anonymous 4745

I know that in my field, cold applications aren't worth shit. You've gotta get out there and meet people from your industry. It's never too late to network.

Anonymous 4756

Thanks for the advice. I don't really want to share my specific degree because I'm overly paranoid, hope you understand. But it relates to advertising/commercial art. I went to college in Los Angeles and aside from NYC that is the perfect market for what I want to do, but unfortunately I had to move back home across country when I graduated because I couldn't afford to live there anymore. I would be more than willing (and would honestly prefer) to relocate to another city, but I'm not sure how to go about applying for jobs in other states/cities when I don't live there. I also don't have much in savings, so that presents a problem even if I were to get a job out of state and had to relocate. Not sure I could afford it tbh.

Yeah I'm quite sure that's the case for my field as well. I was filling out applications and trying to make my cover letter look nice but at the end of the day I'm sure they get tons of great resumes and cover letters and I'm just one out of many. Plus the only way for them to see my portfolio in that way was to write a link to my website, and I doubt they even waste their time doing that. Networking would fix that issue as well :( I know I have to start networking I'm just not quite sure where to start. But thank you for the advice anon.

Anonymous 4766


Holy shit, i finally got some accepted into some offers for entry level jobs (mostly retail), started discussing how my work would be and it seems kinda ridiculous to me. Although I've had no previous work before so i don't know if it's normal.
(I'm currently a student, so i'm not sure if that influences it.)

So, being brief, all the offers that i got accepted into had these qualities:

>4-5€/hour max.

>No holidays. Gotta work on them, no possibility of a rise and non-paying extra hours.
>Around 30-35 hours a week.

Is this normal for entry level jobs or are they just taking students for the bare minimum as their work dogs?
Because idk if to take it or wait until better offers come, since i currently am not too tight with money and mostly searching job to get the CV pumping.

Anonymous 4768

I'd honestly say it depends on where you are. My first job was £7.50 an hour which is the adult minimum wage, plenty for a student/NEET but very difficult to survive on. It depends how much €4-5 gets you in your country, but that kind of description is what sounds about right.

Anonymous 4778

I second this. I don't know what country >>4691 is from, but if you're from the US, a Master's in Library Science is an "easy" Master's to obtain. As long as the program is accredited by the ALA, you should be golden. A lot of those master's programs can be held completely online. Also, if you go towards the public library route, it can be a nice, cushy government job (given the occasional wild homeless person or two) with great benefits.

Anonymous 4794


I'm >>2894 and I explained how I found networking events here >>2897

Most of the events were free and there was almost always free food, so all in all it was a 10/10 experience even without considering that it eventually did land me a job.

Anonymous 4799

What field is that?

Anonymous 4815

Software engineering

Anonymous 4817

Also I just realized I never fully updated since it happened around when the spoony drama hit but after about two months of networking like this I did land exactly the kind of job I wanted in my industry. I start tomorrow!

Anonymous 4952

>Learning Associate for credit card company (not an actual trainer, I design web trainings. So I do graphic design, videos, interactive training, etc)
>70% of co workers girls
>49k a year with bonuses up to $6k a year
>work is good, but it can drain my creativity that I used to direct into personal work
>My boyfriend is a stay at home husband now, and he loves it. It's nice to come home to a clean place and he's happy that he gets to spend the rest of his day smoking weed and relaxing once his work is done
>feeling pretty good right now

Anonymous 5388

Aww, I don't think I'm smart enough to finish a course in that. Good job!

Anonymous 5399


Your life is goals.
I hope to be as successful as you when I'm 25

Anonymous 5405

how on earth can you support the two of you on 49k a year

Anonymous 5431

how can you not support 2 people on 50k? where the hell do you live?

Anonymous 5819

Sorry if this is more of a vent but I had to get it out.
I feel like I'm absolutely shit at my job. I'm working part time as a sort of junior-artworker in a studio and I feel like absolute shit.
Today I got a job back that had been printed with the telephone number wrong, something that has been flagged up by the manager in the past so much so that he called an out of the blue staff meeting to discuss it. I've done my best to rectify. Still not fucking good enough.
It's almost always my jobs too that I deal with with spelling errors.
I don't feel like my design skills are anywhere near good and I always envy the fact the lead studio artworker is better than me. I know he has more experience but it still stings to see my work in comparison to his.
I always triple read emails I send in case I sound rude to customers, I practically have near panic attacks when I have to talk to them on the phone.
I don't know why I ever even thought I was capable, the manager already probably wants to sack me.

Anonymous 5823

>>5819 Oh anon, I feel fo you. I really do. Sending the biggest hug.

It's very obvious you have low self-esteem though. I know it's easier said than done, but try to work on this, even if self help book or therapist.

If you got the job in the first place, you are good enough.

Also, everyone makes mistakes in their jobs. Everyone. You cannot be fired over a typing error. The worst that can happen is a warning. Listen to what they have to say, but if they get unreasonable you're allowed to stand your ground. Maybe mention the fact it's spelling errors you have an issue with, so maybe you will look into why that may be (it may be dyslexia/dyspraxia), and have they got any recommendations for you as to how you can check over stuff more?

Don't compare your work to his. Maybe see this as an opportunity for peer-to-peer mentor-ship? You could say to him that you really are blown away by his work and does he have any tips etc. If there's a thing he does particularly well, ask how his does it (I lack knowledge in this field, if I'm wrong forgive me, but maybe ask what photoshop tools he uses mostly and stuff like that? He might even have macros set up that you take take on board)

Ultimately anon, this is a bad day. A very very wanky bad day, when you're already feel shitty about it all. But having the gusto to be like, "I can learn from this!" is what will turn you into the best version of yourself <3

Again, I know it's hard but I'm super cheering for you and sending hugs. Video unrelated but I hope it makes you laugh <3

Anonymous 5857

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards
Software engineering. Namely quality assurance because I hate dev. It gives me anxiety.
> What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
In my career path, people are disgustingly smart about algorithms, math, optimization… but 95% of them are really socially inept. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the 95% were on some kind of spectrum, though there's no problem. There are girls of course, but they usually fall into two categories: Heavy "I'M A WOMAN PROGRAMMER I'M BETTER THAN YOU" vs "I'm just here to learn and do my job". I don't really like the former, but I guess I have to congratulate them for really putting themselves out there (no sarcasm)
> Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
This is going to be a stereotypical answer, but it's always going to be the job that you have a real, raw passion for. Money isn't everything, I realized.

> Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)

lol seriously? This is bullshit.

> Tips for other anons/Ask for advice

Work on side projects when you can. It's really hard for me to learn languages and start projects because well… I don't really like my field as much as I should. I fell into it because of my program.
> Shit that sucks about work in general
General tiredness after thinking for 8 hours. It really drains you out. Have a consistent sleep schedule. Work out. Eat healthy.

Good luck, anons!

Anonymous 5974

I literally came here to ask for advice on the same thing. I landed my dream job two weeks ago and I'm getting increasingly worried about losing my job already. I haven't had any major fuckups but there's already moments that I keep replaying in my head like, why did I do that?! And I'm generally worried because I'm so junior and learning so many new things that I feel like I should have already known going into the job.

I'm fully aware that this is a self esteem issue and I'm working on it in therapy (though I have little faith that it will actually do anything… I've hated myself from the start) but I need some advice in terms of how realistic these worries are anyway.

Like, yeah, it would be really unusual to get fired after less than a month on the job. But, if I do suck as bad as I feel like I do, when is it reasonable to start worrying about getting fired? 3 months? 6 months? A year? How long would a small company hang on to a suboptimal employee just because she passed the interview process?

I know that the best thing to do is to work on my self esteem and keep learning as much as possible, but I need to be able to rationalize with myself a bit in the meantime.

Anonymous 5978

I'm actually looking into a career in software development :)

>Why did dev give you anxiety?

>Also are the salaries really high?

>Are the men really that sexist?

Cause I've had uncles and my father really push me to not go into software engineering and instead pursue chemical engineering because of the gender disparity.

Anonymous 5982

not that anon, but I'm also in software engineering. I haven't experienced any prohibitive sexism yet, it's still been on the level of microaggressions and the like, and I've been personally lucky that most of that was in job interviews for jobs I didn't take, rather than the places I actually ended up working.

The pay is pretty high but by that token it doesn't really feel like there are true entry level positions. I spent almost a year working as a contractor for wayyy less than minimum wage before I landed my first "real" job.

Anonymous 5998

Hey! Thanks for the questions.

>Why does dev give me anxiety?

Tbh it's because I'm actually terrible at programming. I don't like to put out shitty original work for features and I prefer making sure that no bugs are passed through. I relate it to how much I prefer proofreading people's essays versus me writing my own if that makes sense. QA isn't AS demanding, at least in my company. The devs had a late nights because of client demands while my team never really did.

>Also are the salaries really high?

Yes and no. You'll definitely always have a decent salary right out of school without a graduate degree, even more if you have previous internship experience. However, depending where you work, the salaries are only high because the cost of living is just so high. A lot of my friends interned at big companies in California but they tell me they weren't able to save too much because it's so expensive there. Plus, other professions make more than programmers after they finish residency/articling etc.

>Are the men really that sexist?

For me, not really. I also go to a school where a decent proportion of girls study math/cs/eng etc. However I do hear a lot of "hAhahah she only got the job because shes a gurl xdxd" which you should ignore because they suck and it's not true. I never felt belittled at my previous internships and at my current company either. I feel like this might depend on where you live too. I think America might be a lot worse than Canada where I live.

Hope that answers your questions!

Anonymous 6000

I also forgot to mention that I actually don't want to do technical stuff but this is what I am able to do and I'm too scared to make a career change. I would be a much better programmer if I got off my ass and learned things on my own time but really, I have no drive. Don't be like me.

Anonymous 6003

>hAhahah she only got the job because shes a gurl xdxd

This is the hardest part because it really feels like it's true. Everyone keeps saying "they wouldn't hire you if you weren't qualified" but I've had literal hiring managers tell me something to this effect which has taken a lot for me to try to put out of my mind.

Anonymous 6006

Same anon. I totally get it. The whole impostor syndrome.
However, in my experience and many other's, it only helps your resume get noticed if you're female. After that, you get treated like any other person. If your resume sucks, you'll get rejected. If you don't get the job after the interview, you'll get rejected like everyone else.
It does fuck with your head but I just keep that in the back of my head. You are more than your genitals!! Trust me.

Anonymous 7199

I'm thinking about getting a BA instead of BS in computer science, how screwed am I? I got to a good school, best in my state and a top 10 public University but when it comes to computer science its top 40 :/

I would love to work at a well paying company in Seattle, however if I get a BS, I can't work on the side or focus on my side projects.

I'd rather just focus on computer science instead of the excess math/science courses. I'm not interested in graduate school. I'm also not a traditional student so I really just want to get my degree.

Anonymous 7203

I'm in a field that is basically a dead end unless I go back to school and get at least a masters. I knew this going into it, my plan was always to do this for a few years and either have killed myself or move onto something else when I got older. Well "older" is getting here and I don't know what to do. I hated school and every time I think of going back I'm filled with dread, plus my GPA was low so finding a place that will accept me will be tough. But the only other thing I could think of doing would require certification and probably going back to school for an AS anyways, and I don't even know if I'll like it.

Shit sucks.

Anonymous 7210

I'm the process of getting hired for a position I've had for 3 years in another company. It's something I definitely can do and that I love doing. I also graduated in the field. However I feel so incompetent thinking I'm going to ruin everything, and whenever I have to come to my new workplace I get nervous asf lol. Is this normal? I've only had one job before, and I remember feeling this way too.

Anonymous 7237


I work at a liquor store and I like it okay. Doesn't pay hardly anything but it's low stress and my coworkers are cool. Sometimes customers are insane because it's retail and that's part of the business, but I've had other retail jobs and I'd say people are more patient than at other places like grocery stores because they're buying booze. I also like liquor and learning about it is fun.

Anonymous 7255

I'm an art director and co-owner in a game company. We get to do pretty much everything we want for 2 years, but I won't waste a second of it goofing off. I've gotta nail this title to get enough dough to found a kid and enough cloud to come back later.

Anonymous 7256


Oh, I sent that way quickly and forgot to mention a few not so great things about my industry: 1. it's fucking soul crushing to work twice as hard, have more experience than anyone on your team and still be doubted and ignored. 2. You will generally be the target of harassment by superiors when young, and slowly become their cleaning lady when older, unless you fight it or learn how to dominate men with a "no" without causing them to get sore from being rejected. 3. 90% of your best ideas will be stolen men and no credit will come from it, all you can do is work harder and become indispensable. 4. Prepare to be a token, you will be used to show how diverse your team is, but don't expect to be a part of the real conversations. 5. If you don't do snooping around to make sure you are paid equally, you should. There's a big chance that your male coworkers make way more than you… in games.. be tough and protect your sisters…

Anonymous 7475

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards

No idea. Want something business-y that can have high income. Transfer to uni next semester as Econ major, becaususe I have completed requirements to transfer. Spent years taking various gen ed. Like humanities but doubtful about future income. Tried comp sci for a year, but find programming boring and cannot pass Calc so that's a no-go.

What are careers with medium to high pay for people with mediocre ability in math and no interest in math/science?

Also, how does one improve one's resume in college for the future when your only work experiences is a tutoring center job you got six months ago?

Anonymous 7481

I work as boring soft eng job and have always toyed with the idea of working in games (I double majored in game dev) but I keep yo-yoing because normal programming is already a sausage fest and I don't really feel like putting up with more of that. Super cool that you have you co-own a company now though, congrats!

Anonymous 7485

I think accounting would fit the decent salary/ok math skills that you put down, but the subject itself is so boring you might not want to.

t. switched out of accounting in first year

Anonymous 7515

I'm not sure what I want to do with my life. I could carry on in politics and end up as a councillor or MP, but I'm not sure if it's what I want. They are very stressful jobs, especially as a minister or MP, where you're really in the public eye, being criticised for every single fuck-up.

Otherwise I'd like to do something where I'm making a direct difference to people's lives. My friends have said I'd be a good teacher, but I think I'd like to do something more than teach. I was thinking about social work, but it's a difficult field to break in to, I'm not sure I'd be picked for the graduate schemes. Any suggestions, anons?

Anonymous 7583

I had an interiew for an internship I'm really interested in last week but the boss is taking time to send me his answer and it's stressful. It's next to my home, simple and I feel like I could find a lot of interesting things to say for my dissertation since it's a mandatory internship for college so if I can't have this one I'll feel like complete shit and I probably won't be motivated enough to look for another internship this late in the semester.

Also, I'm getting really tired of my part-time job. It's retail so obviously it was going to be annoying, but it's getting worse and worse, our managers separate me from the colleagues I get along with the most on purpose (and they do that to pretty much everyone), they changed my working hours so I go back at home really late because of public transport and it's taking me some precious time I could have used to study, and I'm failing in some classes because I can only study the day before tests if I'm lucky. So I hope I can get the internship so I can also quit this job.

Anonymous 10611

Any anons that opened up their own business?

I've always had a dream of opening a family bakery/cafe and while i can read about it a lot on the internet, i'd like first-hand opinions for it since it's a little "dreamy" to open it with this economy and with big companies killing every small shop.
I'm saving a shitton of money for it and will still go to college so i can have more security if it fails, but i'd like to know how it fared you guys? Did you regret it in the end or are you still going strong?
What do you think is the most important thing to consider that other people don't tell you about opening your own business? Any tips?

I really wonder if it's a feasible dream or should i just give it up and just try to join an already established bakery.

Anonymous 10612

Opening a cafe/bakery has always been my dream, and i sometimes regret not pursuing it. But! my dad owns his own business so I can be a little helpful i hope

You will probably need a personal/business loan to start, no matter how much you have saved. Your best bet is to keep money for "just in case" in a savings account. Would you be going in with a partner, business or otherwise?

The next step would be to find a location. Where I live there are three empty bakeries/restaurants that come with all the equipment you'd need. I imagine theres a reason these places are empty tho. Where your business is really plays an important role however.

Third tip i can give is find an accountant you trust!! business taxes can be confusing if you have a partner or if you dont know how to claim income for a personal business.

I wish I had more for you anon, but i wish you the absolute best of luck. keep us updated if anything happens!!!

Anonymous 11269

For those of you who have done hospitality or customer facing work, did you guys put photos in your CV/resume? I know photos are really common in Europe and east Asia but in other regions it's practically unheard of. I live in New Zealand.

I thought for this sector it'd make sense to put mine in but now I'm wondering if I made the right choice. Would it give me an advantage say if I'm moderately attractive, or would they instantly trash it due to anti-discrimination policies?

Anonymous 11283


>if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds

Anonymous 11286

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand imageboards.

Anonymous 11287

unnamed (13).gif

For you. Also, talk for yourself.

Anonymous 11297

I'm in high school and I am thinking about going to college for being a lawyer– anyone in the field here? do you enjoy it? any advice on what I should be doing now to help? also, what's the day in the life of one?
thank u :)

Anonymous 11324

>talk for yourself
Why not tell that to OP

Anonymous 40994

Lawyering involves a lot of memorization. I've recommend that you use Anki when memorizing. Also, that field involves a lot of making contacts and socializing, so be prepared. College professors recommend the movie My Cousin Vinny, as it has 'the most accurate' representation of court on film, and will introduce you to the basic process of what goes on in court.

Anonymous 41107


Companies have multi-stage recruitment processes for freaking temporary jobs now ? What kind of joke is this ?

Anonymous 41110

It's over for me. I will never get a job after college.

Anonymous 42731

Ya'll will judge me but I'm doing a degree in popular music. I have an extended diploma in performance and no gcse's, though I guess I can easily lie about that on my CV. Plus I've never been able to stay in a job for more than a month.

What do I do guys


i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

Anonymous 43683

What sort of job options makes the best pay without too much strenuous work? I’d rather not socialize too much either but I can force myself to.

Lawyer (the type that does background research), urban planner, librarian, or accountant?

I’m not sure what I want to do with my life. I just want a job that has good pay and I don’t have to be put through too much stress. I’m in a program right now that I don’t even like but I got a huge scholarship so it’s essentially a free degree. I’d like to get educated in one of those fields after I’m done this one.

Anonymous 43684

I would not recommend lawyer or accountant. Librarians don't need to complete any test, they only need an information science master's. I have no idea about urban planning.

Anonymous 43734

Unfortunately lawyers make shit pay. The prestige and pay associated with it is pretty much in the past. You can still make it big but that's what it's like according to my disgruntled law buddies.

Can't think of any job with low stress, more figure out what stresses you out and what doesn't and find careers that match that. Like an example is my bff's job requires her to drive a lot, and that's extremely easy for her. But for me driving is a huge stress and I could never do it as a job. Conversely she would probably have anxiety attacks from the amount of socializing I have to do for work everyday, but for me that's all pretty low stress.

Anonymous 43745

I'm about to finish my mess of a degree in Information Technology, I'll probably make low-end pay until I get experience and transition into higher pay. My college transcript is a mess, at least I'll finally get my degree soon, if they ask about anything related to my transcript I'm just gonna say health problems. I got the skills, my gpa is 3.0> so hopefully I can at least get a job that pays 60,000.


i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

Anonymous 45425

>work for fast casual restaurant for 9 months
>boss gave me full time when i was first hired
>slowly he started giving me less hours, i'm talking like 1-2 shifts per week
>it was ok because all the retarded teenagers working there call out of their shifts every week and boss does nothing about it
>he just calls me up and I agree to cover every. last. one.
>boss constantly calls me a life saver, says he doesn't know what he'd do without me
>i'm thinking uhh…just fire their asses and hire better workers??? but then i'd get no hours so i say nothing
>fast foward to this past week, realize all said retarded teenagers are getting promotions/raises and i'm still at the lowest starter position imagineable
>boss was telling me earlier that I'm doing such an awesome job, etc., so I'm think wtf, I'm a better worker than these idiots so why do they get more money than me??
>confront boss about it
>he brings up a past psychiatric hospitalization towards the beginning of my employment and tells me he doesn't see me as "dependable" because of it
>a literal violation of the ADA
>I guess the look on my face spooked him, because suddenly he's being extra super nice, giving me 6 shifts a week, complimenting me over the dumbest things

I don't know what to think right now. I really enjoyed this job although was embarrassed to be in my mid 20's with nearly all 19-year-old coworkers. And especially now that they are in higher positions than me it's ultra embarrassing. I was looking online at other job options that I might qualify for and found one that pays like $23/hr compared to my current $13.25 and was so hesitant to apply, now its expired. :/ You ever know that feeling of needing to move on from a shitty job situation but just can't get yourself to leave? I feel like I'm needed there almost and that my boss is regretting his decision of telling me that because he knows I'm the only person who doesn't call the fuck out and always covers shifts when asked, even when it's inconvenient for me.

Sorry for tl;dr I just had to put this somewhere

Anonymous 45434

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards
Software engineer
>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
Sales people are loud.
>Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
Not sure what this means? Low-stress depends on what kind of personality you have.
>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
LOL based on the threads I see here, I think the average IQ of people on this site is lower than average if anything. I see intelligent women in all fields. If you're actually smart you'll be able to do any job well.
>Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
Don't be a one-trick pony.
>Shit that sucks about work in general
People talk to me when i'm in the middle of figuring a problem out and it disturbs my focus. We have an open office which I hate sometimes, I wish I had a soundproof booth with no windows to work in

Anonymous 45538

I've been thinking of applying to flight attendant add I received. I don't mind planes, I actually like to fly. I think it might be nice change of pace. It feels like a mid life crisis kind of move. Plus if they keep the promise of how much I would get paid, the pay would be way better.
I currently work in as a manager in a leasing office. It's okay but the pay could be better. Some days I literal have no work to do and sit in the office quietly all day. Normally there would be a free apartment but there isn't any available now. I still lack the seniority if one opens up.

Anonymous 45549

You should be a flight attendant! Depending on the airline, it can be very good. One of my friends went from manager to flight attendant and she did not regret it. She’s always in a new country every week. You basically get paid to go to new places. It’s like a dream job. I wish I could do that too but you have to be polite and deal with cranky jet lag people so that usually deters me from attempting

Are there any accountants on here? Should I become an accountant? What’s it like?

Anonymous 45554

Depending on the type of accounting it can actually be very stressful and time-sensitive with long hours. Most people doing accounting and audits in my country have an exit plan because it's so stressful. If you work at the big 4 your work is your life and financiers are shitty abusive family members.

Anonymous 45573

restaurant work somehow inherently makes you feel guilty for not doing it.
but fuck that mess they screwed you over and continue to and your boss is a dumbdumb.
just keep your eyes on new job postings i'm sure you'll find something. once you do you should jump on it.

Anonymous 45588


hey anon, is it a flight attendant "school"? my friend got suckered in to one when she was feeling directionless and not hearing back from other jobs and it was basically a scam. if its a direct job ad for an airline you be fine.

Anonymous 45634

You can only have a good life as a neet if you have someone to support you. Eventually you have to get a job when your parent's die/your boyfriend gets tired of you. And don't say anything about sex work that also has a time limit.

Anonymous 48204

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards
Genetic Counseling because it's desperately understaffed, but I can move into research once I'm no longer at the bottom of the totem pole.
>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
Geneticists are usually more politically conservative than those in related fields and "race realism" is vastly more common.
>Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
Not in research or academia. If you want a low stress, high paying job get a small loan of a million dollars and start your own lab, then nearly of die of stress trying to keep it afloat for about 5 years, then establish the brand and sell it for a mint so you can retire.
>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in
In STEM? Biological sciences in general.
>Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
Don't even bother thinking "I'll get my Master's after I've worked in the field a bit" because the economy is shit and you'll need it just to get your foot in the door anywhere half decent.

Anonymous 49456

I want to follow up on a post I made in the happy feels thread, but it isn’t happy and this thread is kind of related…. I was really excited about a job opening I applied for, but while looking over my cover letter after I sent it I noticed I referred to the wrong job title. :( And over 200 people have applied for the position so it’s probably not even open any more rip.

Anonymous 49460

>referred to the wrong job title
Nooooo. I don't know if there's anything one can do in this situation (I'm a neet who barely applied to places) but I hope you find another good job opening or get a nice job elsewhere.

Anonymous 49482

I have a job now so it's not like a crisis but it was a good reminder not to be do sure of myself and double check things. :/

Anonymous 54397

I applied to a nice looking job and they contacted me to set up an interview, but now I realized that it would be a one-hour commute each way. My current commute is 25 minutes one-way. The pay is slightly better, and right now I work at least 30 min unpaid overtime a day, but still….

Anonymous 54398

I mean, the salary of the new job is a bit higher. My current job has a lot of unpaid overtime, which will increase later this year if I get a promotion.

Anonymous 54420

Is the salary really higher if you’re doing even more unpaid overtime???? Wouldn’t that cancel out if you break it down

Anonymous 56077

fuck work im gonna invest, wish me luck with the sugar baby bs

Anonymous 56079

Investing is the opposite of sugar babying though. You're still working all day managing your stocks until you're too big to fail and you just hand over control to some hedge fund manager.

Anonymous 65569


I don't want to make my own thread.

But is there a good career field that's the minimum in customer interaction?

Anonymous 65664


When is it too late to switch occupations? I graduated tech college last year and have started working in august. It's an ok job but I'm pretty stressed out all the time and just feel dissatisfied.

Ever since I was a young teen I wanted to get into the funeral business. I got big into the death-positive movement, wanting to help people deal with death and grief. Just helping from the background seems like such an amazing thing to do. But when I was 14 stuff got in the way which is why I went into schooling instead.
Now I'm 21 and feel stuck, a mortician apprenticeship would be 4 years and that's if I could even find one. The local funeral home always looks for assistants and sales people but that's not really what I'm interested in. It doesn't seem like a career that's easy to get in.

Current job has 0 customer interaction. I work as a graphic designer + webprogrammer and my boss handles all the customers (most don't even know I exist). Could be that's just my office tho but generally if you work for someone and don't take on secretarial roles they'll talk to the client, it's the same for most of my old classmates.
IT is pretty good too, no expectation to be nice really.

Anonymous 65669

>When is it too late to switch occupations?
When you are dead. At any point before then you can pursue any career you want when you want it.

Anonymous 65706

Tons, I’d even say that customer interaction is one of the things that separate “jobs” from “careers” (eg retail, waitressing, taxi driving vs being an engineer or scientist)

Anonymous 65709

>Minimum customer interaction

Anonymous 65710

By definition all businesses have customers, and most of the time, if you're not talking to the customers yourself, it's your boss breathing down your neck to get answers for the customers turning the entire business into one twisted game of telephone that no one wins. Sure, if you absolutely hate talking to customers, technically you are correct, but what you say will be put through a filter instead.

t. worked in the aerospace industry with engineers

Anonymous 65738

Are there any nurses here? I'm about halfway through nursing school right now and doing clinicals in labor and delivery and I am really loving it. Just struggling with the exams. I have my midterm tomorrow!

Anonymous 65747

My biggest life goal was to be a painter. But then I felt unconfident in my own skill and drop out or art college. Now I'm in my late 20s jobless and no financial aid because I fucked up my paperwork and covid made things even more of a nightmare. I should spend this time painting….but I'm scared and too depressed. I keep getting interviews but no call backs. I know I should call but my self confidence is so low I have a hard time feeling worthy.

Anonymous 65748

Lost my job as a travel agent early this year, for obvious reasons.
I'm currently working towards a high school teaching position, preferably as a media teacher, though also training as a drama teacher. Fucking COVID has made uni a pain in the ass, and I might only be able to do my placement in a zoom classroom (not looking forward to that). Still, hopefully I can get a position in a year or so!

Anonymous 77345


I’ve been looking for a job recently and saw this. Why are recruiters insane?

Anonymous 77346

You could try lying about having a degree. Just use a really crappy state college as your alma mater and put a friend's phone number as a reference.

Anonymous 77347

Just apply anyway. They put down ideals and not always what they need.

Anonymous 77359

Yeah haha I applied anyway. I doubt anyone with a bachelors would apply so it’s not like I’m competing.

Anonymous 77364

Just applied at target wish me luck gyns

Anonymous 77374

good luck, anon!

Anonymous 77415

Me too anon. I'm going back to school for library science, hoping to get a job in the archives or a university library. The archives are my ideal, but unfortunately it's so niche with a very small job market. Which is why I'm going to take other courses that will keep my options open.
The public libraries in my country are god awful. It's like free daycare centres for families. So I definitely don't want to get a job there. At least working in a public library is better than being a NEET.

Anonymous 77445


I'm from Canada. It has a very similar situation
to the US. The homeless shelter/free daycare centre is quite common for public libraries here, which is why I wouldn't want to work in one. I actually worked in a city's public library before, and the librarians always had to call security to deal with suspicious visitors. It was kind of scary for me to see this happen on a weekly basis. On top of that, screaming children running rampant and throwing books at each other annoyed me. Public libraries aren't quiet anymore. They're mostly used as community centres instead of a quiet place for students to study.
Academic libraries are preferred for me. Helping students and academics gather research materials sounds so cozy. I have another masters so I'm hoping that'll be enough to land a position.
There are so many library science degrees and library science tech diplomas here but not enough jobs, so the very small job market is unfortunately oversaturated with graduates. Most people don't even end up working in a library. But people are retiring so I'm still hopeful I might get a position some day!
In Canada, teachers with no library science backgrounds can cover for public elementary schools and high schools. So the degree is kinda obsolete in non-post secondary education.
Rural areas here do pay less and tend to hire college graduates over a masters credential. I think if I were to land a rural library job, it would be so comfortable! I don't mind not earning much. I don't plan on living a lavish lifestyle, just enough to keep myself afloat.
I have had two internships working in archives before, so hopefully that covers the required experience in job applications once I graduate. Working in the archives twice was such a lovely experience. I hope to land a permanent position some day.

Anonymous 77483


Do any of you anons work night shift? I got offered a job as a night auditor at a hotel that’s only 2 days/wk. My mom keeps saying it’s really unsafe and I shouldn’t take the offer. I still want it though so I can avoid social interaction.

Anonymous 77486


): Well that's that

Anonymous 77516

I’m sorry anon. Target doesn’t deserve you. There are plenty of other places to apply. A lot of grocery stores are eager to hire.
Someone fucking answer me PLEASE

Anonymous 77520

I recently got a job as a stocker, cause of covid. Two weeks out of the month I work a 3am-12pm shift. The hardest part I found about it is sleeping so early. I like the limited customer interactions because I fucking hate customers.
But a hotel is different, there are chances of getting a customer that late.
Is this you're first job because 2 days out of the week is not going to be a lot of money.

Anonymous 77529

It’s not my first job, it’s just 2 days because I’m a college student and I don’t have too much bills to pay.
>I fucking hate customers.
God, me too.

Anonymous 77565

never work at this job or others on the same strip within the neighborhood. not worth

Anonymous 77568

Lol if its in a sketchy place, can you atleast find a manageable/realistic and reasonable way of keeping safe (such as arming yourself/is there armed sec)?These are genuine things to consider in a workplace, because anything could happen in these transitional sorts of environments; That being said, you determine for yourself if your time (and actual safety) is worth what you are going to put into this job. Is the 2 days/wk even that worth of an offer to you? Is it truly?? IMO, I agree w/ your mom.

Anonymous 77658


Anyone else apply for jobs they don’t meet the qualifications for out of desperation?

>others on the same strip within the neighborhood.
I ended up not taking the job. Oh well. Back to job hunting.

Anonymous 77695

> Anyone else apply for jobs they don’t meet the qualifications for out of desperation?

This is a good thing to do as sometimes they are over the top with what they want. Just spam everyone with your CV and see what happens.

Anonymous 77725

You almost always should. No one will meet all the qualifications listed on a job. Zero people.

Anonymous 77732

I applied to a bunch of med schools this week. I can't stop checking my emails every other minute even though I know the answers are only coming in next month, it's like trying to cut from an abusive ex. Kinda rethinking my career path along the way but I don't mind doing long hours and having little free time. I really want to work with kids because they give me joy yet I don't want to birth my own, so I hope I'll get to become a pediatrician.

Anonymous 77735

i'll be working towards a degree that will allow me to work in the healthcare field. i kind of want to do a trade because i don't want to go to grad school or college at all but almost all trade positions where i live are extremely physical and in refineries. but theres infinitely so many benefits to getting a college degree for me that i can't not go to college. i think i'll just do undergrad and become a flight attendant or something

Anonymous 77790


>tfw you feel like you wrote a really good resume and cover letter
>see this

Anonymous 77810

I know that feel anon. At least you got told they weren't interested anyway instead of being left hanging.

Anonymous 77853


I think I’d honestly rather get left hanging skndsiusosjsjsi

Anonymous 78394


I posted this on /adv/ but I thought I’d ask here too.
I was wondering how you would phrase a salary negotiation if you got 2 job offers. I don’t want to sound rude. I was thinking something like this:
“I have received another job offer which pays $1 more, but I am more interested in this opportunity. Is the salary for this job negotiable? Thank you!”
How is that?

Anonymous 78421

I'm no burger so this might not be good but how about something like "I received another offer with slightly higher compensation, is your offer negotiable? I'd like to join you if we can make it work."

Anonymous 78424

People on /adv/ were saying I shouldn’t do that since it’s just an entry level job and I wouldn’t have anything to offer over another candidate. It really would just be a $1-$2 difference. Idk!!

Anonymous 78429

Here's how you do it.
"I got an offer for more, pay me more or I walk." If you're at all good at your job this is a legitimate threat and you will get the raise. If not, just take the other job.

Anonymous 78458

I know this one was 3 years ago but how do you sustain two people on 73k? I made 90k last year and I can’t even move out of moms basement.

Anonymous 78459

>49k a year with bonuses up to $6k a year
Just realized I read the post wrong and assumed 6k quarterly bonus. How do you sustain 2 people on 55k a year????wtf???

Anonymous 78466

You can't live off 55k$ a year? How much debt are you in? I've managed my finances to make it so my spouse and I can last a year off of 18K$, what metro shithole are you posting from that 55k$ a year isn't enough for two people?

Anonymous 78467

0 debt
>my spouse and I can last a year off of 18K$
no, YOU tell me where you are so I can move the hell out of California

Anonymous 78475

Figures, we don't like your type around here, so I shouldn't tell you.

But if you must know, North Dakota leaves it's arms wide open to anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge and the willingness to live through -20F winters.

Anonymous 78499

>I made 90k last year and I can’t even move out of moms basement.
I’m in Cali and I don’t understand this? What does your budget look like??

Anonymous 80536


I think the worst kind of work is when you get given menial jobs, treated like you're incapable, and not allowed to solve anything for yourself. I used to work in automotive production and it was the most draining, soul-sucking job I've ever had. Any time I was spoken to by a higher-up, it felt patronizing. The only good thing I can say is the paycheck, and it really helped with living on my own.

I'm back in school now to get into the aviation industry which is my true passion. Hoping to have my aircraft maintenance engineering license in a couple years.

>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in

Some really smart friends of mine are all in engineering of some sort. Mechanical engineering in particular is full of a lot of really gifted and talented women.

My advice is just follow things you're passionate about. If money is your priority you might get stuck in a depressing job. You need to find something YOU like to do, even if it's a career not many women are currently in. There's only a handful of women in my entire school, and the rest of my class is all male, but fuck 'em. This is what I enjoy doing.

Anonymous 82187


A month ago, I began working in an office. I like my coworkers and it’s near home. It’s a comfy job and it pays $17/hr.
I was just offered an opportunity for a job that pays more ($20.75) but it is 30min away and I would feel like a jerk leaving my current job so soon.

What would you anons do? What should I do? Pic unrelated

Anonymous 82189

lesser pay for comfier job is always the way to live as long as you CAN live like this

Anonymous 82190

This. You’re going to end up doing an hour of unpaid work per day traveling. Unless you’re happy to move soon to where the new job is, it’s not worth the hassle.

Anonymous 82210

negotiate a pay raise with this as leverage and don't be afraid to walk away from your current position. don't sell yourself short. a major reason why women aren't payed as much as men is because we don't pursue our interests as hard as they do. it's only natural to look out for your own interests, and you should feel no guilt in doing so.

the higher wage more than makes up for the extra travel time. for a typical 8-hour day, she will be making an extra $30 with this more lucrative job. if you're going to sit around and work all day, you might as well get all that you're worth.

Anonymous 82211

The higher-paying job ended up not working out with my college schedule anyway.
>a major reason why women aren't payed as much as men is because we don't pursue our interests as hard as they do.
You’re right anon, women aren’t as assertive as they could be. I would just feel bad working for a company for less than a month especially since I said I wanted something “stable/long-term” during the interview lmao. You think I should leave my job-searching profile public in case it gets me any good offers?

Anonymous 82212

>I said I wanted something “stable/long-term” during the interview lmao.
lol, this tells me you haven't been to a lot of job interviews. just say what they want to hear; they're doing it right back, to be sure. don't feel bad, it's just business.
>You think I should leave my job-searching profile public in case it gets me any good offers?
never thought about that, but i don't see why not.

Anonymous 97494


Hey queens, looking to get my first job since I just graduated high school

I gave my cv to employers online, and one responded, and another one, from a company I hadn't previously heard of, texted me on my personal phone, 'hello…' as first contact.

Is this ominous? Or is this a normal recruiting practice? It seems so vague and I don't know how to respond.

Anonymous 99224

They sent you a "hello" before you had even gotten an interview? No employer has ever contacted me on my personal phone unless it was to notify me of an interview (but that initial contact is usually done over email) or actually offer me the job.

Do you have an update?

Anonymous 102383

That’s not normal, I would avoid

Anonymous 102396

>My advice is just follow things you're passionate about. If money is your priority you might get stuck in a depressing job. You need to find something YOU like to do, even if it's a career not many women are currently in. There's only a handful of women in my entire school, and the rest of my class is all male, but fuck 'em. This is what I enjoy doing.
this is something i struggle with.
i'm a freshman in uni, currently majoring in a pretty good field with good pay but i realized it's really not something i'm interested in anymore. though, i grew up poor and i want my mom to live in a nice house since she never really got to buy one herself. i feel really conflicted.

Anonymous 102405

either a tech-illiterate boomer at a mom-and-pop small business or a scam job so probably a 50/50.

Anonymous 103240

Medfag-in-training here. I'm fucking tired of medicine. People are fucking idiots. It's common to see pregnant 14-year-olds in the government hospital I work at. On the other end of the spectrum, you have 40-year-olds who are on their 6th or 7th pregnancy and have never gone to a single prenatal check-up. You know that we ran out of IUDs the other day?

Anonymous 103331

Doing what you love for a living is mostly a meme. Personally I would keep my favorite interests as hobbies because if I monetized them I would come to hate them eventually. IMO stay in your field if you can envision yourself tolerating being in it for the rest of your life, that way you can support yourself then just do what you love in your free time without worrying about money. Anyway, pivoting your career elsewhere later on in life is also completely possible.

Anonymous 103335

It's a hard choice to make and really depends on how much you actively hate what you're studying vs just not interested anymore. Following your "dreams" and being poor is a bad strategy, following money into a job you absolutely hate is also a bad strategy. If you're just pivoting from what decent job path into another somewhat decent job path, do it. If you're, say, considering dropping after med school to consider pursuing your dream of performing opera, that's not exactly the same thing compared to moving from Engineering to say Mathematics is it? In the end it's a very hard choice that no one can make for you, but you. It's up to you to decide how much you can put up with, whether that involves relentless pursuit of the objective to the point of poverty, or, only doing what you're actually passionate about on the weekends if that's important to you.

And just in case you have it in your head that you're "throwing a perfectly good career away", please keep in mind only 2% of people have anything resembling the mythical "career" where they receive applaud and recognition for their work, the other 98% have jobs like everyone else and some just pay better than others.

Anonymous 103373

I am an undergrad wanting to pursue a MD/PhD, currently a junior, might do a biology Master's in between. Uni is offering to pay for the Master's. My goal is not to get the maximum salary but to enjoy what I do and to have my basic needs paid for. It helps that I'm already a shut-in. Does this personality type seem like a good fit for physician research? What's your experience with other branches of medicine?

Anonymous 103464

nta but
No, it won't help. Medicine is full of a different type of nerd. It's the type-A, hypersocial type of nerd, not so much introverted studious shut-in types. From my experience, you will need to mask that personality extremely well or it might seriously put you at a disadvantage during rotations or anything requiring subjective evaluations from other overachieving social butterflies.
Pure research tends to be more accepting of reserved people, but I assume you want to do clinical work as well. Otherwise I'd suggest simply following a traditional academic career. Full-time researchers tend to look down on MD/PhDs or physician researchers as a whole anyway, since they think they skipped steps and can't commit properly to science alone. I don't know in which country you live, but in many places it is not realistically possible to combine clinical practice with research despite what is advertised. I'd definitely recommend you try to get in contact with people working in the departments/locations you wish to work in in the future and ask about their daily life and career (be very specific and nosy).

Anonymous 103650

Thanks for the advice, I know the type you're talking about. I joined the pre-med honors society as a freshman and our first social was an underaged drinking party. They also had fundraising and event attendance requirements. Despite the connections they offered, I am no longer involved. The STEM crowd has always been more my type

Anonymous 103986

> What job/career are you currently working or working towards

Software Engineering. My true passion has been to be a JP-EN translator but I feel like the jobs for that are all going to be automated real soon, probably even rendering my studying of Japanese useless anyway. I'd rather pursue my passions as a side-hustle first and then hope they can eventually turn into something full-time that way, rather than jumping straight into an industry with such an uncertain future.

>>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths

>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths

That they're quite socially awkward and incapable of reading social cues. I have a MtF friend (That's become my only real "friend" so far in this major) that is too blunt with me. She says and does things that are lowkey rude all the time and it is one of the things that makes you feel patronized while hanging out or talking to her. Example: When I've told her about something I cooked than didn't turn out as good as I thought it would, she says "Well, hopefully it doesn't taste like crap" or "Hopefully it's edible at least".

She also stands too close and stares at me while talking sometimes, which makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Most other people I've talked to in this major don't come off much less autistic than her, so I suppose the stereotype runs true to an extent.

She and most others I've met in Computer Science, also have way too inflated egos, and come off very narcissistic. They can be pretty obnoxious to talk to.

>>Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.

The Software Engineering field is known for being that kind of place, but of course if you pursue it with 0 interest you will probably still manage to make yourself stressed out from it. This applies to any field - no matter how laidback and lucrative it is sold as. So it's cliched, but true - It's relative because you have to find something that YOU are interested in. No kind of field like that exists for every one person.

>>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)

Most people I've met in this field have been men or trans women, and the latter I think may usually be there as a consequence of their identity (Being raised as a male, as well as the attraction of a job where they don't have to reveal their gender identity or have it be relevant to their doing of the job.). However, naturally I don't see as many cis women with typical feminine interests in this field so I wouldn't know if they typically excel in it or not.

>Shit that sucks about work in general

Everything. It wouldn't be "work" if it didn't.

Anonymous 104054

I work in a pharmacy/grocery store, and holy shit I hate old people and disabled people so much.
They expect so much for free and never know how to do anything by themselves. They constantly ask for help with phones and about EVERYTHING, it wastes so much time and money.
Not even to mention the obvious fact that they're creepy about sex stuff, if they're old men then they're perverts. If they're old women they make disparaging and gross comments. If they're retarded they oggle you.

Plus the gotdamn the people that pretend to not know language in order for you to do things for then like set up their phones.

Anyone above 40 should be forced to take technology literacy tests every year or else not be allowed to work or participate in modern society, it would solve so much work place harassment.
Retail made me support eugenics

Anonymous 104072

>Software Engineering. My true passion has been to be a JP-EN translator but I feel like the jobs for that are all going to be automated real soon, probably even rendering my studying of Japanese useless anyway. I'd rather pursue my passions as a side-hustle first and then hope they can eventually turn into something full-time that way, rather than jumping straight into an industry with such an uncertain future.
I understand the uncertainty you're feeling, but I'd argue that machine translation is only going to help with translating things that aren't important. The real well-paid translation jobs are actually for those who translate legal documents or engineering schematics. Both of these fields require dual-majoring (target language+law/engineering), but machine translation for legal documents is a hell of a long way away.

Anonymous 104075


Machine translation for legal documents will improve faster because it is much more technical and logical in nature.

And the unimportant things are already being translated by a bunch of people online completely for free. Machine translation may not be good for translating very colloquial speech like slang yet, but the people that do still tend to be paid pretty poorly because of the over-saturation of the market. I see hundreds of fan translation accounts for Kpop, for example, who are usually not professional translators and do it for no profit whatsoever. As an other example, there are thousands of hentai doujins translated in English now - often by some anons on 4chan (who certainly didn't do it for profit, I'm sure). People get no reason to pay for translations of the unimportant things, when they can access them completely for free (And I'm sure in the respective communities with the examples above they would surely revolt if they had to, especially with the hentai doujins - à la Fakku).

Anonymous 104077

I was NEET but I just got hired for a fast food job which is my first job ever. I think they're desperate for workers right now because before I never got replies to my applications but this time they hired me on the spot. Anyways, my question is, are all fast food jobs guaranteed to be horrible or can you have a good experience there? All I ever hear about is abusive managers and customers. I kind of wish I picked retail instead of fast food now but I'll still try doing this job.

Anonymous 104081

Does everyone here want an office job, or at least an inside job?
There’s a shortage of truck drivers at the moment and the pay is pretty good, albeit the hours and working conditions can be less than ideal.

Anonymous 104082


Hello, another former NEET here that managed to get out of NEETdom with a fast food job. Like most jobs, it will depend entirely on what kind of managers and co-workers you have. Some people get lucky enough to work with some really supportive ones (Usually happens to stores in corporate and/or unionized locations), but because these kind of jobs usually hire with lower qualifications, you're more likely to work with a bunch of immature teenagers slacking off and ghetto people just needing a job to pay for child support/their baby mama/drugs/etc. Both won't hesitate to screw with you - the former because they just got that job to pass the time and pay for dumb shit they want, and the latter because they're pretty uneducated and incompetent. However, if you tough it out, you can end up finding a better job. I now work two campus job that still shocks me with how much more lenient and comfy they are compared to the job I had in fast food. Good luck anon.

Anonymous 104084


Also I just want to add, that good managers and co-workers don't tend to last long. They're people with a head on their shoulders and who likely still hold out higher ambitions than working dead-end jobs, so will still leave the moment something better comes along. It's your dumb ghetto co-workers getting in and out of jail, working fast food because they can't work anywhere else, or your co-workers too old to give a fuck anymore, that are only going to last.

Anonymous 104273

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
software developer. Im currently working in a low pay (for the job) gov developer position, my first job out of school.
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
Startup bros are annoying, hackathons are mostly bullshit that doesn't work and hand waving, the other women I went to school with were all either old or eastern european.

- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
Government, but youll be poor. You might as well get employed at a big tech company, work a few months until youre fired then live off that money until the next job.

- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
If you want an in demand job, do nursing or something related to CS/IT. If you're in Freshman-Senior year, try to get a Summer job in your field of choice, in an on-campus lab any time during the year, or freelancing.

- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
Study your CS, get an internship during Sophmore and Junior year Summers, and do AP tests or CLEP exams for school credit in BS subjects like sociology and history.

Any tips on learning how to do Technical Interview problems?

- Shit that sucks about work in general
Making healthcare appointments around work hours.

Anonymous 104307

i actually really want to start a career in construction, but im not sure where to start. any tips for a girl trying to break into the industry?

Anonymous 104374

>let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds
this requires being terminally online, not intelligent

Anonymous 104375

>let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds
Sorry anon, I'm the stupid kind of autist.

Anonymous 104678

Look up construction jobs in your country and see what kind of qualifications theyre asking for. In the mean time, apply for no skill construction jobs if there are any. This is general advice for anyone in high school tbh.

Anonymous 104863

Hey miners, I would consider myself someone who is creative and enjoys making things. As a hobby, i really enjoy arts and crafts but I honestly dont think I can turn that into a profession and enjoy it (at least right away, I want to publish some of my works in the future, but I dont want to have to rely on that for income) So I have decided to aim for a business administrative major with a minor in marketing. Is this a good idea?

Anonymous 105934

what the fuck is this

Anonymous 105941

t-the fucking what? anon are you okay?

Anonymous 105943

Guys it's just a spambot using some predictive text kind of writing script

Anonymous 107007

300k starting.jpg

>be me
>live in third world cunt
>still in uni and 2 years away from graduating
>somehow get hired as a dev remotely because of rona
>insanely good salary for someone with no experience
>very large corporation so they took like two months to place me in a team but still cashed money
>literally be at class and meetings at the same time because based rona
>almost no workload because noob
>started applying to murrikan/yuropoor remote dev jobs because think i can handle a third full time job
>even if i can't would still walk away with a lot of money before they fire me
Holy shit I'm loving the home office wagie life and feeling like dying at 8pm while I drift away into sleep. Also about a month ago I applied to some women in tech paid internship thingy for FOSS development and ranted about muhsogyny and homophobia and used they/them pronouns in the essay because apparently they want such people, they said in October they would start contacting us so fingers crossed kek.

Anonymous 107039

you are just a brown woman so you come in handy for them to fill their diversity quotas

Anonymous 107495

Sounds based, ignore the other anon.

Anonymous 107496

If it works it works. I wouldn't like living like that, but I hope it goes well for you.

Anonymous 107531

Cunt is indeed how you abbreviate country.

Anonymous 112357

Anybody else here just kinda NEET by choice? I guess I'd rather laze around than work a shit job.

Anonymous 112360

what do you do all day

Anonymous 112363


Meh, I'll shoot:

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards

I currently work for an Intelligence agency. 99% of my day is shooting the shit with people and watching youtube. Aside from travel (which is 50% of the year, around the US and outside) it's basically a chill office job where I can't use a cellphone.

>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in

IT and Intel, which is biased of me to say i suppose. IT more so you can start from the bottom and end up making 70-80k in a couple of years if you're not scared to move around.

>Tips for other anons/Ask for advice

DO NOT get complacent at a job ever. Don't think you need to stay at one job or one location for long. The way you were told interviewing/apply was by your parents and teacher no longer applies. Also i can not stress enough that if you think you at least fill 25% of a job description, go ahead and apply. Recruiters/People in HR are the ones who write the majority of job descriptions and don't know what the fuck they actually want. i've seen jobs posted where they want 10 years experience in an application that is only 4 years old.

>Shit that sucks about work in general

Lets be real: leaving your comfy bed in the morning blows.

Anonymous 112373

read, eat, nap. Actually it's nice enough, I only feel like shit when I realize society looks down on me.

Anonymous 113034

does this also apply for tech roles as well? i dont know if i'm good enough to apply to some of them

Anonymous 113039

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards
As most other third world women, i want to work as a software developer.
I was lucky to get a full scholarship which allowed me hop on internships pretty early on instead of working a nine to five to pay for the CS degree. So recently I landed my first dev job and i'm excited to be reaching this goal. Will be happier 2 years from now when i'm actually done with college though

>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths

IT has a lot more homosexuals than I previously expected

>Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.

I get way less stressed when I work less hours, which I can do now that I work from home, since it's more about how much I can get done instead of how many hours I spend working.

>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in


>Tips for other anons/Ask for advice

Third world anons: don't be afraid to apply for tech jobs even if you're lacking most of the skills requested. These companies will usually provide you with lots of learning material, from programming courses to english classes.

>Shit that sucks about work in general

Working instead of chilling

Anonymous 113109

finally feel old enough and adult enough to contribute to this thread so lets goooo

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards

Leaning towards scientific research or some type of management within my field. Either wanna work for a non-profit or university.

>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths

People going into business are pretty self absorbed/stubborn. Lol

>Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.


>Tips for other anons/Ask for advice

How to make job interviews less scary plz

Anonymous 113117

Everyone in my field is an identity politics SJW moralfagging virtue flagging scumbag who only do it to be accepted by the same people. They put others down if they don't conform to their opinions and it aggravates me to no end. Do they not have any original thoughts or think for themselves? God university is such a joke now and cushions fragile egos who break down at any tiny insult thrown at them. And they interpret every benign thing as an insult.

Anonymous 113118

>How to make job interviews less scary plz
research the company you've applied to and then look at the job posting. try to match your interview answers and highlight what traits they wanted in their job posting. Interviews are more of a personality matching for the company and employee I find, not really about job qualifications or work experience.

Anonymous 113204

I finally feel like I have enough experience to contribute to threads like these!

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards

I work in public accounting, I never really anticipated myself growing up and working such a corporate job but I really value the stability it provides

> What have you noticed about people in certain career paths

At least for public accounting and finance, most people are pretty driven and ambitious. There are a handful of bad apples who will cut your throat to get ahead but in general most people I've clicked with are just hardworking nice people

> Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.

At least for public accounting, the hours and pay aren't worth the stress. You're paying your dues in the early career in order to be able to jump ship with experience to a higher paying job in a few years. I haven't worked in finance but I know they work mad hours as well but are better compensated. Working in "industry" accounting is where the pay gets better and stress lowered, some people go the government route to get a boring , stable job with less pay but guaranteed max 40 hours of work

> Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in

In the current job market (which is booming) theres so many different paths you can take, and it really depends on what your priorities are. Do you want to leave a few years later to start a family? Do you prioritize time over money? But in general I'd say computer science is a field that pays handsomely and is relatively desperate for women. I'd also say that you should be wary of getting masters degree's unless you really need it (just to avoid all that debt)

>- Shit that sucks about work in general

I hate how with this covid environment with remote work theres no way to distinguish life and work , its like living 24/7 at work. I used to be able to have my 'work hat' i'd take off when it was time to have my personal life but now i feel like work has creeped so much into my time. I think it also has to do with my roles now being much more managerial i have to be available so just always having my work phone on me has it looming in the back of my mind.


Don't forget that work is just a means to an end, don't let it control your life and be sure to take enough time to yourself. Whether thats taking trips, having weekends to yourself or making room for your hobbies, just make sure you take care of yourself because no job is worth sacrificing that

my boyfriend works in scientific research (big name pharma) and for him it was about networking? You either distinguish yourself with having good grades and degrees, but one other way to get your foot in the door for any industry is to make friends and just always be cordial to people since you never know when they can hook you up with a position thats open

and regarding job interviews? just remember that they're people to who don't really want to do them either, so once you transcend that wall you're able to be very open and connect with them much more and making a good impression is much better than giving the 'right' answers. For example, in accounting when i've been asked to conduct interviews I always think 'is this the kind of person i'd want to be on my team 3 months out of the year? are they friendly/nice enough to chat with? or are they just as flat as a piece of paper that says 4.0 on them and nothing else?

Also as said by another poster, really research the firm/company - know what values they have and what iniatives they're running, or the latest business news and bring them up on the interview. it shows you've done your homework and actually care enough to do that (even if it is kinda fake). ie. if they have an initiative to give back x amount to the community or if they had a postiive article written about their company growth you can use that to say how you're excited to join a company with such good opportunities and that speak values through actions etc

Anonymous 113856

I need 2 letter of recommendation for grad school and literally both of the recommenders who agreed to write them are ghosting me.
I am so fucking tired.

Anonymous 118164

Wishing you the best anon. Currently in the Grad School process as well and asking for letters of rec and making sure they all got submitted was definitely one of the worst parts.

Anonymous 123004

How do I tell my boss I need to reduce my hours for schoolwork while emphasizing that I will still be productive/care about the job? I haven’t had enough time to study since my classes started.

Anonymous 123231

last night applied for some jobs and put nanny to pad my work experience because it’s relevant to the position. i just copied a description for nanny off of the internet at 3am. i just checked the submitted application and realized that it says “feeding, bathing, and cooking for children.” wtf, specifically mentioning bathing kids is weird. whoever sees my resume might think i’m a pedo because of that. i probably wouldn't hire someone who said that on their resume.

Anonymous 124365

I was a nanny for six months. Parents don't usually look for nannies when their children are babies that need to be held with delicacy for the bath. ''Bathing'' a 3 year old is literally only doing their hair and helping with their back and feet (because they can stay still with one foot), the rest of areas is easier for them. They wash their private parts themselves because they need to learn how to do that (although you rinse them completely). If a kid who isn't part of your family trusts you enough for letting you bath them that's a good thing and it means you were a competent nanny. I was nervous before starting to take care of those children because I was a very shy kid myself but there's nothing weird about bathing kids when you're a nanny. I can't understand disgusting pedo mentality. Children's bodies are the less sexual thing in the world, they look like beans with limbs.

Anonymous 124374

as long as your rates are cheap no one is going to care. people are surprisingly lax about who they let care for their kids. i got nannying jobs as a high school graduate only with zero childcare experience

Anonymous 124375

right after graduating i mean. who in their right mind is hires a teenager with zero experience and references to look after their kid…

Anonymous 124381

People who need a fucking break and can't afford to break the bank.

Anonymous 124707

I got rejected from a dream company last week. Pretty bummed, but I checked another application and it says recruiter review, which gives me a bit of hope because I applied on the same day.

Anonymous 126560

>What job/career are you currently working or working towards

Currently studying Youth Work (social work, but specialising in young people.) at University.

>What have you noticed about people in certain career paths.

Can’t say that i have industry experience yet, however, the people i study with are interesting. Most of the people in my course are either:
-SUPER politically opinionated young people.
-Single mothers who act like massive know it alls after a decade of wrangling their own traumatized and fatherless children.
-Young people / middle-aged people that have been in the “system” themselves.
-People who have no fucking clue what they’re here for.

>Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.

Probably in desk jobs that don’t involve interacting with clients face to face, say like government jobs including project management, community engagement shit, etc. I know some of those higher positions can offer 6 figure salaries.

HOWEVER working as a residential care worker, which is objectively one of the most stressful and shithouse jobs you can take will pay around 30 - 40 dollars an hour. Usually those hours are long, most places i know have day shift/night shift.

>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in.

See above answer, probably in desk jobs for the government. Not to say that the case workers/social workers on the ground interacting with clients aren’t smart people, but the government desk jobs are certainly more involved with a lot more complicated things.

>Tips for other anons/Ask for advice

My biggest piece of advice, at least in regards for being in a similar position that i’m in.
For the love of CHRIST do NOT fucking decide to work in social work/youth work as a means of working out your own issues. holy shit, just fucking don’t. Don’t model yourself off of your teachers, take bits and pieces and apply them to your own personal values and insights.

Also recognise your biases, i know, you’d think it’s dumb but the amount of fucking people in my class that are extremely opinionated and apply their own personal experiences and shit opinions to clients’ situations/cases is insane. This isn’t a job where you get to shove your opinions down someone else’s throat unless it's worded like a suggestion.

- Shit that sucks about work in general

N/A, but i am sick to death of getting the “omg you’re gonna be a social worker?? You’re such a good person” and “yeah good luck sticking around in that, you’re gonna burn out fast.” comments.
like shut up, if i burn out it’s nobody’s problem, i have a billion other things i’d like to do as a career.

Anonymous 128134

I'm starting an office job soon which is a huge achievement for someone like me and for now I'm very motivated but I'm so afraid of having another psychotic break (I'm a schizo). Wish me luck nonas, I'll really need it.

Anonymous 128135

good luck anon. you can do it!

Anonymous 130430

I’m about to graduate with a bachelors in bio. I originally was premed but im graduating with a GPA of 3.6, so I don’t think that’s in the cards for me. I’m gonna do a gap year to get clinical experience, but it feels so difficult to find a relevant job. Any advice?

Anonymous 133422

1 year special masters program, clinical research, prep classes for MCAT, apply to DO schools.

Anonymous 133860


Electronics factorys that do contract manufacturing have a few ok job opportunities that don't require credentials. In assembly you sit next to a conveyor belt that carrys circuit boards into a soldering furnace and your job is to put electronic components onto the boards in a paint by numbers fashion.
Or in visual inspection you look at finished boards to spot mistakes and mend them with a soldering iron. All you need is good eyesight and a little bit dexterity. It's female dominated too. What sucks is the shift work and kind of dead end, but it pays well

Anonymous 134013

Thank you for your advice! I considered a special 1 year masters, but they’re so expensive. On the other hand, I was wrong about my GPA, it’s actually a 3.66. Still not great, but better than a flat 3.6. Are there any MCAT courses you’d rec?

Anonymous 137604


studying comp neuro/comp bme at college, but not sure what kind of career i want? ideally i'd get a comfy swe job or some coding related bio job that's not too heavy on the workload side of things i hope, but right now i am doing an internship at a pharma company and its pretty nice desu. i don't make too much, but it's a fair bit more than minimum wage so that's nice i guess.
any nonas here have any suggestions for my major? i know comp neuro is a bit specific but if anyone has any ideas for potential jobs i'd might like i'd love to know as i feel a bit lost at the moment.

Anonymous 140416

How do I get out of clinical labs so I can work in a job that doesn't cause an instant stress response? What are my options?

Anonymous 140431

I always wanted to study linguistics or botany but ended up in medicine instead. I guess it's a good job and the pay is really good, but all of the other students are just here to get as much cash as possible, the amount of corruption here is not even funny. I wish I could just get a bf with a good income but all jobs that pay well are IT related and I have not had a good time interacting with techy men, idk why.

Anonymous 140433

If you want to attract a tech nerd buy a thinkpad and run Linux on it.

Anonymous 140933

good luck anon!

Anonymous 141957

i wish i could be a neet, but alas i need money.

on that subject: nonas, do any of you have side gigs with low entry requirements? what do you do/how much do you make?

Anonymous 142126

I’d love to be a programmer, but I hate tech men. Idk what else, I guess I’d have to get over that.

Anonymous 142138

I'm currently studying algorithms and flutter and I'm loving it, it's not easy but it's very blissful to understand how software works. Tech man are a pain in the ass, but it shoudn't prevent us from working with what we love, we need to occupy spaces now more then ever.

this thread should have more traffic, sometimes I get tired of ranting about trannies and moids, want to forget a little about this shit and talk more about future

Anonymous 143930


>apply for graphic design job because the pay is good
>get interview
>have never done graphic design in my life

Anonymous 143933

Same. I have grown very tired of university and academia, so my plan is to finish my degree (STEM field, but not computer science) and then try to get into web development.
I have done some smaller projects as a hobby and I genuinely enjoy coding, but the field itself also somewhat intimidates me. I always feel like I don't belong as a woman because literally everyone else I encounter in related communities online is either a man or a troon.

Anonymous 143971

It's been 5 years if you're still there, how has life been?

Anonymous 144209

It was a scam anyway, lol kms

Anonymous 144534


>let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds
Holy fucking kek.

Anonymous 144536

>Do you have the intelligence to click a url?
>if so, you just might have what it takes….

Anonymous 144939

I may take your advice but god, I cannot get over tech men (and even women sometimes). There was this guy in my cs class who asked my friend to break up with her boyfriend and get with him, and to make it worse he didn't even know her. His friend will not stop gossiping about her because of it. There is also this girl who will not shower at all. I cannot describe how icky and gross her hair is. It's so greasy and disgusting that it is literally FALLING OFF. She wears a mask too, and she's always picking her nose and rubbing it on the mask and eating it. There's also a mysterious yellow stain on it, and she has rotten yellow teeth. She looks like a witch from a cartoon, and smells terrible. I've also read way too many horror stories about the kinds of ppl who work in comp sci. Most don't even dress up for work because of how little they interact with people. Sometimes I feel like my goal is too much about money and demand rather than whether I would actually enjoy the job. I hate people, and I'm a bit socially awkward, but not enough to sit in front of a computer all day trying to figure shit out. And when I do socialize on the job, I don't want it to be with these fucks. Business also scares me however, I'm scared that people will view me as naive or weird like a lot of people already do.
Maybe I use tech too much already, but I don't want that to be the rest of my life.

I'm also considering graphic design or business (I don't know what kind yet), maybe IT specifically.

UX may also be cool, but sometimes I feel like I'm too smart for that.

Maybe I'm just being overdramatic. Maybe I'll end up in a situation where it will actually be fulfilling to work from home, with a spouse and kids. Someone to keep me company. Although it would be nice to have some place physical.

Sorry if this came out kinda sloppy, I'm on mobile.

Anonymous 145631


>be me
>applies for sales job
>mildly autistic
>group interview
>thinks the candidates are going to be basic beckys and stacys who have way more social skills than me
>guy with greasy hair
>brought his mom along
>very very awkward
>way older than me
>clearly more autistic than me

…so I’m pretty sure I got the job

Anonymous 145636

I'm thinking of going to school or doing some sort of vocational training. I don't want to do the main money makers like tech, medicine, sales, or law. If I'm honest, my interests lie mainly in biology, botany, mycology and landscaping/green house propagation but I don't know anything about the field or what kind of jobs it will bring. I don't want to be in schooling forever since I'm in my late 20s. I'd like to have a career aspect within the next 4 years. I don't care about making a shit ton of money, I could cap at 3k a month and live well within my means. Art and freelancing is good for side cash but I don't want to build a career out of it.

Anonymous 145642

Nona, have you thought about becoming a clinical lab tech? There’s plenty of jobs and you can do it in 2-4 years, with certification. There’s not much patient interaction or the stressful shit that nurses deal with, but you will have an important role in diagnosis.

It’s not botany or plants, but it is biology and there is demand for it.
Of course, there are other types of lab techs that do deal with plants, but there’s way less jobs.

Just an example of you could have if you’d like to pursue biology but don’t want to do a grad degree.
From what I’ve heard, they make at least 30k a year, but usually more.


Anonymous 145914

Unsurprisingly, I got the job!

Anonymous 145922


Oh congratulations! Good luck at the new job

Anonymous 146161


>I always feel like I don't belong as a woman because literally everyone else I encounter in related communities online is either a man or a troon.

I thought it would be exactly like this nona, but if it makes you feel any better I'm currently doing a Software Engineering internship and there's at least 2 other women on my team, plus even my manager who is a woman, and they are all very normal.

Anonymous 147662

Psychologist in psychiatry!

Fulfilling work, but quite stressful at times. Pay is not amazing, but it's not bad either.

What sucks is often the colleagues. Can make or break your day. Same everywhere else I suppose.

I am happy with the job security it provides.

Anonymous 148568


I gave 2wks notice to my job since the intense monotony is affecting my mental health. I went in today, and I left feeling extremely depressed and lethargic with a feeling of heaviness in my chest that I can't get rid of. I fucking hate that windowless office so much. I'm thinking of abandoning my 2wks and blocking my employer's number because I don't think I can fucking do this anymore.

Anonymous 148582

I'm a mental health counselor! Cool that we're both working in the mental health field anon. I totally agree with you that it's fulfilling work. Maybe it sounds conceited of me, but I enjoy having at least have some sense of purpose and value (in my otherwise mundane life) because I am helping people everyday with my job. At the same time, it puts an enormous amount of pressure on me and also affects my own mental health kek. Also I don't know about you, but most mental health related workplaces are super understaffed where I am so I'm always drowning in case management and paperwork and end up doing a lot of work outside of work hours… Also the pay is so low, but it's probably different for you if you're a psychologist!

Tl;dr this job makes me feel fulfilled and it also makes me miserable, but not because of the clients I work with. I can see why people burn out so quickly. Low pay, a ton of work, high stress just from the nature of the job. The only thing I get out of it is knowing that I'm helping people (and sometimes I feel incompetent of doing even that) and getting to talk to people from all different backgrounds and hearing their stories. And of course the times when a client thanks me or says I helped them out makes me feel really, really good.

Anonymous 148696

I hope it goes well for you random a. It’s a brave thing to listen to your heart. Even jobs that use your own labour can be mentally better for you than a monotonous career. Keep us updated <3

Anonymous 148849

Thank you anon <3 I'm gonna try to tough it out even though I fucking hate it. I've been arriving late and leaving early tho.

Anonymous 148860

starting my own business to sell the dumb shit I make. I'm EU, is there anything I should know in advance?

Anonymous 149124

Go UX anon

Help improve clunky software and make everyones life more pleasant and enjoyable. Also, the UX crowd really is more women and gays and hygiene

Anonymous 149812

Today is my final day of suffering.
I have a job interview for a similar job (lol) but it pays 30USD/hour (pls dont be indian scam) so maybe my suffering has a price or I will regret this.

Anonymous 149869

Companies who cancel your interview because they hired someone else before even talking to you deserve arson.

Anonymous 153116

Not clicking on that shit lol

Anonymous 153124

i do not trust like that

Anonymous 154693

I am glad my Duolingo Russian allows me to barely understand Russian spam messages now.

Anonymous 157752

You could work in a flower shop, greenhouse, nursery or that type of thing. Some of those places also help clients with landscaping as well. I don't think being a basic worker who cares for the plants in those stores requires that much experience or training.
Or if you get a degree in one of those fields you could work as an environmental scientist and work a government job at a park or nature preserve or something. I know a couple women who were really into nature-y stuff like that and went on to do similar things.

Anonymous 162154

Got ghosted after being explicitly offered a position so i reported the recruiter to HR <3

Anonymous 162206

supply chain and l…

Anyone currently work in supply chain and if so, when/why did you start and what position?

I'm a recent convert (pandemic burnout) after getting material handling dumped on me as a Project Coordinator and once the interest was sparked, went into an online program to certify in SCM. Found an industry job from there and currently in production/planning. Want to move into logistic tho.

Want to know more about other women in supply chain and what motivates y'all!

Anonymous 162207

Don’t work in a nursery. They’re usually part time, have low pay, and don’t give you very many hours. You can’t survive off it, and there’s pretty much 0 science involved too. Half the time, there’s not even anything to do.

This is coming from someone who works part time in a nursery.

Anonymous 162208

Yeah, I’ve certainly thought about it

Anonymous 162210

You in comp sci? Graphic design?

Anonymous 162223


I just replied to a post that was 10 months old. Yay me.

Anonymous 162274

I applied for a job in "operations." During interview, I'm asked if I have any "operations" experience and I asked him if he could be "more specific" because I thought operations was kind of a vague field. Did I make myself look stupid?
Feeling this image.
Does this field really personally interest you?

Anonymous 162434


you just reminded me to go work on my french. Thanks nona

I got hired to work as a GIS technician for local gov, apparently it's a lot of data entry but if they let me listen to music with one earbud in I will do whatever they like. 43k for my first job outta uni doesn't sound too bad, right? I'm planning on saving up for travelling and stuff. I'm really looking forward to making some money!

Anonymous 162554

What was the industry you were applying to?
Depending on your background, you can make Operations experience from a lot of general office, time management and soft skills! And make up a couple of realistic scenarios loosely based on previous experiences and use them for your interview.

Yeah, it appeals in a deep way. I didn't realize it would, but I like the concept of roads. Something like… the idea of OSPI layer 1-3/physical wire and internet network being roads, was really appealing in an IT occupation. So I see "roads" and feel that making, creating and refining connections resonates with me. Also you can quantify it and be very precise about operating large supply networks, so it was fascinating to learn about the math behind it. It feels like the opportunities to learn and specialize are endless.

Anonymous 162568

>What was the industry you were applying to?
It's in the legal and social services industry. After I asked him to clarify he basically just repeated the question, "Like.. do you have any experience with operations?" so I just ended up saying that this would "be my first opportunity."
I should've said smthg like "I have a lot of transferable skills" or "I am very eager to learn" but i was super anxious.
>the idea of OSPI layer 1-3/physical wire and internet network being roads
NO idea what any of that means <3 but I'm happy you found a field you love. I hope I can someday too cus I feel pretty lost.

Anonymous 162672


You're on the right track with the answer to that question and honestly, your actual reply is not bad.

Best I can say is don't let yourself get emotionally attached to job opportunities even if you get interviewed. Expect to get ghosted and move on. Have multiple irons in the fire. You want to end up in a position to have several offers hit you, then you choose which one you really love.

As for finding what you like, it took me a long time, 10+ years in the workforce without a degree or direction. I didn't even recognize it for a long time until I realized I liked those things conceptually and they were INTERESTING, no matter what field/industry I worked in. Don't be afraid to hop into a new industry even if you don't have the background - most soft skills can be translated and 90% of specialized knowledge can and IS learned on the job. FOR REAL.

Best of luck to you and keep walking that path!

Anonymous 162822


I'm an assistant manager at Starbucks. I'm working towards a degree in physics.

It wasn't my first choice, but I've given up on being an artist a long time ago. No, now it's petty spite. My older sister, 40, single, and with two kids got her degree in Biochemistry earlier last year. She's now working in a lab while getting her PhD doing research on cancer cells. She'll spend hours talking about it to me.

I hate it.

I'm single. I don't have kids. I don't even like the idea of relationships. The one driving force is I want to do what she did, but take it further. It turns my stomach when I get asked when I'm getting married while people say soon I'll be getting old.

I want my family to shut up.

Anonymous 162829

Should I do a ba in comp sci if I don’t like math? There’s usually only 2 actual math classes you have to take for a ba.

Anonymous 162835

Also by this I mean that I guess I don’t dislike math or are bad at it. It’s just that I can’t do a lot of it before I get super boring.

Anonymous 162836

I’m a shift supervisor at Starbucks and I hate it. Well, actually I’m really good at it and I enjoy most aspects of it, but the pressure and expectations from SM every week with horrible labor hours and bad conditions makes me want to quit. I hated being a barista too but I love the coffee industry and did it for many years before I started at Starbucks. It’s fun enough and I’m passionate enough about coffee to allow the abuse continue, especially for the pay I get for being a SSV. How long have you been with the company and how do you like the work? My manager wants me to consider moving up to ASM or further, and based on the two years I’ve been with the company, particularly the last 6 months as SSV, I can’t imagine being able to deal with that much stress.
Also, fuck your family and ignore your sister. Are you getting your degree through ASU?

Anonymous 164011

Any business nonas here? What department do you work in and what’s the job like?

Anonymous 166902

Sigh. Another job interview, no calls back. Not even a rejection. Why am I so bad at this? Maybe I should just go for a job I’m overqualified in. Surely I’d get a job offer then? Job search lowers my self esteem even more and I’m beginning to turn suicidal over it. Maybe I should not give a fuck anymore and become a neet and leech off the government. Society doesn’t want me, maybe I don’t want to be a part of it either.

Anonymous 166932

You have to spam your resume for months to get a job these days

Anonymous 166940

What a fucking nightmare. I hate this world.

Anonymous 171515

youll be miserable if you obsess over comparing yourself to others.

The BS is more useful. There's a stigma against BA CS degrees. A little more math wont be horrible. My program only had calc 1 and 2 yet was still a BS. Just do the required math, a few months of your life, and enjoy the better degree.

Anonymous 183766


I'm running some afternoon clubs for kids and it's super fun most of the time because I get to see them have fun! But… Have you ever seen anyone attack someone else with a recycle paper collection box?? Well I saw that this week and it was really annoying when all the paper flew out lol but otherwise it was still a fun club!

Anonymous 183772


My major was originally for Biochemistry. Every time I told people it was, I got "Wow, that's hard!". That's probably why it's more lucrative. But I still couldn't stay in it, because I realized I have absolutely 0 interest in trad science. It's not worth it if you're not.

Studying languages and writing has been literally one of the only things I'm good at, but I didn't want to major in liberal arts either, because I still think lucre isn't a trivial consideration for a job. College is a heavy investment of time and money which would be wasted on the arts. Art is something you can always get good at without college. Although even self-taught struggle to break into the industry, which just further proves it is not worth it as a career for 99.999% of people. It is too big a gamble of your time and money that you can't expect to responsibly enter the field for unless you're at least a mid-career professional in something already respectably employable.

Now I chose CS because it's well-regarded in how lucrative it is, but just as important if not more that I don't see myself hating my life with it. At least not now. And I can still decide to become an art hoe later in life without literally being thousands of dollars in debt over it and with no job except fast food or retail. People shouldn't try to go from rags to riches. You should be using white collar work to go to black collar, not blue collar.

Anonymous 183773

you should really consider taking the extra few classes to make it a BS degree. And art hoes only have a GED because they dropped out.

Anonymous 183774

art hoe is just another word for groupie lmao they just get turned out by posers for social media clout until they move onto the next trend

Anonymous 183784


I just don't think it's a good idea for the reasons I mentioned.
There is a possibility I might be interested in doing a postbaccalaureate program in translation, just because I love it so much, but I don't even know if it would be possible to get in a program like that with a completely unrelated Bachelor's. Maybe, but it'd still be too competitive to merit it. You need some amazing recommendation letters and I can barely last more than a few minutes talking to a professor in their office hours. Plus, the idea of staying in academia sounds highly unappealing to me.


I don't know about that. I just mentioned that because of what you typically think of when you think of someone majoring in art - Black chocker, thick rimmed glasses, libtard, pangender white woman with seven different pronouns. College doesn't have to be useless. But with traits like that, it's obviously why the majority of them only find a future in Starbucks. If you want into art that badly, an art degree is the retarded way to do it. Just like business administration degress are a retarded way to go into starting a business.

Anonymous 183785

no iits another word for groupies stop using that word and subscribing to tribes you egghead

Anonymous 183788

an arthoe/groupie is when you have a local scene. there are some big names, trends, waves etc. There will be the big promoters who put it together. Or artists/posers in general who have a name and then you get arthoes that want to be seen at these social events with someone who is popular. It makes them feel powerful and they try to dictate politics in the scene despite only being a groupie who has sex with a popular guy. The art hoe is someone who wants to be seen talking to the big names. There are a lot of posers in these scenes: People who only want their name on the bill and don't show up, own gear to create art (borrow it from other people or just attach themselves to an artist), or they attend but leave soon after their thing is over. Social parasite leech bullshit. Don't think art hoe is cute, it's like girls who think being a sugar baby is cute.

Anonymous 183789



No one under 18 allowed. Go back.

Anonymous 209151

Right now I’m doing a student job with a college library and they posted a contract full time job with a bachelors degree requirement (Masters an asset—which I do have). I hope to apply to it and get the job, but I always have self doubt and bomb the interview. Idk if I’ll get it… library jobs are always so competitive. And it’s an entry level position too so more candidates will apply. At least I have experience at this particular location plus my boss said she’d put in a good word for me too.
Here’s to fingers crossed nonas! What are the chances I’ll get it?
It’s so perfect too for my timeline— I want a contract job so then I can freely go on my honeymoon once it ends.

Anonymous 209195

if you're working in the same library and know you, that will probably help. I wouldn't get too invested in 'sounds perfect for me' jobs since there is always competition around

Anonymous 209247

Thanks nona - I don’t want to get my hopes up too much otherwise I’ll get very sad if I don’t get it. It’s okay though, I’ll try my best and see where it goes. I calculated the salary and it’s about $27k which is very nice for a broke fresh out of college student like me

Anonymous 209285

I got a job and am happy to make money finally but i already miss my neet days.

Anonymous 209364

There’s no winning in life. You either neet and feel like You’re wasting your life away or you finallly get a job and feel like your wageslaving your life away.
The best medium is going part-time or being your own boss and choosing your own hours.

Anonymous 210119



NTA but that's why I have no plan in working for a large company long-term. It's a means to an end for me. I just want to use the money I make from it to transition to freelancing or a startup.

I look at food travel vloggers like Mark Wiens and I want the lifestyle they have so bad, so hopefully I could make it possible by becoming a digital nomad. Even if it's over the top, seeing how cocaine-happy Mark Wiens constantly is in his videos has even further convinced me that people are just not naturally meant to work 9 to 5, corporate drone jobs. I watch these videos to live vicariously through vloggers, because their lifestyle is my dream.

Anonymous 212853


can anyone who is a researcher or in a bio-related field offer any advice? i'm going to graduate from undergrad soon and i just feel so lost


>plant biology bachelor of science, japanese language minor, 4.0 gpa
>work in a lab at my college under professor so i have some lab experience

i was thinking of getting a masters but i have no idea what i want to specialize in, also i feel burnt out from coursework. but for some reason i'm worried that waiting to get my masters and doing some weird recent-graduate or internship program in between is kinda career suicide. ideally i just want a well-paying job and to do research. but the thought of going into academia scares the hell out of me because i do not want a high-stress job. i do not want to work in a nursery or greenhouse setting either where i just do labor. i commonly hear about lab-technicians, but i don't actually know what that's actually like or if it's just labor. is becoming a "scientific researcher" for a big bio company right now a bad idea?

research on crops and genetics really interest me. basically i want to contribute to biological research that improves crops. my undergrad research has focused on characterizing certain genes in cereal crops. however, i'm not super opposed to going more into animal/human biology, as long as it's still research and i don't have to deal with patients.

Anonymous 213033

but why did you pick japanese? are you a weeb?

Anonymous 213057

kinda, i don't watch anime but i like japanese music, video games, imageboards, and food, and i would like to stop relying on subtitles/translators. i also want to travel there someday. i didn't choose to minor in it at first, i just kept taking japanese classes every semester and i loved my teacher so all the classes ended up being enough for a minor.

Anonymous 213256

any miners have tips on a career in networking/IT? graduated college a few years ago and I’ve been working in the field since then - got a job right out of college. I feel like they treat me with kid gloves though because I’m a woman and they give me all the “people” stuff like training users instead of the cooler backend stuff. I fight to stay in the loop and people in other depts come to me and ask questions I literally do not have the answers to because I’m not included. thinking about going to get my bachelors but that would mean ending my 4+ yr relationship…. I feel I’m in a rut and I need to change something big

Anonymous 213257

My relative ended up doing masters out of state if you want to continue academia

Anonymous 213647


I work as a mental health counselor. I know that probably seems odd considering I use this site, but obviously my work life and personal life are completely separate. I thought maybe I could be a good fit for this job because I have a lot of empathy for people who have shitty mental health and spending my time talking to all different types of people and helping them figure out what's going on in their lives doesn't sound like a bad way to earn a living. But I'm so miserable.

I started working full-time six months ago and my mental health has steadily become worse. I have no energy to do anything right now because my job takes so much from me. I feel so unsupported at work too so it's like I'm being thrown in there with little guidance and they expect me to work with everyone from like, literal four-year-olds with autism to grown adults with schizophrenia. I don't even know if I'm helping anyone because I feel so underqualified and yet expected to be responsible for so much. I'm hoping it's just the specific place I work at. I don't want to quit this field when I just started. Recently I've been romanticizing working at a cafe or a bakery or a bar where I can see my coworkers everyday. I know food service is hell, but I wish I had a job that wasn't so lonely and where I don't spend so much time worrying about the state of the world because my clients are homeless or have chronic, debilitating illnesses or are in abusive relationships, etc. I'm envious of my friends who have active social lives through work or who earn a lot of money for not doing a lot. I'm not even being paid that much, but I guess I chose this for myself. I wanted to do something meaningful so I guess this is the trade-off.

Anonymous 213716

Have you considered QA or test automation? I have the exact same background as you (I'm a networking sperg), and that's what I do for a living. My role is explicitly technical and none of the "people" oriented tasks get dumped on me because it's literally not my job. Are you working for a smaller company?

Anonymous 213748

nta but is it possible to get into testing without a degree? I have a worthless degree in humanities and work as a paperpusher for a bit above minimal wage. Have been looking at QA courses on Udemy and Coursera but not sure if they are worth it. Can't afford to go back to school >>213716

Anonymous 213785

I currently work in news as a researcher but I'm going back to being just a regular admin soon. I went to school for politics and after fumbling around I landed my current job and it's… fine. I get to do cool things and sometimes I meet really cool people, but I thrive in settings of routine and news is… not ever routine. As a researcher it's pretty laid back, but I'm leaving mostly because my pay is shit. My company pays well below market rate. I'm not looking for the same job at another news company because even with better pay I'd rather just find a well paying admin job that has the routine and monotony I'd like (which I have). Following politics in particular also fucking sucks because it's so mentally draining and I feel like it effects my mentality outside of work negatively. I'm not allowed to really tune things out, and it's hard to be optimistic at the state of the world. Ignorance is bliss.

I like being an admin. It's usually really easy work and I get along well enough with other people. I like it less when there's more reception work involved but the company I'm switching to already has a set receptionist and the admins only fill in occasionally which is good enough for me.

I wish I had the drive to do something more, but I don't. I thought I'd figure it out as I went through schooling, but I didn't. It wasn't like I dreamed of a future of working a basic admin job in an office as an aspiration, but it was just something I knew I'd probably like to do a kid and often thought about. I ended up right where I thought I would end up, and I'm not particularly upset about it even though it's nothing glamorous. I'm pretty stupid so it works out well for me.

Anonymous 213818


I've posted it before, but this thread seems more appropriate for it.

I am 93,7% sure that I got the job, but they are making me go to a lot of bureaucratic hoops before they tell me if I got in or not…
Today I'm gonna talk to one of the employers, and I have a feeling that they'll tell me I'm in (hopefully) and we will probably try to compromise on a date for me to leave my current job and start theirs.
It's a bit tiresome but it'll be worthy it. Gotta be patient.

Anonymous 213956

Good luck!

Anonymous 214007

i dont really want to go into academia because i find it very intimidating so i am questioning the necessity of a masters rn

Anonymous 214263

I work for a publicly funded organization and our IT dept is small but luckily I’m not the only woman on the team but I am definitely the youngest on the team so no one really takes me seriously; what would I need to go for schooling wise to do automation? sounds great, I hate people but love networking/computer shit and technology in any form gets my tism going

Anonymous 214265

congratulations! hopefully the hoops aren’t too crazy and that you like the job!

Anonymous 214497

Why do you think doing a recent graduate internship program would be career suicide?

Afaik grad school in science doesn't require you to take many courses. Probably one at most every semester. Most of your time will be spent on TA'ing, marking, and doing research. But if the issue is burn out then maybe take a break. A masters in science is highly employable in the industry and sometimes is preferred over a PhD and a bachelor's.

Anonymous 214701

experience is experience. You can always get a job at monsanto if you want to make good money.

Anonymous 214882

Should I go for a contract that will go into full time? I really just want the contract and not get roped into full time. I have a very high chance of getting it but I don’t want to live in that city permanently.

Anonymous 215707

Coming back to say I feel a lot better about my job at the moment. I had a talk with my supervisor at work and she normalized a lot of my feelings, which made me feel relieved that I'm not just feeling this way because I'm incompetent as hell and chose the wrong field. Obviously things could change. I don't want to jinx it. My job is really stressful and I don't make a lot of money, but I do think it adds purpose to my life and I hope I can continue to get satisfaction from that. I need to stop comparing myself to my friends who make more money or who don't work at all and stress-free. I can be happy with what I have and what I do.

Anonymous 220004

yeah i guess saying it'd be "career suicide" is a huge overstatement. i'm just worried about messing up somehow right after college. i really loved the security of college because i knew exactly what i had to do to succeed, but now the infinite freedom of being a graduate is intimidating. it's kind of hard to find jobs in my field around me, and i'm not sure if i'm willing to relocate right now, since i really like living at my parents' place.

true, i'm now thinking i'll try going towards industry instead of academia

Anonymous 220139

you're doing great

Anonymous 228039

Do you have any ideas about part-time remote jobs that aren't coding or something? Or at least where to search?

I'm a full-time student at uni in the Sciences field, I've been working in tourism but unfortunately I can't manage to fit my crazy schedule anymore. I've also worked at every retail in the area, they make a 6 month or one year contract and then they fire people because they can't fit us permanently in the business (or so they say).

I've been sending CVs for ages for summer but no replies so far, things are really grim. Any idea (even outside remote) is welcome!


Anonymous 228137

I’m a cs major, and call me crazy but I’m probably going to switch to graphic design with a minor in cs. I hate the moids and troons in my major. I think im going to hate being an engineer, its so soulless and logical, and no amount of money can soothe that for me. I dont identify with the nonas who complain about having to do people work for the moids around them, because i would do anything to get away from programming. The only jobs i think id like within the field of cs are the ux/media designers, tech sales, ux researchers and maybe frontend dev. I dont think graphic design will be a bad choice. Im motivated to do ux, and you dont really need a cs degree for that. Maybe later in my career i can become an art teacher, which could be nice. My ultimate dream is to become an author, but obviously that isnt realistic.

Anonymous 228146

ask around for an on campus job, there might be an internal board for students. some good options are paid campus research, working in the computer lab, library, dorms, or cafeteria.

Anonymous 246803


Even with a degree, 25 an hour is pretty decent lol

Anonymous 246811

i work at a starbucks and i honestly love it more than anything, i feel kind of passionate about it tbh which is a little cringe but i dont have much going on in my life. my parents keep saying i need to find a better more serious job and i know they're right but i wish i could just be a barista forever

Anonymous 246867

Been a full time RN for about 11 years now. Side hustle at a Chinese hole-in-the-wall kinda place for 6 years.

I'm so tired. These past few Covid years have really wiped me out.

Anonymous 246884

What do you guys think about an career in accounting

Anonymous 248819

I'm graduating with my CS degree this month and cannot get work in the field. this is partially my fault since I'm not good at coding and not interested enough in it to do personal projects and study more in my free time, but it's too late for regretting my degree decision. what exactly should I do? idk I feel lost. really I just need a fulltime job that pays the bills plus a bit extra for hobbies. should I try and do the english teacher in japan meme for a few years while I work on improving my coding or learning another skill?

Anonymous 248827

have you considered IT? It is not the same at all, but HR people think it is lol. And if you are interested, then why not go teach somewhere? Though Japan and Korea have tougher standards, so you could also try other countries.

Anonymous 248829

fuck off retard

Anonymous 248838

do my coding skills have to be good and do I need anything beyond a CS degree for IT? I was never able to get any internships or anything and the CS job market is horrible for new grads right now which is why I'm struggling to get hired.
I'll be ok finding a teaching job in jp I think because on top of a degree I have past experience teaching/working with kids and can easy get a tesl/tefl certificate. the only downside is those teach english abroad jobs have a very low salary and I'll likely be assigned to a school in a more rural area
I think it's a weird porn addict scrote just report and ignore him

Anonymous 248867

the IT field is a bit broad, and you do need a different skillset, but coding is optional for most IT fields. If you like tech but not autistically coding it may be an option to consider?
With a cs degree you could probably get entry level it jobs, or you could get it certifications to increase your career prospects afterwards.
It might be a good idea to take the teaching job to think through your career prospects and get some experience in the workforce before you commit to anything?

Anonymous 248869


The new grad market has been shit for like 10 years and it's only gonna get worse

Anonymous 249123

yeah I think messing around with tech stuff like linux and noob level coding is fun, I would hate having to write code as a full time job (plus I suck at it anyways). do you have any specific IT job titles I can search for? like network engineer or something?
well how do people get decent jobs? is it nepotism hires? I had family in stem fields get easy high paying jobs right after college, seemed like it was entirely luck based though.

Anonymous 249127

Hi nonas, is anyone here into cybersecurity?
Could you please recommend what are the first steps i should complete in order to understand the basics, really looking forward to know, thanks
And also looking for desktop recommendations, what kind of linux distro i should use.

Anonymous 249128

You should be familiar with computer networks. Therefore, CCNA is a good starting point. You also should become familiar with networking tools like traceroute or wireshark. Considering distros you should be familiar with working with command line interfaces. Start with Ubuntu. You would need the server edition not the desktop one (search on digital ocean for tutorials). It would make sense to start messing around with distros on a virtual machine like vmware or virtual box, though, so you don't fuck up your main system. If you are not familiar with this type of stuff then your mind will be blown by now

Anonymous 249160

On that topic, are there any network engineers here ? Or network admins?

Anonymous 249361

Maybe you're not around anymore but I'd love to know what you've been up to.
As for me I'm a financial markets regulator.

Anonymous 249362


NTA but I'm super interested how you job is Nona, since im a finance major graduating next year. I was going to try and get into investment banking and as a back up do ACCA or CFA.

I got the highest gade in my recent financial markets module so :3

Anonymous 249370

I work in food service part-time while going to school for something unrelated. Honestly, I like working in the kitchen. I love culinary in general and cook a lot at home too. Everyone mentions negative things about food service whenever a career in culinary is mentioned. But tbh, I wouldn't mind making it a career. Sometimes I feel like I'm making the wrong choice by going to school

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