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how old is everyone here? Anonymous 28820

i just found this place. had no idea female-oriented image boards existed.

i'm 30 though and feel like maybe i'm too old for this crowd lol :/

Anonymous 28822


I'm 19 but there are many older anons here as well, 30 isn't that old anyhow. Welcome!

Anonymous 28823


Im turning 30 next year, so you're not the only one anon!

Anonymous 28825


I'm 29 and constantly whine about it all over this site, I'll join you in your cave fellow Agenon

Anonymous 28826

Plenty of us late 20s/early 30s grannies here. Welcome

Anonymous 28829


oh, very good then :)

Anonymous 28830


I'm 26, I just like posting kawaii pics

Anonymous 28833

then why'd you post that?

Anonymous 28842

Check out the 25+ thread. I'm hitting 29 soon. There are a lot of us here.

Anonymous 28845

I recently discovered this place as well. I'm 23. I have no idea if I'll stick around here for long, but I'll see.

Anonymous 28847

18 here

Anonymous 28848


I'm jelly you're only 18 but found this cool place to hang out and be honest /anonymous. Have fun

Anonymous 28849

I'm 29.

Anonymous 28852

tenor (1).gif

There is a lot of older anons in cc though, so don't feel left out.
Welcome new anon!!

Anonymous 28853

I just couldn't remember for a minute if I'm 19 or 20, but now I'm pretty sure I'm 19

Anonymous 28856


I'm 23

Anonymous 28886


I'm 21 but I have the emotional stability of a 16 year old

Anonymous 28894

42 reporting in, can't stay long though because Golden Girls is on

Anonymous 28902

Just turned 28, a lot of late twenties have been lurking around since CC opened!

Anonymous 28910

I'm 21 but unfortunately have the maturity of a 12 year old. I fucking hate it.

Anonymous 28915

I'm 23 which is basically 50

Anonymous 28917

>"I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22"

Anonymous 28927


I'll turn 23 in a few days. I still feel like a kid though. My boyfriend is 19 and I hope that's not too strange.

Anonymous 28943

>23 with a 19-year-old bf
God I wish that were me

Anonymous 28963


Anonymous 28975

Idk why this gif is so funny to me lol

Anonymous 28992

19 here. turning 20 in a few months.

Anonymous 29010


I'm 23 but god I feel like im 45 already

Anonymous 29019

>god I feel like im 45 already

How so?

Anonymous 29031

You're a cougar

Anonymous 29256

just turned 29.

im really glad to see ppl in my age group here…

Anonymous 29258



23 yo w 19 yo bf here also and I'm glad I'm not alone because I feel like a creepy bitch lmao. He turns 20 in a few days though so at least that looks a bit better

Anonymous 29260

Your age gap isn't even bad, you're both young adults to be honest. Dw.

Anonymous 29282



Anonymous 29292


19 y/o

Anonymous 29295

i'm 24 but i've felt "too old" since i was 19. it doesn't get any better lol

Anonymous 29296

20 y/o here, I started to feel old since I was 19 too. I guess it's a normal stage for everyone?

Anonymous 29301

Ever since I was about 25 I try to look 10 years into the future and think to myself that it's better to be 25 than 35 and so on. Keeps you in the present instead of constantly worrying about age.

Anonymous 29318

that's a good way of looking at things anon! i don't plan on being alive in 10 years, but i will def take your advice though.

Anonymous 29323

>planning on not being alive in 10 years

That never works. I used to think I'd be dead in 10 years 15 years sgo and hey, I'm still here. I've talked to several other people who told me they did the same, lmao. Plan for tomorrow.

Anonymous 29327

lol yeah, see you in 10 years. I stopped the whole 'I'm gonna be dead soon' when I got to my early 20s or so. At the end of the day that's only an excuse so you don't have to take responsibility for yourself tbh

Anonymous 29629


i do plan for tomorrow, thanks for the concern anons! i just had an attempt in september so i'm trying to hold myself together. ending my life is my plan b if i don't get my shit together within that time frame. happy 2019!

Anonymous 30468

Turned 18 today. Now I can finally make friends from here! (if the friend finder thread ever gets revived)

Anonymous 30483

>(if the friend finder thread ever gets revived)
I kind of doubt it will, there are too many male lurkers

Anonymous 30485

I'm almost 24, I think there are quite a few anons around your age about.

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