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Anonymous 29038

What are your Christmas plans?

Anonymous 29039

I'll be going over my boyfriend's and eating a lot of food and looking at pups

Anonymous 29041

I'm going to spend it with my dad! We'll watch some films and eat ice cream. I love spending time with my dad

Anonymous 29042

french toast.jpg

Le mom is making breakfast. So gonna go over to her house and catch up with fam and eat some delicious french toast and shit. Then probably play video games the entire rest of the day.

Anonymous 29046

I'm waiting for a friend to take me back to our hometown for the holidays but I'm half certain I'll be canceled on. Wish me luck.

Anonymous 29047

Not celebrating.

I'm considering buying some frozen pizzas, liquor and tobacco and having some kind of mini celebration by myself.

Anonymous 29048

ill be spending it at my partners parents house

Anonymous 29049


Merry Christmas, diamond.restaurant!

Anonymous 29058

I will be at home studying, watching my brother play videogames and eating away the incredible mountain of cookies my mum made

Anonymous 29070

It's mainly about dinner. We'll open presents in the morning which I still need to wrap most of the ones I bought. I already know I'm getting a new chair for my room. This new one has a massage feature but the old chair is like an old friend. I'm going to be sad to see it in the trash. Dinner is in the fridge right now. Main meal is spiral cut honey glazed ham with all the sides. Everyone in the house is trying to lose weight so the sweet potatoes are going to be baked instead of candied. I did request some eggnog and had my first glass of the year this afternoon. Sorry for rambling.

Anonymous 29088

Spending it alone. I may hang myself

Anonymous 29091

Fuck off, Stacies.

Based. I hope you’ll pull through and wonderdul things happen you before the end of the year! How old are you? Do you live alone?

Anonymous 29092



Anonymous 29093

Ya know, I was spending it alone tried the exact same thing in 2017 on Christmas day and also the day after.

It's cliche but things might be 10 times better for you 1 year from now. If you do try it I hope you give yourself a backout method if you regret it while on the verge of going unconscious. Please don't kill yourself.

Anonymous 29098

Home alone bby!

Anonymous 29102

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, then to Mom & Dad’s for champagne, then crash in my old room. My big brother will be home, too!
Wake up to gifts and Dad’s pancakes. Hang out all day with the family, then dinner.
Then back to my apartment on Wednesday

Anonymous 29117


This sounds similar to mine. Midnight mass on Christmas Eve, and dinner at home. On Christmas my mom will make a big breakfast and dinner. We haven't decorated the tree yet, so we'll do thst today, too.

I hate how dirty my family's house is. And my brother and Dad fight a lot. I'm trying to buffer that for the holidays but I'm not the smoothest talker myself.

Anonymous 29119

Church on either Christmas eve or Christmas morning and hanging out at mom's house playing board games with extended family

Pls don't fren, who is going to shidpost with me on rocks.food if you all commit sudoku?

Anonymous 29122

Plese noe
Come over for nog, instead?

Anonymous 29142

I went to Estonia with my bf, we went to a medieval tavern and had wild boar, bear sausages and rose pudding. Tomorrow we sail back home and will have some dinner with our friends. Then we'll go to the Christmas market and have roasted chestnuts and I'll make chimney cakes at home. On New Year I'm working, but we'll visit his friends in another town after that. We work different shifts and don't get to spend much time with each other so this is a really lovely change.

Anonymous 29146


How was the bear? I've had it once, but it was canned and not heated up.

Anonymous 29152

Thnk you for posting that lovely depiction of a wonderful feline creature and now that is actually christmas may you too have a merry christmas fellow sapphire.steakhouse miner

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