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Anonymous 29111

Merry Christmas!(Eve)

Anonymous 29112


Merry Christmas to you too anon, have a good one

Anonymous 29113

sad cat.jpg

>family is sad
>being away from my friends and bf for 2 weeks
>annoying adjustment to staying with parents after living on my own for 3 years

maybe I'm just over-emotional bc period but I just wish christmas was over already

Anonymous 29121

merry christmas eve to you too! id put my friend code but but don't have my phone right now.

Anonymous 29125


i hope it gets better for you dear!
it sucks when familys fight during holidays…may bee you can find space and not have to deal with it.

today i will sit alone in my room all day and listen to creepypastas but it is still comfi to me….
i adore Christmas …

Anonymous 29134

I come from a troubled family as well, but I find the holidays can be cozy for me when I get to slink off and do my own thing online. Christmas-y letsplays and videos get me in a comfy mood.

Anonymous 29135

Merry Christmas Eve c.c.

Anonymous 29151

As I lay here on my bed after opening my presents remember about all my online people on cyrysal cafe and I wish you to all you a day with great joy and happiness to all of you kind people and may you enjoy the company of others and the like goood night kind peole

Anonymous 29153


Merry Christmas, but this Nero is moving way too fast! You'll break CC!

Same, I can throw up my code tomorrowish if anyone needs a 10/10/10 Merlin for maximum busta grindan

Anonymous 29160


Merry Christmas C.C, wishing you all a comfy holiday. And if that don’t work out, a wish that the pressure to be picturesque doesn’t get you own, because your happiness can come at its own time and that time will be special because you are happy, not because a calendar suggested it.

Anonymous 29163


Merry Christmas, CC!

Anonymous 29310

gudacarmilla 11.jp…

783,111,710 for lvl 100 9 bond max fou 10/10/10 carmilla! 90 Medea in all slot
please let me know your names or identify yourselves in some way so I don't delete you on accident!

Anonymous 29457


Sent! NP3 Tamamo in All
Anyone else feel free to add me, my grails/ skills are all over the place, but I'll max my jackal wives soon enough!

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