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celebratory doggo.…

New Years Plans!!! Anonymous 29161

Since Christmas is almost over, what are your plans for New Year? Is it different to how you usually celebrate?

What are your goals for 2019 (if you have any) and are you looking forward to anything in particular? Did you succeed in your goals for 2018?

Anonymous 29162

I'm doing nothing for New Year's as usual. I might get drunk on champagne. That's about it. Goals for the New Year is getting into a normal bmi. I'm about 11 pounds off.

Anonymous 29171

In 2018 I lost around 15kg, looking to lose more in 2019. New Years will be drinking with a couple friends, which we've done for the last 2 years. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous 29186

No plans for New Year's eve/day since I don't party.
Resolutions :
>stop seeking out content online that upsets me
>lose 2 inches off my waist
>increase my GPA
>learn blender
>get a bf!!!
I succeeded in everything I planned last year, so hopefully this year will be just as satisfying. Namely:
>passed first semester without getting called out by anyone as an old 21-year-old hag
>asked men out (although nothing substantial came of them…I got the guts up 3 times!)
>lost 4 inches off my waist/25lbs

Anonymous 29187


my Christmas was boring….i was hoping for anything to happen.
im grateful to be around family i was just wishing for snow or i something ig

idk what kinda thing ill do for new years but ik it will be something ..

as for resolutions
i need to get an ID possibily a drivers license .

and may bee try to be moore social irl.

Anonymous 29188

I work on New Years Eve… At least I got the next day off. I really wish one day I can just celebrate NYE with my friends getting drunk while we dress in snazzy outfits pretending we are going to some swanky party but really we are staying in lol.

My only resolutions for this year is to go on a V. Day date, getting a bf, reaching my goal weight of 122 lbs, and getting in grad school.

Anonymous 29190

This year, I rented out an Airbnb with my best friends for NYE. I should be excited for it, and at a surface level, I am… but I'd be okay staying in my room just staring at the wall. It's not about them, but me. I feel like I grew apart from them, or I'm just regressing, or whatever. I feel like the third wheel and I never have anything to contribute anymore. I could go on a rant about how much I hate myself but I'll save it for later.

Hmm. Goals. I have some basic ones.

1. Graduate with a salvageable average. I don't care as long as I pass.
2. Read more books in my native language and in German.
3. Finish the application for this thing AND/OR find a job away from this country.
4. Hit 2pl8 deadlifts, get a 90lb bench and get my squat up to some number in the 200s. Or as close as I can to it
5. Cook more bulk meals instead of eating out so much
6. Go to office hours more and start assignments the day they come out

I wish I could add something about self-improvement but I just hate myself so much that not hating myself is a noble goal.

Anonymous 29191


Honestly, in 2018 I didn't accomplish anything. At all. In fact in many areas of my life I think I regressed heavily. But I did grow tremendously as a person. I matured so much and gained so many new perspectives. The me from January 2018 would be consider me a total stranger, I think. So maybe not a total waste of a year.

My goals for 2019 are to get out of the rut and actually accomplish things again. Mainly get a job, pick up heavy reading again, learn programming, work on getting into shape, limit internet usage, and picking up some sort of creative hobby.

Anonymous 29193

I don't have any plans for New Year's Day itself, but my goals for this year are:
>get into grad school
>lose 30 lb
>get my driver's license (i've had my permit for 5 years lol fuck me)
>get a story published in a journal

Anonymous 29195


For new years I plan on getting drunk with all my friends :)

as for new years resolutions:
>lose 5kg
>buy more clothes and dress better
>pass my exams (at least B grades)
>treat my friends more (eg. buy them coffee)

my goals for 2018 were too cook and paint more and i think i succeeded, good luck to all you anons too :)

Anonymous 29199


Drinking (and maybe getting drunk) and eating nice homemade food with my fiance! We both spent it alone last year, so it will be a nice and sweet new year's eve for us!

I want to lose weight in 2019, do yoga regularly and learn how to cook better.

Anonymous 29212

This year I'm going to just chill with my bf. We'll most likely drink and watch The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. I'm excited.

My goals for this year:
● lose weight & get fit
● find a job
● start saving money
● take up some new hobbies (I'm thinking of yoga, archery and painting)
● meet up with friends more
● read more (I'd set a goal of a certain amount of books but idk how fast I read and what would be realistic)
● start creating a nice wardrobe and dressing well
take better care of myself
be happy

Anonymous 29250

Marina is God.jpg

That's a cute pic. Where'd ya get it???

Anonymous 29253

My NYE’s have varied over the years, from ODing in a grime club in a city to calmly playing ck2 with friends, barely acknowledging the new year when it hit midnight. This year I am going to cook my parents dinner, play games and pet the family dog.

My resolutions I haven’t actually thought much about, current goals I have are to graduate, pass my driving test and get strong physically again. I don’t really wait for NYE to make new goals for myself.

Anonymous 29261


Anonymous 29265

I'm going to a party for NYE with my parents.

My goals:

>Do yoga daily

>Spend 10 minutes cleaning daily
>Spend 10 minutes drawing daily
>Spend 10 minutes studying daily
>Keep an expenses diary and spend money more responsibly
>read a book a month

Anonymous 29281

no friends
no brain
no hope

Anonymous 29291


My OB said to expect the babby any time after Christmas so I wonder if I'll be in labor lol

Anonymous 29308


Congratulations, anon! Hope your bb is healthy and kawaii!

Anonymous 29321

Congrats Anonette!! May your baby and yourself have a safe delivery. Good health to you xx

Anonymous 29358

Thank you, you guys are nice. Y-you too frens

Anonymous 29359

Same. I celebrated with my ex-friends from my hometown every new year's but now that bridge is burned. So no plans this year, and no friends here

Anonymous 29368


I had goals to stop pulling my hair, picking my skin, meet this pornstar i got obsessed with, focus on my last semester of community college before transferring and to draw more!!!
congration anon

Anonymous 29379

wow i completely forgot about super milk chan

Anonymous 29401

random af but how are your grades
what's your major
are you getting scholarships to help pay for classes or

Anonymous 29403

>meet this pornstar i got obsessed with


Anonymous 29407

>meet this pornstar i got obsessed with
…..post him

Anonymous 29409

new year!!.jpg

Going to my first New Years Eve party this year! Typically spend it with family watching the ball drop and all that, but this year I'm gonna be getting drunk with my friends.

My 2019 Goals:
>start working out more/eat healthier
>get good grades, even though I did pretty good this year
>starting hoeing around more
>get a job
>make more art
>join a club
>love myself

Anonymous 29567


I'm SO HYPED for the next year! I have some feeling that it's going to be exciting.
I made some plans for the next year, I never do that, it's so fun. I'm going to work so hard next year and I have a lot to look forward to.
I hope you all have a great year next year!!

Anonymous 29602

everyone this year was busy, and i'm not really in the mood to go out anyways so its okay!
but my goals for 2019 are
>create more art
>limit my meat/dairy intake hopefully to the point where i'm eating mostly vegan for the majority of the year
>stick to my classes
>make a real effort to make friends in said classes
good luck everyone and happy new year~!

Anonymous 42102

My goals for 2019:

>get a job

>get a job
>get a motherfucking job
>adopt a hamster
>stop wasting so much time lurking on forums that aid in destroying my mental health

I'm going to be a boring adult with no real goals but whatever, at least I'll (hopefully) be a wageslave and earn some money to keep a cute pet.

Anonymous 42127


Any updates from anons who posted back last winter?
I'm this bitch >>29186 and:
>stopped visiting upsetting spaces
>reached goal weight!!!
>am studying more/really into my studies now

Still no bf or 3D-modeling abilities though…

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