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What did you get for Christmas? Anonymous 29172

My best friend sent me this card. Box to the left is a necklace she got me months ago.

What did you miners receive?

Anonymous 29173

$200 worth in gift-cards
2 pairs of socks with corgis on them
A scarf
A makeup kit shaped like a pineapple
A pair of wireless headphones/pods
A cellphone case

Anonymous 29174


Didn’t get anything. Haven’t gotten anything in years.

Anonymous 29178

If you had the chance to recieve gifts what would you have wished for?

Anonymous 29179

original (11).gif

Nothing, i drank a shitton, puked and ended spending most of the day asleep, so it was barely a celebration day.
My boyfriend got me some cute presents earlier this week, but at this point giving presents in my family or enjoying "Christmas" is a foreign concept.

Anonymous 29185

I think about her & Regina all the time

Anonymous 29192

nice headphones
fuzzy jacket
healing crystal kit
embroidery kit
mac makeup
bento box

it was a nice chrimbus

Anonymous 29194

Pipe tobacco
Shit ton of chocolates (including chocolate liqores)

Santa loves me.

Anonymous 29196

Exotic jerky (I really liked it but it was a what is this moment when I opened it)
AA battery charger (meh)
A video game I kind of wanted
A new chair (the most expensive gift I've got I wasn't excited about)
All of the Mortal Engine books (this is probably the present I'm most excited about)

I know I should be grateful but I think I'm broken inside.

Anonymous 29198

A sweater and chocolates!

Anonymous 29205


my boyfriend got a new job and spoiled me a little this Christmas. :)!
I got a pixel 3, Mei slippers, pajams, and a 1070

Anonymous 29207


a half-pound chocolate bar and a $100 bill. that's it

Anonymous 29208


25$ from my sister

Anonymous 29220


2 shirts
1 sweater
1 dress
1 necklace
New phone (iPhone 4)
Year pass to Disney world
My driving class paid for
And my grandparents paid half on my switch.

Anonymous 29221

I have obtained a number of things, but some highlights are:
>A wealth of sweaters
>A wealth of socks
>A cheeseboard and accompanying cheese serving kit

Anonymous 29236

Jacket and socks from my mom
$175 in Amazon giftcards from various relatives
$150 in cash from my dad (also because I've been taking care of his dog)
Matching pajamas with 2 of my friends
Some animu merch

Anonymous 29998

Nothing, I just ate out at this shitty chain restaurant, it was really disappointing.

Anonymous 29999

just a sack of piff from bae

Anonymous 30026

My bf spoiled me. He got me a lovely fountain pen with ink, a fake leather-bound notebook (which he told me I could write poetry in, which I thought was super cute), a little Bulbasaur-shaped planter so I could grow a succulent and a selection of Christmas-themed yankee candles! Bless him, he knows me so well! My parents got me mostly chocolate but also a matching scarf and gloves set which I'm using atm because it's really cold. My brother got me cute things like a Harry Potter latte mug and a lightbox!

Very happy this year :) Hope everyone liked my presents as much as I liked theirs!

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