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Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate Anonymous 29200

Prove me wrong

Anonymous 29202

Nothing wrong to prove. Dark chocolate, best chocolate!

Anonymous 29203

As a type 1 diabetic, darker chocolates are the only ones that I can eat without getting my ass handed to me. Love that low glycemic index. The only catch is I'm not desensitized to caffeine so it hits me like the apocalypse two hours later.

Anonymous 29204

>prove me wrong

White chocolate.

Anonymous 29206

Mmmm White chocolate covered pretzels. I'm going to have to vote in agreement with you.

Anonymous 29278

it tastes like pure fat

Anonymous 29279

it does not taste anything like the fat off a steak, or a spoonful of oil, or a serving of butter. Not even close.

Anonymous 29289

Dark chocolate 4ever.

Not even chocolate. Really should be called sugar that looks like chocolate

Anonymous 29303

Always leaves the roof of my mouth feeling kind of burnt and bloody. I wonder if I'm allergic or something.

Anonymous 29316


Around 76% is perfect for me, but I like anything 70-80%. Anything above that I don't really like the texture, I'd rather have cocoa nibs. Anything lower than 60% is usually gross to me, except as a rare treat if it has something special in it.

Anonymous 29346

itt we pretend to like healthy and sophisticated foods

Anonymous 29486


what about caviar, do you guys like it? i do, but maybe because i'm crazy about fish and seafood in general

Anonymous 29487

I get the joke but in case you're not I authentically like caviar and roe in general. I'm also a huge fan of seafood and sushi though.

Anonymous 29493

The texture's fun and it's nice in some combinations but overall it's kinda meh. Where I live it's pretty cheap (I live close to Russia and you can get it in a normal supermarket here, they also sell a vegan option) and everyone eats it with blini so it's nothing special

Anonymous 29506

>get the joke
w-what joke? o_O

Anonymous 29538

this made me remember i have a bar of dark chocolate with cherries and almonds in a weird spot in my room, i had completely forgotten about it!

and yes dark chocolate is the best cus all vegan chocolate is dark chocolate

Anonymous 29552

I can't tell if you're taking the joke started here: >>29346 further or you just really want to talk about caviar.

Anonymous 30025

I'm not a fan or normal dark chocolate but dark chocolate with things in it is delicious. My favorite is sea salt, idk why it works so well. There's also chili, orange, mint, hazelnut, raspberry…ugh so good.

Anonymous 118526

I can’t. It truly is. Especially with sea salt.

Anonymous 119184

>I have superior taste because I like dark chocolate and bitter coffee, it is scientifically proven, well prove me wrong and tell me why my taste is actually unrefined and not exquisite.
People like this are insufferable to be around. You're not special just because your taste buds tingle differently.

Anonymous 119186

As opposed to something that tastes like pure cocoa, right.
Not chocolate but tastes better than actual chocolate, kek

Anonymous 119372

Dark chocolate is cool but as much as I love to pretend that I'm edgy and elegant for preferring it, I actually like milk chocolate more.
I hear dark chocolate is healthier, though.

Anonymous 119387


The question isn't if it's the best, the question is at what cacao percentages (%) do you decide that dark chocolate stops tasting good.

Picrel is probably as bitter as I would go.

Anonymous 119520

>Especially with sea salt.
i'm sorry, what?

Anonymous 119521

Not her, but there are salted chocolates that have black pepper in them too, they're really really good

Anonymous 119563

Anything in the 75% to 100% range tastes good to the same to me, and it's what I prefer, so I guess I draw the line at 100%.

Anonymous 119585

why is it that the more sugar it has, the funkier it tastes?
like, most dark chocolates taste sappy, and sweetness brings out the stale storage flavor that would otherwise be masked by milk. the worst of both worlds.
i like those astringent ”buttons” for that reason, it has neither sugar or milk, so it tastes like cocoa.
and the milk seashells which have no sugar are tasty too.

Anonymous 119965

I won't prove you wrong, bc you're correct. Gimme that 70%+.

Anonymous 119966

this thread made me want dark chocolate :(

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