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poll Anonymous 29309

Which year was the worst for you? And the best one so far?

2017-2018 = best years
2016 = fucking awful

Anonymous 29311

maybe the years after my birth, so 1999-2005 (?)


2006+ lmao

Anonymous 29313

2011 was my worst year.
2009 was my best year as it was the last year I was undeniably happy.

Anonymous 29319

2018 was the worst yet for me. 2016 was my best.

Anonymous 29322

Based post-father late childhood
2013-2015, 2017
Suicidal years

2018 has been decent. The future looks fucking briiiight.

Anonymous 29329

With an attitude like that, you think this might change?

Anonymous 29336

early childhood



Anonymous 29342

2010 - One of my best years, I saw so much
2011 - A hard one, I grew so much still one of my best years
2012 - The golden year of my life, I made all of my friends
2013 - A good year, made friends, accomplished a lot
2014 - Also golden year, one of my best years where I talked to the best people
2015 - A very hard year, my dog died but I also made lots of friends
2016 - So so year, it was fairly good, but I didn't make friends this time but enhanced the relationship I had with ones already made
2017 - Simply the best year ever, I cannot even describe
2018 - A good year, made friends, new dog, lots of laughs and adventure.

Anonymous 29370


My last good year was 2011, everything went downhill from there.
2015 was specially bad for a lot of reasons.
I don't think I'll have another good year again now that I'm an adult.

Anonymous 29371


Any "good" years have only served to make my failures all the more bitter and embarrassing. Ergo, there is no good, only increased distances that I've put between myself and the bad. Unfortunately I always wind up snapping back into place where I belong. Sadly I'm too vain for suicide.

Anonymous 29383

2002-2005 second half of elementary, budding depression and beginnings of being a shut-in
2005-2008 middle, absolutely the worst years of my life, small private school isolated from the then-current teenager culture, which made me look like an alien for years to come. stabbed in the back and hazed by the person I considered my best friend since kindergarten
Late 2008, best period of my life, went to 2nd best high school in the city, a welcome breather after 6 years of hell interspersed with vidya
2009 sucked because my crush expressly told me he didn't want anything to do with me, but on the other hand I made a bunch of new friends
2010 was really awesome, perhaps the best and most trouble-free year of my life save for running into my crush every day at school
2011 sucked donkey balls. the first months were all right, then the finals came, got piss-poor scores in my advanced subjects except for English, went on to study a shitty and mostly futureless major, started suffering from insomnia and got hooked on sleeping meds because of another crush, learned another friend stabbed me in the back
2012 was awesome, tons of my favorite albums came out that year, managed to capitalize upon the knowledge gained during the 1 year of the previous major and switched to a much better one, my first-ever kiss I ever initiated happened
2013 the crush I kissed previously faked drunk amnesia to portray me as a creepy, needy shit among our uni colleagues, then proceeded to hook up with a girl he'd known for like 3 weeks
2014 more awesome albums, got to work and travel over the pond, got hemorrhoids and became addicted to cigarettes. at least I got my fair share of weed in CO
2015 did my BA, smoked a fuckton of weed and achieved little else beyond losing a bunch of friends to nationalism
2016 got naked with a guy for the first time in my life. the guy in question excused himself after noticing my lack of bed experience. went on Erasmus, smoked a ton of weed, achieved nothing else
2017 did my MA with a very decent grade, proceeded to tackle my sleeping med addiction, spent NYE alone at home playing MegaMan Battle Network and drinking
2018 conquered the med problem, went abroad, found my first boyfriend, got a gig as a terp for some Americans in my country, started suffering from an anal fissure and tinnitus, got addicted to sleeping meds again

I guess 2010 wins by far, only to be trounced later by an absolutely shitty 2011. tbh I don't really notice the passing of time anymore, every day and year seem very sameish now

Anonymous 29390


2017 was great for me nevertheless 2018 was fucking terrible, every single good thing that i achieved in 2017 was taken away from me in some way by this fucking year

Anonymous 29399


How do people remember their lives so well? Every year feels the same to me.

Anonymous 29402

1994-2018 to be quite honest my family
(probably 2000-2007, puberty then awakened my over-self awareness and avoidant tendencies, its been a terrible life ever since)

Anonymous 29408

2008, 2012, 2015-2016


late late 2016-2018

overall 2018 was the shittiest year I've had so far. A lot of change, failure, and sadness. Slowly getting better, and wishing for the best in 2019.

Anonymous 29416


depressed, used to hate myself, surrounded with toxic people that i thought were my friends but only loved to see me fail and always underestimated me


really motivated, love my work, healthy and loving relationships with friends and family. I'm not scared to be myself anymore.

Anonymous 29437


2015-16 = most suicidal depressing years of my liffe
2017 = best year, got into dream university and finally got myself together
2018 = depression got worse and I did jack shit all year outside of going to college
2019 = do better at university, lose weight, appreciate myself and actually live life instead of waiting for my real life to start, also get a steady job

Anonymous 29476


Okay so I accidentally wrote my whole life story kek sorry


I was born and then dad died so fuck that.


went to kindergarten at the age of 1 since mom had to work and study. Had major anxiety and abandonment issues.


Just started school. Math gave me panic attacks but I got to travel a lot with mom, my aunt and my big sister. Went to Disneyland in Paris and it's still one of the happiest moments of my life. I had so much fun.


Discovered manga. Started drawing because of it.

At my 10th birthday I remember having slight suicidal thoughts. I remember thinking that I didn't really wanna live.

My mom married a guy and I still think mom could've found a better one.
The change of living with girls all my life, to suddenly having a man in my house felt weird. I kinda started hating men.


Discovered youtube and started exploring the internet. Drew my own manga and read the whole Harry Potter series and generally indulged myself in escapisms. Fun years.


Bad years. Became severely depressed at the age of 14. I was very naive and an easy target so I got bullied by my closest friends. Lost all trust for people around me and didn't leave my bed for weeks. Developed severe anxiety and was put on anti-depressants. Lost a part of my cheerful and naive personality. I've never been the same. Lost all of my passion for art.


I got pretty damn hot during 2015. I started caring about my appearance since I was scared that I would get more bullied if I dressed weird.

Started high school in one of my country's most prestigious schools. Made friends with ppl with similar interests and started drawing again. Learned a shit ton of Japanese.


My new best friends started treating me badly which reminded me of my past. Spiraled into depression again and developed trust issues. Had to increase my anti-depressant dosage. Hated myself because I felt like I was unlovable.

In 2017 I got a new friend group and I still hang out with those girls today. I love them so much.


I'm now at my first year of uni and I'm studying to become a teacher. I want to be there for students like me.

Overall almost every year of my life has been tough. I'd say 2008 was good since I got to see the world and spend time with family. The worst was 2014 because of my depression.

Anonymous 29478

2019 was the best year for me because nothing bad so far that year had happened

Anonymous 29946

2016 was horrible i thought i was going to die
2017 after march was the best year so far
2018 was alright

Anonymous 29975

1999-2009 - pretty blissful, all family members still alive, lots of friends, well-liked, confidence, lots of interests
2010 - first family death, moved schools, small fish in big pond, mom starts acting weird
2011 - p uneventful, just teenage angst, mom still acting weird
2012-2014 - depression hits like a truck, mom also has it which makes home life unbearable as dad works away, struggling w sexuality, school and teenage angst
2015 - things are better after finishing school, gaining back some of my confidence, lots more freedom at college, good relationships with teachers and family
2016 - really good, stressful with college work but had a lot of fun with some great friends, little to no responsibility
2017 - starts out good, good results, amazing summer holidays, go to uni, drop out cause I hate it and depressed. Grandpa dies.
2018 - wallowing in depression for first few months, got a shit job, got a nicer job, started at a new uni. going much better this time but still don’t enjoy education and testing, still depressed. maybe 2019 can be better

Anonymous 29977

I dont know how I survived 2016 tbh

Anonymous 29978

2016- awful because depression but gets a little better near the end since I was getting treated for it through therapy
2018- pretty good: lost weight, did well in classes, hung out with friends more, landed a sweet paid internship in HR for an event company, got a date and talked to more guys in general

Anonymous 29993

its because you're resilient anon <3
I hope everyone has a great 2019. do the best you can to make it a nice year!

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