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Anonymous 29376

Who here /Canadian/?

Anonymous 29378

healthcare here isn't even that good.

Anonymous 29380

Agreed. It's only good for people who get sick occasionally with the flu, etc.

Hello, fellow Canadianon. I'm surprised how there's no snow this time of year (I'm in southern Ontario)

Anonymous 29391


yep, same here, except for the countryside where there's a small blanket of snow left. I didn't think we'd get anything like 2015 in a while. Green Christmas is just too sad ;_;

Anonymous 29397

you might change your mind if you're ever in a severe accident or have a severe illness

Anonymous 29400

This. I have chronic illness and the only thing keeping me from moving to the USA to be with my LDR partner is the fear of not getting decent healthcare.

Anonymous 29410

On one hand, I'm haopy there's snow but on the other one, it's ugly and it's depressing me a little… I do know it's supposed to be a cold winter ahead of us though.

Anonymous 29411

Far East Coast and we've got some snow. It's also windy as fuck, but always is.
Waitlists can be shit for certain things (and I imagine worse in more populated areas), but I'm grateful that when things do fuck up I'm covered since I'm poor. I'm usually super healthy but got some infections recently and am glad my only anxiety is about my health and not also money.

Anonymous 29692

i've had multiple family members in canada die, who would still be alive today if they had first world health care.

>b-but its expensive

american healthcare costs less than canadian healthcare if you have any kind of normal job that provides health insurance, it's only mexicans and niggers that complain about the price

Anonymous 29693

Go back to /pol

Anonymous 29694

get a real job

Anonymous 29697

So, what's the problem?

If you got mild problems with health, you could fix it for free and if they're severe you could ride everywhere, even to europe to fix them.

While in US you have to pay a lot for things, that you get for free in Canada. You just mad, because you HAD to work to get free things. And once you stop working you will pay for free things or something like that, i'm not really into new world problems

Anonymous 29700

i'm a canadian you retard.
if you have a minor problem in canada, you get dogshit care and insane waiting times
i had inflamed tonsils that caused a cough, and it took two years before i could be referred to a specialist to have it dealt with. so because i didn't get care like i would have got in america, my torii were damaged and the cough turned into a permanent condition, now i have the voice of a 60 year old chain smoker because of this "free" healthcare which i still get a $160 healthcaore bill in the mail for, and have an additional $200 shaved off my paycheck every single month because it's not fucking free.

if you have a major problem, and you need it dealt with, you don't have american health insurance to cover the half a million dollar bill.

did you know that if you're an american and not an absolute failure at life and have a job that pays >$60k, this half a million dollar bill is covered by your employer?

Anonymous 29701

Don't forget that $260 pays for Indians to fly into the country and get actually free healthcare without even becoming citizens :^)

Anonymous 29702


> is covered by your employer?
> employer
So, in order to physically survive and don't be a cripple till your sudden death you had to work all your life?

That's a fate worse than death, at least for me.

Anonymous 29703

>you have to contribute to society to reap social benefits
yeah thats how white countries work, my dudette

Anonymous 29704

Contribution to society and slavery are diffrent things. 95% of that "contribution" you mention in your post isn't actual contribution, but moving blankets from one desk in office to another. Just imagine your office ass working hard or taking it easy. What changes in society? Nothing, but your boss, will drive new german car if you work really hard. Is his wealth your contribution? Whold you be proud if on judegement day you whould say to jesus "Look, my boss got new BMW, this means i deserve being in heaven". Stop this nonsense. Either you work on yourself and making more rich yourself or you're making more smart people wealthier. And if by any chance you wanted to contribute to society, you rather donate to local orphanage.

Anonymous 29705

lol nice commie spergout but i didnt read it 8)

Anonymous 29706

If you want to discuss commies and how you flawwlessly #rekted them online, than switch tab on kc or /pol/

Anonymous 29707

>If you want to discuss commies
i'm just saying that canadian healthcare is a nightmare that kills people, pretty sure you're the bitter retard who's ranting about executives making more money than her

Anonymous 29709

> executives making more money than her
Discussing the weak points of current capitalist system is like discussing how sun raises - you might have more sunlinght if it raises from south for example, but discussion itself and all meetings/demonstrations won't change anything. And if suddenly something whould be changed, than it doesn't matter if you took part in it or not - it whould affect everyone.

You need to exploit the system. Start your business or get your neetbux, it doesn't really matter. But once you stepped in a way of average salarywoman, than all your life whould be average and end average.

In case of canadian healthcare - free stuff, even bad one is infinetly better than paid one. Because you got it for free. And if you need stuff better than free, than you need to actually pay for it and work hard to get monies. I'm not into american healthcare prices, but i doubt that hospital paychecks for half million dollar is an usual thing. Hovever winter flu, that #rekt humankind yearly is a thing, that was encountered by everyone.

Anonymous 29710

tldr tankie

Anonymous 29711


Ignoring the pol bait here all I can say is that while Canadian healthcare is somewhat more efficient than it's American counterpart in terms of costs. That being said being better than the American healthcare isn't much of a achievement since they're pretty much the worst in terms of cost-management; and I don't see why it's become a meme of sorts.

Ignoring healthcare I always wondered how it's the quality of life in Toronto is like. Their underground city https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PATH_(Toronto) thing seems nice and their islands seem interesting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toronto_Islands . But I've heard nothing but complaints about Toronto from Canadians. If you ask me the city looks cleaner/prettier than NYC

Anonymous 29712

Exactly how it works. Everyone goes through this shit.

Anonymous 29713


Anonymous 29720

>two years
Do you live in a large city or something? I recently got a bladder issue and despite there being very few urologists in my area my doctor was able to get someone within a month, although my wait time for a very minor thing (derm for acne scars) is 9 months. My mother has arthritis/other issues and also gets relatively speedy care.

I've heard it's a hell wait for mental health though.
And sorry to read about your condition and lost family.

Anonymous 29840

This is one of the most mindless posts I have ever seen. How does the fact that someone employs you invalidate what your labour does for society at large? Like if we didn't have people stocking shelves at Walmart we'd all starve.

Anonymous 29940

Nova Scotia? Sup

Anonymous 29943

Even farther, NL. Although I do have family in NS and have been there. It's like an upgraded version of Newf lol.
Are you a Nova Scotian?

Anonymous 29944

What province are you guys from?
I'm from Alberta and I haven't experienced any long wait times.

Anonymous 29956

Yes, but I moved away as fast as I could. I don't want to ever go back.

Anonymous 29957

May I ask why if it's not too personal? Family issues? Too small for your taste? Not fond of the weather?

Anonymous 29959

>Family issues
>Too small
>Bad weather

Anonymous 29984

anyone else here lives in quebec?

Anonymous 29986

I'm in Montreal :)

Anonymous 29987



Anonymous 30033

Canada a shit

Anonymous 30457

Oh fuck off. Canadian healthcare has many problems but to say that America’s healthcare is affordable is laughable.

Anonymous 30458

I hate unpatriotic Canadians like these, go to America if you love their system so much

Anonymous 30459

That’s because people love to complain about cities. If you look at all the major cities in the world, people will always bash them for whatever reason. And they’re mostly right. We def have issues but for the most part Toronto is bretty good compared to most American cities.

Anonymous 30460


Anonymous 30464



Anonymous 30470


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