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Misandry General Anonymous 2944

>a dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e. the male sex).

So, anybody else down for a good ol' misandry dump/discussion thread?

Anonymous 2945


Men's rabid hatred of fat women while being complete fucking fatsses themselves never ceases to floor me.

Anonymous 2946


>MUST be female between the ages of 19 and 25
>I am 56 years old
>everything in that list
even more disgusting knowing that he's the same age as my dad

Anonymous 2947


>that whole list

what's with these delusional old men divorcing their wives and thinking they deserve a young qt?

Anonymous 2948

>>2944 what the fuck did I just read ahahahahahahahaha

>take a minimum of four photos of us together and post them to your instigram account

>your instigram

I can't even be angry at this it's just cringe and pathetic and I'm not even sure if it's real. It can't be fucking real, my fucking sides ahahahahahhaa

Anonymous 2949


Jesus Christ, the more I see of men online and their manic fixation with sex, the more I want to stay a virgin for the rest of my life.

Anonymous 2950


>I know, because I have done it.

That's chilling.

Anonymous 2951

This wouldn't happen to be a quote from old Douche V would it? That guy's an endless mine of delusion and hilarity.

Anonymous 2952

Sounds like it, but I don't know the source of that quote, I just saved it from somewhere else.

Anonymous 2953

It sounds like something he would say. Speaking of him:


Anonymous 2954

Holy Batman, that entire list.


>must clip toenails in front of me
>"i am naughty"

i can't even get mad at this. full cringe.


Anonymous 2955


> between the ages of 19 and 25
> I am 56 years old

You just know if it were legal or socially acceptable he would've put 14/15/16 as youngest he wanted the girl to be.

Anonymous 2956



45 year old: "Look at these young'uns going after small girls! I personally prefer my women older!"

Anonymous 2957


Because the graph is based on okcupid dating profiles, this probably has a grain of truth to it sadly

Anonymous 2958


Guess who's officially being listed as the face of rape in an Introduction to Criminal Justice, 2nd edition criminology textbook?

God this made me moist.

Anonymous 2959


That's a start, but he still needs to be shot on a dark night

Anonymous 2960


Idk whether or not this might be too touchy so I'm spoilering the whole statement just as a precaution. I really hope that this doesn't evolve into something ugly since debates regarding subjects like this can kinda get out of hand really quickly. But anyway,

Why do some black men have such a complex towards dark skinned women? Like recently-ish, there was that little shit storm with Kodak Black outright saying that he doesn't date dark skinned girls because they're 'too tough.' How the fuck can you even say shit like that when the people who probably impacted you the most in your life are more than likely of the same complexion as you? I really don't get it.

Anonymous 2961

>3 months
>for brutally raping an unconscious woman in public
holy shit that is terrifying
that insecure ugly piece of shit doesn't deserve any skintone of women lmao

Anonymous 2962

Nah I don't think it's controversial at all, it's completely true. The way black men regard black women is absolutely sickening to me and I can't figure out if they mistreat them because they've been genuinely bamboozled by pervasive Western media into fetishing white women as the 'absolute', or if they're just trying to intersect themselves into 'white culture' because it makes them feel less black themselves. Either way shit's fucked and it doesn't surprise me that you see so many black women running into the arms of the other races these days.

>"look at me, I'm not like the other black boys, teehee!"

Anonymous 2963

Now if we just get him into a picture dictionary or Wikipedia. I guess which edit war I will be engaging on, later today.

Anonymous 2964


I'll give this thread some credit. Too many times when people claim they're misandric they just mean teh evil white menz. Even if I disagree with your sentiments, I acknowledge your consistency even among race.

There is a small growing trend among black men called white fever, where they have a dating and romantic preference towards white women. Most obvious reason for this would be because of the European women dominating the beauty standards. Just Google Image "Beautiful Woman" with no race mention and see for yourself.

Obviously that isn't right and shouldn't be encouraged, but I see why many men of color, especially black men, would go after Caucasians.

Anonymous 2965

>“My complexion, we too gutta. Light skin women…they more sensitive,” he continues. “Nah, nah, they too tough. Light skin women, we can break ’em down more easy, you know what I’m saying?”

It sounds like he has a predisposition towards thinking that light skinned women are more docile than dark skinned women. It doesn't surprise me that he would make a statement like that though, a lot of men get extremely resentful towards women who show the least amount of self-respect, and I've noticed that black women do have a tendency towards having strong and outspoken attitudes (or so I've observed.)
A fucked up mindset to have, but typical af.

Anonymous 2966

it's interesting that a "misandry" thread is basically a misogyny call-out thread. I feel like women actually has a reason to hate men (because of misogyny), but what reason does misogynistic men have?

when the AA community talks about light skinned girls don't they mean light-skinned africans rather than white women?

Anonymous 2967

To your question, yes, they mean light skinned black girls.

This phenomena isn't a black American only thing. Asian, latino, Indian, black African and middle eastern cultures generally use light skinned native women as standards of beauty. Even in developed countries like Japan, women can often feel insecure if they are darker than their partner. White people seem like the only group who prefer their women with darker skin (tan), although "white" cultures tended toward lighter skin even 100 years ago. I don't quite understand why things are the way they are though.

Anonymous 2968


>what reason does misogynistic men have?
Stacy rejected him in high school all those many, many years ago.

Anonymous 2969


>“Light skin women, we can break ’em down more easy, you know what I’m saying?”
That's fucking repulsive. I'd love to stab men like this in the dick.

I was thinking about this earlier. When you have women like me who claim to be misandrists, having just analysed it objectively, really I'm just an individual whose had her perceptions of the male sex warped as a result of repeated negative treatments at their hands, and my experiences with women everywhere who report similar experiences.
Hell even most men seem to be aware of the low quality of their sex overall, and will readily admit to men being morons and sex-obsessed deviants, hence why fathers will warn their daughters not to walk alone at night and to avoid strange men.

When it comes to men who express themselves as misogynists, they appear to have very few legitimate reasons, and more often than not it all comes down to the subject of sex, or lack thereof, which is more wrapped up in their sense of entitlement than any genuine slight.

Anonymous 2970

"Women are choosing to fuck Chads, not me! Feminism is ruining everything!"

Chad: any man with a moderately successful love life

Anonymous 2971

I feel ya. I'm in a male dominated major and have mostly male peers in my friend group. At first they start out acting normal, then with time a couple of them have turned out to be legitimately crazy/socially retarded to an extreme ("WOMEN ARE SUCH ALIENS!!!" type shit and also actual stalking), or just generally act like passively talking about which girls you see on the street are fuckable is a normal manly man thing to do. It's bizarre and I don't get it.

Anonymous 2972

I should also add that the last thing I mentioned always happens in some variance when too many dudes I know gather at the same time and start talking

Anonymous 2973

Men hate women for selfish reasons - not getting the quality/quantity of partners they want. Women hate men because men hate us.

Anonymous 2974


Cleveland woman repeatedly stabs boyfriend after finding him naked on top of 12-year-old daughter, reports say

Anonymous 2975


>The man told police that his girlfriend may have attacked him because she thought her 12-year-old daughter had feelings for him, but he would not offer further details about the incident, the report says.
Are men even sentient?

Anonymous 2976

I could seriously go off all day long on this one, man. The shit pedophiles pull out of their ass to justify their sick ways.

Anonymous 2977


Anonymous 2978


>"I've been with a few women in my life and one thing I've noticed is the female anus…"

Do I have to keep reading?

Anonymous 2979


Anonymous 2980

While this is ridiculous to the point where I refuse to believe it's real and must be a troll, we could easily complain how in men, their cum hole IS their pee hole as well…checkmate, mf.

Anonymous 2981


Anonymous 2982


>more often than not it all comes down to the subject of sex, or lack thereof, which is more wrapped up in their sense of entitlement than any genuine slight.
This mostly, but that's already pretty obvious to me so it makes mulling over that kind of a question feel redundant. Misogynistic men are incredibly entitled and can't stand for a woman to tell them "no" or be out of their control. More news at 11.

Anonymous 2983

Oh my god, how does someone write something like that and not see the glaring contradiction in complaining about women leeching off men, then telling them to get into the kitchen (a prime spot for leeching off men). Make up your fucking mind, either you want us to work and not rely on men for money, or you want to fund our existence in your kitchen.

Anonymous 2984


>the men are actually working
Hmmm uhuh. Dude looks like he totally works.

Anonymous 2985

>Drag you by your hair like a cave man
Try to reach it first lmao

Anonymous 2986

anime-laugh-gif-6 …

>>2984 he got the caveman bit right at least. Poor genetics.

I'm creasing though because a little snoop at him; he finished school late, got arrested for robbing a church, complaining about normies online but is living in the most suburban looking apartment building. Probably with his mummy and daddy.

So basically he's likely been mollycoddled to the point he's never bothered trying to work hard/achieve. He thinks women should sleep with him because MUH MALE AUTHORITY but a) he's dumb as shit b) not hard working (which makes the suit photo even fucking funnier) and c) criminal records are generally offputting to most people and employers, let alone girls your trying to date. Especially a church?? I'm not religious but everyone knows that's a pretty shitty thing to do hahaha.

>good for nothing shits that leech of mens wallets

THERE IS NO MONEY IN YOUR WALLET. Your bank account is empty. You robbed a church you little cunt.

Anonymous 2987


Imagine the rage if a woman said this about ugly men.

Anonymous 2988

I like how a misandry thread still doesn't lead to us saying men deserve to die etc, we can call out shitty things men do without being violent and hateful. Unlike redpillers etc.

Also if a woman said that about ugly men, she'd probably have been doxxed by now and have a million death threats.

Anonymous 2989


>please, stop this feminism
>my suggestion go back to your traditional value
>go back to patriarchy
>while maintain the good side of modern women had

And the cherry on top
>I'm muslim
No sweetie, you're just a man

Anonymous 2990

Serious question, since when is youtube 4chan 2.0? I haven't visited the platform in ages until recently and scrolling through the comments of ANY video feels like I accidently entered a weird pol/r9k abortion.

Anonymous 2991

I've noticed this too. Search for "feminism" and the first results are almost all anti-feminist videos. YouTube is well known at this point for having shitty, low-quality comments. On the other hand, it makes me believe the reason why you never see MRA groups or advocates in real life is because they're too busy spending hours of their day watching "Feminism Fails".

Speaking of YouTube, here's a fitting contribution to the thread:



Anonymous 4332


~ * ~ obligatory not a misandrist but… ~ * ~

Most prominent internet spaces are ~problematic~ in the sense that they are abhorrently sexist. This is unsurprising because society is patriarchal, but the extent to which these men bash women is nothing less than incredible. I don't mean to cherry-pick examples, but I'm going to list and respond to some interesting instances of blatant distain for women.

>the concept of "roasties"

Autists on /r9k/ and r/incels literally call women a word referring to a vulva, thus reducing women to their sexual capability (i.e. their ability to be fucked) rather than people. Bonus lulz at the notion that women's labia and/or vagina somehow become "loose" when they are more sexually active. More lulz at the realization that these men have probably lived lives void of any reciprocated intimate interest.

However, I will concede that they likely have kissed their Dear Aunt Hortense on the lips once or twice. Hot.

>calling women "females"

"female" doesn't denote species. While it is used as a noun and likely not a conscious choice for many men at this point, the language itself creates an imbalance of power between the male speaker and the female subject. Men do not regularly refer to themselves as "males," and most women certainly do not refer to men as such, either. While both words are used to denote humans, female is used far more frequently than its counterpart: for evidence, search each word separately on twitter and see how many tweets are made per hour.

>hating "roasties" while simultaneously wanting women to be their fuckmeat

Let me get this straight: women who sleep around with Chads are gross and used up– you know, I hear they have labia so loose that they flap in the wind– but you expect to find a virginal, pure girl who will let you treat her exactly like she is nothing more than a vagina? Let me rephrase: you want a virgin, non-slut who will let you treat her like a slut.

>wanting stay-at-home-slaves while simultaneously claiming that women offer nothing to society

Cancerous places on the internet think the ideal woman is one who will stay home and cater to their husband's every whim. However, if women are useless, then why is this your ideal? If they offer nothing, then why even bother with women?

We can't win. It seems that the vocal majority of men on the internet refuse to acknowledge their own sexism and bias, so whatever. If trying to draw attention to these issues makes me a triggered member of the liberal elite, then fuck it.

Anonymous 4343



Why are you replying to robots, anon? Unless you're one yourself parading as a miner.

Anonymous 4345


It's a male obviously. No regular lurker would be that autistic.

Anonymous 4355

I think that /r9k/, r/incels et al. take things to the extreme, but because they have so many platforms to spew their bullshit, their beliefs spread. Modern-day sexism is generally more subtle but definitely still exists because men don't even realize they're being sexist when they are.

Intent does matter, though.

Anonymous 4363

Sure– sorry for not providing any examples in the first place. Here are a few that I've noticed recently:

- A man asking his girlfriend's dad for her hand in marriage without at first discussing the issue with her. If the woman thinks it is respectful and wants her boyfriend to ask her dad before proposing, that seems reasonable to me.

-Assuming a woman is on her period when she's emotional… or just blaming her outward emotions on, you know, being a woman. Because apparently being a woman means that you have to be super overdramatic about everything. (I'd argue that men have the short end of the stick here– they are trained to not show "weak" emotion. I don't think that's right.)

-Not taking "no" for an answer, and then not understanding why women are afraid. I'm referring to the men who ask Sally on a date, and she says no. So he shows up to school with flowers the next day, but she still says no. So then he writes her a poem and puts it in her mailbox. All he wants to do is win her over, and none of these actions are intentionally creepy or bad. However, to the woman, it's viewed as stalker-y, like the man just can't accept that she doesn't want to date him. Then, when the situation blows up, the man can't see that he did anything wrong, because he was just "doing nice things to woo her."

I don't mean to sound like a triggered feminazi or anything; I apologize if I come across that way. However, I do view these actions to be inherently sexist. None of these things offend me. On the other hand, these actions are NOT made with ANY ill-intent, so I think the best course of action is to simply point out the sexism respectfully.

Anonymous 4364

>>>women make porn, sell sex in various forms, exploit male sexuality everywhere
And guess who finance, encourage, and consume these products.
Fuck off neckie.

Anonymous 4365


>acts as if men have superior intellect bc MUH STEM
>doesn't understand that demanding a commodity increases supply

Anonymous 4366

sage for samefag but sorry, I didn't mean to reply to >>4364 . I agree with you, anon!

Anonymous 4371

Anyone watch that "Audrie and Daisy" documentary on netflix? Only 15 minutes in but
>girl gets shitfaced at a party
>her asian girl bff tries to stop her from getting used by guys, tries to separate her from the boys and take her upstairs to sober up
>original girl is too drunk and insists on partying so asian girl gives up and goes home
>her male ""friends"" strip her, draw "slut", "anal" and other stuff all over her, draw arrows leading to her vagina and ass
>shade in her face black, draw on her tits
>finger her with the markers
>take pictures of her
>she kills herself eventually due to bullying and shame she felt
So disgusting.
You really cannot trust male friends, be safe girls

Anonymous 4372


This exact type of behavior is why I don't even feel like it's worthwhile to associate, much less be in a relationship or have sex with any males. They just can't be fucking trusted to not act like brutes.

Anonymous 4374

Are you seriously insinuating that all males are rapists? Do you even have any male friends?

I feel sorry for that girl but come on.

Anonymous 4377

Where did I say or imply all males are rapists? Look at it logically dumbass. Most people are raped by "friends" or people they know and females are most likely raped by males. Therefore, don't trust your male ""friends"" is good advice.

Anonymous 4378

All men aren't rapists, but the circumstances surrounding that is alarming. That happened to her by guys she considered friends and trusted. Statistically, more reported rapes are perpetrated by people the victim claims to know. That's more depressing than if it was just strangers committing sexual assault.

Anonymous 4379

I seriously want to know what went through the heads of those boys. Did they think shit like this was funny or "not a big deal"? Was it some kind of situation with one sociopath and the others awkwardly tagged along until it escalated? Did they not think of consequences while doing all of this? How?

Anonymous 4380


>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a man is here

Anyway, thanks for the polite discussion. I think you are right in that perhaps these issues are normalized; however, in fear of sounding triggered, I do think it's important to remember that slavery and segregation were once considered normal in society, but that didn'tmake them okay. Of course, the issues I brought up regarding unintentional sexism are not necessarily bad (i.e. they doesn't cause physical harm), but I hope that we move in a better direction that is more cognizant of these issues.

I don't really have anything else to add to the discussion, but I wanted to thank you for giving me some brain food. Have a good night, and I hope you get some sleep. c:

Anonymous 4381

One of the worst parts is that one of the friends testified that even friend A only fingered for her 1 second, she repeated harder 8 times and was "enjoying it". The girl was shitfaced, jesus.

There was another girl in the documentary as well
>teen girl, just started experimenting with alcohol
>her older brother's best friends that she knew decently well invited her over to drink
>girl thought it would be cool to drink with older guys, brought her best friend along
>they both end up getting bullied into drinking so much until they get shitfaced until they couldn't even move
>the girls testified that they remember pushing their hands away and telling them to stop before they can't remember anything else
>the girl somehow wandered home in the cold and ended up passing out in her backyard
>her mom and dad found her outside passed out, her hair frozen to the ground
>her parents carried her inside, took off her wet clothes, took her to the bath
>her mom found that her inside of her thighs and pelvic area were RED as hell
>her brother was fucking furious and went to his ""friend's" house to ask what happened and he wouldn't even open the door
>NONE of the friends at the house texted her brother to say "wtf dude, why is your sister here?"
>they ALL intended on raping the shit out of them
jesus christ, this is insane

Anonymous 4382

>most people are raped by friends
>females are most likely raped by males
>therefore, don't trust male friends

very sound argument there. you should trust male strangers instead.

Anonymous 4383

I actually went to the "Justice for Daisy" rally held in Missouri a few years ago (during… Spring semester of 2014, I think). It was actually disgusting hearing those trying to defend those who assaulted her.

Anonymous 4384

>You really cannot trust male friends

They're not your friend if you can't trust them. Be cautious of men you don't know that well, but you should be cautious of girls you don't know too.

Telling people you should never trust someone ever just because they're a guy and there's a chance that he might be a rapist and might want to rape you isn't right.

Anonymous 4385

>this is how men argue
Statistically as a female you are most likely to be raped by a male "friend"/acquaintance/neighbour/etc. That doesn't mean you should trust a stranger, but you should be weary of the risk of male friends because they give you a false sense of security. You wouldn't enter a strange man's house, but you would willingly enter a male friend's house along with his 4 male friends because you trust him. That's the risk.

Was that easy enough for your tiny brain to understand?

Anonymous 4386

>guys she considered friends
Just because you're on friendly terms with someone doesn't mean you're friends. I bet they were closer to strangers than friends - I can't really imagine your actual friends pulling something like that.

Anonymous 4387

The world isn't black and white. You might think that someone is your friend, but they might think of you differently. You should be cautious of men, period.

Not to say that you can't form relationships with men, but women shouldn't trust men as easily as they trust women.

Anonymous 4389



Anonymous 4425


>degenerate behavior
>reducing women to nothing more than sex objects
>bringing harm to women
>superiority complex
>alienating women
>general bitterness towards women
And they wonder why women hate them. Jesus Christ.

Anonymous 4427


I don't wish any ill will toward men, I just wish they would leave me alone. I'm polite to them, I work with them and value their input, but other than that…I just want to avoid them so I can try to forget how much they hate women lmao. I don't understand why they seek out women to tell them how much they hate them, whereas you rarely see women running around foaming at the mouth trying to find men to scream at. Makes no sense to me.

Anonymous 4431


I wonder who could be behind this post…

Anonymous 4432


Because we knew the second they caught wind that this board exists they'd try some shit like what happened earlier today. The very existence of a board like this triggers them into autistic fits of rage. Plus, women get taunted out of their spaces, it's only fair that they can take what they dish out.

Anonymous 4434



Yeah, it's still happening right now, even. Some loser just necro'd a fucking 4 month old thread just to complain about ~roasties~

Anonymous 4435

Because they never are polite. Would you like to head on back over to /r9k/ and say this same exact thing to them? "Why are females so unwanted here?" Watch the reaction you get.

Just let us have this one goddamn board dude. Literally everywhere else on the internet you can go to complain about roasties.

Anonymous 4436


>complains about women ruining everything
>wants to shit up a perfectly comfy board because muh roasties™
If men don't want us to run them out they really aren't doing themselves any favors. This just confirms everything we already know about them.

Anonymous 4437

Truly boggles the mind. If they hate women, the logical thing to do would be to avoid places that are comprised of mostly women, no? And yet here they are….

Anonymous 4439



Women hate men (because they are hating and harming us in the first place lmao)
>avoid them and create own spaces

Men hates women

Anonymous 4441

I don't understand it either. Like a few anons have mentioned, if I feel especially antagonistic I just want to be left alone. Simple as that. The only conjecture I can muster up is that they're actually starved for female attention.

Anonymous 4442

what does someone hate more than that which they desperately desire but believe they can never, ever have?

Anonymous 4443

The problem is you divorce them from any responsibility towards their actions when you say it's all about them being bamboozled by beauty standards.

Again it just pins the blame on whites.

Anonymous 4444

>>4436 "I hate women sooo much I'm gonna make sure they give me as much attention as possible"

Honestly these fail tier "raids" are such obvious attention whoring. I want to see how they interact with their mothers mostly.

Anonymous 4447

They probably fuck their own mothers.

Anonymous 4450

only in their wildest dreams, anon.

Anonymous 4451


>they probably want* to fuck their own mothers

Anonymous 4452

>>4451 HOLY SHIT even if that's a joke how can you joke about that?? They're so bloody creepy jesus fuck.

You know he wrote that and then turned to his door like "TENDIES PLS MUMMY".

Anonymous 4453

Historically I think white women have had it (mostly) good, at least by comparison to other women of the day.

White women could become heads of state in European countries, they had their own guilds in the medieval period that dealt with industries/crafts they were involved with, domestic violence was always frowned upon (even if it wasn't always illegal) and so on. They also had the right of divorce or estrangement for most of Western history, and the right to choose their own marital partner (although divorce was technically illegal under ecclesiastical law, a marriage could be annulled if one party could prove they didn't consent to the arrangement).

This sort of stuff was very unusual for the standards of the time, compared to Confucian, Islamic and other forms of patriarchy.

Anonymous 4456

>>4453 Primogeniture was only a thing in England, Normandy, and the Basque region and even then you had to be nobleborn. Medieval art is very anti-woman as it's based around the idea of women = original sin. Also there were mad devices specifically designed for women who spoke too much/out of line.

ALSO, Lords could and often would force female serfs into involuntary marriages to ensure that the female serfs would be able to pro-create a new generation of workers.

TLDR; women regardless of nationality or race have always been shat on.

Anonymous 4457

I hope that brother beat the shit out of those "friends" who did that to his sis.

Anonymous 4458

Male-preference primogeniture wasn't just practiced in England, but various parts of the HRE, Spain and even Russia.

>ALSO, Lords could and often would force female serfs into involuntary marriages to ensure that the female serfs would be able to pro-create a new generation of workers.

How often was this actually done though? I haven't read enough about the practice to know, but I can remember reading something that said this custom has been exaggerated over time, like a lot of things about the Medieval period.

I'll have to pick up my Cambridge Medieval History at some point to have a flick through.

>TLDR; women regardless of nationality or race have always been shat on.

They've always been in an inferior position to men, but you would rather be a woman in pretty much any European society than in Ming China or the Ottoman Empire.

Anonymous 4460

>Medieval art is very anti-woman as it's based around the idea of women = original sin.

Also this is a gross oversimplification of Medieval Art, which is a pretty diverse topic unto itself (everything from Cretan iconography to Gioto).

Anonymous 4461

>Male-preference primogeniture wasn't just practiced in England, but various parts of the HRE, Spain and even Russia.
Wasn't spain mostly muslim-owned in the early middle ages? or am i wrong?

>I'll have to pick up my Cambridge Medieval History at some point to have a flick through.

Do ittt. If female serfs wanted to marry outside of their lords land too they had to pay a fee. i think i remember reading it was quite a big one too… kinda harsh. Unrelated but I often think about how hard love would of been in the middle ages. A good basis for novels though?

But yeah the ottoman empire re; womens rights was a bit… eghghh… At least they could see their girlfriends in private bathhouses. Obviously doesn't make up for it all but putting myself in that situation I'd be GTFOing to the bath every day.

Anonymous 4463

>Wasn't spain mostly muslim-owned in the early middle ages? or am i wrong?

Yeah, I'm referring to Christian states either prior to completion of the Reconquista (usually marked by the capture of Grenada) such as Castile, or Spain itself following the Reconquista.

Isabella and Ferdinand ruled as equals remember?

>If female serfs wanted to marry outside of their lords land too they had to pay a fee.

I've read a couple of things about serfdom, firstly that the abuses of lords were overstated and that even prior to the Black Death, most lords feared peasant uprisings and losing their tax base too much to be as cruel as they're made out to be in the movies.

Of course following the Black Death, the advantage switched to the peasants regardless of what came before for obvious reasons.

>Obviously doesn't make up for it all but putting myself in that situation I'd be GTFOing to the bath every day.

That was a practice they inherited from the Byzantines and Persians.

Also interesting how adulterous women were treated in Byzantium and, generally speaking, in wider Europe: They were exiled to nunneries usually. Probably a better fate than what you would have faced as a woman accused of adultery in China (the thousand-cuts death during the Qing Dynasty).

Johanna of Castile is a really interesting female ruler if you're interested:


Anonymous 4464


They either had a very abusive disfunctional mother or they were lying. Probably the latter.

Anonymous 4466


>>4463 this is why I love this site omg. Thank you for this info anon <3!

I'm going to read up on Joanna of Castile now. I also haven't heard of the thousand cuts death so I'm going to look into that too! Thanks!!!

Anonymous 4470

You two should consider having this conversation in the other thread, because this is completely off-topic.

Anonymous 4471

Oh sorry, which other thread?

Anonymous 4472

The one specifically for discussion on historical figures?

Anonymous 4473

Ah, found it, sorry anon!

Anonymous 4479


I imagine they have the same reasons misandrists do but just flip the genders. Get enough shitty experiences from a group and you could hate anybody.

Reasons I can think of:
Abused by mother as a child (physically, sexually, emotionally)
Abusive partners
Being a dumbass who likes to stereotype
Compensation for deficiencies
Anger issues
Trust issues
Anxiety outlet
Unhealthy addressing of fear of commitment/relationships
Exploited or intense fear of being exploited
Cocooning behavior/personality that includes and may even exclusively focus on rejecting the other gender
It's just what has worked for them socially

You can see some overlap with misogyny and misandry if you eliminate gender pronouns. A big chunk of it is a response to past experience and how it shapes the personality.

Anonymous 4483

Yeah, that's nice and everything but I don't think you understand what we're trying to do here. Males already get enough airplay on the internet, and this board is not catered to them. Your comments are not desired, whether you want to give us free ass pats or not. You have a million other places you could go to. Sorry to be harsh but it's the truth. The fact that you're probably ban evading just to shoehorn yourself in again shows that you don't have as much respect for this board as you think.

Anonymous 4487

Think of it like immigration. Prior to the 1970s Western Europe still had a small Muslim population, but because they were so tiny, they couldn't really exert any cultural/social/political pressure, and no one really minded.

Now that their numbers have grown, well…

It's the same situation here. If we allow men then the culture of the place as a predominantly female board gets weakened over time.

Anonymous 4491


>implying any of us are Stacy
Never change, anon. Your bitterness fuels me.

Anonymous 4492

dubya dance.gif

Why do you hate me because I'm hot?

Anonymous 4502

Please don't feed the trolls.

Anonymous 4505

Yeah this, robots are trash but what about your dads/brothers/uncles/male cousins?

There must be some men you like and admire.

Anonymous 4506



>Imageboards are inherently manly.

LOL. How is a type of website where you can post anonymously and attach an amusing or informative image indicative of any gender? If you were all REAL MANLY MEN® ™ wouldn't you be using your real names and photographs of yourself to prove how tough you are and that you can take any shit people dish out?

Imageboards are popular with shy, socially awkward, or uncomfortably weird people of both genders. This tends to lead to a congregation of both men and women who are unsuccessful with the opposite sex and frequently bitter about it.

Personally, I am fine with any man who is sincerely nice or curious about what a woman's perspective is on things posting here, but the bitter men and women of the internet are determined to start flinging shit everywhere like chimps at the zoo and ruin good discussion.

Anonymous 4507

What can you do? It proves that men and women are alike and humans are quick to judge. There's little difference when it comes to bad experiences and how people handle them. Take a robot loser who gets rejected by pretty women, he'll hate women for a long time and he'll continue to fuel his hate by surrounding himself with only bad things women have done. Vice versa for women.

Anonymous 4508

>we'll continue to resent them for the very reasons we mirror them, they did it first!
Who said this?

Anonymous 4509

>Some of yous have some pretty messed up views of men
Lmao. That actually may be true if you think the examples of men posted ITT are accurate representations of your gender. In that case, I really don't think my current opinion is critical enough.
Cry me a river, honestly. I don't give a fuck about your fees.

Anonymous 4512

NTAYRT, but this seems like a genuine question, so I'll bite before your posts are deleted.

There are men whom I like and admire. My long-term boyfriend, for instance, is incredible. He alone makes me understand that there is some truth to the cringey "not all men" campaign. I have a couple– 2 or 3– male friends who are considerate, courteous, and respectful of others. I have an uncle like this as well. None of these men cheat or view women as sexual objects.

However– and admittedly, this is purely anecdotal– I've found that the vast majority of men are absolutely disgusting, treating women like they owe men something and acting as if men alone are the sole providers to society. The few good examples I provided are all I have. 5 people out of the hundreds of men I know are nasty.

The men I met in college all either expected our friendship to move beyond vidya to ~le sex~ because why else would I ever talk to a guy other than to fuck them? Disgusting. If I was going through a hard time, many of my male then-friends would make jokes like, "Well, you're hot and a woman, so it'll all work out in the end," completely invalidating my feelings. After a night of drinking, they'd tell me how they "smashed some slut" the night before and laugh at how she tried to have further contact with them– god forbid we talk after we fuck, amirite? I've heard men refer to women as "pieces of ass" at parties.

Not all men are pieces of shit. But most of them are. I don't treat men any differently, but I've learned to expect far less from them.

Anonymous 4513

sage for samefag, but typo:

>5 people out of the hundreds of men I know are nasty

is supposed to read "5 people out of the hundreds of men I know aren't nasty.


Anonymous 4515

I've had the complete opposite experience of you anon. Most men I've known/met are good, respectable people. With that said, I don't meet them playing video games or partying. It really just might be the places/ways you are meeting these guys that's causing you to know so many male scumbags.

Also, you state that a lot of your male friends would state that you are "hot". I've never been described as hot personally, but I'd imagine that hot girls probably attract "bad boy" types more often.

Anonymous 4516

I did meet most of my male friends (ex-friends, now) through mutual enjoyment of video games. After we all grew out of being freshmen, they were considered "cool" at my university. They weren't bad boys, but clearly they were not the respectable people you talk about.

Where do you meet men? I've just avoided making new male friends, tbh.

Anonymous 4519

For what it's worth I've never been described as hot either and most guys I know are also trash in some way or another. Where are you meeting all these great men? You sound like me when I was in denial and thought I wasn't like other girls.

Anonymous 4520

Sorry those guys were so disrespectful, anon.

>>Where do you meet men? I've just avoided making new male friends, tbh.

I tend to meet men through more "wholesome" means such as college and training courses (including ones that people take just for fun meaning their are sometimes huge varieties of age groups), work, and extracurricular groups focused around hobbies (such as meetup.com groups).

Your boyfriend could always accompany you to one of the above as a means of making friends if you think it might not turn out so well. You might just live in a place with crummy men as well. I don't really know why you keep meeting dirtbags, but I hope your experience turns around for the better. Good luck, anon!

Anonymous 4524

>>Where are you meeting all these great men? You sound like me when I was in denial and thought I wasn't like other girls.

Believe me, I've met and encountered some scummy guys myself. I wouldn't say most of the men I meet are great, but they equally as good people as most women I meet. Most women I know seem to have had a similar experience to me when it comes to men. Maybe I'm in denial, but I'm in my late 20's and really don't care to be "different from the other girls" or anything at my age.

Obviously I'm not including crazy screaming guys on the street or creepy old men, as these "men" are clearly not all there and I avoid even making eye contact with them. I really think you girls just might be meeting guys in the wrong places or something. I highly recommend Meetup groups btw. If you join a semi-normal group (such as a language, cooking, cultural, business) most people (male and female) are pretty sane and friendly ime. Sometimes there are some weirdos, but usually they don't stick around and I've had great experiences overall with the men in them. They have different groups around the world in probably (most?) countries, so it's a good way to meet people without spending a lot of money or needing to make a longterm investment if you don't "click" with the group.

Anonymous 4525

And once again I'm in search of a spot on the internet where misogynists don't gather. This place was fun while it lasted.

Anonymous 4526

it's full of robots right now thanks to Spoony. This too shall pass. Don't leave, my friend.

Anonymous 4527

I really can't read much more of this shit. I hear enough of it from my real life and it makes me want to hurt myself.

Anonymous 4528

>it makes me want to hurt myself

Eh, don't.

Anonymous 4529

You know, you can just hide the thread tbh. No need to be dramatic.

Anonymous 4530


All it really does is further prove that men should be banned on sight, tbh. I mean we really don't even have to make a case for it, they prove it themselves that they can't come within a mile of this board without sperging out like degenerates. Eh, don't worry. They'll get bored eventually and the Admin/mods will clean all this up when they get back.

Anonymous 4532


>they are inherently male because we accomplish great things, whereas woman dominated websites like reddit are vapid shitholes.

I've been using the internet for long enough to have seen plenty of sites created and predominantly used by men that had nothing of substance or devolved into constant infighting, and to be fair, I've seen sites created and predominantly used by women that were the same way. I wouldn't call reddit woman dominated, some subreddits are mostly women and some are mostly men. It depends on where you go. Do you think r/TheRedPill is secretly dominated by women?

>So sex, MUH GETTING BACK AT OPRESSIVE MEN, and vapid bullshit.

Some things I've seen curious men ask women in the past include "How different do you think your upbringing was from boys?", "Do you think there should be any restrictions on abortion, if so, what kind?", and "How do the things girls say about dating around men differ from what they say in private?" Some of the responses from bitter women can be snippy (They'll respond to any man online that way. Ignore them), but most of them will give honest responses to polite questions. I don't spend my days in a volcanic lair plotting revenge on men. I try to be diplomatic and help those bitter about the opposite gender become more understanding.

>Why should I pretend to be interested in what you have to say if we aren't going to fuck, if I can have a more thoughtful conversation with a man at a website next door?

I do wish this site had a politics board and a history board, but I have no admin powers to add them. I am a member of a heavily male international politics forum and have accrued over 3,000 posts and a good reputation there. You can find a woman who shares any of your interests with you if you look hard enough. I know it isn't necessarily easy. It's possible to run into men who are fashion or makeup gurus online, after all. Wouldn't you prefer to have a girlfriend you had something to talk about with instead of sharing no interests or political views in common?

Anonymous 4535

As someone who has replied a few times…

I truly felt like the productive conversations wouldn't be horrible, but you're probably right, and I'll stop now. Chill tho.

Anonymous 4537

>calling for everyone to be banned when the women are largely replying respectfully and thoughtfully
>not chill

Okay, anon. Sorry you're having a bad day.

Anonymous 4539


Tbf they get so assblasted over nothing it's hysterical. You're right though. I'll stop.

Just report and ignore, friends.

Anonymous 4540


I legitimately thought some good discussions were being had. I don't think the men (robots) should be here, but a few of them wee posting some very thoughtful responses in an attempt to facilitate legitimate discussion. While they were here, I figured that perhaps we could give them some food for thought.

Again, though, you're probably right; I am likely just too optimistic that their minds can be changed, and I do apologize for entertaining them.

Have a sailor moon gif. Sorry for the fighting.

Anonymous 4543

Ladies, please just remember pic related >>4345

No man in this site will have a fucking normal and civil conversation because they came from r9k . If we ever have a logical, civil conversation with a dude here, it's because he's not a stupid piece of dog shit and won't out himself as a dude (especially because it's not fucking necessary to specify what is between your legs to give a opinion ffs) and respect the rules and most importantly, respect us.

Until then, ignore all male att whoring posts. Any posts saying >MAIL HERE just ignore then and move on.

Anonymous 4546

Who is Spoony?

Anonymous 4547

I wasn't going to get into this but

>very thoughtful responses in an attempt to facilitate legitimate discussion

the posts are deleted now but weren't they basically just in here calling us dumb whores?

Anonymous 4548

Yeah, there was at least one dude that I was having a good discussion with, and he was very respectful.

Some people were calling us roasties, though. kek

Anonymous 4549


Reminds of all-female African villages, here's the documentary:

>they're sick of men and how they treat them

>leave their husbands and make their own village
>petty men follow them, beat them up, and steal their income
>with income that wasn't stolen, they build a school for all children, even kids from surrounding villages are to be educated
>men throw bitch-fits how women cannot function on their own
>every village has jealous men surrounding it
>the leader of the first village mentions how men use "woman" (assuming even "female") as an insult
>no fgm = no marriage
>none of the ladies wants to get married, some villages are allowed to have lovers, but all of the women are happy on their own

Anonymous 4552

I second this. I'm debating whether I should even reply to the people who replied to the trolls.

Anonymous 4554

The issue was resolved with an apology and a promise to stop responding to ANY robot. Why are you trying to fan the flames?

We should stop infighting completely; I don't want any of my fellow miners to be banned, because I like you all.. I humbly apologize for disturbing the peace.

Anonymous 4555

I reported their posts only because I suspect they may be from r9k, not because I think they're a miner who is responding to a mAN. Until the admin releases a statement saying that they do not want us reporting what we suspect may be from r9k, I will continue to report such posts.

>>humbly apologize for disturbing the peace

You don't speak for anyone, stop acting like it, and it's fine, you were just typing what you felt, which I felt was an accurate depiction of what I felt, too.

Anonymous 4556

????????? Where on earth do you get the idea that I'm speaking for anyone? I'm simply apologizing for responding to robots; me entertaining them caused other miners to get frustrated, so I feel like an apology is necessary.

Anonymous 4557


Don't these fucking lunatics get tired of "raiding" this place now? It's been what, 15 hours since that first r9k post? And they still here? Holy fuck. I wish they'd an hero already and stop wasting space with their gigantic assholes.

This seems so interesting, anon! Men are indeed big ass babies no matter the culture.

Anonymous 4558

> Why should I pretend to be interested in what you have to say if we aren't going to fuck, if I can have a more thoughtful conversation with a man at a website next door?

Another """logical""" male who cannot see the irony of this post

Anonymous 4560

I thought you were

Anonymous 4563

Oh my bad, anon.

Anonymous 4666


Anonymous 4673


Petition to have Tenko Chabashira as this thread's mascot

Anonymous 4709


Poor men. They have to encounter the incredibly traumatic experience of… having friends?

Anonymous 4712

I'm not defending that statement since I don't think it's fair to equate the two especially between genders, but remaining platonic with someone you have romantic feelings for can be very shit.

Anonymous 4713

>Using guys for friends

Your statement has nothing to do with the original post.

Anonymous 4714

Oh, my bad

Anonymous 4720


Anonymous 4726

How come almost all of the internet anti-feminist/'manly/alpha' men are nothing special yet walk around dedicating their lives to trying to take women down a peg. Seriously. Almost every time I see some man on Twitter ranting about/at feeemales and insisting over and over and OVER again that women are inferior in every way possible and need to be put back in their place, I check their picture and they almost all have the same look. And it isn't great. In addition to that, they've made hating women or 'others' like the core tenant of their personality. So they have no other redeeming qualities.

I used to not really believe in the 'bitter virgin' stereotype, because I've known plenty of attractive men who were cruel and angry people and plenty of virgin men who were kind and normal people. But I'm starting to think there's something to it in the majority of cases. I probably spent more time thinking too far into it than I should have, because it's become pretty clear that these are just insecure people who need to justify ways to feel superior to others. I still can't find it in me to feel bad for them though, due to how much vitriol they direct at others.

Anonymous 4758

probably because their gender is the only thing they're proud of. it's fucking bizzaro that there are people who legitimately hate you because of your gender, but there's no need to try to feel bad for these dudes

Anonymous 4759

Same reason white supremacists tend to be fat, ugly, and/or unemployed losers. They need a "team" and an "enemy" to feel value and purpose in their pathetic lives. They want to blame people not like them for their lack of success with women or their life.

Anonymous 4764

Anonymous 4781


that made me physically ill and brought back memories of a manga i wish i never read

Anonymous 4787


Anonymous 4793

i've only ever heard of women teachers having sex with younger boys. male teachers do that -and- this disgusting shit.

Anonymous 4796

not that anon but i think it's from onani master kurosawa

Anonymous 4812

why would you brand this with the site name? smells like bait.

Anonymous 4813

to trigger additional triggerings

Anonymous 4819

I actually lol'd when I saw that watermark

Anonymous 4822

The watermark is only going to direct more robots here to scream about roasties and shit up the board. Thanks so much.

Anonymous 4823

it was probably made by a robot for that express purpose

Anonymous 4824

Makes sense. They have a lot of time on their hands.

Anonymous 4825


Well yes, I've noticed that pattern a while ago. Most, if not all, of the men saying the most vicious and vitriolic things about women online are always "off" looking and have something severely wrong about them. Come to think of it, the nicest men I've known were always the more attractive & well-groomed charismatic ones.

Anonymous 4826

Poor women. They have to encounter the incredibly traumatic experience of… having sex?
Fuck me the hypocrisy and double standards on this website is mad
I personally think both misandry and misogynism (like all prejudices) is just projection of the past experiences/insecurities of the offending party
Surely all of you must be able to see the parallels you are running with all the neckbeards online that you are complaining about right?
Honestly this is hilarious but sad at the same time, both sides need to grow the fuck up and realise that some people are twats, some people are sound and that is not predetermined by their shape, colour or gender - stop being so shallow and learn to deal with your failings and maybe people around will be nicer to you?
Doesn't seem like an incredibly complex outlook does it?

Anonymous 4827


Reminds me of the handsome alpha, ol' Robbie Fisher.

Anonymous 4828

I get what you're saying, but honestly it doesn't help at all to brush away actual reasons for a person to be misogynist/misandrist that >>4479 lists which does fall under past experiences. A lot of the people here and misogynists elsewhere have had damaging, traumatic experiences with the opposite sex that doesn't just go away by "growing up". I'm glad that you haven't had to experience multiple, negative interactions that were so traumatizing it compounded into actual hatred for an entire gender of people, but assuming that no one else has is very shallow of you.

Anonymous 4830

It would go away if they grew up, it's just that growing up might be hard for them. But surely there are really 'childish' attitudes, that are childish for whatever reason people hold them?

Anonymous 4832

True, but the majority of misandrists/misogynists do not have such a strong case and there reasoning is generally unfounded
Still even in the event of such experiences, surely it would be more constructive to not generalise a broad swathe of people based on the actions of one individual?
If the person at fault wore a red shirt, does that mean you would never look upon the colour red again?
I suppose it sounds harsh to tell these people to grow up per se, but I guess I could instead phrase it as further maturement - perhaps dabble in some philosophy? Asian philosophy in particular is highly edifying on the topic(s) of living in the present and neither the past or future
And finally, it was also rather shallow of you to assume that I have not underwent any traumatic events and it seems to me that you have mnore of a persecution complex ("oh woe is me" etc.) than any actual grounding for your prejudices
Naturally, correct me where I am wrong and I'll happily apologise for such an assumption

Anonymous 4833

Can y'all leave? This is an anonymous venting thread. We're not gonna go around killing men. Take your fake offended feelings and concern trolling to reddit

Anonymous 4840

Indeed yes, everyone in this thread are shining stars of equality, tolerance and understanding - truly you need to teach us cavemen how to live in the 21st century

Fuck off both sides are fully pathetic this is ridiculous
Why must people hate people this much, things like these show the insidious hate that's rotting western society from the inside out
Why is it so hard to treat people like people and not just point fingers across a boundary and say 'fuck you'
It seems like friends aren't even friends nowadays and everyone is just waiting for the right moment to backstab the other over some shitty reason or other
Where the genuine people at

Anonymous 4842

I love how the concern trolling coincided with yet another influx of bitter robots. So predictable.

"Hey guys we talk about how you're all worthless whores who deserve to be killed all the time but how dare you dislike men even a little bit that's so immature!!"

Anonymous 4844

Literally nobody asked dude. You were really itching to post this huh.

Anonymous 4847

Unless you know the majority of misandrists/misogynists, I don't think you can make that claim. As well, assuming that a traumatic experience can be narrowed down to one perpetrator assumes a lot. I don't even see anyone - not even neckbeards - claim their views are due to a single person. Constant negative interactions with one subset of people, no matter how minor they objectively are, really can chip away at a person's mental well being until they "hate all men/women".
>If the person at fault wore a red shirt, does that mean you would never look upon the colour red again?
Despite how SJWs treat the concept, this is how triggers happen. So something like this might happen to a person, that's just how our brains sometimes respond to traumatic events.

Of course it doesn't make sense to empower people to hating the opposite gender, but for many people it's not a matter of "growing up". Like >>4814 probably needs therapy instead of derision for projecting their hatred and trauma at the hands of individuals to the entire gender.

I don't have prejudices of this scale, but I can see why many people might have them. Misandrists and misogynists alike. Though, if you did have traumatic experiences, maybe I was overstepping my bounds by assuming you wouldn't so flippantly dismiss other people's trauma. And, perhaps this is my mistake, but I do believe that even the shallow bitching that takes place here and elsewhere has underlying currents of people who have been deeply, mentally affected by others and never sought help for.

Anonymous 4848

What even is concern trolling
These posts were by me and if that is what concern trolling is meant to be? Then I'm not I'm just trying to get a discussion going on because I've seen the neckbeard's points of view many times along with all their addled reasoning but I haven't seen a website like this so I'd thought it'd be a chance to get a unique slant on it but it seems that no one really awants to engage in an actual critical examination of your viewpoints - which usually indicates that they are shakily founded
Then again I'm not too sure about the posting activity on this site and it seems a bit slow so eh
Seriously though just point out the flaws in what i say and I'll admit I'm wrong - but otherwise I just find it strangely humourous how both sides of this sexism split hate each other so much yet seem to run in near exact parallel - down to the cherrypicking of examples and generalisation etc.
Maybe you are all more alike than you think and there isn't this mad disparity between men and women that you all seem to happy to reinforce and pretend is there?

Anonymous 4853

Sure, here's a viewpoint. I hate men because they hate me. Hypocritical? Sure. Do I care? Not anymore. I got sick of smiling and trying to be polite to people who just think I'm some stupid whore and take the first chance they can get to tell me how inferior and unworthy of life I am.

Do I seek out men to yell at and harass them? Absolutely not. Do I disrespect men and spew vitriol at them? Absolutely not. Do I no longer want to sit quietly and listen to people talk about how much they despise me? Yes. Do I want to vent about the things I hear and experience from men? Yes. That is what this thread is for, imo. I haven't seen any rape threats or threats of violence in this thread. It isn't a big deal, and I don't get why their can be entire websites dedicated to hating women and wishing violence on them, but women who have been hurt by men can't express their feelings on a single thread.

Anonymous 4856

>I got sick of smiling and trying to be polite to people who just think I'm some stupid whore and take the first chance they can get to tell me how inferior and unworthy of life

What is your sexual fetishes?

Anonymous 4861

Why does everyone on sites such as these - i.e. with largely niche focus groups (4chan being for neckbeards etc.) seem to take any challenge to their views as an attack on their person - are your egos so fragile?
I'm not saying you can't express your feelings on what you feel like, but I do disagree with such a generalisation of a group just because of select experiences - surely you must be able to see that it is said generalisation that leads to the men you refer to hating you and you hating them? If both groups rely on misguided beliefs and refuse to open a communication with each other then neither will grow or actually develop and the rift will widen leading to more negativity for either side
Don't you see that no one ON EITHER SIDE benefits from a complete inability to actually be reasonable?
Also one thing I've noticed is while responces from from 4chan are far more vitriolic; posts on this site seem to be more self assured and condescending and seem unable of the fact that someone can challenge your view without being on the 'opposing side' as such
You're both as bad as each other

Anonymous 4865

Yes, I acknowledged it was hypocritical, but I also can't bring myself to care at this point because of the reasons I stated. I mean sorry for being unreasonable as you say but I really can't bring myself to give a fuck about people who spew constant pure hatred at me and others.

Though, I will disagree that both sides are as bad as eachother. Maybe they have the same fundamental flaw, but one is more violent than the other. One seeks out the other to express their hatred further, while the other simply gathers in one space and discusses it. From what I've seen at least.

Anonymous 4866

I'm sorry that happened to you. Maybe you should listen to >>4861 and realize you're just being childish and grow up already. There is absolutely no reason that your mother and first gf should cause so much generalized hatred against women.

Anonymous 4870

moderate wisdom.jp…


Anonymous 4880

Taking it on a way too literal level, yes I used the wrong terminology but as you saw in my other posts what I meant was to find a way to move on in some form, otherwise the view I have on it is that your spending energy ruminating and worsening your life on something that isn't constructive in any way and will inevitably just bring you down more and more
It is not my place to say just forget it happened because it is only natural that something like that would remain as a mental scar for the rest of your life
What I'm trying to say is that you will never get anything out of spending all your energy on hate, try looking at different perspectives on life and philosophy - I find eastern philosophy to be uplifting in that sense
But as I say one last time, I'm not telling you what to do, i'm just trying to offer some advice from my position - no offence or patronisation meant

Anonymous 4930

Anonymous 4951

I know. I'm so chilled right now.

Anonymous 5012

This >>4479 tbh. Men and women both have the same reasons to be angry at each other: shitty experiences with shitty people.

Anonymous 5013


>Let me rephrase: you want a virgin, non-slut who will let you treat her like a slut.

Pretty sure the good dudes just want a woman who will love them as completely as they would try to love them. That includes sex. Can't really say for misogynists. But theya re probably lonely and just need love too, y'know.

Anonymous 5017

fuck i binge watched all of this season last week and i legitemateley want to run mark over he is so disgusting! i hope nikki follows the suit of his first wife and gets tf out

Anonymous 5036

Then cut your dick off or take chemical castration pills. Problem solved.

Live with your pet dog or your best friend instead.

Just don't spam about your shit. I don't.

Anonymous 5038


Ffs stop responding to men.

Anonymous 5043


>I hate men because they hate me. Hypocritical? Sure. Do I care? Not anymore.
Fucking this. I've already come to terms with the fact that it's hypocritical numerous times, and I don't give a fuck. I'm just one person with somewhat antagonistic views towards men out of a sea of a dime a dozen basic bitch neckbeards who all express their violent views against women on a daily basis. What's even more telling is that we're being pressured to feel that it's wrong because we don't want to open up our space to that same group of people.

None of them are going to convince me of anything by coming to our boards and trying to talk over us, they're just going to piss me off. They don't deserve to have a voice here.

Anonymous 5048

Fuck, what a complete nutjob. Lol.

Anonymous 5058


>be me, working front desk yesterday
>some guy walks in alone and stands in line wearing this exact shirt
>apparently it's some fictional group from the show Married with Children
>didn't know this at the time but i still can't tell if he's trolling or actually believes in this weird shit to give a fuck enough to wear this obscure ass shirt
>no one remembers or cares about one episode of a 90s show so people assume its legit and he starts getting a few weird looks
>couple minutes later
>some short, tatted hardass looking guy and his friend walk in and get in line behind him
>almost immediately upon getting in line the tatted guy turns to his buddy and loudly says "he must be having a lot of great times in the bedroom"
>people turn around to look and i hear some snickering
>can't help but bust out laughing because im an asshole and dont give a fuck about any of the customers at my job anyway
>guy with the shirt looks incredibly uncomfortable and doesnt say anything
>awkward silence
>i'm actually getting secondhand embarrassment for him
>when it's his turn in line and he starts speaking to me, his voice fucking cracks

thought you guys might enjoy this. i genuinely couldn't believe this shit as it was happening it was so painful to witness

Anonymous 5061

i dont care. i just wanted to share my story lmao

Anonymous 5062

Honestly hearing men screaming "hypergamy" constantly is funny to me. Women are shamed if they persue a man and men are always a lot fucking harsher while rejecting women, maybe understand it's not our fault men are so desperate for sex they'll fuck anything and play dumb games.

This is an example of how a guy reacts when a woman he's not attracted too messages him, think of what it's like being a woman and being catcalled by fat 50 year olds as soon as you grow tits. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3823654/The-ladies-like-lot-don-t-consider-dating-s-fat-Good-looking-man-slams-overweight-Scottish-women-Plenty-Fish-saying-size-14-medically-obese.html

Anonymous 5065


Anonymous 5068

Wasn't no ma'am actually an MRA/mgtow thing for a while though?

Anonymous 5070

>A man is charged with shooting a mother of 4 to death earlier this month after she rebuffed his advances, according to the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office.
At some point, when he made sexual advances that she rejected, the sheriff's office says he went to his truck, armed himself with a .22 rifle, went back inside and shot Suarez as she tried to run out the back door. After shooting her, detectives say Shows had sex with her body.
>They say he dragged her body down a hallway and left it in a crucifix position. They also say Shows tried to cover up the crime by burning his clothes and disposing of Suarez's phone.
>Detectives say one of Suarez's children, a 2-year-old son, was home during the crime.

I always hear instances of women being murdered after rejecting men get briefly mentioned, so I decided to look some of it up. This case happened last year. Fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 5083

>What's even more telling is that we're being pressured to feel that it's wrong because we don't want to open up our space to that same group of people.

Seriously. Why the fuck is that even happening? They hate women so much, why do they give a fuck what we think of them or what we say about them amongst each other? We're just dumb whores, after all. Our words should have no value to them. If one of you dudes wants to stop bitching about hypergamy for two seconds and explain to me why it bothers you so much when the group of people that you despise suddenly stop wanting to deal with your shit that would be great.

Anonymous 5095


They're either thirsty as fuck, actually like the comfy atmosphere and want to be able to post, or both. Too bad they ruin everything that they touch, because this place would lose that feeling pretty fast on account of the fact that they don't know how to contribute anything but shitposting in the case of the latter, and in both cases it drives away this board's targeted demographic. They also can't make a single post without going against the rules and drawing attention to the fact that they have a dick.
>h-hey roasties I like your board. I think I want to hang around and be nice to you all now. Wait why are you banning me and telling me to leave? Pls let me stay. Pls be my gf. okAY FINE FUCK YOU WHORES
No woman in their right mind would want to fuck them knowing the amount of hate they hold inside anyhow, so it's a poor shot on their behalf.

Anonymous 5109


Every time… Posting in the right thread now.

Anonymous 5117

kinda OT but I'm wondering who the other female shooter is. I remember one was a professor who opened fire at her colleagues during a meeting.

Anonymous 5121



Speaking of mass shootings. /pol/ already at it blaming women for men's actions. Which is funny, considering their type always complain that women have no concept of personal responsibility.

Anonymous 5122


This is historical but still makes me reee

>In 1869, the Edinburgh Seven are the first women to enter a British Medical school

>all women passed their first examinations, four of them with Honors
>Edith Pechey got the highest score of all (male and female) candidates, which gave her first claim to a scholarship
>when the male students saw that women could outperform them, they became increasingly hostile and angry
>even the University staff became resentful towards the women as they continued to outperform male students
>the scholarships were given to male students with lower grades, so as to not "provoke" their anger
>after many months of hostility from male students it finally came to a head, when several HUNDRED of them blocked the women from entering Surgeon's Hall
>The angry crowd screamed abuse at them, and pelted the women with mud and garbage
>the women soldiered though and kept walking towards the gates of the Hall
>when they reached the gates, it was slammed in their faces
>they refused to use a side entrance, so they stood there until a sympathetic student opened the gates
>in the end, they never ended up graduating there as the Court supported the University's "right" to not award them degrees

So next time you hear some redpilled tradfag wax poetic about how women would love the ~good ol' days~ just remember this. Ladies were viewed as sub-intelligent creatures and were only treated "nicely" so long as they stayed totally submissive and never reached their true potential. If women outperformed men, their male egos, so fragile from years of inflated self-importance, would shatter and they would try to stop you any way they can.

Anonymous 5124

Which /pol/?

Anonymous 5125

Found it on 4chan.

Anonymous 5126

I'm not seeing it, I'v seen Anti-fa being blamed though.

Anonymous 5127

this reminds me of how some women are outperforming men in sports and have to get sex tested all the time, and some naturally have high testosterone being produced in their bodies and they want to make the them take estrogen pills so they can be worse than men, god forbid a woman can outperform a man! there MUST be something wrong with her! we all know women are weaker and stupider than men!


Anonymous 5128

What's with the man hate sisters? Do you hate your fathers and brothers? Do you hate the man who did manual labor to make whatever house you're living now? Do you hate the men who fight wars to protect you? What have men done to make you hate them?

Anonymous 5130

I think the problem is she's 'unfairly' outperforming the women she's competing with.

Anonymous 5132

Wtf? That's crazy. Honestly if she's a naturally born XX female I don't see why this is an issue.

Anonymous 5133

I don't know what man hurt you but I know the most considerate and well meaning men in the world and my anecdotal evidence is just as valid as your personal experiences. There are some true scumbags out there, both men and women, however when these scumbags are women they shy away from fear and weakness. These evil men lack that, they have natural confidence and are stronger than women. Men and women having the same desires of rape and violence but the man is the only one able to actually be able to do it. I'm not particularly pretty but the only people who belittle me and make me feel like trash are other women. I'm apparently unable to have a sisterhood like men have brotherhood.

Anonymous 5134

>Damn I don't know my man, why do men hate women?
Okay I will explain, before I get banned

Women never shut up or give men peace, we are simple creatures, we love simple things, but as the old saying goes, Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.

>Why do they beat them

Sadly weaker willed men fall pray to this and usually for the reason stated above, most men hate other men that beat women.

>rape them

Power, sexual frustration, Trust me the only men that rape are beta faggots that need to take their frustration out on something, typically things weaker than themselves, women or animals

>murder them

Men murder each other more then we murder women, Mostly due to disputes, women are not special in this regard.

>Harass them, belittle them, constantly tell them they are worth nothing and remind us everyday how little they think of us?

Most men have nothing against women, sure you may get the few dicks, but those people are typically either low IQ or social outcasts that need to gratify themselves.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 5135

>Women never shut up or give men peace
>Going to a female imageboard to say this

I'm always amazed by male logic

Anonymous 5136

dylan and stephen had a girlfriend though lmao. only adam and elliot of this chart were fueled by loneliness. and adam's loneliness wasn't woman based, he pretty much hated everyone because everyone picked on him for his astigmatism.

Anonymous 5137

How do I upvote?

Anonymous 5138


I'm married and my Husband absolutely adores me and our little daughter. The rabid misandrists are just angry that they get no male attention.

Anonymous 5139

>Women never shut up or give men peace


Anonymous 5140

>The rabid misandrists are just angry that they get no male attention.
Oh god I wish that were true and I didn't get any attention from people I want nothing to do with. Sadly, that's not the case.

Anonymous 5142

Men are ok.
Polacks aren't.

Anonymous 5143

>The rabid misandrists are just angry that they get no male attention.

Or maybe because some of us have experienced too much negative male attention? Your experience, as well as the the experience of >>5133 IS valid, just as valid as anyone else in this thread, and I'm glad that you have had positive experiences with men. Unfortunately some others here haven't. That's why this thread is here. And I don't think it's necessarily fair to chalk it up to "they just need some good dick lol."

Anonymous 5144

It's true though. These women feel like they have no male companion or feel like they're repugnant to men. In society women are raised to feel they're attractiveness is their prime contribution to society. And if their not attractive it leads to the complex of man hating.

Anonymous 5146

But /pol/ is a fun place to be, almost no censorship and for this very reason it's one of the most influential sites on the internet.

try to prove that statement wrong

Anonymous 5147

Then go there.

Anonymous 5148

>Implying I can't Multitask.

Anonymous 5149

>And I don't think it's necessarily fair to chalk it up to "they just need some good dick lol."

For real. This chick needs to go back to RedPillWomen

Anonymous 5150


>It's true though
No it isn't. I really wish I didn't have to deal with men harrassing me on the street, on the internet, or in general.
>lol you're just ugly that's why you hate men
LMAO. I have no words.

Anonymous 5151

So if a woman has been ridiculed, emotionally and physically abused and told she is worth nothing but a wet hole by the men in her life from a very young age, her experience isn't valid and she must be angry because she isn't getting laid?

Anonymous 5152

The women in my small town that happen to not be traditionally attractive hate all the men in the town. Even the 12 year old boys. They see the young couples and the just married and say "They can't handle a real man". It's such a popular thing in spain that the politicians are talking about it. I live in spain, so maybe I was wrong in assuming the US is like us.

Anonymous 5154

Not everybody is the same. And not everybody has the same reasons for feeling the way that they do.

Anonymous 5155

>On-duty NYPD officers 'handcuffed 18-year-old girl, took her to deserted spot and raped her'
>The officers admitted that sexual acts had taken place but tried to argue that it was """consensual"""


Anonymous 5158

Even on a forum dominated by women we can't even have a discussion about trauma and experiences with men without someone defaulting to the 'you must be ugly and can't get laid that's literally the only reason you have to be upset' thing.

From other women. Ok.

Anonymous 5159

For fuck’s sake, people. Do not engage with polacks, robots or obnoxious dudes, especially amidst “attacks”. Their opinions are unworthy of debate.

Anonymous 5161

>Wow too weak willed to tell them to fuck off?
You act as if that would stop them. Maybe you need to get followed home by someone twice your size a few times before you can fully understand how uncomfortable is to be targeted in that way. In the meantime, fuck off.

Anonymous 5162

That's clearly a robot, dumbass.

Anonymous 5167

Right? If things like that didn’t happen if I told a man to fuck off after unwanted advances I bet I wouldn’t be “weak-willed”. https://mic.com/articles/135394/14-women-were-brutally-attacked-for-rejecting-men-why-arent-we-talking-about-it

Anonymous 5169

Women are just supposed to smile and take it, laugh it off, it's ok that the whole world thinks you're a big pathetic disgusting joke. Don't speak up or you'll become even more of a punchline and it gives people more ammo to ridicule you. Might as well kill yourself, because what's one less wet hole in the world? That's all we're worth anyways, right? I mean that's what men always tell me, including my own fucking father. But I have no reason to be hurt or angry about THAT, it clearly must be because I'm ugly and can't get laid. Like when I started starving myself when I was 11 so that I wouldn't start looking like a fucking woman I must have just been bitter that I wasn't getting fucked on the weekends.

Fucking hell. Fuck some of you people. There' some female hysteria for you!

Anonymous Admin 5171

This thread is now bump-locked not because of the topic but because of the constant shitposting and arguing and humoring robots. Not having the thread on the front page all the time will also hopefully help keeping it a bit more out of sight. Please go to >>>/meta/ if you have any comments about this decision.


If you're too blind to find the rules link then you deserve your bans.
In addition, ban evasion defies the purpose of a ban, so you'll stay gone.

Anonymous 5172

Just saw a tumblr post with this exact wording. 5 minutes after this post. LOL. This sister is active on tumblr. No wonder no man wants you.
Gave me a good laugh right before bed.

Anonymous 5173

I ban evade because you refuse to appeal the bans, I appealed once, no reply, use VPN, get banned again, cant be bothered to write a paragraph to appeal, swap VPN's, you guys made me do this

Anonymous 5174

12 year old leave. I used to have little girl cousins that would look at my history, go on Crystal Cafe and troll like you.

Anonymous 5175

1st, Not 12
2nd I'm not even trolling

Anonymous 5176

Sometimes I go on /pol/ not mention my gender, have reasonable discourse, and leave. Apparently you can't?

Anonymous 5177

>Sometimes I go on /pol/ not mention my gender
To be fair, you know exactly the response you would get.

thinking of which why not make a Crystal.cafe version that does the same thing, probably work the same way… except a /b/ raid, they would probably be too happy to oblige.
ohh well, food for thought.

Anonymous 5178

The reason you don't mention your gender is because your anonymous. You're not trying to fish for (yous) or get special treatment. The same here. There are probs many men here who don't mention their gender. Because the prequisite here is that your female.>>5177

Anonymous 5180

Well shit, first time i'v actually looked at it from the other side.

Anonymous 5184

It's interesting how only kool-aid drinking losers like incels or any of the variety of openly bigoted people, all who spend most of their time online looking this stuff up, seem to be the only people who don't recognize how often white men commit crimes. They always deflect by mentioning other races and act like by stating "white men are the biggest demographic to do x bad thing," it's personally calling them out. Literally everyone else in the world has enough brain cells to see these connections (including other white men) except white supremacist misogynist men who ironically looove bringing up barebones statistics. It's also funny because these men (like incels) have hateboners for each other, themselves, and other men, but will still defend the white male race to the death.

Anonymous 5185

r u the person shitting up my vegas shooting thread arguing with those women and calling them poltards and honkies lmao

Anonymous 5186

No, but it's impressive how fast people started infighting the moment "white man" was mentioned.

Anonymous 5187

I was thinking the same thing lol

Anonymous 5188

rip. i regret making the thread bc now its just people trolling each other. i knew it was going to fall apart in this same exact fashion before i even created it. wish the mods would move it to sty or just delete it entirely.

Anonymous 5192

I fucking hate this culture.
I hate being a woman in this shitty, vain, superficial world.
Where having chipped nail polish, or even dry cuticles of all things… means you are gross, disgusting, blabla.
And that's just nails… a few stray eyebrow hairs? Might as well be a dirty hippy nowadays, and women who don't shave are basically ogres.
And so much of this shit is spread by other women indoctrinated by this bullshit. I thought it was getting better but no it's just worse every day.
Men complain that their appearance is linked to their social success… of course it is, but even the most beautiful woman would have to shave pluck and primp before being considered so.

Anonymous 5193

Nobody cares about those things though, men are too busy expecting us to be 10/10 stick thin virgins with huge t&a to think about our nails or eyebrows. I fucking WISH that's what they cared about, because it's quick and easy to do.

Anonymous 5194

^yeah, I'm grateful for not having to deal with that nonsense. But don't worry the culture is changing. Maybe future generations wouldn't have to deal with this stuff. I know lot's of men who don't mind hairy armpits and little fine hairs. What always amazes me is the evolution of this false ideal. Before makeup magazines drew their perfect women. Now makeup is here, they Photoshop their perfect women. Makeup was enough for a while but now you have to contour and do your eyelashes. I remember the first time I saw my older sisters done up eye brows. I thought they looked horrible, but now everyone does it. It's evolution I tell you, but no one seems to stop. I think it's partially social media, it's porn for vain women in a sense.

Anonymous 5195

Men don't, but women sure do because society sets us up against each other. Just take at a look at lolcow, yea most of them deserve it but who gives a fuck about their nail polish?
It's just like, where did this shit come from? I thought we were progressing as a society. But women are turning into blow up dolls and I'm just, how could this happen when we have more rights now?

Anonymous 5196

I'm set and don't have to deal with it either, I just feel so sad for this younger generation that grew up with instagram models and shit.
Sure we grew up with magazines and celebrities, but IG models are supposed to be "real", "attainable"… And it's obvious that it's working as intended because subcultures have basically died amongst teenagers. You have the occasional metalhead but most of them might as well have been baked in the same oven. It bodes badly for the future.

Anonymous 5198

It's how I do it too, only a newdyke would bother calling attention to her gender. I honestly enjoy being treated as an equal in debates for once.

Anonymous 5203


Anonymous 5204

>Too many times when people claim they're misandric they just mean teh evil white menz.
This this this. Black men helped popularize misogyny in a big way with their rap music and influence on pop culture.

Anonymous 5207

It's ironic how this photo supports the notion that men are dumb, emotional creatures led by muh dik

Anonymous 5208


Anonymous 5209


Anonymous 5210



Anonymous 5211

robot genocide when

Anonymous 5219

Oh shit, is that one of the actually cute(but just as deranged and delusional) incels? I didn’t know he was disgusting like this.

Anonymous 5224

I know he's from the incel reddit, but I don't know anything about the poster himself.
It's intended to be man hate fuel.

Anonymous 5230


This is him. He’s not bad looking at all, if I hadn’t seen the shit he posts I’d say he’s cute(iirc he doesn’t like the fact that he’s short or something), further proof that it only takes bitterness, BDD, lack of empathy and hanging around with a bad crowd in the wrong time in one’s life to become incel

Anonymous 5231

He looks like a girl

Anonymous 5232

different strokes for different folks

Anonymous 5233

wow he's looks so young…maybe 15? why are these little kids fueled with hatred, like, life gets better yo. i always imagined incels to be young adults, so knowing that some of them are actual children makes me sad. like you said, it's probably BDD, feeling insecure, and having access to the opinions of deranged adults on the internet

Anonymous 5235

I mean, judging from the picture he has a very small frame and a very feminine face. He's probably short too.

Unless he's actually tall and broad framed, then he'd probably be decently cute.

Anonymous 5236


>He’s probably short too.
Yeah, he’s 5’2’’. Oh wow, such a valid reason to hate women and be a raging rapist piece of shit! Poor guy!

Anonymous 5237

at least he's only 14… maybe he'll have a magical growth spurt?

Anonymous 5238

LOL this guy is calling himself an incel at 14??

seriously where are his parents?

Anonymous 5239

Wait, after a second look I realized he rated himsef a 2/10? Who the fuck even comes up with the “evaluation criteria” for this? This rating system is so dumb, it’s like they really don’t know that beauty is subjective. I took this screenshot off this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5wmu2w/what_makes_you_an_incel_do_we_all_suffer_from_the/ in which he apparently said his face is DEFORMED. Let that sink in.

Anonymous 5247


He considers himself an ugly deformed 2/10 incel at FOURTEEN? I feel sorry for him. Men don't stop growing until they are either 18 or 19, so he could still have a growth spurt. I remember some guys from high school who hit growth spurts at 16 and 17. I can't predict exactly what he'll look like when he becomes an adult, but his bright blue eyes and thick dark brown hair form a striking contrast that he could use to his advantage if he makes eye contact with girls and flirts in a playful, lighthearted way.

If anyone needs proof of how poisonous this ideology is and how it pointlessly aggravates tensions between men and women, then this is it. I hope he can pull himself out of this edgy teenage phase and not get stuck there. We all did shameful shit as young teens on the internet, after all. He has no chance if he maintains this defeatist stance.

Anonymous 5271


zero sympathy for this dude

Anonymous 5274

(sorry for samefag) he’s actually 20

Anonymous 5292


It's just so… nuts. At least he's just mouthing off on a forum and not cruising up and down a highway circa 1972. Although the average age for a serial killer to begin their crimes is usually around thirty iirc so let's not give him too much credit.

How common is this kind of delusion? His posts don't seem that popular at least.

Anonymous 5297


>baww i’m ~dEforMed~
weird thing is he’s actually lauded in the incel “circle”(warning: kinda gross comments, closeted homossexuality cranked up to eleven). https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/6akwqx/tfw_you_will_never_have_knajjd11s_pretty_boy_face/ His delusions, opinions and general demeanor are very similar to the ones of every guy there, unfortunately.

Anonymous 5305

Honestly this just make me really sad for him… he's just a little boy and if someone found all the dumb awful misogynist homophobic bullshit I said online as a kid I'd look really awful too.

Anonymous 5310



>living with his parents in turkey

>wants to move to a country with sharia law to escape inceldom
>next country over is syria

In b4 r/incels becomes a hotspot for ISIS recruitment.

CIA/MI5/FSK pls advise.

Anonymous 5317

You folks really do take things too far, sure theres definitely alot of assholes out there, but there still are good ones, who just want a friend. you dont need to have sex to have a good partner, their personalities and who they are really matters most in a friendship. Definitely makes me a bit sad that there are people out there who see their partners as walking fleshlights than individuals.

Anonymous 5319

Cool but we're not talking about those guys rn

Anonymous 5360

Usually the 'good' ones don't register with me as "men" per say. I feel that a "man" is defined more by their adherence to gender roles (or desire to) than just having a penis. I used to think I wasn't misandrist, but I realized that it's because I don't associate the good males in my life with "men". Males who are "men" are very specific creatures, and they tend to be awful.

Anonymous 5373


that's nice but i see this as a venting thread like i think everyone who isn't dumb realizes people do not mean literally every single male on this planet when they talk about stupid men in this thread.

lmao though i think it's pretty telling that even in misandry threads there's women going "b-but not all men are bad" while men would never, ever defend women and start going "but not all women" in their misogynist inceloid hang outs.

Anonymous 5375

>lmao though i think it's pretty telling that even in misandry threads there's women going "b-but not all men are bad" while men would never, ever defend women and start going "but not all women" in their misogynist inceloid hang outs.

Right? Defend them all you want, it's quite nice of you, but they're never going to respect you or see you as equal.

Men can do and say whatever they want, but women are expected to shut up and take all of their bullshit, bend over backward to make them feel comfortable. Multiple subreddits and boards dedicated to talking about how all women are evil whores, literal children, and completely worthless aside from their holes? Not that bad I guess. One thread on a board of women commiserating with each other about popular sentiments like those? Shut it down! Stop generalizing! How can you say that men hate women!

It's extremely transparent.

Anonymous 5587

>remaining platonic with someone you have romantic feelings for can be very shit.
Yeah? I agree, but I don't think that is what is implied from that phrase.
>used for friends
What the fuck even is that? That doesn't make any sense. The basis of friendship is founded on a mutual enjoyment of each other's presence, at least that's why I enter friendships. There's no inherent obligation or responsibility in that, someone can choose to stop being another's friend at any time for any reason. What that phrase actually sounds like is
>wow I wasted all of my time hanging out with her but she still won't fuck me! What a bitch.

Anonymous 5588

Meant for >>4712

Anonymous 5804

Lol, I bet the women here never even got close to a man.
You're all basically link below.

Don't worry I was like you before, and then went to college.

Anonymous 5843

Read some of the experiences in this thread.

Anonymous 6862

>His trial had heard how he attacked his girlfriend by hitting her in the face three times and kicking her while she was on the floor.
>Neville Biddle, prosecuting, said the attack began while the couple were in bed. He added: "It was a nasty, sustained and unpleasant assault."
>On a separate occasion the attacker "assaulted her in a most unpleasant way" after alleging she was cheating on him, the court heard. The ordeal - too graphic to describe - continued with him forcing her to perform a sex act.
>While on bail for the offences, he raped his mum in her bed at around 4am after a night of drinking and taking drugs.
>Mr Biddle said: "He was shouting 'mum, mum'. He put his hand over her mouth and he held a screwdriver."
>He fled in his mum's car and was arrested at Jodrell Bank Observatory.


Anonymous 7083


The older I get, the more obvious to me it gets that males, in the word of a /pol/tard: are the niggers of gender.

This comment is useless and doesn't help to improve relations between the genders. But it is so endlessly amusing seeing alt-righters cry about how statistically blacks are more:

1. Violent
2. Sexually deviant
3. Smelly
4. Primitive
5. Psychopathic

When it's exactly what men are in comparison to women.

And the hypocrisy doesn't end there, because they also uphold these attributes highly when it comes to glorifying "muh manlyness"
Suddenly being a violent caveman that drags women by the hair is a macho virtue.

Useless, I know… but I love this bread and I think most of the robots are gone.

Anonymous 7084

I've thought about this before. I wonder how many jimmies I would rustle if I just casually mentioned that violence is more a male behavioral trait rather than a racial one the next time I come across one of their circle jerks.

Anonymous 7247

Nobody likes fat women to be honest

Anonymous 7296


Someone already did

Anonymous 7301

Oh, gotta go check that out, can't wait to see their excuses.

Anonymous 7302

Only saw your post now but you're so damn right.

Anonymous 7312


Shoo-shoo, ana-chan

Anonymous 7313

Fuck, I'm late. What board was this on? /pol/?

Anonymous 7545

Wow, this boy is way cuter than 90% of this board!

Anonymous 7546

just stating a fact

Anonymous 8021


Did a rule 63 on this one

Anonymous 9285

>Let me rephrase: you want a virgin, non-slut who will let you treat her like a slut.

Doesn't everyone want this though? Like it's comforting knowing you give yourself to your partner completely and exclusively but you also do weird kinky shit.

Anonymous 10305

>Doesn't everyone want this though?
No. Not everyone enjoys being treated like a soulless cock receptacle by their partner.

Anonymous 10519

kinks =/= threating the other part (women in this case) as an inanimate object
>soulless cock receptacle
wow anon

Anonymous 10520


>Doesn't everyone want this though? Like it's comforting knowing you give yourself to your partner completely and exclusively but you also do weird kinky shit

Yeah, anon. I'd love a virgin non slut male who'd let me do sliiightly weird shit to him. Probably because I'm a caring and loving weird ass virgin non slut who wants devotion and exclusivity forever. If that's not normal or common then honestly that is my kinkiest kink.

Anonymous 10521

Tons of kinks center around treating women like inanimate objects, more so a punching bag. The kinks most men like, anyway.

Anonymous 12003

>but what reason does misogynistic men have?
They don't like feminism, or at least their impression of it based on tumblr etc.

I have a theory based on personal experience. Misogynists and misandrists are basically people who have too much free time on hand that they spend online, and on places of the internet where the worst examples of the corresponding gender are over-represented. I remember during my NEEThood sinking into that miserable state myself then when I stopped being NEET I met guys who are really nice and interesting people.

Anonymous 26412

this might be a year old but you mean agnatic-cognatic succession not primogeniture.
>tfw only know this from ck2
>the only wursties into this are hardcore misogynists
>while playing a game where your spouse contributes large stat bonuses

Anonymous 177590


I once spoke to a moid who's supposed to be an online "friend" about my abusive ex partner, and when I showed him a pic he was like "He is good looking though. Looks better than me." Another time I sent a pic of my hand (I was born with very short pinkies and people like to see) and I was complaining about how they made piano difficult and he fucking goes "damn, at least your skintone is hot." (He has a fetish for Dark skinned girls). I swear the things he say just makes me want to block him, but I feel like ghosting is so rude and I would feel bad if I did.

Anonymous 217694

I hope you've ghosted him by now

Anonymous 254602


Anonymous 264707


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