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Anonymous 29489

Anyone in Portugal?

Anonymous 29490


Anonymous 29491

no Brazilians

Anonymous 29492

Im not from Portugal, but I always wondered if anyone is from the Azores

Anonymous 29494

I know there are some BRanons here, but I've never seen a PTanon. Boa sorte.

Anonymous 29502

me. what do you want to know

Anonymous 29511

Why are you up this late?

Anonymous 29519

not her but it's not even midnight.

Anonymous 29543

Just the validation of knowing there are more tugas here

Anonymous 29547

Anonymous 29565

well fuck, I don't feel so alone anymore

Anonymous 29639

i'm surprised there are this many of us here tbh

Anonymous 29641

I am too. Not for long, though,

Anonymous 29774

me 4. how did you people found this place?

Anonymous 29781

I came here for the first time and I find this. PORTUGAL CARALHO

Anonymous 29796

this is so freaking odd fam tbh. to think i can walk by a fellow miner on the street

Anonymous 49476

bom dia from luxembourg

Anonymous 49945

YES! nunca pensei que mais portuguesas andassem por aqui

Anonymous 49946


I think Cristiano would approve of this thread.

Anonymous 67011

not from Portugal but I speak portuguese
boa tarde

Anonymous 107684


anyone up?

Anonymous 107687

nunca pensei que tivesse outras lusófonas por aqui.

Anonymous 107688

Olá anãs :)

Anonymous 107721

i am half galician
i dont know anything about portugal but id like to change that
and someday learn portuges

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