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NYE obligatory question Anonymous 29536

What are you going to do on December 31st?

Anonymous 29537

Livestream by dance moves to CC

Anonymous 29542

I'm gonna study and eat cake and maybe paint, thanks for asking
Hell yea can we have a topaz.teahouse dance party

Anonymous 29553

Get drunk at home!

Anonymous 29559


Starve and cry because my oneitis doesn't like me. I'm so lonely. I want a cute bf who loves me and likes to cuddle.

Anonymous 29561

Going to see my girlfriend tonight after being away for the last week, I've been missing her dearly

Anonymous 29563

I'll be on my own and completely sober in bed with my laptop like every other day of my life, but I'm treating myself to some sushi and will hike on top of a hill with my camera and tripod to take pics at midnight. I know no1curr about fireworks photos but I'd feel bad if I just stayed inside.

Anonymous 29566

Watch Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with the fam and eat copious amounts of unhealthy food

Anonymous 29568


Sounds nice and comfy.

Anonymous 29569


I have one bottle of Riesling and one pinot noir and I am going to use them!

Image: Me in an hour or two.

Anonymous 29575

Absolutely nothing. I already had a wonderful weekend with my friends, and that's everything I needed. I'm tired and I want to rest. Happy New Year!!

Anonymous 29576

nothing at god damn fucking all

Anonymous 29578

Just drinking alone and sharing memes with homies because we're all losers.

Anonymous 29579

I'm happy we get to shitpost into the new year together. I'll be hanging out in this thread. 92 minutes left of this godawful year.

Anonymous 29580

Yay, anon from the same timezone!

Anonymous 29583

Oh shit this is now a c.c new year's eve party thread!

Look at the beautiful fireworks, Anon…

Anonymous 29584

There are no big ones here yet but tonight we have good visibility, so I'll be able to see the fireworks from the town's square. Are you going to see some or watch from home?

Anonymous 29586

I see fireworks in this thread like the snow, maybe it only works when you refresh? It's cute ;_;

Anonymous 29588

Oh, right! Refresh helped, this is so adorable.

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