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Happy 2019! Anonymous Admin 29585

Anonymous 29589


Thank you for running crystal.cafe! I love the fireworks! Happy New Year!

Anonymous 29594

Happy New Year miners!

Anonymous 29596


happy 2019 everyone \o/

Anonymous 29598

The admin a cute!

Anonymous 29614


Anonymous 29622


I went to bed early so I missed it… happy new year, CC.

Anonymous Moderator 29625

Happy New Year everyone !!!!!!

Anonymous 29628


Happy 2019! I hope everyone gets to accomplish their goals and dreams this year!

Also, the fireworks are so cute! I wonder if we'll get flower petals floating around during Spring…

Anonymous 29819


How is this year treating you, anon? It's only been four days but eh

Anonymous 29823

I'm breaking out and have chilblains but otherwise good.

Anonymous 29868

good for the most part, it seems like this year will be a good one.

Anonymous 29914

Very much the same as last year, anon. Depressed af and not at all motivated to do any of my uni work. I wonder when my life will actually get any different.

Anonymous 29954


Stop wondering, be proactive.

t. Was in your position 8 years ago

Anonymous 29964

Agree with above anon, start setting goals for yourself. Consider your values and make goals based on these. There are ways to do this such as the “80th birthday” exercise. Hard to do when depressed or suicidal but it’s an imagination game so go wild.

Once goals and values are established make a big effort to work towards these. You can use a daily checklist, X effect sheets or apps like habitica (makes tasks into an RPG game).

It doesn’t matter if you’re happy. It doesn’t matter if you’re sad. Notice the feelings and accept them but work towards those goals and values like you’re a magic girl blasting the bad guys away. Meeting goals is blissful, you’ll savour the moments and want more.

For your uni work, try a pomodoro rain sound thing on YouTube. It works.

SAUCE; ive been medically diagnosed with depression for 17 years now and I have ADD wew let’s go!
I’m cheering for you, we can do it, every single woman reading this post can do it. I’m fired up even thinking about the possibility of people reading this and going fuck yeah I’ll try it. FUCK YEAH.

Anonymous 30123



I had never heard of the 80th birthday exercise so I looked it up and it's p cool. Here it is:

80th Birthday Exercise for Values Exploration

This is an exercise that’s about getting a sense for what you want to be about in your life. It’s a way of exploring what you would like to treat as important and how you want to be with yourself or with others.

Write down your responses to the questions below. There are no right or wrong answers in this exercise – it’s all about learning from the questions.

Imagine moving forward through time. Imagine yourself aging and growing older as you move through life. Imagine now that you are turning 80 years old, and your friends, family, and coworkers have gathered to celebrate your 80th birthday. Imagine what you will look like on your 80th birthday. And, I invite you to imagine not who you think would likely be there, but imagine who you would most want to be at your 80th birthday party – even if that means they would be very old. There could even be people you haven’t met yet. Try to really picture who would be there. Now the time has come in the party where people are starting to give speeches.

They are taking turns standing up and speaking about what you have meant to them. They are speaking about what you have stood for as a person, and the impact you have had. Again, I’m not asking you to imagine what they would likely say. I’m inviting you to imagine, if you were to be bold in this moment, what you would most want them to
say. Imagine that they can say what is deep down in their heart about you – speaking about what you’ve meant to them – what difference you’ve made.

Imagine the first person standing up to speak. Imagine it’s someone very close to you. Take a moment now and imagine what you would most want them to say about the impact you’ve had. Let yourself hear them saying that. Now, imagine the next person standing up to speak.
This could be someone from a different part of your life – perhaps a coworker or neighbor. And for them too, imagine what you would most want for them to say about what you have stood for in your life. Now thank your mind for this experience, and gently bring your attention back to the present moment.

*Take a moment to get centered here
then start writing:*
– What you heard people say
– What it means about you
– How it affected you
– How you have affected them

– What came up for you?
– Who did you imagine speaking?
– What did you most want them to say about you?
– What other thoughts/feelings did you notice?

Did you notice:
– Making a difference to others because of choices you have made? Maybe even difficult choices.
– Being appreciated for what you stood for and persisted with rather than for your achievements, accomplishments, acquisitions?
– That people appreciated what you did and said, more than what you thought or felt?
– That making this difference has cost you – time, effort, missed opportunities, pain, energy, an ‘easy life’?

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