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Anonymous 30084

What is your opinion on homosexual men and/or women, in real life, yuri/yaoi, and in general?

Anonymous 30085

homosexual men are gross in real life but cute in yaoi.
homosexual women aren't real.

Anonymous 30086

> homosexual men
> homosexual women
Incels/femcels who can't get laid. Or mental ilnesses.
> yuri/yaoi

Anonymous 30087


>homosexual women aren't real.

Anonymous 30089

I don't believe that women are capable of that level of degeneracy for pleasure. Men I'd believe would fuck other men in the ass as a fetish or turn into females for their AGP tendencies.

I go clubbing a lot with friends and I have seen so many girls just start making out with their friends to look hot or whatever. It's a phase, just like FTM trannies are imo

Anonymous 30090

>homosexual men and/or women
Pick one. Manga isn't a representation of real life.

To answer the question though, I have plenty of gay/lesbian friends and I don't see them any differently to my straight friends.

Anonymous 30091

so you think gays and lesbians are just fetishists? That’s so wrong

Anonymous 30092

>capable of that level of degeneracy for pleasure
How is it degenerate though? Do you think being gay is wrong?
This is an imageboard so of course it attracts people with edgy opinions sometimes. I want to know why you think lesbians = degeneracy.
What about a lesbian that has only had sex with 1 single partner, in a LTR?
And what about older lesbians? They're not trying to look ~hot~ to attract men, so what's your explanation for their existence?

Anonymous 30093

they're people like you and me, i don't have any particular opinions on them since generalizations are ignorant.

as for yuri, a lot of it is boring highschool cliche shit but even that's comfy every now and then. yaoi has a lot more variety but, now that i'm older it's lost some of the appeal? seme/uke shit just seems pretty cringe these days.

Anonymous 30095


Anonymous 30097

that website is not an unbiased source, the sample size for homosexuals on that graph was less than 100 people whereas the heterosexual sample size it’s compared to was around 7,000 people, hardly fair representation

Anonymous 30101

>that one particular study is slightly less good compared to the other hundred

Like pedophilia with homosexual men.
2% of a population can be homosexual, and sometimes over half of that same 2% are also pedos.

Anonymous 30102

I would say that 50% of men in general are pedophiles, so that’s not really weird

Anonymous 30105

Supportive to neutral at worst, though after a pride parade featuring kids, I'd probably impress a /pol/lack honestly.

Anonymous 30124

Very supportive. My mom's best friends are a gay couple. They've been in my life since I was born and honestly, they're wonderful people. My family is muslim and they're not but that hasn't been an issue at all. We all went to pride with them too last year and they bought me Earl Gay tea lol

Anonymous 30135

I like homo women, dislike homo men because they are annoying. Sometimes if they are married homo men can be alright though. I ended up being friends with a lot of lesbians in high school and beyond, for whatever reason I find that it is easy to talk to them.

Anonymous 30144

>shimanami tasogare
ayyyyyyyy good taste anon!

Anonymous 30145

Gay men are okay. I used to 420 blaze it with a flamboyant queen type from work and it was very fun. Common theme is that they're very self focused in conversation.

Gay women are alright. Old married couples are very cute. But some my age have been all "that girl is sooooo hot" or "muh flannel" and it's like okay we get it. I've had more negative experiences with them than gay men, but at the same time the dyke at work was the only girl who talked about vidya and anime with me.


Yaoi is god damn adorable. Yuri is not my thing, there need to be more gay males and trans boys/girls in my 2d and less girl love ty.

>in general

Nothing wrong with it and I'm happy we're reaching a point where they're so socially acceptable it's no longer shocking. But I am not one of those types that says LGBT struggles are 100% over and that they need to shut up now.

Anonymous 30192

>Homosexual men

>In yaoi

Full of rape tropes.
>in real life
usually nice, though can be misogynistic.

>Homosexual women

>in yuri

Can be cute and heartwarming but tend to be written by men and catering to male fantasies.
>in real life
seem fine.

Anonymous 30195


>homosexual men
The flamboyant type is annoying. The rest i don't care, do as you please.
>in yaoi
>homosexual women
Tumblr type ones are fucking retarded and should all die. But i'm fine with them existing. I actually am one but i have never dated a girl (khhv)
>in yuri
It can be cute but most times it's just autism.
>in general
Pride parades are disgusting, cringeworthy and embarrassing and should be banned.

Anonymous 30196

Screen Shot 2019-0…

I feel uncomfortable around lesbians for the same reason I don't like being around heterosexual men. I'm ambivalent to gay men, but I am also aware that many of them have forced this sexuality onto themselves out of a hatred of women. I don't morally fault them for this, but I prefer not to interact with them. Every self-proclaimed bisexual woman I've met has only ever been with a woman for attention, and I don't agree with this dishonesty, but if someone identifies themselves as bisexual, it produces the same discomfort in me as lesbianism, as this in turn forces me to think of myself as a sexual object. I find it difficult to relate to heterosexual women oftentimes because they believe relationships to be a positive thing. I relate better to repressed-but-straight/antisexual women. I think all sex is bad. Human bodies in general disgust me, except on the rare occasion that I am attracted to men, which causes me much self-loathing. I do not like to see skin or eyeballs. I don't like to think about people as physical entities. The existence of my own body disturbs me. I try to make myself forget, but you can't really tell yourself people don't exist.
Ok. Illustrations are far enough removed from reality, and they help fuel my escapism.

Anonymous 30331

homosexuals i've encountered fall into two categories
a) normal people who happen to be attracted to other people of the same sex
b) the most judgemental, gate-keeping, over-dramatic and self-centered assholes of all time (also gay)

I'm bisexual and I used to get a huge amount of shit from one of my gay roommates because I didn't 'look' or 'act' gay enough for her tastes. she never pried into my personal life and I didn't bring my dates around the house (because it was filthy and there were four other people living there) so i don't know if she thought i was just pretending to be gay, or what. anyways every time she saw me she would make a point to call me a 'faggot' at least once in the conversation, which i pretty much ignored because i had no idea how to respond to it. I still don't know if it was intentionally to be insulting or whether she thought it was some kind of gesture of familiarity between LGBTQ people. the one time that i ever responded in kind a complete stranger made a point to 'call me out' because they perceived a long-haired, normal-looking girl calling a short-haired stereotypically dyke-looking girl a faggot, without any context of our relationship or the fact that she'd been doing the same thing to me for months. like you can only be a part of the lgbtq club if you look like you've rejected all !traditional gender norms! shaved half your head, dyed the other half blue, tattooed a dinosaur on one side of your skull, and thrown out everything in your wardrobe that isn't flannel or denim?
ffs the reason i date girls is because i appreciate their femininity, not because i want a date who looks and acts like a man but just happens to have a vagina.

Anonymous 30455

I think homosexuality in general is unnatural but you do you. I cannot tell others how to live their lives.

Anonymous 30463


>homosexual men
i think there are probably some pretty cool gay guys out there but the ones i've met were all jerks
>homosexual women
too complicated for my idiot brain, i think some of them are nice though and they make me question my sexuality
it's bretty gud
some of it is ok
>in general
i support legbutts even if the ones i've personally met were jerks or just weird

Anonymous 30498


The funniest part about that is that I absolutely HATE homosexuals in film, books, video games etc. I despise them. It gives me such an unpleasant feeling that I mostly have to stop watching/playing/reading.

In real life, it doesn't bother me at all. I have many homosexual friends and I am so happy that they found each other.

It is so weird for me. I don't know why that is so.

Anonymous 30763


My family hates them as they're very religious, I personally don't mind them. They're just being themselves, I'm never gonna shame anyone for being who they truly are. It doesn't harm anyone unlike the transtrender nonsense and I know what it's like to be disliked for something I didn't choose to be.
>shimanami tasogare
good taste anon
In real life I don't really think much about it when I meet someone gay, they probably think I hate them since I wear a religious garment that's associated with a religion that doesn't treat homosexuals well.
As for yaoi/yuri, I think both are fine, I prefer yaoi since it's qt animu bois but if a yuri has a good plot I'll read it.
My only problem with the gay community is the way they get away with insulting and degrading women but more so the drag community, for example they use the word "fishy" to describe a queen that looks womanly. They seem to think that because they aren't straight it's fine for them to say misogynistic things without repercussions, as though only straight men have the ability to contribute to sexism. Some of them also seem to think it's fine to tell women how they can fix their appearance or touch them in a suggestive manner and since they're gay thus nonthreatening it's alright.

Anonymous 30768

>religious garment

Anonymous 30823

Yeah, most people think I'm homophobic but I'm not. I don't blame them though, majority of muslims hate gay people and they're usually threatened with death in most muslim countries.

Anonymous 30861

Idc but the people who make gay their entire personality and that's the only thing they talk about r annoying

Anonymous 30870

They're just people, there's good/bad, cool/lame homosexuals. My best friend is a gay guy and it feels similar friendships I've had with girls. I'm bi, while I'm not ashamed of it, I don't really go out of my way to tell people.

Anonymous 70394

homosexual men must be eliminated. homosexual women are based

Anonymous 70400

I wouldn't mind if they all dropped dead, i just pretend they don't exist.

Anonymous 70441

>homosexual women are based
Every time I see a self-proclaimed lesbian on the internet I just assume it's some creepy tranny, no offense, but I've been right more often than I'm comfortable with.

Anonymous 70458


Yeah but I was referring to lesbians, homosexual women. not mentally ill scrotes

Anonymous 73097

Homosexual men can't reproduce which means less population. Lesbians can while wasting 2 eggs. Lesbians should be eliminated

Anonymous 73183

homosexual men get laid very often from what i hear

Anonymous 73205

homosex irl i dont care. I'm bi, I only care when they take the lust too far to the point they disregard the well being of their bodies just to go to pleasure town, pleasure is good but not worth AIDS. I hate homos that got the clap. And honestly I wouldnt allow my son to be a flamming fag either if I ever have one, bisexual is fine I'm a bi supremacist or hetero but just homo has it's flaws and it's limited options.

In Yaoi it's hot asf 10/10 literally no drawbacks can happen in fiction.

Anonymous 73216

>What is your opinion on homosexual men and/or women
i'm a lesbian myself so i don't have any negative opinion
i like both, especially yaoi. i just think yuri focuses too much in highschool in terms of setting and i would like to see more masc women or butches if that makes any sense

Anonymous 73231


i'm a lesbian, so i definitely think homos (m or f) should be seen just as the straights are, and considered on a person to person basis…sweeping generalizations are dumb.

and i like the aesthetic / idea of a man but not the reality: so i do enjoy yaoi. sometimes i fap to it too which confuses me but that's another story for another day

i read yuri all the time.

Anonymous 73235

I hate yaoi so much, gay men just disgust me (on a sexual level, I'm not a moralfag about moid homos or anything) and I can't pretend that they're masculine women because they have dicks. I'm not even a full lesbian. How do actual lesbians like yaoi so much?

Anonymous 73246

I'm homogay and so are most of my friends, both women and men. I've always had a knack for yuri but not in the porn sense. Just woman on woman romance, I really like those kinds of stories. I read yaoi when I was in middle school mostly because the one friend I had was a het fujo and she was showing me her favourite kuroko no basuke yaois all the time. It wasn't ever something that I was a fan of though and I'd say it was just curiousity over anything.

Anonymous 73255

>How do actual lesbians like yaoi so much?
no idea. it's like i really enjoy yaoi and anime boys but have no desire for men irl. i guess im just unironically 3dpd for dudes

Anonymous 73267

>How do actual lesbians like yaoi so much?
They don't ime. I don't know how this idea spread this much. I guess some do like the anon above, but it's definitely not common. Most lesbians I've come across just read fxf fanfics or erotica

Anonymous 73268

Not real lesbians.

Anonymous 73304

Do real lesbians exist

Anonymous 73305

Im bi/ace but Ive always been grossed out by mxm. Yaoi always gross me out not because its about men but the yaoi community is awful for always romantizing toxic relationships and rape. It isnt until recently where yaoi now more focuses on healthy relationships.

I have a strong perfernce for fxf and for a long time I would always read or watch yuri. I thought it was adorable and more erotic.

Anonymous 73336

Honestly I'm starting to feel like there is some grain of truth in this stereotype about female sexuality being more ~fluid~ or however you put it, this thread is not the first time I read about lesbians being into yaoi, but I've legit never heard of a gay man into fxf content.

Anonymous 73362


In the end, all that matters is who you have sex with and/or desire IRL. I don't think wanting to see anime boys have sex with one another (even if you fap to it or whatever, "it" being hentai doujins and fanfic) but harboring zero attraction for men IRL makes someone attracted to men.

Fiction is fantasy.

Anonymous 73363

I don't think so. Anime men aren't that alien from real men, you obviously like male characteristics in some way if you're into that. It's like pedos into lolishota porn shit trying to pretend it doesn't make them pedos. Art reflects reality. It's not even bad to be attracted to men, even if it's an unfortunate affliction, so why not just admit it?

Anonymous 73364

It’s meaningless to dawdle about how liking anime boys must mean you like real men. clearly that isn’t the case because anime is beautiful and men are disgusting

Anonymous 73366

Since when real humans have bug size eyes, tictac sized mouths and a dot nose? What the fuck are you smoking? Stop. Drugs are bad for your brain.

Anonymous 73369

Anime isn't that different from irl outside the head, it's just idealized. You might not want to fuck real men but you're still attracted to male bodies in the abstract. Which makes you not a true lesbian. You can apply the same logic to liking any vile shit. Just because you don't want the irl version of something doesn't mean it means nothing that you enjoy it's 2D form.

Anonymous 73370


…Why is it that straight women can literally make out with other women and admit to having "girl crushes" without anyone questioning their heterosexuality, but the moment a lesbian admits to flicking the bean to anime boys she's "not a real lesbian"? Are you just a moid trying to drag them into loving 3DPD?

Anonymous 73371

Those women are probably kind of bi too? Don't project weird assumptions on me. I think very few people are actually full het or homo because human sexuality is weird. It just seems like some weird compartmentalization thing to me that people don't think their fantasies mean anything.

Anonymous 73372

I guess we should agree to disagree then. I don't think a person's fantasies/thoughts hold any weight. It's their actions that are important, IMO.

Anonymous 73373

Consuming 2D media is very different from engaging with a real person. Someone who does not want to have sex with men is not sexually attracted to men. And if you want to define them that way then the “attraction” has no practical meaning whatsoever because it results in no real life consequences.

Anonymous 73375

attraction means attraction lol don't make up stupid shit

Anonymous 73409

Identity politics forces everyone to look through the lens of us vs them, anyone who skirts the line between groups gets flak from both unless they make their own separate group. "If you're not for us you're against us" and all that jazz. Straight women get exempted because there simply are so many straight women that there's no need to be defensive or paranoid about who your "allies" are.

Anonymous 73413

I don't think it's that though, it's that people consider attraction to moids as some overpowering quality. If a moid comes out as gay he might get hate but very few people will tell him he's actully straight in denial outside of maybe religious fanatics. Even if the moid says he finds women attractive the gay can nullify that somehow. The same happens in reverse for bi women and lesbians. Bi women can't really like women, they're just straight women playing pretend, and lesbians are screened for any defect in their pure homosexuality to exclude them for

Anonymous 73546

bruh, I wouldn't want to consider myself as a strictly homo, but older lesbians? Really? You think female sexuality simply boils down to wanting to look good for a man? I dont know if youre a moid or not, but older lesbians often prey on younger women who think stuff like revenge porn or abuse doesnt happen in lesbian relationships, an only in heterosexual ones. They use younger women as power trips or a reliable 'giver' who wont complain much.

Anonymous 73547

Im bi mastersex and thats not how it works at all, I see a pretty boy and I think damn I wanna do lovely dovey stuff with him, then if it leads to kinky stuff eventually even better, for pretty ladies is the exact same, I just like to appreciate beauty up close. I can tell you are a single sex attracted peasant. Its ok to have shit taste though.

Anonymous 73549

>What is your opinion on homosexual men and/or women
I don't care about them very much. Have some friends who are homosexual. I only hate the very vocal ones which have to carry the stupid flag everywhere and scream for acceptance and how oppressed they are even if they are not oppressed at all. In fact those screaming idiots are the most pampered ones.


I hate it. It was shoves down my throat by friends as I was a teenager. They made EVERYTHING gay. I couldn't tell them anything without them making it into yaoi. So i grew so annoyed of it, that i can't read a book or play games with gay characters in it.
Just hate it.

Anonymous 73566

i disagree. japanese lesbians and bi women literally made yaoi/BL if you know the history about behind it. i'm not bi in the slighest nor am i attracted to the anime boys i see in yaoi. it's hard for me to read to a lot of yuri because i personally can't relate as a lesbian despite it being fictional and it's written by moids

Anonymous 73595

But why would lesbians create romances between two male characters?
Older BL in particular often depicted relationships with noncon or dubcon elements and traditional heterosexual gender roles with a taller, bigger guy (seme) dominating the shorter cuter guy (uke). Even now there are comics with such elements albeit toned down. It's hard to believe that lesbians are into this particular dynamic since it has nothing to do with femaleness and love between two women.

Anonymous 73596

>I hate it. It was shoves down my throat by friends as I was a teenager. They made EVERYTHING gay. I couldn't tell them anything without them making it into yaoi.
do you get annoyed by straight romance too? because in like every movie ever if a boy looks at a girl then they're going to fall in love

Anonymous 73599

In fact yeah. I prefer friendship over romance.
I get what do you want to say and yes, it doesn't annoy me as much as homosexual romance, but still annoys me. Lets say around 72%.

Anonymous 73602


nta but I could see it as a creation of some bisexual women as a cope.
Personally I used to be into yaoi in my youth as a convoluted way to desire women via the ukes/femboys/"traps." The weenie was there, sometimes just in theory, but everything from the hips to the face would read as simply a flat woman. I could be "guilt-free-gay" or whatever.

Not sure about lesbians. As I grew more comfortable desiring women I just drew more art/comics featuring gay women and I'm not even full les. It's definitely a bit odd to draw men fucking if you only like women.
Though I do follow a lesbian artist who exclusively likes butches and draws yaoi fanart. Perhaps it's as close as it gets since truly butch girls are so rare in yuri (which has a male target anyway) and anime in general?

Anonymous 73603


>japanese lesbians and bi women literally made yaoi/BL if you know the history about behind it

Basically, Japanese lesbians suffer from internalised misogyny and homophobia against women. So the only way they can think of to express their queerness is through making and consuming media where cute cis male characters fuck each other. Somehow that's supposed to make sense according to defensive yaoi fans on the bird hellsite.

Anonymous 73612

japanese women were shamed for being even remotely sexual and were called rotten because of it so the only way they could express that was by drawing or reading bl since it was written from a female point of view. and gay guys and lesbian/bi/straight fujos were arguing over through messages in a magazine, because gay guys found it weird. theres some paper that was written on it but i don't want to dig to find it. apparently bl is currently at the forefront of the lgbt movement in japan since a lot of them are being adapted in popular dramas with a good reception and fujos go out of their way to not make gay men uncomfortable and are usually gay or bi themselves. i personally don't have a problem and will continue to read bl

Anonymous 73639

>apparently bl is currently at the forefront of the lgbt movement in japan since a lot of them are being adapted in popular dramas with a good reception and fujos go out of their way to not make gay men uncomfortable and are usually gay or bi themselves

okay but if these gay and bi fujos support the G in lgbt, why can't they support the L? you know, the part they actually belong to? as someone who doesn't know the cultural context in japan, it just seems kind of backwards to me.
they'd rather support gay male media, giving male actors more jobs and gay MEN more representation, instead of pushing for good lesbian content and removing the stigma women get for being sexual.

Anonymous 73652

anon honestly it's hard for me to explain that. i am nowhere near fluent in japanese. i guess they are already supporting the L or B. they are literally lesbian/bi. there was a lesbian LGBT activist (higashi koyuki) who was one of the first with her wife to get married at tokyo disneyland. she also wrote a manga about her life as a lesbian and her and her wife trying to get pregnant using a sperm donor/artificial insemination.

what i get from japanese lesbians is that they are living their lives, ever since the partnership system was introduced in several prefectures throughout japan many couples have started living together and companies are offering benefits to LGBT couples on that partnership system. LGBT rights are different in japan, very different to the west and homophobia is still very rampant in japan. there was a recent livestream on yt for an LGBT rights group presenting their case for gay marriage to be legalized in japan,and there were women who were apart of the group while they were speaking.

i've noticed that a lot of people of LGBT community in general in japan seem to express themselves through literature, especially manga and novels and forms of media. i firget their name but this really famous trans man's novel blew up all over japan. and there was a drama i watched, based off a manga about intersex people. (i'm sorry i literally forgot all the names to half of the shit i watched and read) basically, the movie and drama industry in japan is quite literally dependant on manga and light novels. there actually a LOT of lesbian/yuri movies, in japan and other parts of east asia. and i think there are way better resources out there with information on gay rights, especially for lesbians in japan, because i'm not really informed on it. i just don't really see the problem with reading gay media or liking it especially if you are a lesbian or bi yourself. besides being a fujo just means that you like or consume gay, male x male content. nothing more than that. a lot of them just happen to either be lesbian or bi. sorry for the blogpost

Anonymous 73664

>But why would lesbians create romances between two male characters?
because they want to. imo you're looking too deeply into this the things people fap to don't necessarily equal what they want to do irl especially where cartoons are concerned. like i doubt anyone that faps to sonic the hedgehog wants to fuck a hedgehog irl

Anonymous 73671


>because they can hah
Come on, that's not an answer. You could say that to any question.

Like another anon said, gay men probably don't consume/create as much lesbian content as lesbian women consume/create gay content. So why is the latter more common than the former? Also, Sonic barely looks ands behaves like a real hedgehog, neither in the games nor in porn. Anime boys do have dicks and balls and usually a male body structure, though. It's a valid question to wonder about and this anon >>73602 actually tried to give a legit answer.

Anonymous 73673

It could be that they're more flexible with their sexuality. Like yeah, they might enjoy seeing two fictional guys fuck but that doesn't necessarily mean they'd be attending irl gay orgies. Doesn't make them any less lesbian.

Anonymous 73942


I love gay men. I have no opinions on lesbians.

Anonymous 73971

Hey… Who the hell drew this poitrait of me? honk honk + canned laughter

Anonymous 73972

>the yaoi paddle

Anonymous 73979

Fucking hate it. Hate how being 100% straight is almost seen as a bad thing in online spaces these days.

Tbh I wouldn't say anything in person if I met one, but I just have a really bad idea about gay men because of all the shit I've seen on the internet. And I just can't relate to lesbians because I love my fictional men too much.

Anonymous 74176

Honestly, I find it really funny that bisexuals and homos hate each other. Their fights never fail to make me laugh.

Anonymous 74193

Can’t believe there’s a thread here on the gays that I haven’t posted on yet lol
>homo men
They’re alright. Most I’ve interacted with are a bit misogynistic but less so than the cishet men.
>homo women
They’re beautiful and they scare me
>2D/in media
I’m comfortable with yuri, but yaoi kind of makes me feel awkward because I cannot relate. Never got why my friend loved yaoi growing up because you can’t self-insert as anyone but whatever.
>the queer community
They annoy me. I used to supportive back in 2010-2015 but I’ve honestly become jaded with the community, even as someone who’s technically a part of it.

Anonymous 74194


but real life gays are not cute

Anonymous 74196

BL, or yaoi as you like to call it, isn't for self inserting. It's for watching two hot guys fuck and fall in love.

Anonymous 74215

Anonymous 74223

gay men gross me out
don't feel a particular way about gay women

Anonymous 74235


Get boyfriends already you ambivalent socal retards.
>I no lika gay men
Good they are diseased.
>I don kno how feel abt gay women
Maybe you should stay away from them bc mental illness is a red flag and you know it.
>drawings about gay relationships
More things I do not like. Cringe.

Tl;dr be normal

Anonymous 74238

what people do in the privacy and comfort of their own home is of not concern to me

Anonymous 74244

Incredibly based

Anonymous 74446

What if someone likes to torture cats in the privacy and comfort of their own home?

Anonymous 74548

>homosexual men
they're alright
>homosexual women
i am one
not my cup of tea

Anonymous 74567

lmao they're obviously talking about sex between adults you retard

Anonymous 74573

>homosexual men
i hate all men but i guess they are better than the average male since they leave me alone

>homosexual women

based and rare due to trannyism


yuri schoolgirls are kind of cringe but yaoi is ok

Anonymous 74599


>she doesn't like to sexually torture cats in the privacy and comfort of her own home

Anonymous 74983

normie gays are like any other men, effeminate muas into drag and the like are generally degenerate

normie lesbians tend to be chill, but online/alt lesbians tend to be on par with trannies when it comes to cult behaviour and insanity. most "lesbians" aren't really gay tho and out of the majority of the few who actually are, all seem to be mentally ill

yaoi/yuri same shit to me, coomer cartoon porn

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