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Handwriting and calligraphy thread! Anonymous 30348

Anyone else interested in what other people's handwriting looks like? Post yours with the sentence below.

Anonymous 30352


My handwriting is pretty terrible

Anonymous 30353

Try writing slower and more carefully. This looks like male handwriting.

Anonymous 30355

>male handwriting

Anonymous 30356


It’s slightly better when I write slower, but the first pic shows how I write in general.
>This looks like male handwriting.
Yeah my dad was the one who taught me how to write and helped me with my school work.

Anonymous 30359



I don't think you can have a male handwriting. Maybe if it's really ugly, but even then it's not a given. I've seen girly ones, sure. But male? Dunno, desu

Anonymous 30362

2019-01-17 12.03.3…

I love my handwriting, sorry

Anonymous 30366


I would actually make an effort, but I decided honesty was the best way to go.

Anonymous 30372


R8 and h8
>male handwriting
Now that's a whole new level of autism.

Anonymous 30374

No, because of the ratio of your H and because your A and E are tight.


Anonymous 30375

6/10 Readable but the fact that there is so little space before and after the comma bothers me a lot more than it should.

Looks pretty standard tbh. 6/10 too I'd say. Would be higher if that i had a dot on it.

Anonymous 30376

>no, because of the ratio of your H and because your A and E are tight
Is this an FB thing?

Anonymous 30377


Looks good, anon. I’m kind of autistic when it comes to writing neatly because one of my peeves is having to read someone’s shit handwriting.

Tbh I’ve never seen another woman write so sloppily unless she was taking notes during a lecture or had an intellectual disability, which is why the amount of spergs ITTgoing full retard over me saying someone’s handwriting looks masculine isn’t surprising.

Anonymous 30400


Anonymous 30401


Anonymous 30407


Anonymous 30415

Keked. Nice drawing!

Anonymous 30424


tfw no cute&clean handwriting like most girls have

Anonymous 30430

It’s average, definitely not retard handwriting like most people ITT.

Anonymous 30432


Nice thread.
I recently started brush lettering, but I'm no good at it yet.

Anonymous 30440

It looks pretty good, desu, and it will only look even better with time and practice.

Anonymous 30441


Wow that's pretty

Anonymous 31030


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