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India Anonymous 30650

Any indian girls here? How do you guys live? I'm really curious

Anonymous 35912

gonna bump this just because

Anonymous 36083

i don't know if this counts but im 1/4 indian and pretty much the same as anyone on here, i spend 90% of my time online but the only difference really is what i eat every now and again

Anonymous 36084

There's probably a big difference between the experience of the diaspora and the experience of women actually living in India. Just to provide a frame of reference, Indians are actually the wealthiest ethnic group in USA by median household income. On the other hand, depending on where you live and who you are, there are pockets of extreme poverty in India, some of which rival Subsaharan Africa with regard to squalor.

Anonymous 36085

I guess you're from the U.K. then? Which one was half Indian– your mom or your dad?

Anonymous 36090

my dad is half and yes im from the uk

Anonymous 36091

Wait, how can you tell she was in the UK from that post? Am I missing something?

Anonymous 36093

Usually when people say "I'm 1/4th x" where x is something exotic, it's implied that the rest is white (since otherwise they would have specified, e.g. if someone were West Indian with one Indian grandparent). U.K. is the western nation that the most extensive history with India. Therefore, if she has one Indian grandparent and the rest is some manner of European, I suspect U.K. There are people with one Indian parent in USA, but not too many with one Indian grandparent.

Anonymous 36116


im 1/4 iraqi aswell (mum is half) ive lived with both non-english grandparents for awhile so ive seen alot of each culture. you can usually tell they are from the uk if they are a mix of indian due to the british empires relationship with india just like you said lol. i think being this type of mix will become pretty normal in alot of countries within the next two generations

Anonymous 36119

>i think being this type of mix will become pretty normal in alot of countries within the next two generations

Probably. For instance our former ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley (née Randhawa), married an Anglo-American man and has two half-Indian children.

Anonymous 149331

Are you Punjabi?

Anonymous 149368


Canadian POONjabi here.
Lived in this country my entire life and pretty much experienced the exact same things any other second-gen immigrant would've, different food, childhood beatings, going to weddings with loud music and punchiest of saris you could wear, and grandparents who can't speak English despite living in this country longer than you've been alive etc etc.
There have been times where I've imagined living my life in India and what that would've been like compared to living here, which made me realize just how much the society you live in can impact how you come out as a person.
All in all, I'd say my life as an Indian has been pretty good thus far. Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 149384

Any Indian ladies here have any good vegetarian recipes that are scrumptious? I want to try new things that are healthy I need more options, I love the spice. Okay not too much spice but I love spice

Anonymous 149424

non-indian here but there's been an influx of southern indian immigrants in my area and the restaurants have followed - there was one that opened up recently and they serve idli and that shit rocks

Anonymous 152621


Anonymous 152690

Tamil is one of the most pretty, unique and fascinating scripts I’ve seen.

Anonymous 152714


My favourites are Burmese and Malayalam. South East Asia really has the best looking writing systems.

Anonymous 154004


Can you tell me what this meme says lol

Anonymous 154006

What is the texture of idli? Is it soft and doughy like a bun or is it ground up rice? There’s only one restaurant near me that does it and it’s kind of expensive to order so I want to know what it tastes like beforehand.

Anonymous 154010

I’m not Indian but I love Indians.

Anonymous 154014

kek this looks like tamil or kannad
too bad i can't read either

Anonymous 154017

i find it ridiculous that people would pay so much for what are basically rice cakes. i'm not saying idlis are useless, i am saying you pay a bunch of dollars/pounds/whatever for what is basically a few grams of rice and just a little bit of daal
to answer your question it really doesn't taste like anything at all. the real magic is what you eat it with (sambar or chutney)
try them once and if you like them you can just buy the equipment needed to make those (a bunch of steel platters more or less)

Anonymous 154019

Screenshot from 20…

>>154017 for >>154006
also i was thinking of buying picrel what do nonas think?

Anonymous 154020

Oh ok, I thought they were like dumplings stuffed with daal or something, that’s pretty cool. Yeah it sounds really cheap to make unfortunately all takeout food in my country is ridiculously expensive but I had a samosa chaat from the same place and it was delicious. They come with sambar too. I love Indian food so much it’s unreal, thanks for the info lol.

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