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neets, how do you survive? Anonymous 30944

real neets, what do you live off of? i am genuinely curious about your lives and how you make it without income/school funding, etc. i am about to finish grad school and am too lazy/scared/disorganized to strategize jobs rights now, so i'm fantasizing about not doing anything…

do you mind sharing a peek into your lives?

Anonymous 30945


I'm a SAHM and live off my husband's income.

Anonymous 30947

being a SAHM doesn't make you a NEET. unless your kid is school aged or some shit.

Anonymous 30955

I'm not a NEET but most leech off their parents.

Anonymous 30956


I'm sort of jealous of this, but at the same time if I knew I could have that kind of support I would probably never try to reach any goals for myself?

Anonymous 30962

>wake up
>get on pc
>watch anime, write fics, rp, talk to online friends
>maybe clean the house, cook for my family, stuff like that

been living like that ever since i graduated high school almost ten years ago. my parents have accepted this/they don't seem to mind at all..? since someone is watching the house, taking care of the pets, etc. i do chores and cook meals for them. when my sister was still in school i helped her with homework, studying, preparing for tests. i only left the house like twice during the past five years, once because i had to see a dentist, the second time because of a fire in the neighbor's house. if i need money, i take fic commissions. a few years ago i was a bnf in a niche fandom that barely had any english language content so i translated some japanese stuff for the fandom and people tipped me via ko-fi for that. i don't need much in life though, so it's fine. my parents pay for food and housing, i rarely need new clothes/shoes and i don't need stuff for school either. if i want merch or books, i just have to find a way to gain money so i can buy it.

Anonymous 30964

That sounds dangerous and emotionally draining.

Anonymous 30968


welcome to cc!

what do you cry about? just general sad feelings?

Anonymous 30969


>taking advantage of lonely mentally ill young men
and you wonder why incels are the water they are

Anonymous 30970

*the way they are

Anonymous 30971

ok whatever you say <3Katie<3

Anonymous 30972

i am 99% sure this user is a man from all their posts I've seen. anyone else?

Anonymous 30973

yes, very suspicious

Anonymous 30974

yeah he is a guy I have seen post like his on /r9k/

Anonymous 30987


what is wrong with hurting incels.
tehy are not mentally ill.
they are the enemy and you can destroy them

Anonymous 30988

why are they the enemy? they just kind of exist?

Anonymous 30993

women who use the word "thot" are race-traitors

Anonymous 30994

>implying women have to support everything other women do
i don't respect men or women that have sex outside of monogamous relationships.

Anonymous 30997

That’s pretty dumb

Anonymous 31002

you're pretty dumb

Anonymous 31006

This is a interesting thread. Lots of new insights will be generated here with positive effects for improving one's finances and time management as a whole whilst using the least amount of effort and will-power. Please continue the discussion

Anonymous 31060

you say that like it's a bad thing

Anonymous 31063


Hikky NEET here.

>what do you live off of?

NEETbux for the past 8 years because mentally ill.

>do you mind sharing a peek into your lives?

I didn't spend too much money on food, clothing or things like that. The money I managed to save went to meds and computer parts. On better days I played vidja and watched stuff online. On bad days I felt very anxious and alone. For years I tried all sorts of antidepressants, mood stabilizers and calming pills but nothing would help. I would go for days without sleeping. Nothing felt real anymore and my life turned into a blur. I tried to cope with the bad emotions by mixing pills and alcohol.

I started new therapy and it helped a lot. I shower almost daily now and I can go outside during the day. I still can't keep eye contact or make friends but that's alright.

>how do you survive?

Not well.

Anonymous 31064

Don't you love how stupid people never seem aware that they are stupid at all?

Anonymous 31065

What about about black people using word "nigger"?
I highly doubt vox populi would call them race-traitors.
> I am sick of the incels and woman hate on R9K and want to get to know this boards culture.
How did you bear it for at least 3 years in there? Or are you a newfeg who thought there is more than meets the eye to that board?
Are you implying SAHM is some kind of job?

Anonymous 31066

Being a SAHM is a full-time endeavor even if it isn't paid employment. There are people you can pay to do the same role, and those are jobs. It's a job-equivalent.

Anonymous 31069

Ofc being a SAHM of young infants/children and maintaining the home is a job. Its a valuable contribution to society.

Anonymous 31070

Who are you calling stupid here? Its not very clear.

Anonymous 31090


I receive disability payments for an illness that makes me more or less house-bound. Kind of embarrassing to admit, but I'm always working towards being able to rejoin society. I've been alone a lot in my life so I'm not particularly lonely, besides I have the internet to chat to people with.
I work out in my flat to stay fit, have food delivered to me when I can't go out myself. Every few weeks I go to a hobby group which is full of sweet older people so it's easy to get along with them and share things I've been working on.
I'm thinking of selling my crafts online to see if I can make a living off of that. Worth a shot at least.
Oh, and I suppose I spend a huge chunk of time reading. Fiction, textbooks, sex manuals, you name it. I do live mostly inside my own head so I love anything that fuels my imagination!

I would drop my discord handle but I'm wary of dumb trolls who like to bully us female neets. Hmm hmm, can't those people get real hobbies? Really.

Anonymous 31093

>There are people you can pay to do the same role, and those are jobs.
I can understand this. But since there is no official employer and no official job duties/qualifications/payment AND I would really enjoy this, I never perceived it as something disqualifying the NEET title.

Isn't it the other way? Bored neets bullying wagecucks.

Yeah. Every time I see ad-hominem insults in an opinion exchanges.

Anonymous 31094

>bored neets bullying wagecucks
You've been looking at too many 4chan jaypegs.

Anonymous 31095

Oh, I see what you're saying. Wagefriends don't deserve hatred they receive from bitter neetos. I'm not really into any communities for neets/shutins for that reason, like the godawful /soc/ discord I visited once. I swear many people larp as being more, idk, of a basement dweller than they actually are for clout. It's all a mystery to me, friend. Peace in relative solitude for me!

Anonymous 31097

Wait. People actually believe in that stuff? It's a joke, like "mom found the poop sock".

Anonymous 31098

>no official job duties/qualifications/payment AND I would really enjoy this, I never perceived it as something disqualifying the NEET title

NEET usually goes along with not having a socially productive role (examples being employment, education, training), and being a SAHM is considered socially productive.

Anonymous 31230


i'm glad you're doing better these days. how did hikky-neet start for you? like did you go into it knowing this would be your life?

Anonymous 31264


I became unable to go to school and it was a steady downhill from there.

I was hopeful that my mental health would improve and I could continue my studies but that never happened. Now I can see that the signs of illness were always there but they weren't noticed until years later. When the teachers told me to take some time off I didn't know it would end up like this. It wasn't just a burnout.

Anonymous 31346


>Nothing felt real anymore and my life turned into a blur.

I threw away about 3.5 years by being a hikki neet up until 2018 and that was one hell of a blur. It felt like a year and a half since I never did anything worth remembering, and I would quote it as 2.5 years at most to the hikki internet friends I had at the time, because I legit lost track of an entire year.

The "relief" of not taking part in real life and not going outside is incredibly short term. Afterwards you only get more anxious, stressed, depressed, etc, and it snowballs. I wouldn't wish a hikki, neet life on anybody.

It really doesn't take much to come out of the worst parts of it - work a basic job that gives you enough hours that you start having a real schedule and the next thing you know you might not be thinking of killing yourself all the time - but it's so damn hard to start work or education from a dead stop as a hikki, you really are your own worst enemy.

sorry 4 blog

Anonymous 31349

I completely agree with you anon, it felt the same for me.

Do you think that the "blur" effect can also come from sleeping to much? Like, not only are you (usually) not advancing in any way (money, education, skills) as a neet, but also depressed people or those with a wrecked circadian rhythm can sleep anywhere from 10-12 hours a night, so your days really are shorter (14-12 hours instead of 16) in that case. It's why I think 3 years can feel like 2 and a half or less, because you literally only were awake for that long.

Anonymous 31363

Yeah that's a good point, you can definitely sleep your life away.. 12-16 hours was pretty usual for me and that's actually still the case (but having a schedule I need to follow helps me put a stop to that almost every day). I may not be able to fix my depression easily but I should at least fix my circadian rhythm. I'm a bit of a hypocrite, I used to tell people how important circadian rhythm is to try and help them, but I'm really bad at sending myself to bed. I find it funny that it's a bit dark under my eyes permanently, because I definitely get enough sleep. I actually think it's kind of cute though.

Another thing to consider is that neets are also prone to having messed up sleep schedules where they are going to be awake during less useful hours. For me personally, it's almost guaranteed that at really late hours I'm just staring at my PC. tbh I'd very likely be doing that regardless of the hour, but guaranteed is worse than very likely. This was really noticeable when I had my sleep schedule completely inverted so that I'd fall asleep at 7 or 8 AM - nearly every bit of time I was awake was used for staring at my PC (so spamming F5 and endlessly chatting with people who didn't care about me), I never got anything done, I never got inspired to go out because I couldn't at those hours, and my selfcare got a bit worse.

Anonymous 31376

In my early twenties. Been one for two years now. Not a hikki since going out for meals and errands are doable. My parents died so I live off insurance money. I have kept sporadic contact with a handful of IRL friends and maintain a strong relationship with my S.O. who's been supportive since I dropped out of college. The reason for that's a mix of mental health stuff and issues that followed my mother's death.

The neuroplasticity in my brain's eroded to the point that reading or learning things as quickly as before seems impossible, almost blurred. I want to help myself but fall back into the same patterns: vidya, browsing the internet for things I forget about the next day, other escapist pastimes…I've lost passion for most old hobbies though. Finding a job or at least attending a useful certificate should be my next step, but it's so much easier to quit while I'm ahead instead of failing over and over again. Not that I'm anything more than a failure now. >>31346 sums it up. It's a rather lonely feeling to realize that none of my friends don't know how to help, and the distance between my former peers and myself has gorged into a grand canyon in where I'm falling off the cliff.

Willpower comes from achieving small tasks, so I'm trying to build myself up through that. I'll try to read one book this month. Clean the house. Maybe cook something less shitty than cup noodles. Dunno. I just want to be better than this.

Anonymous 31379


no worry for the blog, this stuff is really interesting to me. i feel like i could so easily fall into this life. my weekends and evenings blur into nothing, non-stop internet.

one time i calculated the percentage of the past year i'd spent online and made me wanna throw up.

Anonymous 31455


Also a hikki NEET and I agree with everything you wrote, but it really is a vicious cycle. Every time I think about or start planning going back into the outside world (making friends, meeting people etc) I remember how scary it is and how comfortable being alone, inside, is.

My mental health has gone down the toilet since I started NEET life. I've always suffered from a personality disorder and depression, but it consumes my life now. I've also slipped into only sleeping in the morning/early afternoon, and I spend all night just on my pc, browsing boards or playing vidya.

It really does spiral out of control until you feel like a prisoner in your own life lul.

Anonymous 31458

Please break out of the prison you've made for yourself. You don't have to go into nightclubs to be free. Just go to a library, and from there to a restaurant, mall, etc. I've done it before and it's great. The best way I found to get out of the house is having a job, like a real obligate one.

Anonymous 31459

I'm in the same boat as >>31455 and I have muh chronic illness and can't hold down a job, so I have no clue how to meet people and be active. What do I do? I've been taking walks and hanging out at popular spots but it just feels like I'm waiting to see anyone I could approach and that just makes me feel pathetic. And if I ever get approached, they're always, always terribly creepy because I give out maximum outcast vibes

Anonymous 31460

An outcast is what you are, anon. Don't try to be someone you aren't. Embrace the creep. They're approaching you because they feel you could relate to them. They don't want to be lonely any more than you do. Obviously they won't have any social skills, but you two can do great to learn from each other on socialising. Just keep butting heads with conversations with these creatures. Try your best to be friendly and outgoing.

Anonymous 31461

I don't mean people who are just weird, I mean absolute psychos who reek of alcohol and tell me about their violent fantasies within 5 minutes of meeting.

Anonymous 31462

All of them? I understand you might have a rather polarised sense of morality. I wouldn't want someone telling me they want to carve me up, either, but it can't absolutely be nothing but this being spoken to you. Not one innocent person?

Anonymous 31463


I'm working on it, anon. I've been in therapy for quite a while and I got prescribed antidepressants at the start of this month. I also just landed a work-from-home job in the field I want to go into to ease myself in slowly.

I agree with what the anon upthread said - I wouldn't wish this life upon anyone. When you're busy and life is stressful, it might seem like the ideal, but in reality its dark and bleak.

Sorry for kind of OT/blog post.

Anonymous 31465

Your post is welcome anon. Working at home isn't exactly what I implied, but it's still good progress. Don't give up hope yet.

Anonymous 31467


Thank you anon. And yeah I know, I was slightly disappointed in myself for only working from home, but I'm gonna look at volunteer work to get me out of the house too. As you said, progress is progress!

Anonymous 31679

i live off of assisted income. i get around 800-900$ a month. all of it goes to bills and rent, i get about 60$ for groceries and weed. all of it goes to weed. this is my way to lose weight and get a bf, and tbh its working

Anonymous 32054


I'm physically disabled so I can barely leave the house, I live off of my parents since none of us are too bothered to apply for disability and I can't live alone so I stay with them. We have a nurse that comes a few times a week to take care of me, check up on me, etc. I play a lot of vidya and watch anime, and talk to random people on the internet. I'm super lonely, and can only leave the house on good days- which have become increasingly few and far between. I really care about fashion and stuff so I have a lot of cute clothes and jewelry I barely get to wear, it makes me sad…. Walking is slowly becoming an issue and I fear one day I may be wheelchairbound due to this condition.

Anonymous 32061

Why is your condition worsening?

Anonymous 32209

Because it is a condition that progresses and gets worse over time? Although it's not like that for everyone with this disease.

Anonymous 32210

Because it's a huge hassle to get disability where I'm from, and if I enter remission again then I won't even need it. My disease comes in frequent flareups, and will just get worse over time. If I completely stop with remission and the disease just progresses, then i will seriously consider disability. But for now,due to the inconvenience of actually attaining disability, I can't be bothered to apply.

Anonymous 32211

What is the name of this disease?

Anonymous 32212


I get $956 AUD every month and I live with my parents (i'm only 18 so its not that weird right?)
Basically all my money goes to eating out, video games, whatever clothes i buy, etc
As for how I live, i basically have no social life and just talk with friends online/play games all day lol

Anonymous 32214

One of the few times I've felt the anime reaction pic is apporiate with the post itself and could just picture said pic repeating the same lines especially the "lol"

Anonymous 32239

Is it money from the government or do your parents pay you?

Anonymous 32256

Multiple Sclerosis.

Anonymous 32422

If you don't already, do yourself a favour and save up a percentage of your monthly NEETbux.

Anonymous 32758


Anonymous 32821

POG LOL for real?

Anonymous 32839

I send nudes for money. does that make me a hoe?

Anonymous 32842

Anonymous 32859

Damn post instructions please

Anonymous 32956

No of course not :^)

Anonymous 33213

im on income support for $825 but recently got accepted for AISH for $1680 (assured income for severely handicapped) because i have ptsd, clinical depression, schizophrenia and a shit ton of other disorders. ive been NEET for about 5 years now. im going to get a job because i cant stand the loneliness and no real meaning of living.

Anonymous 35232

i'm in a similar position to you
i'm too autistic to do anything i just want my bf to move here and he can use my neetbux savings or whatever and i can leech off that since he could probably get a good job here

Anonymous 35314

unless you're severely schizo/bipolar (although many bipolars tolerate weed just fine, me being one of them) I would take your neetbux and move to a state where weed is legal, and start blowing trees my nigga. it will help you. if you're already in a state where its legal, lol water you even doing. alcohol is the worst

Anonymous 35318

>want my bf to move here
How do neets get into relationships? Did you get to know him through the internet? Did you know each other before your neet-dom?

Anonymous 35324

>How do neets get into relationships?
idk i got lucky because
>Did you get to know him through the internet?
yes we met online, he lives in the US i'm in the UK, so it'd probably be a pain for him to move here permanently, idk
>Did you know each other before your neet-dom?
i guess, i was doing classes when we met but i finished them, and even then it was only the remaining classes for a college course i was held back on and i pretty much was a neet by that point

Anonymous 35349

NTA but I met all my relationships online and most of them were disastrous, now I'm dating a guy I met at an event I attend once a year.

Anonymous 35385

>an event I attend once a year
An anime convention?

I've had one online relationship so far and while it wasn't disastrous, it just didn't feel real. Despite our plans to meet up, we never ended up seeing each other in real life.

Anonymous 35404

A music festival

Anonymous 35409

One time I met a boy at a music thingy and he was really nice and we stuck together the whole afternoon all the way til the last show around midnight. We got along really well but it was getting late and everyone was a little tired and drunk. He went to sit on someone's couch for a bit and I went to dance in the crowd a little and then he came up to me in the crowd and said goodbye to me and I kissed him on the cheek and he said I was really cute and then I never saw him again.

I guess he was a one-night friend.

Anonymous 35410

Was he sitting on the couch by himself or was he with a group of friends? It's possible he was probably disappointed you didn't join him on the couch and instead went to dance on the dance floor. But I dont know, obviously

Anonymous 35412

>what is wrong with hurting incels.
tehy are not mentally ill.
they are the enemy and you can destroy them
A large portion of them are mentally ill. If not the majority. They are already destroyed too. I suppose if you really wanted too, you could get one to suicide.

Anonymous 35413

toxic men will consider you a Hoe no matter what. But if you ever have children, It might be embarrassing if they find out.

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