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Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ Anonymous 31266

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

What would your dream Valentine's Day be like?

Anonymous 31267

(I don't have any plans, but I bought myself chocolate this afternoon to have with coffee and they were really good. I might go out tonight or I might not.

It would be nice to go out and have a light dinner and drinks and get a cute card or little present from my partner. Then go home and be cozy in front of a fire and go to sleep early together. )

Anonymous 31268

Happy Valentine's to you too!
First Valentine's with a boyfriend, should be fun. It's pretty cold outside so we're going to cook dinner and relax at home.

Anonymous 31269


Staying in, but I will go out for dinner the next night to avoid the typical rush. Going to get flowers and some girl scout cookies for my sweetie.

Anonymous 31272


Ohhhhh cute! I didn't do anything fancy for my first Valentine's with my boyfriend, but it's really special for me. Hope yours goes well. ♥

Anonymous 31273


I had forgotten about girl scout cookies. As a kid I only liked thin mints,but now I'm craving the coconut ones (samoas?)

Anonymous 31274

No plans. Classes and meetings all day. Will probably drink a bottle of wine and show up the therapy the next day hungover

Dream Valentine's Day would be a casual home date with my SO where we make one of those elaborate meals for two you see in those tasty videos.

God I'm so alone

Anonymous 31284


I'm supposed to go out with some girl friends tonight but there's been drama and I have a lot of shit to do so I might pass.
Code Realize Wintertide Miracles comes out today so I might play that instead if I have free time.

Anonymous 31288

i'm going to watch princess tutu &/or psycho pass, also eat chocolate

Anonymous 31292

I chickened out of the entire roses at school thing, it is too weird imo

Anonymous 31300

It hits you hard.p…

Taking the day off work to not leave my room to re-watch the romance anime golden time and play the Civ6 expansion.
Spending another Valentines day alone.

Anonymous 31304

Got nothing to do, I'm pretty freshly single.
I got a card in the mail from an old (female) friend though, so that warms my heart.

>Dream valentine's day

Just one time in my life I'd like to do the flowers and date thing. It's never been super important to me, but just once I'd like to feel like I have a totally normie relationship and not a partner who assumes I don't care about any of that stuff whatsoever.

Anonymous 31308

spending time with gf

Anonymous 31326

Probably some work around the house for the rest of the evening. My 'date' today was a driving lesson with a new instructor who was really kind.

Anonymous 31329


Going to a movie and dinner with a (girl) friend of mine. We are both single and we are sick of boys right now, so it should be fun.

Anonymous 47279


How are you all this year?
I'm single but messaging a cute boy in my life in the wee hours of V-day. He's sent me songs that I know I'll always associate with him even if he breaks my poor little heart.

Anonymous 47281

I wanted to get cool things for my bf as a surprise but I couldn't find them in my shitty economically broken country. I still got something he likes but had to flat out ask what he wanted. Maybe next year.

Anonymous 47282

Aww, cute.

My bf and I are both having a shifty time right now but I bought him a cheesecake because that's one of the few "sweets" he likes. He seemed to actually really appreciate it, which made me really happy. Poor guy didn't even realize it was valentine's day so he was pretty surprised. (he's been home sick, so keeping track of the date has gone out the window for him.)

Anonymous 47283

I sent my boyfriend a valentines card and it arrived the day before, just in time! I'm a bit embarrassed for him to look at it because I wrote some cringy stuff since I had trouble coming up with things to write. I hope next time I can give him something more than just a card but international shipping is super expensive so I had to hold off on it this year. Overall seems like it'll be an okay valentines day to me so far.

Anonymous 47290

nothing really, just staying home
had a dream in which a person i have hardly spoken to(and have no feelings towards,although he's cute) was in love with me and that we had a great time&were truly happy
kinda ironic that it had to be on valentines day, a dream about love&caring
still, it was nice, a little present from god

Anonymous 47291


I might go out to Denny's later, other than that not much.

Anonymous 47296

same things I do everyday

Anonymous 47298

I'm going to the sonic movie with my boyfriend. Since he works late today we won't be able to have a grand dinner the same night. We do plan on eating out tomorrow. Who knows, we might change things up.
I got him a heart shaped box full of small little gifts.

Anonymous 47304

Fuck you Emily

Anonymous 47314

Another valentines, another day of no bf.

Anonymous 47319

meetup waj9xww710h…

The turnout

Anonymous 47320

If you see Valentine's Day coming up, and realise you don't have a date, don't bother worrying, because by then it's already too late.

Anonymous 47321

Lots of cute boys tbh

Anonymous 47322

Some look adorable

Anonymous 47324

meetup 2uqk5uxa0a0…

More showed up. stolen from reddit

Anonymous 47325

I don't wanna imagine how ya'll look like..

Anonymous 47326

I would fuck a majority of them base off looks.
Its another thing if they open their mouth and start talking.

Anonymous 47327

What if they don't talk at all? Purse their lips? Look away and stutter, maybe?

Anonymous 47328

I'd take the skinny brown guy giving a thumbs up. Of course, only if he's husband material since I'm a pure maiden.

But realistically, I get the feeling most of these are ironic. Men can get laid pretty easy anyway from what I can see around me. Male dating struggles are a myth.

Anonymous 47330

Anonymous 47332

why him?
are the other ones too ugly for you?

Anonymous 47334

Same tbh

Anonymous 47336

Only cos of a small handful of slags

Anonymous 47344

I call dibs on the Korean-looking round glasses guy. He'll be mine.

Anonymous 47359

That's fucking hot

Anonymous 47362


A man is either the hottest when he shuts the fuck up or talks to you like a normal fucking human. But usually the former.

Anonymous 47363

Half of these are out of my league looks-wise and for the rest I'd still be surprised if they showed interest in me. Their body language seems completely normal as well.

I wonder how obnoxious and terrible these people need to be not to have any luck with girls, even taking into consideration only those who were sure they'd be the sexiest man in the room accepted the invitation

Anonymous 47364

I fucking up my chance with my date and I didn't get laid >:(

Anonymous 47366

Just goes to show that being an average/above average guy isn't enough

Anonymous 47367


I think you're suffering from what's sometimes called the "Cheerleader Effect," where people look more attractive if they're in a group for reasons that are not fully explained.

Anonymous 47368


Individually, they look like… well, mutants isn't quite the right word, but something in between "mutant" and "sinister."

Anonymous 47370

That one in particular just seems like it's an unfortunate photo for him. There are definitely some uglies in the back, some 3-4 unfuckables in each picture. Even so, I get used to faces I find repulsive at first and have found most of my ugly friends (male or female) cute once I like and respect them as people.

I know quite a few guys who look like >>47368 and they're still very picky about women, the types to call shooped Instagram goddesses fat ugly whores etc. I still can't imagine them approaching me even if I would turn them down

Anonymous 47371

> the types to call shooped Instagram goddesses fat ugly whores etc.
Most of the people I've known who do that are women, who do it as an ego defense. I have trouble believing that men would do it for completely different reasons. It's most likely that their superficial "pickiness" is just a way of insulating themselves from the fact that they are ugly and they know it.

Anonymous 47372

I just like brown guys.
He just looks average, so does >>47367
Maybe the fatcels would struggle but, again, I doubt the majority there are being earnest.

Anonymous 47375

Or maybe its just slut-shaming.

Anonymous 47377


Slut shaming is ego defense, conducted primarily by self-harm practitioners, which are mostly women and a few ridiculous eunuchs. Nobody who loves themselves does it.
I'm not sure why you're referring to these mugs as "average," but I'm going to guess that you're either not very good with faces or that you've been completely destroyed by a lifetime of loneliness and socially harmful self-esteem crushing experiences.

Psychologically healthy women wouldn't be deliberately rude to these guys, and might err on the side of niceness when talking to the men in person, but healthy women also don't lie to themselves in order to build up others at their own expense, the way >>47363 did when saying these men are out of her league. That kind of self deprecation is a serious psychological issue. You're not building anyone up by tearing yourself down.

Anonymous 47379

FBI should have been warned about this so they could set a trap and arrest all these sub-human terrorists before they could go on a killing spree.

Anonymous 47380


>women, who do it as an ego defense
Could be, I don't know any women who discuss much about looks but the things I've seen online seem to line with this

Even if calling beautiful women names is a cope for insecure men I'm not sure they realize their position, the women that my 3-5/10 male acquaintances approach and even manage to befriend in some cases are often very beautiful. Not that there's anything wrong with refusing to settle for your own level

It sounds a lot like you're just trolling but I consider myself picky.

Here I've scored every face I can make out, 13 of them, and 6 of them are above my own level which I consider to be 6/10. What's the issue here, is my view of male facial features distorted or are sub 7 girls so rare I couldn't possibly be that ugly?

I'm certain I could score a handsome guy by improving myself and putting myself out there but the fact that I'm totally timid, asocial and unwilling to change easily drags my score down even further, and I think admitting this is just emotional integrity

Anonymous 47381

You seem to some really nasty associations with pretty much everyone that disagrees with you and your mistakes, just something to think about.

Anonymous 47382


Anonymous 47383

He's totally rocking the unwashed, unhygenic, unhealthy aesthetic.
Like he's been chained up in a basement somewhere and force-fed until he was no longer fit for human society.
Feederism is a completely healthy fetish don't kink-shame

Anonymous 47384

If those men only knew.

Anonymous 47385

I don't think weight alone makes people totally repulsive. The moustache does but that can be easily dealt with. Other than that, what's wrong with his looks?

I admit I was a bit generous with him, the pink pants stubble guy and the Caucasian glasses guy for the sole reason that they have absolutely no idea how to act when someone's taking a picture and thinking that exact moment accurately portrays them is ridiculous

Anonymous 47386

You're not building yourself up, by tearing others down.

Anonymous 47387

If you're a woman, I'm just giving you some tough love by telling you that you can do better than build masochistic fantasies of being sexually rejected by incels whom you will hopefully never meet.
If you're a moid, you shouldn't even be here in a position to get your precious feelings hurt, lmao @ ur life.

Anonymous 47388

How else do you get the material?

Anonymous 47389


Didn't see blue hoodie in the other pictures or I'm blind as fuck.

He's one of the cutest among the bunch.

Anonymous 47390

I guess morbidly obese Chinese guys just aren't my thing.

Anonymous 47393

>masochistic fantasies of being sexually rejected by incels
You're the only person bringing this "us versus them" stuff in here. What's wrong with you that brings you to this kind of macro-agressive mindset? Take a chillpill while everyone discusses the true questions, like how you can break through the icy cold barriers of modern life by working up the courage to talk with strangers.
You can't. You are what you are. Any attempt to build yourself up or tear others down is useless, useless, useless. You wake up and go to bed the same person.

Anonymous 47394


You're far too generous with your ratings.

Anonymous 47401


My input. Biased because it's impossible to be unbiased.

Thicc boi is 10/10 don't fite me on it

Anonymous 47402

I have a hard time believing anybody who thinks he is better than average looking wouldn't settle for one of the 4/10s

Anonymous 47403

It's funny how differently I view Asian men to most other anons here. I just don't see them as attractive at all, maybe its regional because a friend of mine sniggered at the thought of dating one.

Anonymous 47405

Why are the Kim Jong Uns so high?

Anonymous 47406

A few of them probably are there for lulz, about half are legit incels though. Look at fucking drugtard Shaggy or the ogre sitting besides him, do you think these two can get laid easily if not by paying?

Anonymous 47407

Hello actual incel posing as a woman, how was your day?

Anonymous 47408

If these are 7-8, how do you rate guys who are genuinely beautiful and model tier? Infinity/10?
Personally I wouldn't give any of those guys more than a 5.

Anonymous 47410


Yeah it’s probably regional. I am into Asian guys but grew up in California where there’s a big Asian population (and I’m Asian too for what it’s worth), so my first crush was Asian, etc.

Got to say though, this guy >>47382 needs to lose some weight.

Anonymous 47411

the one "7" with an actual hairstyle is at least a 6 if not 7
other than that they are 5 at best

Anonymous 47413

The one who looks like William H. Macy and Macaulay Culkin had a yaoi lovechild who was raised by Mormons?
He's a 5 on a good day, IMHO.

Anonymous 47414

I don't know where you are getting that, but he is clearly the most attractive one there by a significant margin.
Do you really think if you put him in a room with 9 other random guys his age, he would be more attractive than 4 of them, and less attractive than 5 of them?

Anonymous 47415

Genuinely random guys? Yes.
I think you're letting the fact that he took care of his hair and is in some sort of goblin party distract from his nasolabial folds.

Anonymous 47416

that's just because he's smiling too hard.
I don't think you have a good view of random men, how often do you go outside? my experience is at university.

Anonymous 47417

>nasolabial folds
Why do incels talk like this?

Anonymous 47418

Anonymous 47429

The bottom-left is the only good one. The other blonde 1 guy after him is a weaker version of him.
>Half of these
More like 1/9 of these. The rest look disgusting. How bad looking are you that you say these are out of your league?

Anonymous 47432

One thing doesn't have anything to do with the another. Some have physical traits on what I could see to come up with my judgement, and looks like you fell for it as well on an unconscious level.

Anonymous 47438

>to come up with my judgement
I think you forgot a verb or two. I can't make heads or tails of what you wanted to say.

Anonymous 47471

Ugly: 1-3
Average: 4-7
Beautiful: 8-10
Some of those guys are very clearly above 5 especially as shown in >>47401

Not the person you replied to but I haven't really seen anyone fantasize anything about them. I have no issues admitting a couple of them are rather handsome and most look like completely regular dorks whether or not they would approach me.

I still wouldn't touch them and I'd dump a 10/10 man in a heartbeat if it turned out he was active in the incel community or identified with that sort of thing. Just because I despise incels as people doesn't mean I'm going to go out of my way to signal and pretend that everything about them is abnormal and disgusting, including inane shit like BMI and haircuts

Anonymous 47474


That picture has a strong Cheerleader Effect, and the exceptions who manage to rise all the way up to 5 are all so much younger than the others that being virgins is still normal for their age.

>inane shit like BMI and haircuts

Neither of those are inane. BMI is a direct reflection of yourself as a person, the choices you make and your dedication to your own life. It has meaning at nearly every level and every point in life. Obesity reflects a poor personality and low intelligence, especially in men.
This isn't a matter of obesity reducing intelligence, but rather, low intelligence leading to obesity.
Hair care is one of the simplest things a person can do to show that they care about hygiene and maintain self-discipline.

Anonymous 47481

Stop putting other people down. All you're doing is isolating yourself into madness when you judge others.

Anonymous 47483

It's just an average looking group of guys. I'm sure there are some here who are pretty enough that average is below them, but for most of us that's probably our league, and for some it might even be above them. I don't see why this is controversial.

Anonymous 47487


I can't do number ratings.

Heart = would catch my eye on the campus. Crossed out = unattractive.
Neither heart nor cross = no opinion.

Anonymous 47492

I like that so many of us appreciate the thicc boy.
Surely that feederism anon who keeps getting banned had an impact.

Anonymous 47494

>height correlates with intelligence
>therefore people under 175 cm are retards i should steer clear of

Anonymous 47498

It's all obese moids pretending to be women, I think

Anonymous 47502

That wouldn't explain why the only slightly less fat white trashy alcoholic-looking one is consistently crossed off and rated low.

Anonymous 47504

I'm not a moid and have been posting here for months.
This particular guy just has that big, chubby teddy bear look that some people are into. There's a point where obesity becomes unattractive but he's not there yet.

Anonymous 47513

Lmao imagine having taste this terrible.

Anonymous 47515

Maybe they are fat asian moids and they hate their white counterparts

Anonymous 47518

No shaming other girls' awful tastes pls.

Anonymous 47522

>that 8
You're joking

Anonymous 47533

What the hell is a teddy bear look

Anonymous 47534

Nta, but a guy who looks huggable, round, and friendly. Just a cute big guy.

Anonymous 47543

They don't kill babies they kill fetuses. Also planned Parenthood does so much more then unwanted pregnancies. They offer various other medical services and will accept low income or no insurance patients.
Also now I will support girl scouts even more

Anonymous 47547

Or you could just not risk getting pregnant.

Anonymous 47548

Shit happens even in long term relationships

Anonymous 47550

Just don't be in a relationship? Why does everyone feel so incomplete these days? Just talking to people and making friends does enough for social health that one bf does, especially if you don't wall your feelings in except when it's to "the one". If you need to feel good you just buy a wand. How hard is this?

Anonymous 47552

I've been with my bf for 7 years. We get along just great and he's been really sweet and supportive of me. Even when I had a falling out with my group of friends.
We just don't want to have kids.

Anonymous 47558

Then just don't have sex. Maybe use some protection? It can't feel as bad as people say it does, nor should it fail as often as stereotyped. Otherwise non-penetrative sex could work too, unless he's like a water fountain.
Calm your loins anon. I'm just giving advice.

Anonymous 47560

My original point it sometimes protection fail. Condoms break, implants can move. Plus I love piv.

About abortions should always be a option to rape victims or women not ready for a child yet. It should be a choice.

Anonymous 47561

I made a chocolate tort with my husband.

Anonymous 47562

>sometimes protection fail
No, anon. Nuclear power is unsafe, except it isn't. Facts, feelings, etc. Just use protection. A few spent on it can save you from a visit to the clinic. There are more important people that could go there, like the ones you just listed, so don't eat yourself to death so you can take up space at the ER. You get where I'm coming from with this?

Anonymous 47595

You make no sense

Anonymous 47702

Cute. How did it turn out?

Anonymous 47706

Raped people more important. Not-raped people can stop anytime. Don't put yourself before more important cases.

Anonymous 219734

Didnt want to make a new thread so I revived a old one.

More of a vent then plans.
My work liquidated my department and greatly cut my hours. I originally had the grand romantic date planned but now money is tight for me. I'll feel bad if my partner has to pay for it because it's supposed to be my turn to pay for date night. We alternate paying for the dates and I wanted to pay as a romantic gesture. I wasnt expecting my work to go to shit, seems left field especially since the company keeps bragging about meeting quotas.
I'm always cooking dinner so I was hoping to do something nicer.

Anonymous 219764

I'm travelling for a romantic night with my nigel and then we're spending the next day together. I wish valentines day was today because my local zoo is doing a couples event

Anonymous 219766


I've never had a valentine or received flowers and this valentine's day will be no different except now i will be selling flowers to people with love lives while ive never had a love in my life.

Anonymous 219771

I would have had a second date with a boy but I sperged out and scared him off.
Now I'm gonna shut myself in because if I see a couple I don't know if I will hold it together.
Why is it so hard for me to form genuine relationships?

Anonymous 219786

nonas from years ago had bad taste. all these moids look ugly to me save a few. maybe the reason most of them are unattractive is because theyre still teenagers who havent grown into their faces yet. if i squint really hard i can see most of them looking attractive as they grow up. but theyre just ugly to me now.

still could see most of these kids getting with pretty/average women when theyre older so long as they acted normal and got rid of the "women deserve to be raped and murdered" ideology. however most likely porn addicted degenerates by now.

fat guy is cute as hell.

Anonymous 219788

>fat guy is cute as hell
Implying you don't share the bad taste with nonas.

Anonymous 219791

its personality projection nona im not attracted to his face. its an illusionary tactic millions of years of women being forced to reproduce with ugly moids that our evolution creates

Anonymous 220266

Ive got a fat stepbrother who's convinced hes gonna stay an incel forever, its sad honestly, he's nice.

What a weird thing that there are nonas into guys like him but, but they'll never meet do to being stay at home shut-ins. ironic.

Anonymous 220423

Technically I went to a nice hotel and had an expensive dinner at around 5am on Valentine's Day. I don't think my husband knew the date, though.

Anonymous 220446

It's funny, 99% of the time I'm chill with being single but then on valentines day when everyone starts talking about how their bf got them flowers or chocolates or whatever I'm like damn, maybe I should give dating a shot again. But then the next day I'm back to my normal indifference, and it's not so bad.

Anonymous 220450

What I always find funny about Valentines Day is how many people who talk shit about it solely because they're single, that then turn around and become the exact same obnoxiously PDA person in a relationship that they complain about. I had a friend a high school who practically loathed Valentines Day. The moment she got a boyfriend, she would have PDA with him every single day and got showered in gifts.

Personally, I don't give a shit about most holidays (They're just another day for me. I didn't even realize it was Valentines Day until halfway through), but people who are bitter about them solely because of being alone on them are often hypocritical.

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