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Do you tip servers? Anonymous 31694

Tipping culture is so fucking ridiculous. I'm Canadian and live in a province where servers make $14 an hour and where food is hella expensive. I always hear in the US servers make very little money and food is cheap as a result, but customers are meant to subsidize their wages. I always see servers on the internet (from Canada too) talking about how people shouldn't go to restaurants if they won't tip 15-20%. fucking entitled cunts.

In Canada, food is expensive, servers make decent money AND we're expected to tip? wtf? And servers feel SO entitled to tip money too. Like, if you don't tip on every drink you get, bartenders will refuse to serve you. Or if you regularly go to a restaurant and they start to recognize you as the "non-tipper" you have to start being concerned about them doing shit to your food. Or dipping their balls in your sauce like that recent news story.

I always get comments from friends and family about being rude and not tipping, but IDGAF. I've had servers approach me and ask where their tip was. I've worked behind the counter at a food service place (where tipping wasn't expected) as a teen and in retail, and where do these employees get off being so rude over this shit? This all makes me less sympathetic with those "tales from retail" stories about customers being assholes.

Anyone else pissed off about tip culture? It's pretty much giving donations at this point, fuck off, they make more than many professions that require degrees.

Anyone else annoyed?

Anonymous 31695

Its dumb north american bull. How about everyone starts demanding tips for doing regular jobs? Mad am I right? Lmaoooo

Anonymous 31696

is it really only expected in North America?

Anonymous 31698

I, too, am a Canuck but I love tipping. I can see why someone wouldn't though and don't think it should be a requirement.

Anonymous 31699

why do people who tip shame me for not tipping?

Anonymous 31700

Probably because they feel pressured into tipping and don't like that you resisted the pressure.

Anonymous 31701

I do tip them but only female ones. I don't want to sponsor meat scepters and their rapistry.

Anonymous 31721

>based passive-aggressive radfem anon

Anonymous 31725

>stupid entitled bitch I knew, 80 IQ thottmaxx
>bragged about making over 300 in a single night on the regular just being a server in a restaurant
>i went to college and can't even get 200 per day
This is why I don't tip. Whores living on easy mode. I actually do tip sometimes, but like, 1-2 dollars. I don't do that percent shit. It takes the same effort to bring me a burger as it does to bring a steak. Fuck percent systems.
Biggest tips I've ever left were $4 to a qt asian boy who was a total sweetheart and $6 to a qt indian guy who comped me a $16 entree and $5 side because of an error I wasn't even mad about. Cute hard-working boys deserve tips, entitled thots who go to nail salons do not.

Anonymous 31731



i did not know there was a "culture", but i usually tip a few bucks.

Anonymous 31735

I live in the US and agree that tipping is stupid but I doubt it'll ever be completely abolished. Employees shouldn't be punished for this, they're just trying to make a living after all, so I tip at least 15%, I used to always tip 20% but it's so expensive. Luckily I've never had bad enough service that I've had to tip less or stiff someone.

Anonymous 31737

Yes, I tip. Most employers are big sticklers about salaries, usually underpaying the servers. It's not my favourite thing to do, but if I can at least help eke out a bit more into someone's pay, okay, good enough. I usually tip 15%, 20 to 25% if at a fancier restaurant.

Anonymous 31738

stop attacking my coworkers; various hate jealousy envy hate

Anonymous 31747

I am afraid to offend servers so when I go out it is always to someplace that calls your order our, no server so there is no pressure to tip.

Anonymous 31752

in my state servers make $3.87 an hour.

tipping is expected. i'm not saying its right, but if someone is making less than four dollars an hour, tip for fucks sake.

Anonymous 31784

I tip, but I'm not generous about it unless I receive exceptional service. ~20% when I'm at a sit down restaurant, rounding down cuz I'm bad at math (as in if the bill comes to $20.85, I tip $4). I will also sometimes tip my change at a place where I'm not being served (as in if the bill is $4.10 and I pay with a $5 bill, I'll put $0.90 in tip jar).
I won't go out of my way to tip, but not tipping at a sit-down restaurant is too cheap for comfort.

>Cute hard-working boys deserve tips, entitled thots who go to nail salons do not.
Only reason they get tips is for dealing with thirsty middle-age men, which is just a symptom of the greater patriarchy. I hate lazy Stacies as much as the next miner, but they're our sisters too anon. If we alienate them, we're just doing what men want. We need them to rise up together.

Anonymous 31790

I wouldn't even tip just for the fact someone is that stupid to take a job that pays that low in the first place

Anonymous 32605

Im Australian so ive literally never tipped in my life
Always seemed like a dumb system. Who cares about service you just write down what they want and carry the food from the kitchen to the table its no different from any other job where you get paid an hourly rate to do a service

Anonymous 32620

Burgerstan allows food service wages to be cut below minimum wage, to compensate for gratuity.

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