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The perks of being Anonymous Anonymous Admin 3322

What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

I'm curious to read your thoughts and feelings on this format, so I can understand our userbase better and to figure out how to make it more appealing to a bigger audience.
Thank you!

Anonymous 3323


>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
I can post things I would never write on my Twitter because my name and rep is attached to that. Also casual nsfw blogs/posts/threads. It's uncommon in other forums without anonymity imo. Also you can turn it up to 11 with the humor and you can joke around more and/or mess with complete strangers.

>Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

Lolcow ofc but it's sort of gone down the gutter. I only have the bad art thread, sewing thread, and random pictures thread bookmarked at this point.

Also 4chin, /u/, /co/, /aco/, /e/, /i/, and /ic/, I like these the most because they are relevant to my interests, I guess people get creative on drawthreads and story threads. I mostly go for the humor, since it's kind of up my ally. Like /co/ threads I visit have ongoing jokes that started 7 threads back. /u/ also makes me wanna kms sometimes but I prob visit that one the most because they're so passionate and make funny memes from yuri mangos. I like that about that board. Even though I wish some of the users on there would relax a bit more, overall I like it.

Uboachan I've been visiting on and off for the past 6ish years. It's cute. I haven't posted there in years though.

I used to visit various others but crystalcafe has taken their place in my heart. The users here are fairly polite and I get along well with those I've interacted with. It's very relaxing here because I find thread drama is kept contained within their threads, the mods are nice, and also I find the general sense of humor is funny here. The serious discussions are also interesting to read and participate in. It has a good balance.

To appeal to a wider audience I would say crystal cafe is doing that well already with its atmosphere and themes. It stands out.

Anonymous 3324

I don't really care in general because I usually stand up for my opinions anyway (I guess @ LC is better because it is a gossip site, but still), but I really enjoy that I can post freely without having to log in and stuff like that. It's comfortable. Probably one of the main reasons why I just lurk reddit on occasion.

Anonymous 3325

Hello, dear admin.

>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?

I'm not a fan of social media and I'm sort of shy and quiet IRL, so I avoid having my opinion displayed around the world for everyone to hear or read. Dunno. The fact I can do it whenever I want to do it without having an ID liked to it makes me feel at ease. I don't really like to troll anywhere, and I'm overall a huge normie, so I guess I just like being anon to avoid feeling ~forced~ to give my opinion or interact with people? Maybe I could sum everything up by saying I dislike social interactions with anyone who's not in my circle of trust, lmao

>Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

Here and LC every once in a while. With the exception of 1 thread that is pretty much dead, I don't really care about the place anymore and I think I've posted there twice in the last couple months. I really don't know how LC is doing at the moment, or if it has changed much, or if it hasn't, but when I stopped visiting it daily (maybe 2-3 months ago), the atmosphere was super heavy and full of drama. So I like being here: it's cozy, comfy, and I like how most users tend to be polite in general. I really wanted an online place to hang out with the grills that wasn't filled with tons of nitpicking, or that revolved around drama, mostly because I was/am trying to change my own mindset.

Anonymous 3326

>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
I just generally have problems with speaking in front of "audiences" or even larger groups of people i would consider friends which includes joining in on internet discusdions when its tied to any profile, even if it doesn't have my real name (stupid, i know). so imageboards are honestly ideal bc on surface you can't tell my posts apart from anyone else's.
I also feel like the discussions flow more easily bc of anonymity! i really enjoy story sharing threads!

>Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

i used to be a /b/tard when i was like 14 and the ultimate edge but that was a bad time and a bad habit.
then like 2 years ago i stumbled upon lolcow and sorta felt at home bc it is predominantly populated by girls and i do enjoy gossip lol. however i don't really enjoy it recently as much.
i feel like this board has a very cosy atmosphere which i like a lot! i hope it gains more traction!

Anonymous 19277

>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
No one has anything to gain/prove being anonymous, which I think leads to good discussion. Also, I'm deeply insecure.

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