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Anonymous 3327

Given the option, would you rather be a housewife or have a professional career?

Anonymous 3328


TBQH, in my perfect universe, I would be neither. I would like to be a super rich girl with a hobby career.

But if I was to choose, really, a professional career. The ideal would be like a high paying artist, something like Ilya, for example, that makes big cash with his patreon.

Anonymous 3329

Making money from home doing something creative also seems like the best of both worlds to me. Wish I had the skills to pull it off!

Anonymous 3330

I'd choose a professional career. Being a housewife implies being financially dependent on your husband and I'd rather be independent and be able to do whatever I want with my own money.

Anonymous 3331

Housewife, but as other anons said, financial security is worrisome so I'd probably run a small business from home.

I'd also enjoy running a chocolate shop/selling the chocolates online. It fulfills the domestic feeling while ensuring steady income, and seems a bit more comfy than a lot of professional jobs. Either one of these situations is my ideal "career goal".

Anonymous 3332

Professional career. I'd neck myself if were ever to be placed into a position where I had to assume the housewife role, and I'm speaking as somebody who's experienced being a "kept woman". I know to a lot of people having that kind of financial security and the absence of pressure and expectation in your daily life sounds like a dream come true, but filling up your days with nothing but cooking, baking, cleaning, dishes, food shopping, ironing and laundry, it's so unbelievably isolating and unstimulating you actually start to go insane.

For me there was no singing birds and dancing cats. There was no finishing up the basic chores and then slipping into your heels for daytime margaritas with the girls, and there was prancing around the organic market with a woven basket, sundress and straw hat. There's always some chore to do or task you need to complete. Your days are so consumed by the meniality of having to complete the same repetitions over and over and over that pretty soon you start learning to avoid them from the second you wake up, right up until 17:00, when you suddenly realise you've just spent 6 hours browsing forums and playing Overwatch and you now have 30 minutes to get everything done before he gets home.
Everything was great for the first 14 days or so, and then everyday after that was spent crying, writing cover letters and searching for educational courses nearby. All animals, not just humans, need exposure regular, varying stimuli and challenges, otherwise they become depressed and/or insane.

Anonymous 3333

Oh and as this Anon >>3330 has already mentioned, having to rely on your partner for an allowance is so exceedingly humiliating and degrading, especially if you're saving and you need to try and explain to him why you need him to give you money for things like tights, argan hair oil, foundation, or even any time you want to go get yourself a coffee or a meal out whilst he's at work. It's really not nice at all.

Anonymous 3334

Professional career, no doubt about it. I'd prefer to by in charge of my own money even if I'm in a happy and healthy relationship, plus I personally find house work boring. Professional work isn't all fun and games either, but at least I can pick a path I find some fulfillment from.

Anonymous 3335

I wouldn't mind working at home and being in charge of keeping the house tidy but fuck being a housewife. idk why so many people romanticize it. the only positives i can think of is not keeping the house empty (prevent robberies maybe) and being able to be with your babies 24/7 (but also fuck having kids)

Anonymous 3336

both…? I do eventually hope to settle down with a woman, someday, and I love cleaning, organizing, baking, cooking large meals, etc. but my driving force is largely my aspiration and passion towards advanced academia. I don't see why I wouldn't be able to write a dissertation and bake my wife an apple pie in the same night.

Anonymous 3337

Yeah, I can't imagine why so many women dont choose a career but then spend their life doing nothing but chores and childcare. I wouldn't want to be a housewife if i just sat around with the babies all day.
I guess that does sound humiliating, but the problem there seems to be that that's a really weird and imbalanced relationship. Even if one person earns the finances, both partners should have a joint bank account/separate cards. Not one adult asking for pocket money like a little kid and one adult "allowing" and interrogating the other for a set amount.

Anonymous 3338

This is one reason I'd like a comfy job that allows me time to live a partial housewife lifestyle. My ex boyfriends have always paid for everything without question, including "girly" stuff, but I still worry about what would happen after marriage. It's best to have your own income, even if your hubby pays for most things as if you were a housewife imo

Anonymous 3339

My mom was a housewife when I was growing up because my dad made enough money for it to be possible and she loved it and still does to this day. It was nice because someone was always at home and easily reached if emergencies at school came up plus we got to spend lots of time together but I don't think it would be for me. I wouldn't mind it but I honestly can't see myself as a housewife. I think it's fine if other women want to do it but I'm not into being at home raising kids and whatnot.

Basically, like a lot of replies in this thread, I would want a career of my own for financial independence. I like staying at home but because it's cozy but if I were to be in the house all day, everyday unless going to a grocery store, I'd need some type of home business to run. I helped my mom with stuff around the house multiple times and it just isn't the lifestyle for me at all.

Anonymous 3340

Sounds tempting tbh, I'd be able to go to the gym and play video games while making sure everything is nice, clean and I like cooking. But I'm sure I'd get bored after three months or so.

Having a job and your own money is way more satisfying.

Anonymous 3341

Yeah, tbh my partner and I haven't really gotten around to organising a joint bank account given that my status as a NEET was never something planned and always intended as being temporary. But yeah, it's not nice at all.

Anonymous 3342

I've always enjoyed more stereotypical housewife tasks like cleaning and cooking and entertaining, so I always played with the idea of possibly becoming one if I get a partner that can support the both of us.

I thrive in routine and physical tasks, so I think being a housewife would be really rewarding for me. Or doing part time/half days at an office or a shop and then the rest of the time at home?

I think if I'd been born in the right time period I would've been the perfect housewife tbh.

Anonymous 3343

I get really bad cabin fever so staying in the same house and not having the free time/ability to leave often sounds terrifying to me.

Anonymous 3344

I'd love being a housewife, I'd be great at it, except I have one fatal flaw: I have shit taste in men. Everyone I've ever dated including my current SO is a NEET. Since finding a rich or at least well off husband is part of being a successful housewife, I definitely wouldn't be cut out for it.

Anonymous 3345

When people say housewife I assume they mean it as their main job as that is what is traditionally referred to. Any adult should be capable of taking care of themselves and their surroundings, but dropping my job to do it full time sounds hellish to me (though I support others having the option to). I also enjoy certain aspects of home keeping, but I think keeping up with normal chores/doing some stuff as a hobby on my free time is very different from it being my main responsibility and replacing my job.

Anonymous 3346

Housewife I guess, but I can't cook for shit (don't enjoy it either) and I don't love the idea of having to give up my financial independence. I really can't imagine ever asking a guy to buy me things, I've always had money/savings, more than any guy I've dated, and the idea of it makes me very uncomfortable.

I don't want a stressful, high powered career either, I'm not ambitious at all and only ever work low responsibility jobs. I want free time more than anything. If I get married (unlikely), the ideal would be working part time and cleaning/looking after the kids, while the guy cooks (and maybe works part time too? Not sure how the finances would work out).

Anonymous 3347

housewife because i never really knew what i wanted to do for the rest of my life in the "real world", while ive always wanted to have kids and take care of them. im now graduated and im not married yet, but im on the way to marry my bf very soon. i can guarantee im really happy that i chose to go to college though. even though i have a diploma im still unsure if thats the path i want, but yeah.

Anonymous 3348

I’m kind of mixed on the subject.

On one hand, I really enjoy spending time at home. I’m not a very sociable person, so it suits me. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and if I had kids some day, I’d love spending one on one time with them. I spent some time at home recently and I found going to meet my boyfriend in the evening really enjoyable too whereas when you work in the city, you pass the same shops, cinemas and cafes every day and you end up becoming sick of them. You’re so tired that all you want to do is get home and sleep or prepare dinner, you don’t have the time or energy for anything nice like that.

On the other hand, I need money to live my dream life. I love travelling. One day I want to have a big house in the country or an apartment in a nice area. I’d worry about not being able to give my children a great childhood or a good education without a good income. In fact, I worry about not being able to afford children at all and having to be a little selfish, saving my money for holidays and forgoing having children altogether (even though I think we’d be great parents and I don’t want to be lonely in my old age…). My boyfriend is on a pretty average wage since he started a new job and it’s probably going to rise in a few years but I still can’t imagine us having my ideal life without both of us working full-time.

That all sounds really fucking sad and I hate our society.

Anonymous 3349


Used to want to be a (hot) lesbian housewife when i was a teenager. I'm pretty adept at cooking healthy foods, cleaning, and I work out too, and I'm a homebody. So I was one step there. I just needed the wife part.

But it got boring and so I considered being a breadwinner with a breadwinner. I saw other couples being able to afford nice holidays and trips and gadgets and able to afford actually having hobbies, as in, more than one. I just thought 'Imagine the shit you could achieve together with two incomes'. Now I can't imagine marrying a wannabe housewife or being one. I desire to live an active life with my future wife.

Anonymous 3350

Personally, I'm strictly child-free and wouldn't be able to date someone with a child. So a lot of work expected from a housewife would already be off the table, giving me less to justify being a full-time housewife.

Also, I wouldn't want to financially depend on someone else. Especially a partner. Been there, done that, wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. It was a really traumatizing experience for many reasons and has turned me off living for someone for a long long time. Even if you don't depend on them financially, your autonomy is still compromised.

I need a lot of alone time and I have a physical disability, so my ideal situation would be my partner working and having a stable income that would be able to cover for both of our expenses while I stay at home tending to our pets and doing shopping/cooking/cleaning. I've run several successful online business ventures in the past that I ended due to time constraints, so I'd commit myself to that as well and hopefully make enough to cover my share of our expenses.

Anonymous 3351

This is the correct mentality.

Anonymous 3352

housewife 100%

Anonymous 3353

Being a housewife would make me miserable but money seems to be the biggest issue of all of them. Giving up financial independence comes with all kinds of problems. I've been in an abusive relationship in the past and I can't imagine how much harder getting out of that would have been if I depended on my ex financially.

In some forums I've read threads where housewifes complained about not getting enough pocket money from their husbands. It sounds terrible to be in a position where you have to beg for more pocket money as an adult so you can buy something for yourself.

Anonymous 3354

Professional career, unless I had kids. If I have kids they will be my top priority and I'd want to be at home for them. My parents worked a lot when I was a young child so I was looked after mostly by a nanny. She was a lovely woman but I always wanted more time with my mother. Once the youngest kid is in school I'd consider going back to work but I wouldn't burn myself out for a promotion (id obviously take it if offered but like MUH BABIES).

If money is tight I'd try to work from home, freelance programming and the like. Ideally a husband would make a good wage to support the family. I'd want to control the finances too though; provide for the children foremost, savings second, and my husband and I will have allowances. That isn't to say I'd spoil my kids either. Teaching them cool new things by doing hands on activities like guitar or painting or building robots will be my goal, not stuffing them in front of a PlayStation like a lot of parents…

Anonymous 3355

Professional career, all the way. However, I do like taking care of my house and cooking and some housewife-y type things.

If kids are ever in the picture, my future husband can be the househusband if it turns out childcare costs more than what he makes. (He didn't finish college so I'm going to be the primary breadwinner in our future theoretical family)

Anonymous 3356

I'd prefer to have a professional career (if gods of employment bless me!). however if i somehow manage to snag a cute more career driven wife i wouldn't mind working from home and taking care of the kids etc.

I would probably go insane if i was just a housewife with nowhere to go nothing to do outside of family though! i would like to maintain some sort of side hustle at least! also the whole money thing you know

Anonymous 254615

If I could stay home all day I would, but the biggest issue I see I'd boredom so working from home is the best option unfortunately my current career choice doesn't allow for that.

Anonymous 254625

I'm a homebody and I hate working. I only work to survive. I would love to be a housewife because I enjoy cooking and cleaning. I want kids someday with my bf so it would be nice to enjoy them 24/7

Anonymous 254626

Housewife. Super envious of my younger sister. She married a guy she met in college and they've been together five years already. I feel like a sucker working 40-50 hours a week while she gets away with some basic childcare, cooking, and cleaning.

Anonymous 254630

I am a lesbian housewife and have been for years. My wife is WFH and we have a good daily routine. I like to read and make art so I am not bored very often. But I am also living with a severe mental illness and feel traumatized by my work experience so I enjoy the peace and safety above all. My wife doesn’t give me an allowance. She is firm in the idea that it is our money. Overall I am very satisfied with my life although I do hope to go back to work one day.

Anonymous 254693

This is dream life
I wish you and your wife lots of happiness

Anonymous 254698

I’m too afraid of being poor

Anonymous 254712

I don’t care if a professional career could be more tiring than housework (and honestly… I see housewives working as much), I find housework incredibly boring and the stay at home wife lifestyle would make me go crazy in less than a year. Ambition inspires me to improve myself and the housewife lifestyle perspective wouldn’t provide it

Anonymous 254731

I'd rather be a home maker and matriarch any day of the week than slogging through work. I wouldn't have to be on my feet for 8 hours smiling at random s pretending to care and dealing with random shitty moids all the time.
Jobs are shit and college is bigger shit. I wish I could afford to not work.

Of course it's hard too for women who trust a man to take care of her and he turns on her. Fuck men.

Anonymous 254741

no i love being a doctor girlboss

Anonymous 254758

I want to be a homemaker so badly. I feel it’s a moids job to go out & work. We deserve the time to make our homes comfortable & to care for ourselves. Women shouldn’t have to work & I’m extremely unhappy having to do so. Let’s be realistic, having an actual career is much more draining in comparison to tending for a living space/cooking, let the moids do it.

Anonymous 254759

Neither. Making money should be a mutual obligation and keeping your house in order should be a mutual obligation.

Anonymous 254765

The male concept of a well-ordered room is a room in which a wall-mounted iron armature holds a 70" screen on a swinging range of a half dozen feet from the wall, angled downward above a lazyboy recliner, while a half dozen cables run from the screen to a 6 piece surround sound system which is itself oddly exposed and prone to impact damage atop bookshelves full of borderline erotica, blu-rays of films from a time before film digitalization which do not stand up to high definition video, dust-collecting once-used electronic toys and plastic dinosaurs.

Anonymous 254772

I've wanted to be a homemaker for a long time I feel like it would suit me since I like staying home, I like cooking, and I'd like to have children. Not to sound all tradfag but a big reason is also that I want my kids to be homeschooled because I was exposed to so much nasty shit when I went through school, and it only gets worse with troon propaganda on the rise in those settings. Anyway I think it'd be nice to have a small low-pressure hobby source of bonus income, just not a typical job.
I haven't settled on a career to pursue yet and I'm facing a lot of pressure and criticism from everybody for it, but I just don't find any job path to be particularly appealing. I'm not depressed and I have hobbies and interests, but turning anything into a job just sounds miserable and I can't see myself being happy long-term. I'm very school smart so all the women in my life act like I'm doing the world an injustice if I don't dedicate myself to curing cancer or something. I just don't have passions like that; what motivates me is just enjoying a slow simple life and being fun and supportive for those close to me, not "changing the world" or being filthy rich.
My bf wants to support me financially but he's poorfag as dirt so truth be told, I don't think it's gonna happen… He is lovely in other ways but moneymaking potential isn't something I see in him. I'll probably just end up reluctantly picking something less painful to stick with and trying to earn big for a while to save enough for a modest living with low work later. Maybe if I find something I really love to do, he can be the one at home.

Anonymous 254786

Work professionally from home, like I do now.

Anonymous 254861

Realistically a career, not because I want to work but because I don't want to tie myself to a moid and give him a way to control me. Ideally, I would love to not work and stay home all day, but that option is frankly very unsafe for women and idk why its still glorified.

Anonymous 254920

in a perfect world where my partner makes enough money i would consider it, but it’s bad to not have a means to be independent incase something happens like abuse. it would also suck being alone all day while my partner and friends would be working, and staying in the same house everyday does not sound appealing. on my days off i’m basically a “stay at home daughter” right now anyway, i take care of the house while my siblings and parents are at work/school and it’s peaceful but i can’t see myself doing it longterm

Anonymous 254938

Witnessed get

Anonymous 254963


Here's a pair of tits

Anonymous 254966

lovely, would fondle

Anonymous 256518

Professional career because I enjoy my job, I feel accomplished making money, I enjoy interacting with other people and I find housework boring. At the moment I'm on my own and so I also have to manage housework on my own, which is tiring. I dislike cooking and cleaning but I have to do them. I would be happy to live with someone and both of us manage the household while working, so we can have stable income. However it would be ideal to me if my partner (not in a relationship yet, I would prefer to be with a woman but a man is fine as well) is the one who manages the house while I dedicate myself to work.

Anonymous 256522

Why the fuck would I want to be a housewife

Anonymous 256523

But seriously; I have goals and passions I want to pursue in my lifetime, I'm not an amoeba nor a neet without purpose. Plus one of the things I value the most in my life are independence and free-will, I'd cut my uterus out before becoming someone's fuckmaid.

Anonymous 256533


career is my cope choice

Anonymous 256534

what does that flag mean? female asexuals?

Anonymous 256535

Previously I would have said career hands-down because I would assume being a housewife means being a subordinate to a husband, but assuming this is a best-case fantasy scenario I would choose to be a housewife instead. I have come to realize that even "rewarding" work is not for me because this society is not made for me. I can understand anons who would prefer a career for the sake of independence but I can't say the same just because I'm such a misfit in society. Hypothetically I would rather invest my energy into a relationship with an ideal man who lets me control the finances and household and in exchange I have more free time to pursue my hobbies and I'm not obligated to go out into the world against my will. But I am definitely a weirdo.

Anonymous 256537

Some sort of faggotry i presume.

Anonymous 256538

I don't particularly recognize the flag but it's so easy to tell it relates to anarcho feminism, are you guys retarded?

Anonymous 256553

Anarcho feminism is retarded. Feminism can’t exist without the state.

Anonymous 256558

Not really easy to tell since the A doesn't have the line through it. I don't know much about feminism though so I didn't even know Anarcho feminism was a big thing.

Anonymous 256566

nona, without the state and other hierarchies we perhaps wouldn't need feminism
it's not a big thing, but places like these attract those of various niches, no?

Anonymous 256567

>we perhaps wouldn't need feminism
… is that a good thing?

Anonymous 256572

As a housewife, professional career honestly. Being a housewife can be extreme isolating at times as you get hate from both sides (ESPECIALLY from men who claim to be traditional, they hate moms the MOST). I'm not a materialistic person so the money aspect doesn't matter much to me, it's just the matter of being able to celebrate your own achievements, have a supportive friend group, etc where as being a housewife if you ever feel proud of anything at all you're torn down

Anonymous 256585

professional career. a boring and easy one. the happiest i've been in my life was when i had a dull job that paid well. the type of work i could hang up at 5 p.m., no calls or texts from my coworkers, nothing that needed to be prepared for tomorrow. after which i could roam the streets, stopping for some food, wandering into local stores. the reward of having the highest degree of personal liberty thus far in my life—my own living space, disposable income to indulge my whims, free time to engage with all my hobbies—was intoxicating. having my own time and space improved my quality of life 110%. which i threw away by neeting out… but i'd love to have a stable career again.

Anonymous 256593

Hierarchies are a part of nature. Engaging in literal magical thinking. Single cellular organisms compete violently for space and resources.

Anonymous 256622

Anonymous 256839

They are not part of nature in a sense of animals do it too. They are part of nature in the sense of there is nothing at all you can do about them. Whatever behaviour leads to people that reproduce is the kind you will get more of. Every decision you ever make privileges something over something else to discriminate is to make a choice. There will always be people of higher value for myriads of reasons.

Anonymous 256840

Violence arbitrates all decisions. Ultimately if you don't do what the government or sovereign entity tells you to do they will use violence to make you. If they are incapable of using violence they are not the sovereign of the territory, something else or someone else is.

Anonymous 256945

What was the job..?

Anonymous 256970

They're standing up, it must be cold out.

Anonymous 256992


I would ideally want to have the "best of both worlds". I would like to be "domestic" in a way that involves developing and using many useful and interesting skills, having novel experiences, and being creative. And I would like the work I do to be something that my peers respect and look up to, the way people might look up to a person accomplished in their career.

But I don't know if that is really possible anymore, or if it ever was possible for that many women. I just know that the women I respect and look up to as role models were wives and mothers, but also incredibly hardy and experienced people with many skills that others admire.

Anonymous 256994


If I didn't loathe and mistrust men from the bottom of my heart, I'd want to have a househusband and myself be a high-achieving career woman. I noticed that I start moving mountains when I have people dependent on me, so I am the protector and provider figure, it feels good and comes naturally to me.

It's for the better that I have no intention to carry out this plan, because being the female and the work horse in a hetero relationship would be a bit of an overkill.

Anonymous 257711

Hey everyone I have both options laid out for me. I don’t know which to pick, I just got married and have doubts for both.

Housewife life path:
>have time for myself in the beginning— can exercise and reach my fitness goals before getting pregnant
>will live comfortably, won’t ever have to worry about money
>will get to pursue my hobbies all day until kids
>desire to teach kids my hobbies and do fun arts and crafts and take them swimming and to the park and just enjoy life and make memories with them day to day
>love cooking and baking and decorating
>love having a to-do list and love planning fun family gatherings and birthday parties and buying gifts for Xmas time etc.
>I hate cleaning though but my husband agreed to do the chores I hate too much
>husband is deeply in love with me and won’t ever look at another woman (even avoids porn and softcore porn that’s posted casually on social media these days)
So no fear of cheating whatsoever.
>also, he has agreed to be primary breadwinner and is well disciplined + intelligent to get a good career going
>he handles stress easily and has the mentality of a monk, also is very wise and makes smart decisions
I’ve encouraged him to look into investing so he can make passive income too, and he seems eager to learn to get a solid foundation and future going for us.

Career pathway:
>I’m not too passionate about work at the moment, I hate having a 9-5 workday and that seems to be my future with the field I’m in now
>there are cool things in my field but they come rarely and my coworkers always snatch up those cool things
>I am a coward and can’t advocate for myself so I tend to get the crap work no one wants to handle at my workplace
>can’t handle stress easily
>am very introverted and quiet, so small talk and schmoozing and networking are difficult and every workplace I end up at, my coworkers generally develop a disliking for me
>come home, too tired, stress eat and get fat
>sometimes work is so slow though and I just get to chill and watch YouTube videos or browse on my phone
>the busy work can be menial and I can listen to podcasts all day
>I do like having paid time off
>it’s nice to see my bank account go up
>my field is over saturated and competitive so not many openings but once you’re in, it’s pretty easy work. However they expect you to keep improving and learning and make you go to conferences and network, which I hate

I think I am leaning more towards housewife path. I just feel so tired at work and can’t see myself doing this for 30+ years

Anonymous 257714

I spent juuuuust over 20 years nailing my career. Worked through high school, then undergrad, then masters, worked for a few groups that got me where I wanted to be, and rose incredibly quickly. It was never a problem because I KNEW I'd never have a partner or a family, so I could just devote myself to it completely. I then found a man I could not only stand, but actually liked and then suddenly loved. I didn't want to admit to myself that I was fucking exhausted and burned out in my career, because the realities of maintaining my position were hard to stomach and wore down my morale over time through constant questionable ethical decisions. When I found out I was pregnant, I didn't realise I was looking for an out until my partner offered to just give up his career to be a househusband and my first reaction was "You fucker. I wanted to do that!". Honestly, I just want to keep a home and be present for my baby. Problem is, he wants to do the same thing, and telling him "Well I'm the pregnant one so I get to decide." just takes the light out of his eyes as he resigns himself to working for the rest of his life.

Anonymous 257715

I'm in Europe so things might be different, but have you (the both of you) tried working part time? It's been a recent possibility here, and you can ask for a 80% contract easily. That 20% changes everything imo.

Anonymous 257719

If you become a housewife, make sure you are secured.You two need to talk about money, about how it is budgeted. Your man needs to understand that what you do is labour, that it supports and enables his life as well. My parents did the classic gender-split and now my mom has to beg to buy anything that isn't budgeted for by my father (who has no experience with what it costs and takes to run a household). My dad simply buys his wants when they arise, but my mom always has to lobby for things other than groceries and kid expenses, ultimately giving them unequal standing. Statistically, your husband will also likely die before you, which is why you too are very much going to have to save for retirement. Not working at all for extended periods of time makes your life precarious. You will have a hard time to get back to work if you ever financially need to.
Having a child, being married to, living with and being financially dependent on a man means that you are less likely to leave should he turn abusive. Make sure you have enough money for yourself to fuck off if need be. I recommend Caleb Hammer's youtube channel to learn more about personal finance. Outsourcing the earning to your husband does not mean that you will easily get by without thinking about the topic. Good luck to you

Anonymous 257720


What? That's the precise opposite thinking there, you should be the one at home taking care of the baby, even if you "wanted" to be a careerwoman. Situation in your life has changed, now you have to take of your child and other one be the earner. Stop your husband before he quits his job. Tell him that you no longer want to work 12 hours and want a happy baby.

Anonymous 257726

I don’t think we need to worry about finances much. I forgot to add that his family is very well off, and a lot of people who do marry into it tend to become housewives, househusbands, or file for divorce for money and child support. Of course I love him lots so I won’t do the latter, I want to build a life with him.
Usually when I request something, even if it’s something expensive and ridiculous, he goes out of his way to get it for me. He is a monk and not very materialistic, and puts my desires/wants first before his own (he rarely has any, and if he does have a want for something, it’s usually practical and out of necessity)

But yeah, I am concerned about him dying before me. And me having a giant gap in my resume. He is actually sicklier than me, he has a disease that may end his life sooner than mine. I have pretty good genetics and am as healthy as a horse, so I will probably outlive him and it honestly scares the hell out of me. I can’t imagine a life without him.

I was thinking as an alternative I could work part time… it is pretty common in my field as they have bad budgeting and part time workers for them are a godsend.

Thanks for the YouTube channel suggestion, any financial advice/financial content is appreciated.

Anonymous 258547

My dream is to have a family, kids and time so I can take care of them. I wish I had the opportunity to be a stay at home mother.

Anonymous 258839

Housewife with money and side hobby. I love kids, and I want to spend as much time as I can with my own, plus I get to dedicate time to my hobby (which I can make money off of) while the husband is the breadwinner.
I never got this whole 'women working is so empowering'. Being a wageslave and working for someone else is not empowering. I rather work or my own terms or have someone work for me (my spouse) and give me money. I also would find it very romantic to make my husband feel happy after coming home from a long day of work.

Anonymous 258922

>My parents did the classic gender-split and now my mom has to beg to buy anything that isn't budgeted for by my father

That sounds like hell, men should NEVER be in charge of the finances. I doubt he buys the groceries or takes the kids to appointments.

Anonymous 258923

Seems comfy, ngl.
>Being a wageslave and working for someone else is not empowering. I rather work or my own terms or have someone work for me (my spouse) and give me money.
This is what I want . I'm sick of wageslaving and participating in office politics. On top of the forced socialization with my coworkers being buddy buddy and all friendly, when in reality we all hate each other because we give each other more work. Fug "team" building activities.

Anonymous 259047

housewife cause i dont gaf about careers or having a job. I have no interest in any careers. I know being a housewife is a job too but it's just stuff I'd be doing anyway since I want to have a family eventually, like cleaning, cooking, chores, etc. but I can at least spend time with my family. So why would I want a job on top of all that. Idk if I'll ever even get married so I might just get some boring office job I guess.

Anonymous 261562

Interesting to see the answers. My guess is that 99% of moids (including all of 4chan but also men like my bf) would choose to be a house-husband. Meanwhile most of cc tells you to chase a "career". Sorry but 90% of people don't have a career, they have a job that barely pays for what you need. Instead of slaving for a cold company that doesn't give a damn about me I will rather be there for my bf (maybe husband in the future).

Anonymous 261568

Literally all I want in the world is to be a tradwife. I don’t care if I’m a pick me girl, I feel like my life won’t be complete until I am one. If I end up hating it, jokes on me, but I’ll never be fulfilled until I experience it.

Anonymous 261572

I feel all this ~trad aesthetic~ cult shit has reared its head because the working world is so transparently evil now, but it's pure grass-is-greener fantasy to think that you could go disappear into The Sound of Music or Little House on the Prairie and never have a worry or care again. oh, to be relieved of the burden of self-actualization. yet our mothers and grandmothers did not fight to leave that life for nothing! men, meanwhile, are not any different today than they were then except in their emboldened capacity for cruelty and perversion, and they will not hesitate in exploiting even the slightest bit of power over you to bend your life into the shape that best suits them. what a waste to be so devoid of passion and sense that you would thank them for doing so.

Anonymous 261589

And it's so stupid to assume you wouldn't have to work as hard at kids and homelife just because you don't have a job. If you have kids it's the end of your life you just need to accept it. You aren't 19 anymore once you have that much at stake.

Anonymous 261598

Hey if I could freely choose to be whatever I want, I'd be some faceless billionaire, you know one of those business people you've absolutely never heard of but who're so fucking filthy rich they can just hire Beyonce for a private concert on a whim, retire after like 30 and live out the rest of my life in quiet leisure, comfortably spending my billions with several villas in gorgeous places around the world.

But if I've got to choose between being the average housewife or the average professional worker, I choose the latter. Home making is boring and I like my job, it's fun and I'm financially secure and independent. That's a level of financial freedom and security I can't get from being a housewife.

Anonymous 261643

Housewife, I'm working right now and I don't love it. But I refuse to be a housewife for an ugly man.

Anonymous 261644

>Being a wageslave and working for someone else is not empowering
Pickme cope and misogynist brainwashing, all in one. Working IS empowering and freeing. I don't have to rely on mommy or daddy or a sugar daddy/wallet moid, I pay for myself and I'm not dependent on anyone. I never had as many luxuries leaning on my parents' money than when I started earning and buying for myself.

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