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Anonymous 3327

Given the option, would you rather be a housewife or have a professional career?

Anonymous 3328


TBQH, in my perfect universe, I would be neither. I would like to be a super rich girl with a hobby career.

But if I was to choose, really, a professional career. The ideal would be like a high paying artist, something like Ilya, for example, that makes big cash with his patreon.

Anonymous 3329

Making money from home doing something creative also seems like the best of both worlds to me. Wish I had the skills to pull it off!

Anonymous 3330

I'd choose a professional career. Being a housewife implies being financially dependent on your husband and I'd rather be independent and be able to do whatever I want with my own money.

Anonymous 3331

Housewife, but as other anons said, financial security is worrisome so I'd probably run a small business from home.

I'd also enjoy running a chocolate shop/selling the chocolates online. It fulfills the domestic feeling while ensuring steady income, and seems a bit more comfy than a lot of professional jobs. Either one of these situations is my ideal "career goal".

Anonymous 3332

Professional career. I'd neck myself if were ever to be placed into a position where I had to assume the housewife role, and I'm speaking as somebody who's experienced being a "kept woman". I know to a lot of people having that kind of financial security and the absence of pressure and expectation in your daily life sounds like a dream come true, but filling up your days with nothing but cooking, baking, cleaning, dishes, food shopping, ironing and laundry, it's so unbelievably isolating and unstimulating you actually start to go insane.

For me there was no singing birds and dancing cats. There was no finishing up the basic chores and then slipping into your heels for daytime margaritas with the girls, and there was prancing around the organic market with a woven basket, sundress and straw hat. There's always some chore to do or task you need to complete. Your days are so consumed by the meniality of having to complete the same repetitions over and over and over that pretty soon you start learning to avoid them from the second you wake up, right up until 17:00, when you suddenly realise you've just spent 6 hours browsing forums and playing Overwatch and you now have 30 minutes to get everything done before he gets home.
Everything was great for the first 14 days or so, and then everyday after that was spent crying, writing cover letters and searching for educational courses nearby. All animals, not just humans, need exposure regular, varying stimuli and challenges, otherwise they become depressed and/or insane.

Anonymous 3333

Oh and as this Anon >>3330 has already mentioned, having to rely on your partner for an allowance is so exceedingly humiliating and degrading, especially if you're saving and you need to try and explain to him why you need him to give you money for things like tights, argan hair oil, foundation, or even any time you want to go get yourself a coffee or a meal out whilst he's at work. It's really not nice at all.

Anonymous 3334

Professional career, no doubt about it. I'd prefer to by in charge of my own money even if I'm in a happy and healthy relationship, plus I personally find house work boring. Professional work isn't all fun and games either, but at least I can pick a path I find some fulfillment from.

Anonymous 3335

I wouldn't mind working at home and being in charge of keeping the house tidy but fuck being a housewife. idk why so many people romanticize it. the only positives i can think of is not keeping the house empty (prevent robberies maybe) and being able to be with your babies 24/7 (but also fuck having kids)

Anonymous 3336

both…? I do eventually hope to settle down with a woman, someday, and I love cleaning, organizing, baking, cooking large meals, etc. but my driving force is largely my aspiration and passion towards advanced academia. I don't see why I wouldn't be able to write a dissertation and bake my wife an apple pie in the same night.

Anonymous 3337

Yeah, I can't imagine why so many women dont choose a career but then spend their life doing nothing but chores and childcare. I wouldn't want to be a housewife if i just sat around with the babies all day.
I guess that does sound humiliating, but the problem there seems to be that that's a really weird and imbalanced relationship. Even if one person earns the finances, both partners should have a joint bank account/separate cards. Not one adult asking for pocket money like a little kid and one adult "allowing" and interrogating the other for a set amount.

Anonymous 3338

This is one reason I'd like a comfy job that allows me time to live a partial housewife lifestyle. My ex boyfriends have always paid for everything without question, including "girly" stuff, but I still worry about what would happen after marriage. It's best to have your own income, even if your hubby pays for most things as if you were a housewife imo

Anonymous 3339

My mom was a housewife when I was growing up because my dad made enough money for it to be possible and she loved it and still does to this day. It was nice because someone was always at home and easily reached if emergencies at school came up plus we got to spend lots of time together but I don't think it would be for me. I wouldn't mind it but I honestly can't see myself as a housewife. I think it's fine if other women want to do it but I'm not into being at home raising kids and whatnot.

Basically, like a lot of replies in this thread, I would want a career of my own for financial independence. I like staying at home but because it's cozy but if I were to be in the house all day, everyday unless going to a grocery store, I'd need some type of home business to run. I helped my mom with stuff around the house multiple times and it just isn't the lifestyle for me at all.

Anonymous 3340

Sounds tempting tbh, I'd be able to go to the gym and play video games while making sure everything is nice, clean and I like cooking. But I'm sure I'd get bored after three months or so.

Having a job and your own money is way more satisfying.

Anonymous 3341

Yeah, tbh my partner and I haven't really gotten around to organising a joint bank account given that my status as a NEET was never something planned and always intended as being temporary. But yeah, it's not nice at all.

Anonymous 3342

I've always enjoyed more stereotypical housewife tasks like cleaning and cooking and entertaining, so I always played with the idea of possibly becoming one if I get a partner that can support the both of us.

I thrive in routine and physical tasks, so I think being a housewife would be really rewarding for me. Or doing part time/half days at an office or a shop and then the rest of the time at home?

I think if I'd been born in the right time period I would've been the perfect housewife tbh.

Anonymous 3343

I get really bad cabin fever so staying in the same house and not having the free time/ability to leave often sounds terrifying to me.

Anonymous 3344

I'd love being a housewife, I'd be great at it, except I have one fatal flaw: I have shit taste in men. Everyone I've ever dated including my current SO is a NEET. Since finding a rich or at least well off husband is part of being a successful housewife, I definitely wouldn't be cut out for it.

Anonymous 3345

When people say housewife I assume they mean it as their main job as that is what is traditionally referred to. Any adult should be capable of taking care of themselves and their surroundings, but dropping my job to do it full time sounds hellish to me (though I support others having the option to). I also enjoy certain aspects of home keeping, but I think keeping up with normal chores/doing some stuff as a hobby on my free time is very different from it being my main responsibility and replacing my job.

Anonymous 3346

Housewife I guess, but I can't cook for shit (don't enjoy it either) and I don't love the idea of having to give up my financial independence. I really can't imagine ever asking a guy to buy me things, I've always had money/savings, more than any guy I've dated, and the idea of it makes me very uncomfortable.

I don't want a stressful, high powered career either, I'm not ambitious at all and only ever work low responsibility jobs. I want free time more than anything. If I get married (unlikely), the ideal would be working part time and cleaning/looking after the kids, while the guy cooks (and maybe works part time too? Not sure how the finances would work out).

Anonymous 3347

housewife because i never really knew what i wanted to do for the rest of my life in the "real world", while ive always wanted to have kids and take care of them. im now graduated and im not married yet, but im on the way to marry my bf very soon. i can guarantee im really happy that i chose to go to college though. even though i have a diploma im still unsure if thats the path i want, but yeah.

Anonymous 3348

I’m kind of mixed on the subject.

On one hand, I really enjoy spending time at home. I’m not a very sociable person, so it suits me. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and if I had kids some day, I’d love spending one on one time with them. I spent some time at home recently and I found going to meet my boyfriend in the evening really enjoyable too whereas when you work in the city, you pass the same shops, cinemas and cafes every day and you end up becoming sick of them. You’re so tired that all you want to do is get home and sleep or prepare dinner, you don’t have the time or energy for anything nice like that.

On the other hand, I need money to live my dream life. I love travelling. One day I want to have a big house in the country or an apartment in a nice area. I’d worry about not being able to give my children a great childhood or a good education without a good income. In fact, I worry about not being able to afford children at all and having to be a little selfish, saving my money for holidays and forgoing having children altogether (even though I think we’d be great parents and I don’t want to be lonely in my old age…). My boyfriend is on a pretty average wage since he started a new job and it’s probably going to rise in a few years but I still can’t imagine us having my ideal life without both of us working full-time.

That all sounds really fucking sad and I hate our society.

Anonymous 3349


Used to want to be a (hot) lesbian housewife when i was a teenager. I'm pretty adept at cooking healthy foods, cleaning, and I work out too, and I'm a homebody. So I was one step there. I just needed the wife part.

But it got boring and so I considered being a breadwinner with a breadwinner. I saw other couples being able to afford nice holidays and trips and gadgets and able to afford actually having hobbies, as in, more than one. I just thought 'Imagine the shit you could achieve together with two incomes'. Now I can't imagine marrying a wannabe housewife or being one. I desire to live an active life with my future wife.

Anonymous 3350

Personally, I'm strictly child-free and wouldn't be able to date someone with a child. So a lot of work expected from a housewife would already be off the table, giving me less to justify being a full-time housewife.

Also, I wouldn't want to financially depend on someone else. Especially a partner. Been there, done that, wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. It was a really traumatizing experience for many reasons and has turned me off living for someone for a long long time. Even if you don't depend on them financially, your autonomy is still compromised.

I need a lot of alone time and I have a physical disability, so my ideal situation would be my partner working and having a stable income that would be able to cover for both of our expenses while I stay at home tending to our pets and doing shopping/cooking/cleaning. I've run several successful online business ventures in the past that I ended due to time constraints, so I'd commit myself to that as well and hopefully make enough to cover my share of our expenses.

Anonymous 3351

This is the correct mentality.

Anonymous 3352

housewife 100%

Anonymous 3353

Being a housewife would make me miserable but money seems to be the biggest issue of all of them. Giving up financial independence comes with all kinds of problems. I've been in an abusive relationship in the past and I can't imagine how much harder getting out of that would have been if I depended on my ex financially.

In some forums I've read threads where housewifes complained about not getting enough pocket money from their husbands. It sounds terrible to be in a position where you have to beg for more pocket money as an adult so you can buy something for yourself.

Anonymous 3354

Professional career, unless I had kids. If I have kids they will be my top priority and I'd want to be at home for them. My parents worked a lot when I was a young child so I was looked after mostly by a nanny. She was a lovely woman but I always wanted more time with my mother. Once the youngest kid is in school I'd consider going back to work but I wouldn't burn myself out for a promotion (id obviously take it if offered but like MUH BABIES).

If money is tight I'd try to work from home, freelance programming and the like. Ideally a husband would make a good wage to support the family. I'd want to control the finances too though; provide for the children foremost, savings second, and my husband and I will have allowances. That isn't to say I'd spoil my kids either. Teaching them cool new things by doing hands on activities like guitar or painting or building robots will be my goal, not stuffing them in front of a PlayStation like a lot of parents…

Anonymous 3355

Professional career, all the way. However, I do like taking care of my house and cooking and some housewife-y type things.

If kids are ever in the picture, my future husband can be the househusband if it turns out childcare costs more than what he makes. (He didn't finish college so I'm going to be the primary breadwinner in our future theoretical family)

Anonymous 3356

I'd prefer to have a professional career (if gods of employment bless me!). however if i somehow manage to snag a cute more career driven wife i wouldn't mind working from home and taking care of the kids etc.

I would probably go insane if i was just a housewife with nowhere to go nothing to do outside of family though! i would like to maintain some sort of side hustle at least! also the whole money thing you know

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