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Anonymous 33679

What are your thoughts on e-girls who actively encourage "ironic" orbiting? The ones that constantly joke with other guys about domming them or whatever and typically have half the server making sexual "jokes" about them? It honestly ruins a lot of decent servers i'm in, especially when other girls start jumping in on it. It's why I typically avoid saying i'm a girl at all because it just instantly turns guys personalities around.

Anonymous 33680

Well some need all the validation they can get, they're insecure as hell and use orbiters to make sure they're still desired and attractive. These people usually accomplish nothing themselves and since they can't take pride in their accomplishments they resort to have orbiters

Anonymous 33691

No such thing as orbiting

Women who use the phrases “e-girl” or “thot” are race-traitor “uwu not like other girls” caricatures

Anonymous 33696

I felt personally attacked by this post. I larp as this is/am this is a server I'm very active in.
Yes, I make fun of concepts like orbiters and orbiting, and a part of this is ironically acting like a stereotypical "e-girl" with a twist. Instead of larping innocence and vapid uniqueness, I'm the washed-up failed Stacy. The one who is openly super fucking basic and reminds everyone of the cheerleader in high school that always avoided you.
My reasoning for this is that, in a male-dominated discord server, I would always an "e-thot" in their eyes. I can try to hide my gender but as soon as I go into vc or talk about my life outside of the server, everyone knows I'm a "femoid". Being """honest""" about being an "e-thot" makes it less likely to have guys actually be ballsy enough to hit on me and get creepy. Guys like a challenge, and I'm not one. I'll get a few joke "orbiters" aka guys who get the joke and become close to me through DMs. "Orbiting" or "white knight" behavior makes the incels on this server so angry it's hilarious.

She has a point anons

Anonymous 33701

>makes it less likely to have guys actually be ballsy enough to hit on me and get creepy
Any examples?

Anonymous 33707

It's more of an observation. I've talked to other girls and the ones that say they generally keep to themselves have more creepy PMs then me. It's usually just hate comments or normal people tbh

Anonymous 33708

Sounds more like envy and modesty, to me. Do you ever take into consideration that whole "death of an internet community" thing? You talk like you sort of enjoy butting into other people's stuff. Bit heavy on the pride.

Anonymous 33711

What type of discord servers? If it’s general gaming/hobby no big deal. If it’s a server where they use terms like “femoid” aka any dime-dozen chan-type demographic server I wouldn’t be surprised if they treated you as such.

still people who hate on “e-thots” as opposed to the larger picture are race-traitors who are only seeking approval by putting others down

Anonymous 33713

pathetic, the only situation where acting like a vapid whore is acceptable is when you're getting millions out of disgusting beta fags who are disloyal to their gfs, like in the other thread. doing it for free is stupid and just ruins the fun for everyone else.

Anonymous 33714

That doesn't sound ironic at all but rather blatant attention whoring. They're only a step away from healsluts. I wouldn't want anything to do with girls/women who can't avoid devolving into "humorous" sexy posturing for shallow male attention and would probably leave servers filled with that out of sheer nausea.

Anonymous 33731

Do you have any screenshots? I approve of e-girls who do that. It's always funny to see dumb guys orbiting around someone just because of their gender.

Anonymous 33732

Stop fucking telling our healer you're going to be his girlfriend, he's acting like a total retard now

Anonymous 33739

Massive sever with no point lol. It belongs to a YouTuber that does greentext stuff so that's how I found it. I've met some really cool people from it but there's a large woman-hate vein in it so I play into it a lot.
Calling this discord server an internet community is a stretch. You're projecting hard on this one """fem"""anon.

Anonymous 33745

I'm pretty sure a place where people get together on the internet counts as a community, anon. Maybe it's good you feel so attacked by the OP. Due for judgement, perhaps?

Anonymous 33746

You're so mad lmao.

Anonymous 33764

what did you mean by this?

Anonymous 33765

As I expected.

Anonymous 33775

Like people who get off to the whole dynamic of healers having to do all the work in a game while being called stupid and useless.
I have no idea why this is a thing and I hate it too.

Anonymous 33792

Is this real or just some internet joke? What if people just enjoy utility roles? What specifically makes someone a healslut versus just a normal support player?

Anonymous 33796

If you act like a slut and/or very submissive to what everyone says then you're a healslut. Also other person forgot to mention that being a healer is typically an easy role to play since you're less trying to fight enemies and more just pressing m1 near teammates and following them like you're on a leash.

Anonymous 33798



I don't participate in mixed gender social circles unless they're majority-female. 7:1 is the typical western fandom ratio, iirc, based on polling on lj fandomsecrets back in the day.

I'm a lesbian and when guys try to hit on me I usually misinterpret it as trying to pick a fight. …and I react like a twisted fucking cycle path, kek

Anonymous 33804

Why do people do that? Is it a fetish or just a different way to enjoy a video game?

Anonymous 33805

Where do you find servers to be in?

Anonymous 33807

Seconding this
I’m lonely ;__;

Anonymous 33811

I guess it's a kink. My bf is a healslut because he both enjoys being submissive and playing healing/support roles in MMORPGs. It's fun to tease him about it and seeing it obviously hits home and makes him horny
I want to see him fucked by some bearish dude in armor ngl

Anonymous 33815

I seriously can't understand if you're trolling or being serious.

Anonymous 33859


pretty cool girls who doesn't afraid of anythibg

Anonymous 33861

Lay off the wine sister

Anonymous 33863

it's a meme

Anonymous 33864

I didn't know and now I look stupid :(

Anonymous 34031

It doesn't bother me, honestly. When I was younger and more insecure, I enjoyed that sort of attention as well. They'll grow out of it eventually.

Anonymous 34032

Is this ironic orbiting?

Anonymous 36059

eh… I agree to a certain extent? There are definitely girls that have that "I'm not like the other E-girl thots! I'm not the Mercy maining, cosplaying thot~! I play ADC!" see: Emiru (even tho she is an egirl herself. kek)

but to deny that there are e-girls that use the attention of video-game playing incel beta orbiters to validate themselves is just not true.

I would meet girls in discord servers that would BRAG about this and ADMIT to flirting with guys and getting them to like them because they were bored or wanted attention

they would intentionally lead them on PURPOSE and would fucking brag about it to me

posting pictures of themselves as their profile pic and saying "hey anon, how many followers do you think i'd get if i posted a cleavage pic," and bragging about how many guys thirsted over them

i've experienced it time and time again

they always have sad puppy dogs following them to feel their void of loneliness and the dumb ass incels fall for it because they don't get attention irl

but i do agree that girls get accused of this all the time even when they are not doing it

Anonymous 36061


Naw man, e-girls are a thing. They're just as pathetic as their orbiters. Insecure women feeding off attention of lonely men.
I don't know if you spent a lot of time playing mmos but if you have you'd be dumb not to have noticed that. I spent a LOT of time playing Tera, a korean mmo with highly sexualized characters and a holy trinity system (DPS/healer/tank) that was perfect for sub/dom dynamics.
This game had such a large healslut/e-girl culture almost built into the game that it was insane. Most of these girls would act like the biggest catty scum while simultaneously leeching off all the rich, p2w players. Their gear would get funded by those guys, some would even buy them irl things like computers, headesets, mics etc. Not to mention a large majority of those girls (75% or so I'd say) would be absolutely trash at the game and they'd make it a part of their character, "I'm so ditzy and such a scatterbrain while I play the game and browse my phone at the same time uwu".
I'm talking as a person that knew almost the whole end-game population on two regions, so of course I'm aware a lot of girls were normal, nice, skilled and actually had personalities but to deny the existence of e-girls is just ridiculous.
One thing worse than e-girls in tera were the traps/trannies, and that game had plenty of them.

Anonymous 36071

Are they still an e-girl if they put out? There’s one in a server I’m in that supposedly met and went down on an orbiter IRL.

Anonymous 36077

No. In fact, that just makes it worse.

Anonymous 36080

How so?

Anonymous 36081

Because now they're giving the orbiter what he wants, further enabling his mental illness. "If I give girl money, I feel good." I shouldn't have to highlight how seedy and disgusting that is.

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