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Anonymous 34083

Does Crystal Cafe shoot guns? What do you think about guys that shoot guns?

Anonymous 34103


I like looking at anime girls holding guns, but that's where the fascination ends

Anonymous 34105

I feel uncomfortable around guys under 25 who shoot guns, and more comfortable around guys over 30 who shoot guns.

Anonymous 34156

cx4 storm.jpg

I've been looking for a Cx4 Storm for a while now, but like with most things I'm too poor to afford it and too stubborn to get something cheaper.

Anonymous 34164

I did it when I was in the girl scouts. It was fun but not fun enough where I would consider making them a hobby.
I am wary of guys who have weapons as a hobby because I assume they are /pol/tards.

Anonymous 34174


At least you can take solace in the fact that you have good taste.

Anonymous 34190

Do you have any experience with a Hi-Point carbine? I really want a 9mm carbine and I hear it's super durable, but it's just so ugly…

Anonymous 34195

You fired guns in the girl scouts? Where was this? Texas?

Anonymous 34447


I shot a gun once on a friend's property in the country and it was very fun, if I ever move out to the country I would love to have one and shoot at targets on my own property. Kinda not possible to do that in the city/burbs lol.

Anonymous 34453

There's always gun ranges.

Anonymous 34455

I like the idea of shooting them, but am pretty weak physically and would need to improve my upper body strength to shoot them. Also not a fan of the noise and the damage it does to your hearing, so I’d invest in some ear protection first before getting into it.

Anonymous 34482

I do cross country skiing and biathlon somewhat regularly in winter, and shoot rifles a lot in training. It’s a fun challenge to shoot when your heart rate is up.

Anonymous 34713

guns are cool. I'd love to have a glock or just a small ladies' pistol, but I'm too mentally ill to trust myself with owning one.

Anonymous 34739

California, in a rural area during a summer camp.

Anonymous 34740

No. Not in California.

Anonymous 34742

Well, California in 2010 or so. I dunno if they would do it today.

Anonymous 34798

Most .22lr rifles are pretty cheap and easy to shoot even if you aren't really that big. There are also a lot of Women's Models for larger guns that are more custom tailored for smaller frames.

Anonymous 34803

>custom tailored for smaller frames
this usually just means it's smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to carry, especially if you're carrying it for many hours on a hike… buuuuut it makes it hit your shoulder harder from the recoil. a heavier model of the same thing "absorbs" the recoil better.

if you only ever shoot the thing at the range and never have to haul it around for long, the normal "full size" models will be more comfortable for you to shoot.

Anonymous 34825

I’m more concerned by the necessity of keeping firearms away from my suicide risk friends (basically all of them) than I am by guns themselves or people who take simple pleasure in plinkin’ time. I’ve never been suicidal so the dawning realization guns were dangerous even if safely handled by me (due to the risk posed to my friends, like if I ever left them not actively locked up) was disconcerting. I never had to view guns as unpleasant objects before that, but now I’m aware of how… rude, I guess, having them around like I grew up with would be to a whole class of people (anyone who’s ever been even secondhand affected by firearm suicide).

Having guns around is like having computers or other hobby stuff around for me. They’re fun and decorative, I like it. I like the paraphernalia for their maintenance as well. But it’s really too bad this country (america) has gotten so miserable that you can’t count on people being safe and reliable about guns. The only people being shot should be hunters shot by their own dogs, really.

Anonymous 34839

They should be put away, not the guns. Otherwise they'll just grab the knives, jump on the balcony, etc. If only the mental health industry was still as great.

Anonymous 35367

>Does Crystal Cafe shoot guns?
>What do you think about guys that shoot guns?
Contrary to ebin media maymays they're usually the more mentally balanced of the sex. They seem to comprehend basic cause and effect.
Guys who have an aversion to them seem to overlap with the creepy sex predator crowd. Anyone who wants to disarm civilians, especially women, usually has some creepy shit going on. Very disappointed so many feminists are against modern weapons in the hands of women.

Anonymous 35444

Are there actually (a meaningful number of) people that want to disarm the population?

I don't live in the US so I don't know exactly what it's like, but you should be careful with your wording because most of what comes through are calls for tighter and more consistent regulation, but not literal taking guns away. "Disarming" always seemed like a headline from the other ebin media.

Anonymous 35455

I want my whole cake back.

Anonymous 35465

I thought there was no gun culture in my country but I just looked up some statistics regarding firearms and I guess, it's time to get myself a gun licence now.

Anonymous 35472


Nice try Becky but I have ascended beyond your cookiecutter white girl speak.

Anonymous 35475

not really. people want tighter regulations on who can own a gun, that's all. unfortunately … well, domestic violence is something around 40% higher than average in marriages to cops. so people who want to push for things like "violent offenders shouldn't be allowed to own guns" would wind up disarming a large percentage of the police force. and so on.

basically, there's a lot of power and money behind "democrats want to take your guns!!!!", and a lot of dead bodies behind "we need to regulate gun ownership more strictly". most people don't really think about it that way. they think "how am I supposed to revolt against the government if I surrender my right to own weapons?", or "school shootings are bad", or "well, there are wild bears and mountain lions out here, so you'd be an idiot not to own a rifle", and so on.

Anonymous 36815


Gonna catch flack for goin full /k/ommando & SHALL but what do you all think of having pic related but in purse form for self defense?

Anonymous 36816

You're gonna need a big bigger purse, good reasoning on your CC application and not walk within fifty yards of banks/jewelers/pawnshops.

The odds are in your favor of never being outgunned on the street. Patrician cc taste.

Anonymous 59851

Going to necro. Are guns actually the second best form of self-defense (first being awareness to avoid trouble in the first place)? I feel like self defense laws are very fragile. There are a lot of situations where maybe you don't have justification to shoot the person yet, but if you don't shoot them then either you will be in danger or it may escalate and become worse. Say a moid is trying to grab you, for example. From what I'm aware that does NOT actually give you legal justification for lethal force, is that right? And yet, as a woman, if I had to get into a wrestling match or punching fight with a moid I would certainly lose. Are self defense laws sexist? They seem to be written only with moid-on-moid fights in mind. If a moid comes up and punches me, for example, and he may do worse after that, from what it seems I'm not entitled to lethal defense yet, is that correct?
"A victim cannot instantly pull a gun and shoot an attacker who raises a fist or slaps or punches the victim without trying another way of fending off the attack, because that would be more force than was reasonably necessary."

Look at this. Now if you, a woman, were being punched by a 6'4 250 lb moid, the law, as written, expects you to TRY ANOTHER MEANS TO FEND OF THE ATTACK. And exactly what the fuck could a 5'2 100 lb woman do in that situation, exactly? According to the law we can't defend ourselves until we get our eye socket broken and sign up for $50,000 in reconstructive facial surgery. Clearly the law isn't written with women in mind, we never came into consideration because laws are written by moids for moids and moids never stop to consider the realities of being a small female in a world full of violent criminal moids.

What do miners think? A gun is pretty fucking useless if you get legally fucked when/if you need to use it. When I am in a self defense situation being attacked by a feral moid, my brain shouldn't be preoccupied with trying to cover my own ass legally. This is ridiculous.

Anonymous 59853


And in addition, all self defense products are made FOR MOIDS with no consideration at all to women. For protective gear even the smallest size is too large for a woman or, if it's a bulletproof vest or a certain kinds of shoulder holsters, no consideration for female anatomy. And there simply are few or no alternative products designed for women, and if there are, the price is double. Even women's clothing is ridiculous to try to conceal in. Womens jackets are notorious for being retardedly short, so they wouldn't even cover a concealment bulge at the waist. Our clothes are tight, thin, shitty, and fashion oriented. I'd have to practically crossdress just to get clothing that can actually conceal a firearm. And purse guns are retarded for numerous reasons.

We don't have self defense gear in our size. We have fewer holster options and our clothes are not feasible to conceal in. We are smaller than our would-be attackers, weaker, and slower. We can't out-run an attacking feral moid and can't fight one off bare-handed, yet the law as written decrees we must do exactly that. Being a female is like being sentenced to die the first moment someone decides they want to kill us. The law is written heartlessly and heedlessly.

I mean, pepper spray? Are you fucking kidding me? I've seen footage of rioters getting police grade super soakers of bear mace right to the face and they can still walk and maneuver afterwards, I'm not leaving my life to a lipstick tube sized pink can of pepper spray. Would that even work if the attacker is on drugs (which most of them will be)? The law tells me I can't shoot someone who is trying to punch me or grab me, but if they succeed in punching or grabbing me then I won't be able to get to my gun after that. Moids can hold both of my wrists in one hand. If a moid gets close enough to grab me the fight is already over and I'm already dead. So per the law, women in effect have NO right to self defense. If a guy wants to rape us we just have to deal with being raped, if a guy wants to break our face we just have to have our face broken and be in pain and disfigured for the rest of our life.

I have this gun now and the more I look into the law the more it seems like the 2A is a fucking lie and our rights to self defence have already been stripped off by lawyer-speak behind the curtain.

My aunt (ex-police) tells me to shoot first and deal with the lawyers later. Well excuse me but I don't want to spend 5 years in prison because a moid decided attacking me sounded fun.

Not only that, but women are MORE likely to encounter dangerous criminals. We are more likely to live in cities and more likely to rely on public transit and/or walking. So according to the law I just have to lay down and be fucked because lawmaking moids don't understand that I CANNOT just punch the guy back.

Anonymous 59854

It would not be so ridiculous if the judges actually saw it on a case by case basis, but imo at its core it is a reasonable law to stop crazy people from claiming self defense from someone gesturing or yelling at them in traffic and such. They don't though, and don't care about us, including female judges, that's how you get these cases of women facing life in jail while their rapists don't serve their time. The "justice" system in general is not built with the well being of normal citizens in mind, even if the laws make sense the execution is a joke.

I agree we should not have to fear being prosecuted and arrested for self defence when there is such a difference in strenght. Where i live you can't even carry pepper spray or a knife but i plan on getting ps anyway and deal with the consequences later.

Anonymous 59855

>Where i live you can't even carry pepper spray or a knife
I'm sorry to hear that. I hear cases in europe about women fending off a rapist with pepper spray and then the woman goes to jail for it. I live in the US and we have legal carry in my state but more and more the self defence laws are being eroded. And then there would be the racial issue, because most criminal moids are black and I'm white, so if I kill a black moid who is trying to rape me the media would smear me as a white supremacist nazi for it, even though the moid had a foot and 100 lbs on me and was trying to attack me for no reason at all. The more I look into the practicality of self defence the more disillusioned I am. They tell us just run away? Excuse me but I have a lot of males I've tried to footrace against and every single one of them, even out of shape sedentary ones, can outrun me. So how the fuck is that going to work? They say a fistfight isn't an excuse for lethal force but if I get into a fistfight with a moid, any moid, I will 100% lose. So I just have to accept having my face destroyed and months and years of physcial suffering and having a crooked nose the rest of my life because a moid thought it would be funny to hit me?

Lawmakers are absolutely heartless bastards but I don't even have faith in a jury of my peers at this point with the political situation the way it is. All i see for the future is lawlessness where women get raped and beaten every day with no recourse. Just look at europe. Women get raped and go to jail if they defend themselves. This is horrifying and not a single person is talking about it. It never gets brought up.

Anonymous 59856

Agree, our rights are being eroded all over the world, but hey cis women are full of priviledge apparently… You can't advocate for things like these without the right seeing you as an evil man hating feminazi or the left seeing you as an intolerant violence-crazy radfem. I feel like feminism went wrong somehow and we're kind of doomed.

>I hear cases in europe about women fending off a rapist with pepper spray and then the woman goes to jail for it.

Yep, it's retarded. I guarantee the atackers get out in a few months though.

>They tell us just run away?

Basically. It's that kindergarten mentality of someone being all over your face and saying "i'm not touching you!" and the moment you push them or something the teacher is suddenly there saying it doesn't matter who started. Police and judges are like that, they want you to be helpless because citizens fighting back and women not taking shit is a problem for them and their reputations and pockets.

>Lawmakers are absolutely heartless

Yup. Just see the pushback against abortion even in rape cases or ectopic pregnancies.

Anonymous 59859



Honestly it's very case by case, some judges have an axe to grind against the defendant I was doing some research and this piece of shit judge Jenifer Holt is denying Stand Your Ground immunity to a woman that was violently raped 2 years ago for killing the fuck.

This shit pisses me off, you'd expect a woman to understand this shit. I swear to god democrats are morally bankrupt, when the fuck did they start caring more about the criminals than the victims. Pathological altruism is a blight on our society.

On the other end you have this queen
>so anyways I started blasting


That said, when it comes down to it, it's better if your life is going to be put on hold because you go to jail and not because you have to work through life long trauma. Specially if you kill the guy so he can't hurt anyone anymore.

And you may not even need to fire, guns stop 7 thousand violent crimes daily from occurring mostly just by brandishing them at the human garbage. Stay armed and stay safe.

Anonymous 59861

You're a scholar and a gentlewoman. Right or left, both will screw us over. There is not a single politician or political party aligned with rationality and decency. I feel so bad for european women who are subject to that newly imported rape hell with no rights to self defense at all… how can anyone be expected to live like that? And that's all I see as the future for america. We're going to have to do as muslim women do, wear a burka and never go outside without a male escort just to avoid the rape and random assault. The situation is out of control. I've had a few scary incidents in the past few months and the actually horrifying thing is realizing you have no feasible recourse to protect yourself, you will be fucked no matter what. The women who import those rapists into europe are insane, they are dooming all other women and cannot be reasoned out of it. It's hard to even understand what goes through their heads. Things are going to get so bad that daily life simply cannot continue. you can't carry on civilization while living in a warzone. How many women have been raped because leftists think importing a bunch of savages is fun and rainbows? And that's to say nothing of the knife crimes and acid attacks. And that is my future, too. We're only a decade or so down the road. It's like living in a nightmare.
>ectopic pregnancies
Don't spike my bloodpressure like that. Any political scumbag who makes abortion in the case of rape or ectopic pregnancy illegal needs his skull caved in with a crowbar. Honestly we need women's rights militias. iirc they had one that started in India because life for women is just unliveable there. And that is our future.

I'm scared and upset and it feels like my hands are tied. The police hold my wrists while the criminals violate me and the judges and lawmakers laugh and spit on me.

Anonymous 59863

That chart is saving me right now. But fun fact, brandishing is illegal. So the self defence method that works is illegal! What a legal system we have, really. I've asked /k/ about it quite a bit and what they recommend, don't have a concealed carry license (because there have been cases of prosecutors using this as some kind of mental gymnastics "premeditation"), which is illegal, and if you pull it out you had better shoot to kill or you will be fucked (then we have the kyle rittenhouse case showing if they want to legally fuck you over they'll do anything to do so, and even /k/'s best advice isn't sureproof) because brandishing is illegal and if you only wound them you're gonna face a much worse lawsuit than you would if you kill them outright. Is what I cobble together from various posts and discussions on it.

Additionally the laws are screwed up because they expect a person who is under assault and fighting for their life to somehow maintain perfect calm and clarity and have 100% control over the situation. Even cops with all their training and all their gear cannot manage that. that's why when cops see a guy coming at them with a knife they just drop him, but if citizens did the same we would be legally fucked. it's like they get so, so close to admitting the laws, as written, are impossible to follow, but they just skirt themselves out of trouble and we get fucked by the godforsaken courts.

And I don't trust just brandishing anymore. Just yesterday that video in portland, the guy pepper sprayed an attacker, and the attacker pulled a gun and shot them. If I pull out a gun the other guy is going to pull his and shoot me. So what ACTUALLY works is just going straight for the kill, but that isn't what the law tells you to do. The law expect citizens to be able to be more effective in controlling the situation, more brave and more calm, than trained veteran police officers! And there is zero, absolutely zero, constructive political discussion on what situation we find ourselves in with all our laws perverted and degenerated to this extent. No one talks about how hard it has become for the common person to get by and live in this world. None of them. It's all as you said about coddling criminals. Violent disgusting rapist murderous moids are the darling pets of the police and the justice system, and we the common people can go get fucked. And it's a hundred times worse for women. The law expects us to get in a fistfight, or outrun an attacker!

And it's not even as simple as "avoid the bad areas" because that's the thing with criminals, they have legs and they have cars and they can go anywhere they want. Obviously no one is walking around the fucking hood. It's just ridiculous.

Or how they gave those girls in sweden anti-rape wristbands. Truly, they sent them out as sheep among the wolves and they got raped for it while Angela Merkel laughed and poured herself another glass of champagne.

Anonymous 59866


Yeah, it's fucked, the world is a cruel and harsh place and it pains me girls are taught to have such a naive view of the world where we don't need guns or where we have to be blind to race and blind to moids, just let everyone take advantage of you, I'm lucky nothing happened to me but I saw enough shit and read enough of the data where they can't lie to me anymore.

Portland is a bad example because it's a communist hellscape, they catch and release criminals and homeless shit and shoot up on the streets.

All we can really do is trust our own selves and putting our safety in the hands of others is a gamble where at the end of the day they just can't be fucked at all to help.

Don't lose hope though, you can relocate to safer areas, with more just self defense laws. Get in touch with a self defense attorney to know your options specifically in your state/country and despite the bad cases there's plenty of good ones where women were not only not charged with anything but considered heroes, even in Cali like this old lady, bless her soul.

Anonymous 59884

Actually, googled the stupidest thing I can think of and found an answer.
>While the law allows for equal force, the law also considers a disparity of force between the parties. That is if the attacker has a physical advantage over the victim, a greater level of force may be used in defense — perhaps even a weapon against an unarmed attacker.
>Disparity of force includes consideration of size/strength, age, male vs. female, disabled vs. abled-bodied, force of numbers, an attacker of known fighting skill and prior acts.
So actually, women might get a break when dealing with shooting feral moids. Thank you, random buried law article! Funny I read through dozens and dozens of personal firearm defense articles–all written with moid audiences in mind–and this was not mentioned even once.

Anonymous 59909

This is an odd question. It’s not terribly important to me whether a man shoots guns or not. Men on the whole tend to be repulsive, but among the ones who aren’t, I don’t think owning guns or not would make a difference. I could see myself owning one in the distant future, if I had something worth protecting.

Anonymous 60820

usually, lethal force is allowed when you are in fear of death or great bodily harm, which includes rape.

if there is threat of physical force by an unarmed attacker then you can still be allowed to shoot him down if there is disparate force. if two attackers gang up on one defnder, that's disparate force. if a healthy attacker goes against a cripple in a wheelchair, that's disparate force. and if a moid goes after a woman, that's usually also disparate force, unless maybe if he is a manlet and the woman is a huge weightlifting or boxing enthusiast.

you can look for lectures on youtube by massad ayyoub, hes a cop who does self defense training courses and has lots of court experience in cases like this

Anonymous 61210

I wish I could, Austalia took all the guns away and now we have nothing
Which is annoying as I don't feel as safe anymore with all the blm rioters going around
I'd feel a lot safer with a gun

Anonymous 61276

join a club and go through the process. Shooting is fun. Me and my sister do it. Regarding rioting and feeling unsafe, you cant use it defensively in aus tho or youll go to jail. even if its 100% genuine open and shut self defense.
Theres an aus thread on 4ch/k/ sometimes if you're actually curious about getting licence

Anonymous 61277

I've gone to a shooting club and its fun
But yeah my main reason for wanting a gun would be self defense, and with how the laws are here I just can't get one

Anonymous 61280

if in the US and you get a weapon, please check your state laws if you are in one of those states where firing a warn shot in relationship abuse cases will net you automatically a minimum of 20 years
if you live in such a state, please mentally prepare yourself to at least maim with a shot to the leg or arm, at least aim at them and not fire a warning shot
learning basic first aid might help with the consequences of such a decision.
There's quite a few cases where mothers protecting themselves or their children ended up away for a long time, because they could not bring themselves to shoot when they were endangered and instead dug their own grave by proclaiming they fired a warning shot and were not covered by stand your ground through immediate danger that would require real force or some shit like that.

Anonymous 61315

Just move to Texas. Its basically the same, except for the accents and hats.

Anonymous 61337


/k/ has a few rare threads every now and then and there's always neat shit in there.

Anonymous 62192

Who /k/ here?

Anonymous 62196

Anonymous 64674

I like guns a lot, actually. I’d say I used to think they were cool, but as I’ve gotten older - realized they are a very important investment and absolute life saver in an emergency. My bf is mainly the one who has truly formed my interest + watching gpa hicock45; Will definitely get a ccw in the future.

Anonymous 64677

I grew up in a rural area, so I'm pretty proficient, but until I was about 15 I wasn't aware that there were people who didn't own at least a rifle.

Anonymous 64785

Is this the tranny honeypot thread?

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